Nina Hallowed Ballerina

Posted on October 12, 2020 by Noni Daniels

Nina here coyly beguiling, she did study acting, was a professional ballet dancer though not a great fit. Conformity is the rule in Local Arts. Tragic for the most clever eg Nina. The best never conform that is how you know they are top of their game, Rudolf Nureyev was booed.

Nina is tiny not miniature at around 154 cm a bit more than 5 foot. Her current boss is fortunate to have her on board as resident goddess. She took care of an elderly gentleman until he passed away then she went on recovery mode at Holy Kitsch! as our next Artist in Residence underwent a goddess transformation thence to South America all the way up to Mexico she now speaks Spanish and does a style of goddess unknown to humankind.

She worked in a pizza joint in Mexico City for 3 months enhancing her hallowed goddess being. Her Mum asked me what Nina’s goddess path was. I replied she is attached to eating fried foetuses for breakfast despite the pickets outside, Nina always said she was not the family type of gal though children in the future might be on the cards, she is firm about the state of her womb and says it is absolutely her business how she runs it and how many foetuses she fries. There was a constant trail of little furry flying foxes trailing her and still she does not own a stitch of new clothing as she shops for her clothes at the flea.

Nina loved Mexico and found all kinds of goddesses are a good fit including the very bony ones and more evil, I wonder if aside from ballet she watched the traditional dances, in the zocalos the way couples get together and show off their moves? She said that when she tired of frying foetuses she was already in Ecuador so learnt how to be a midwife in the traditional jungle manner using a more herbaceous approach than a fry up. She nabbed a boyfriend in Oz on return, phew lucky Nina he is blonde with a soft pink mohawk and has a good aura.  

Image above for educational purposes thanks to Museo Jumex Mexico City. Jumex is the large fruit juice company in Mexico that built this museum and is a generous supporter of Visual Arts. They focus on contemporary art. Here we see a work by artista, Jeff Koons a relaxed Degas ballet dancer, she is being anchored with ropes as she is inflated con gas, she is enormous Naturally she is is different to a Degas as we are in a different time zone and he has depicted her plumper though with the same awkward grace and balance. El museo Jumex is next to Museo Sumaya authored by Carlos Slim, (what happened to his eye?) one of the richest men in the world, his family emigrated from Lebanon to Mexico. He named his museum after his dear late wife. USA has the highest rate of craziness in the world. This means Koons gets to do really intelligent art and is treated with respect for his insight and intellect. Oz has conformity except Holy Kitsch!ers. Koons is not seen as crazy in USA as he is a Holy Kitsch!er, honorary title. 

Trruue artists are shot Local then used as aggregate in the concrete along with intellectuals, poets, refugees and cyclists for the next colosseum where all alcoholics here congregate and feel equalities as they are banned from the city centre, nothing against the people watching bromance or homo-eroticism on the field or men grabbing groins, women enjoy watching men or women depends how they feel btw. 

Did Israel Folau just become tired of gripping other men and like hit me in the face with a cat, is he hot? though plenty of other players in the field I don't care who is going to hell just take me there. Flat Earthers believe they have it sorted already so why should he be concerned if men happen to think about what he is or what they does for leisure? His major concern need be the Pacific Islands flooding and displacing their populations no amount of sermons will hold back the waters though some urgency on global warming might assist rather than nations using catastrophe as a last gleeful bid for a desperate grab at more power.

I prefer soccer baseball Basketball netball or grid iron, nothing wrong with footie players, just your colosseum has soaked up most available funds along with concrete freeways and the drunks look menacing nearby and afterwards. Any "Public Art" tacked on is Government approved meaning it looks worse than what you accomplished at school and the person who designed it has a corporate resumé with a good understanding of impossible sentences. 

If grabbing groins and aiming balls at groins is not your thing here you be known as a scaredy cat Local and if yee want to play thee games so long as you are adults all fine, not saying that people be banned from playing anything, it can be fun. I knew a man who was hit on the temple with a tennis ball, he lost memory of his entire life it was awful.

The veneer of sophistication is extremely important in Oz, numerous deny that Jesus was born in the same way as an animal in a manger they think Clorox was used then. Artists through the ages attempted various approaches as birth like now was full of dangers yet more so again in the past. The Virgin Mary lended an opportunity for artists to depict humanity, nurture, earth and kindness towards rug rats and animals not always known in Ancient Roman days.

HK attended one Xmas sermon where the cleric claimed the Virgin was in fact a single mother and this was lost in translation though the story maintains the poetry an innocent Planet Earth.

Mexico City is 10th on the list of cities with most Museums, St Petersburg is first, Paris, London and New York are up there. The cities in Oz as to museums and intellectual discussions on art are just above some of the poorest nations of the globe where culture and art is actually valued meaning artistas elsewhere feel way less endangered and not like they must march to the ruling party's calling, artistas here are dying.

Even the Barrier Reef is dying. The Reef used to be top of the hit list of global Reefs now it's being slowly degraded by pollution and mining magnates cannot figure the differences between being alive, a lump of coal or dead, same as numerous leaders, nobody else can see the difference between them. Billionaires travel on billionaire yachts on this globe yet they now travel on thick, soup like, unseen sewerage and pollution, it's there and hidden, its hidden dirt but not good dirt, its the affluent on the effluent. How can a billionaire sail on effluence and then claim being Minimalist? The dirt is there as they gaze at a setting sun in a horizon of smog laughing, maybe they have no grandchildren.

Cave people globally unlike Neanderthals painted beautiful images to show all we had arrived on Earth somehow. Flat Earthers have been trying to eliminate artistas, intellectuals and humanitarians ever since. Rug Rats here are forced to paint portraits most pleasing to the colonial rulers for reward they will get into the highly protected Local Museum Brigade and not get their hands dirty with graft. Holy Kitsch! is not anti portrait and has painted them. She is averse to The Especially Awful Colonials who evolved out of Colonisation here.

Concrete is promoted as being as good as white sliced bread so that tourists will visit and admire the hallowed concrete. Toxic mines, sewerage, big holes in the ground and reefs full of sludge are the latest government initiative to attract more tourists and stop people enjoying true nature.

Tourists are encouraged to visit tree felling operations just north of here so all of us can use softer toilet paper as bidets are considered feelthy and only for foreigners. Tourists can also watch homeless koalas, kookaburras, numbats, spiders, flora, echidnas in trains, ants, lichens to dye for, tiny endangered insects, lace bugs, micro-organisms that assist fertility with balance and beetles after clearing gathering on the homeless humans. 

Prefacing this with HK does not support racism, White Suprematism nor religious extremists does not matter which religion or belief nor is she communist or fascist. Magic is fine that's just stuff. HK will leave Kanye onboard as she respects him on a personal level just hiz brainz hav zlipped sidewayz and been invaded by zee Russians and Trumpist communists and she thinkz he haz gone pecanz. 



Kanye West designed some housing for the homeless. His concept is based on Star Wars huts which are based on African huts. At one time he suggested them underground so HK thought they needed a lens shaped roof of glass at the top with adjustable louvres for shade. Kanye West is another honorary Holy Kitsch!er. This is good non Trump non communist stuff also non Murdoch.

Zis zee Kanye West bootie diagonalised rather than a horizontal ztack and resembles a ballet zlipper an inventive runner, great for zee dancing Kanye happens to be a Gemini ahem HK is Gemini star sign. Named Ararat the foam bootie is made from algae which is a new enviro friendly material He named it after the famous holy mountain where Noah's Ark landed, a nod towards rising sea levels and the Bible, it means holy ground. Hey Kim and Kanye stay strong and together you make such a beautiful family so much hard tough stuff on the outside that can't shake your crew do not allow anyone to come between you Kim and your kids especially politics.

Like majority of creative people except Kanye does not like to conform, nor does Kim who is very girly likes hanging with the gals and Kanye is blokey hangs with the guys still they need be aware of that can put in distance, needs balance and when Kanye is away from Kim he believes his own hype.

All star signs have good and bad sides fleet footed Hermes the messenger, mercurial can slip between worlds go underground. Gemini's who do not stop talking drives others pecans, Gemini is an air sign. Kim is Libra weighing things up, looking for balance yet romantic as Venus is her ruling planet both are twin style signs. Like Kanye, Kim is an air sign so they can get a bit floaty together and cross purposes due to that airiness, Kanye tends more to extremes same as HK whereas Kim is steady. Geminis can be fragile so become defensive. They need some romantic time together, maybe take a break to a fave place. Kim being a romantic sometimes real life does not match up, ahem don't worry so much about the imperfect parts of being a married couple. Louise Hay is good to read.

Kanye says he has bipolar many who have this are not artistas yet they are hugely represented in the Arts same as LGBQTI+ maybe because bipolar makes that person so sensitive that’s a powerful tool for artistas a non linear way of thinking. Many are inventive there eez a myth people vith bipolar are violent. Zey are vay less violent, they get scared and statistically more likely to be the victim of crime as others can be mad  and gang up on zee different then zay that person is paranoid.

There are other kinds of mental issues but zis is the one even Doctors agree is highly represented by people top of their game.

Einstein had bipolar lucky he was amongst free thinkers. 

HK's late older sister had bi polar.

Chrissy HK's younger sister RIP was totally wild, took awhile for her to become an alcoholic that was her downfall though as Drew says about her Dad had HK not had wild sisters and weird parents she would also be dull so she is grateful for fantastic genes even if the nation she was born into rejects her talents the ignorant cannot help being ignorant they know no better.

What is so called normal is cultural. There is a lot of disinformation in this nation on bipolar it’s treated as if the person needs to be rearranged or is backward. The less flexible a culture the more people start to exhibit extremes. Every time a person goes berko here the media claims that person mad, how would they know what stressors are happening?

Too many medicals use a sledgehammer approach that was bad for Julie as she rebelled then became institutionalised. Pregnancy was once seen as an illness and uteruses were thought of as in need of removal if a woman was over 40 for scant reasons it was a hugely common op in Oz until recently so doctors can be deluded.

The list is so long of famous people with bipolar can’t fit them in. Mariah Carey and James Packer has bi polar too he would have a lot of cultural pressures to conform to macho playboy stereotypes he would have been looked down on for falling in love and weak which is super bad for the psyche. Mariah is bipolar but as in the Arts she is less likely to feel like "she done him wrong" from a broken affair she is a free spirit who is in good company with numerous in the Arts with bi polar and she mentioned no further in her book.

Depression is super common in Oz it is due to the all encompassing conformity or the waters. Nicky Minaj suffered deep depression before becoming famous, that is because she was working so hard and so obviously a star without getting those breaks, she did break through and expresses herself broadly.

HK agrees with Kanye there are an awful lot of white singers getting all the awards not saying none should but hey what about balance, he is not about singling out individuals he is making a point. Black people started soul blues and gospel jazz etc etc it is weird the lack of recognition!! HK does not support Trump never did.

You can buy recycled loo paper some supermarkets refuse to stock it even when I's complains. By placing a picture of a bikini model, nothing against models in bikinis with or without all fines, obliterating the landscape politicians pray tourists will cease noticing how dire Local things be just toxic prawns left for the Barbies and no mud crabs as mud was outlawed for the law of lawns, they are draining swamps for sparkling new housing estates that command absolute water frontages fishes have nowheres to breeds. The drainers do not like mangroves.


Mexico City is considered to be on a Mesa which is table in Spanish, hanging swamps are a frequent landscape feature in Mexico ie: raised swamps in the mountains often with towns as they were fertile for crop growing, sometimes they are old craters. Australia has hanging swamps too, beautiful wildflowers in them.

Update: Crazed Czech knickerless men were recently witnessed pursuing Izzy Folau throwing Polyester's flaming bras, they were carrying rescued koalas from fire ravaged forests, some even had echidnas, Australian hedgehogs before they became living candelabras alight from the fires oh nooo eeeeeek do not even think it! Folau hot footed it to the mothership for his escape bid leaving the Lamborghini at ground level.


Holy Kitsch! NONI in an article in ABC Life Online

HK: Lone Gerbil Holy Kitsch!

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