New Holy Kitsch!er Zee Vampire Lurkz

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Ijan is practising the most innocent "I am not a vampire" look here. Ijan is zee new from depthless space Laboratory model for zee HK School of Arts. One photo zeen at night was a back view only with a suspicious bag in hand and cape eeek! HK se dice: do not vorries my next move eez to a better place somevherz somehowz she vill find a new vay of living as Ijan walked sidewayz into zee space vith care.

Ijan is actually as of early Sept on a road trip with Islamic friendz from Nth Coast singing in the car az they huntz to haunt zee vild and lonely beaches vhere zee zuper ztars escapez then going by newspaper reports mysteriously disappear aaaarrgh! though Ijan just wantz zee autographz. All originally from Malaysia can read a little of their lingo as HK used to know Indonesian some of it slipped by now.

Ijan and all his friends have never felt the urge to throw a baby even though former PM John Howard claimed that Islamic refugees and migrants loved throwing babies nobody can imagine why except he must have lied to get into power. He was paranoid about other races and religions to himself and relied on the racist ticket

Ijan is a Virgo. They are sensitive people and care about their looks. They are fussy and their home is usually immaculate as well as themselves. They are great if you need some help on tricky details as they are good with fine stuff. They have detail down to a fine art no kidding. Their ruling planet is Mercury same as Gemini though manifests differently as Virgo's Earth quietens fleet footed Mercury down. Still Ijan loves travelling and that goes with Mercury's wings. Hermes is the earlier Greek name for Mercury. Earth as Virgo's element keeps Ijan settled. When an Earth sign is around they are good at keeping people sensible.

At The Clog Barn, Coffs Harbour don’t ask HK she has not visited this place, as you can see in fact being an Earth sign has not kept anybody sensible at all, might be the clogs inside the only way to pose when visiting a clog barn! Look carefully rear right hand side a woman taking a photo of the photographer or Ijan and friend they must be good looking. Just then a scene from a Kerry James Marshall painting slid by with their full casts of who knows what looks like maybe 100 could fit in already this is way too much for the onlookers who pull their faces somehow and give up as they leave the scene.

The road trip looked fun am sure they paid homage to the Big Banana the first Big in Australia after that every small town on the continent did a Big. Bigs are global they are connected to advertising produce the thing is it's difficult to beat the banana nothing else much compares even the Big Pineapple just lacks that I dunno what. In fact the Big Banana is not that huge in the world of Bigs but it is the most legendary. A clog barn is the only thing you could do afterwards HK guesses. 

Epic Cabin Fever© it rambles might finish it in some manner few threads need resolve

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