Mark Wrestles Ropes (alliteration is addictive)

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Photo top: Holy Kitsch! Mark De Viate with his family. Middle Photo by: Wolter Peeters for SMH, thanks for educational purposes!

Mark De Viate is infamous for his showtime cabaret performances of Japanese knotting/macrame where the vessel is a person. Knotting can also cast spells and numerous knots have been used for that purpose throughout history most nations, hence lover's knots. He actually bought framed prints in similar vein for himself and his family though sans ropes.

Mark is pure performance and his work with ropes and silk are Pura Vida. His shows contain a strong Goth element though his latest outing for Madame Butterfly at Sydney

Opera House traces longing beautifully in lacquer red. I wonder if the author of that opera knew about the expression butterflies of the night as to parts of Asia? He must have!

I am doing accounts so had no time to put Mark on besides I had forgotten as I had to move out of the shop as I was no longer able to take being under bondage to the landlord.

Here serfs no longer bargain their pay though landlords can take as much as they like depending on the amount of your desperation to make a living and have a roof over your head! After the landlord there is no money left for staff, stock or yourself meaning mega mines are doing fabulously as to corporate greed whilst staff starve, the dollar is as low as the Indian rupee, cattle barons are celebrating (most stations are corporate owned now).

Nobody else much has money left over for anything hand made or crafted with art or quality so are forced to pay for nasty slave labour goods at Bargain Prices that are usually plastic, boring or fall apart a suggestion I read is to guillotine the landlords, well it's a start after the barricades begin.People grow up not able to recognise the difference as they have never experienced Fair Work hand made. People here do not know what polyester is even!

If you are a free spirit artist with intellectual aspirations there is next to no hope, you might as well attempt being good at sports or typing that is all that is lauded here and how media moguls make their cash. 

Mark's art is typical of the spirit of the trade of good showmanship, cabaret and art, his art is layered, many artists pretend they are not trading art even when they sell it or receive a stipend from the university, this is why I refer to Mark's trade, I know carpenter's are tradies too though their aims are different though they are very good at making money. Hmm film makers know just how difficult it is reflecting on wildly divergent belief systems.

I at first wondered whether to put him on these pages (even though he is very Holy Kitsch! always diverse) as currently I am being psychologically and more bullied yet I have always had a diverse audience, I tried saying online ages ago for over 18 though that felt too dated and as Holy Kitsch! is tame though subversive compared to almost any art from any era readily seen anywhere in this nation or anywhere else and kids love Holy Kitsch!.

Nevertheless certain vicious people who have their own greed and personal needs to satisfy have colluded to destroy much about me and Holy Kitsch! Is an easy target for the less nice people in life again as I stand passionately for my rights as an individual (very rare here) and I am an underground artist who owns Holy Kitsch! even more weird. I even had a vicious ignorant landlord force me out of an apartment he wished to renovate whilst I was residing there still (he used jackhammers and diamond drills), I had barely a leg to stand on it is Medieval (my name plus religious icons send them insane) I won a minuscule on that (he should have re-located me to another apartment, same quality or better all expenses paid same as a hotel, the apartment was not cheap) my nerves were shattered it almost destroyed me, I published but it made matters worse still I am human not slimy like people who know manipulation and lack art as you know landlords do not install picture rails then go ballistic if you try hanging a piece on the wall as they are visual ignorants who own bare walls, renters here are 2nd class it is very strange for a democracy.

Many lack humour entirely as they are bit backward. I could make false allegations against my neighbours, you have to looks plain to pull it off, truly scary people always look boringly ordinary have you noticed regardless of race, religion, sex or age? 

I want to clear my name (I cannot afford legal costs) even if nobody else knows or cares, it is totally stupid if you knew the details others would laugh though a major concern when I think about the broader implications as for other innocents.

Nobody here likes my name, I should change it permanently to Holy Kitsch! so the discrimination lessens. What kind of people lie to harm the innocent? It's had a major impact on my current tiny life and is expensive. Surely the law is not so lax that people can now invent stories. Is it Germany 1940 or Russia? It is!

It is ironic as I did an artwork on exactly this kind of issue with humour (irony is barely understood here, those in power have less brain cells) an issue I came across in art school, not all of them. Save us all from ignorance! Vive la Revolution.

PS I am still angry about those bullets in Hyde Park, they were installed not long after I had published details on the park I was designing including the bullet shaped toilets, each one separate. Anyhow that was copyright but how can I prove it other than mine was published first and I lack powerful connections, it has happened throughout my life, the lazy always look to the creative for new ideas to steal. It has occurred before and Council no matter what ilk reject my art I am simply WRONG as a human being here, one reason I started Holy Kitsch! though sadly here (non corporate) business women are considered mad and ugly so you have no opportunities of meeting anybody with shared interests or intellect, actually that is a major issue Local except for Holy Kitsch! customers all other democracies have no issues only here.

Zoe with Bush Baby ©Holy Kitsch! Earrings

Nina Hallowed Ballerina

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