Millie who is a Local as in she just lives up the road

Posted on February 07, 2021 by Noni Daniels

Millie has kinda American accent so I asked where from and she said that was where she was educated and lived for some time she is now married to an Australian and originally is from Hong Kong phew! We just chatted for awhile I forgot to ask her star sign⭐️ Millie discovered HK is a good listener :) We wondered when the tram to Randwick Race Track was going to be finished not like it’s the Sistine Chapel, sadly. She can’t believe how long it has taken but I think they timed it unbelievably well if amazingly lengthy.

It is interesting that big corporations think they know how Chinese shop but I find my customers are diverse in taste. I had 3 generations of Chinese local women come in and they bought a beautiful traditional painting of the Flinders Ranges painted in the Modernist Era, fabo frame!

Anna Lee (Miami and L.A. USA) and friends, the other photo a riot will have a think!

Isabella ex Holy Kitsch! School of Arts

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