Mark Deviate

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Photo top: Holy Kitsch! Mark Deviate with his family. Middle Photo by: Wolter Peeters for SMH, thanks for educational purposes!

Mark Deviate is infamous for his showtime cabaret performances of Japanese knotting/macrame where the vessel is a person. Knotting can also cast spells and numerous knots have been used for that purpose throughout history most nations, hence lover's knots. He actually bought framed prints for himself and his family though sans ropes.

Mark is pure performance and his work with ropes and silk are Pura Vida. His shows contain a strong Goth element though his latest outing for Madame Butterfly at Sydney

Opera House traces longing beautifully in lacquer red. I wonder if the author of that opera knew about the expression butterflies of the night as to parts of Asia? He must have!

Mark as well teaches Shibari and taught the kewpies at the Galactic Rave by accident thinking they were dwarves.

He is evil lol!




Zoe with Bush Baby ©Holy Kitsch! Earrings

Nina Hallowed Ballerina

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