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Nina here beguiling, she did study acting, was a professional ballet dancer though not a great fit. She too tiny in the line up, not miniature at around 154 cm a bit more than 5 foot. Locally she does not have what the powers search narrowing her opportunities in life, Nina is unsure as well. She took care of an elderly gentleman until he passed away then went on recovery mode at Holy Kitsch! as our next Artist in Residence, thence to South America all the way up to Mexico she now speaks Spanish.

She worked in a pizza joint in Mexico City for 3 months. I am unsure which path of artistry Nina can take, her Mum did ask me I replied she is attached to eating fried foetuses for breakfast despite the pickets outside, Nina always said she was not the family type of gal though children in the future might be on the cards, she is firm about the state of her womb and says it is absolutely her business how she runs it and how many foetuses she fries. There were always flying foxes trailing after her and I do not think she owned a new piece of clothing as she shopped for clothes at the flea.

Nina loved Mexico and found herself a good fit, I wonder if aside from ballet she watched the traditional dances, on the zocalos the way couples get together and show off their moves?

Image above for educational purposes thanks to Museo Jumex, Mexico City and Jeff Koons artista of "Degas" ballet dancer, she is being anchored with ropes as she is impermanent.

Trruue artists are shot Local then used as aggregate in the concrete along with intellectuals, poets, refugees and cyclists for the next colosseum where all alcoholics here congregate and feel equalities as they are banned from the city centre, nothing against the people watching bromance or homo-eroticism on the field or men grabbing groins, women might enjoy watching men or women depends how they feel btw. 

Did Israel Folau just become tired of gripping other men and like hit me in the face with a cat, is he hot? though plenty of other players in the field I don't care who is going to hell just take me there Flat Earthers believe they have it sorted already so why should he be concerned if men happen to think he is or what they does for leisure?

I prefer soccer and nothing wrong with footie players, just your colosseum has soaked up all available funds along with concrete freeways and the drunks look menacing nearby and afterwards. Any "Public Art" tacked on is Government approved meaning it looks worse than what you accomplished at school and the person who designed it has a corporate resumé with a good understanding of the institutionalised system and current policies with low critique ability or questions or feel for the world, except Holy Kitsch!ers. 

Here is one suggestion for Nina ball room dance is huge in Asia Pacific region and cuts across all cultures! Hmm maybe a further studies for Nina? HK is doing so.

If grabbing groins and aiming balls at groins is not your thing here you be known as a scaredy cat Local and if yee want to play thee games so long as you are adults all fine, not saying that people be banned from playing anything, it can be fun. I knew a man who was hit on the temple with a tennis ball, he lost memory of his entire life it was awful.

All art Local needs by decree to be altered so as to be literal thus readily understood that way the visually and linguistically illiterate and plain folks knows exactly what the image or text doth conveys without feeling likes they need to asks but you know it is OK to asks we will not laughs, photographs have to look like photos, art be created as penance, poetry has to rhyme, swishing and swirling is possibly permissible. 

Saints, Passion and Symbolism be reviled vastly and prayerfully quietly polite be the enforced regime Local. A particularly nasty one be to waits till youse are all too old to enjoys yours success if youse missed a truly brief call out period when youse were young. 

If you a slightly mature person youse can meditate on age'n, nothing else be allowed. Another things I's noticed, if youse do nots have a bureaucrat in the family youse are in troubles as they already knows how to do all the paperworks that confronts all artistas, intellectuals , refugees and poets wishing to get their tooties near the booties at all and escape. Dull mindedness is the go so the boards can readily reads your submissions, wit was banned centuries ago. If you were as crazy as Holy Kitsch! to publish any concepts somebody well positioned will steal it and receive the accolades, not understanding the concept of a conversation with a work or acknowledgement and inspiration.

I am especially cranky that my awesome installation works for lane ways wuz considered to overly excites ze people, Holy Kitsch! trieds more than one Councils, why goody two shoes won again they know the dull well. Even the extremely tame and extra extra prayerful Elvis DOD tuition classes wuz rejected and I's had help on the forms! The city is filling with concrete.

Mexico City is 10th on the list of cities with most Museums, St Petersburg is first, Paris, London and New York are in there. The cities here as to museums and intellectual dialogues for all  are just above some of the poorest nations of the globe, they value art more, artisans and artistas.

This Reef used to be top of the hit list of Reefs now its being slowly degraded mining magnates cannot figure differences between being alive, a lump of coal or dead, same as numerous leaders, nobody else can see the difference.

Cave people globally unlike Neanderthals painted beautiful images to show all we had arrived on Earth somehow. Flat Earthers have been trying to eliminate artistas, intellectuals and humanitarians ever since. Kids are forced to paint portraits most pleasing to the colonial rulers for reward they will get into the highly protected Local Museum Brigade and not get their hands dirty with graft.

Concrete is promoted as being as good as white sliced bread so that tourists will visit and admire how much concrete there be trrruly in the world. Toxic mines, sewerage, big holes in the ground and reefs full of sludge are the latest government initiative to attract more tourists and stop people enjoying true nature.

Tourists are encouraged to visit tree felling operations just north of here so all of us can use softer toilet paper as bidets are considered feelthy and only for foreigners. Tourists can also watch homeless koalas, kookaburras, numbats, spiders, flora, echidnas in trains, ants, lichens to dye for, tiny endangered insects, lace bugs, micro-organisms that assist fertility with balance and beetles after clearing joining the homeless humans.

You can buy recycled loo paper some supermarkets refuse to stock it even when I's complains. By placing a picture of a bikini model, nothing against models and/or bikinis with or without all fines, obliterating the landscape politicians pray tourists will cease noticing how dire Local things be just toxic prawns left for the Barbies and no mud crabs as mud was outlawed for the law of lawns, they are draining swamps for sparkling new housing estates that command absolute water frontages fishes have nowheres to breeds. The drainers do not like mangroves.


Mexico City is considered to be on a Mesa which is table in Spanish, hanging swamps are a frequent landscape feature in Mexico ie: raised swamps in the mountains.How come people think a table needs chairs it can be used metaphorically or do barely any artists Local get that? Van Gogh got it!

Update: word around town is Folau "lost contact with the mothership" though he does like his money and his Lamborghini, perhaps it is largely a cultural issue the rest well it is the media and football.

Above is Kanye West's concept for the homeless cats and extra housing. The cute huts are from Star wars they were shot in Tunisia. He suggests they be sunk underground which I think could be done with packed earth or bricks as there are still brick layers in Mexico who can build domes. Holy Kitsch! suggests for natural light a domed area protruding from ground level either in glass bricks or toughened glass, if clear glass the lens would need concertina shades below. ©Holy Kitsch! be glad to collaborate with Kanye Holy Kitsch! did study Landscape Architecture could even do the models by hand! I guess Holy Kitsch! be unknown to Kanye and here radically marginalised due to conservative forces who mostly care about selling more coal and sheep! For me I would need to step out to a garden though realise in todays world a luxury unless living in the Styx.

News update: Kanye West has begun prototypes on Kardashian lands, soo cute and light filled. Is he going to have rooms radiating from somewhere round the centre ie; cooking, laundry, bathroom? I guess they do not need be normal rooms maybe loose divisions. Photo for educational purposes TMZ thanks.

Mark Wrestles Ropes (alliteration is addictive)

Mardi Gras! (when Surry was open) All Holy Kitsch!ers are Awesome

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