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Posted on February 07, 2021 by Noni Daniels

Ijan is practising the most innocent "I am not a vampire" look here. Ijan is another model for zee HK School of Arts.  HK se dice: do not vorries my next move eez to a better place somevherz somehowz she vill find a new vay of living, as Ijan walked sidewayz into zee space vith care. Ijan identifies as Islamic.

Ijan is often on road trips with his Islamic female friendz from Nth Coast and Malaysia originally singing in the car az they hurtle to haunt zee vild and lonely beaches vhere zee zuper ztars escapez. HK can read a little of their lingo as HK used to know Indonesian some of it slipped by now.

Ijan and all his friends have never felt the urge to throw a baby even though former PM John Howard claimed that Islamic refugees and migrants loved throwing babies into the sea nobody can imagine why except he must have lied to get into power and relied on the racist ticket supported by Murdoch. Carlos Slim does not know how strongly racist Murdoch rags are here he despises Lebanese people he kind of covers it up with stories on cricketers one wife was Chinese so they pass too unsure what his feelings on Democracy in Hong Kong are but Oz is usually pro China due to beef sheep and coal unknown on Malaysia either which was once easier going. Ijan is a Virgo. They are sensitive people and care about their looks. They are fussy and their home is usually immaculate as well as themselves. They are great if you need some help on tricky details as they are good with fine stuff. They have detail down to a fine art no kidding. Their ruling planet is Mercury same as Gemini though manifests differently as Virgo's Earth quietens fleet footed Mercury down. Still Ijan loves travelling and that goes with Mercury's wings. Hermes is the earlier Greek name for Mercury. Earth as Virgo's element keeps Ijan settled. When an Earth sign is around they are good at keeping people sensible.

At The Clog Barn, Coffs Harbour don’t ask HK she has not visited this place, as you can see in fact being an Earth sign has not kept anybody sensible at all, might be the clogs inside the only way to pose when visiting a clog barn! Look carefully rear right hand side a woman taking a photo of the photographer or Ijan and friend they must be good looking. Just then a scene from a Kerry James Marshall painting slid by with their full casts of who knows what looks like maybe 100 could fit in already this is way too much for the onlookers who pull their faces somehow and give up as they leave the scene.

The recent road trip looked fun am sure they paid homage to the Big Banana the first Big in Australia after that every small town on the continent did a Big. Bigs are global they are connected to advertising produce the thing is it's difficult to beat the banana nothing else much compares even the Big Pineapple just lacks that je ne sais quoi The Big Banana is not that huge in the world of Bigs but it is the most legendary. A clog barn is the only thing you could do afterwards HK guesses. 

Ijan recently at an Islamic girl's engagement or was it wedding later party he did both very important occasions so very auspicious of him to attend he wore a pretty dress and looked fabo those gums are sure good just gives him the right attitude all zee better for zee fangz how do you get such great gums going like that? He is def a shape shifter actually seen more flattering photos was going to publish with his friends just I take care about invading their space. I am concentrating on drawing before I make my way to New York and Venice somehow running out of options quickly here have a studio.

HK thinks just as Shiz was released from captivity now Ijan has being held captive eetz difficult for HK with zee modelz do other artistas get these problemz? The Guildford, Bankstown and Coff Harbour Islamic girls have kidnapped him for certain he has loads of good makeup tips. I might publish more photos they are always dancing singing and partying I do not think Ijan minds he is a reserved type.

hmm another photo now he is in Newcastle it’s not far from here I didn’t know you could do that obviously I am missing out big time he loves travel I do pay btw Ijan the last drawings looked good HK did ask after a local artist’s model who suffers epilepsy but HK lacks the correcto fame so snubbed. Guess the studio does look awful.

Are the glasses disguise? Ijan said once was enough on a camel I dunno I find them rough going too :))

sad to hear about the Islamic community loss in Coff Harbour. A fisherman was swept off the rocks the police did not search the area thoroughly afterwards using a poor excuse. Terrible to say his family members eventually discovered his body on the rocks.

Ijan se dice: I has nufin' to do with the giant wave or the return of the husband awfully wet, friends of his are keeping me updated. 

There is consistent anti Muslim sentiment in Australia and anti Jew too must be Middle East connections. RIP to the fisherman from Holy Kitsch! Ijan is checking out potions on the web.

Now the other day he woke up and his finger fractured how strange it must be the Time of Covid

Insta address:  shh_zn interesting videos and photos aside from make up tips find below photos early Malaysia many of these cats are Islamic some are Buddhist or Christian they are just expressing their freedom of religion and lifestyle thanks for cool cats photos a friend of Ijans his own female friends are still comfy in their head scarves just many pine for the freedom of spirit below as well

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