Mardi Gras! (when Surry was open) All Holy Kitsch!ers are Awesome

Posted on June 19, 2019 by Erin C

Holy Kitsch! was too subversive for Council and Government grants (sorry Clover and Alex as leaders you are fine, Arts are separate) which has made life super tough for Holy Kitsch! Both business partners have had awesome concepts but either too ahead of their time or non-conformist and I was brought up to question always. Holy Kitsch! only knows how to be awesome. I do know all Holy Kitsch! followers have been and are fabo, different to the ordinary regardless of age, ethnicity or sex. Holy Kitsch! has aimed at numerous government grants and horrors of horrors Regional Prizes!! :) Lucky did not get those ones phew with apologies to all awesome regional customers the dull are not your doing! 

My Self is  rejected here :( narrowing my life choices! No wonder poor Brett Whitely and Howard Arkley RIP went to pieces, anybody trying so hard to conform to the trruuly boring nun-like/simplistic aesthetic prevalent here (the lLocals prefer to be thought of as "sophisticated" without reflection on that issue) well others go around the the twist cf being passionately different/quirky nothing against nuns or sophistication stupidity can be dangerous too it is not a question either way. Holy Kitsch! has had beautiful protective Mexican passionate saint wallets made by Mexican nuns, I mean the totally plain metaphorically, metaphor is barely understood here as is irony, actually everything goes over peoples heads unless you are a Holy Kitsch!er so I spend half my time explaining things its irritating. 

My late sisters went bonkers attempting to conform to the mainstream as seen in media. Whatever and one was beside herself for being my height actually a bit less nothing against the tall, I have a gay male friend who is really tall never bothers him that I am small! When I travel to foreign realms I receive a different response as to Self must be a Local issue only. An amigo from when we had the stores says what about elocution lessons your voice is too loud and he is right my accent is totally awful it might be when Mum decided to move us from one very polite school to another opposite end of spectrum so I felt too well spoken. I could try learning a trans-Atlantic accent hmm! People here know little about art except Holy Kitsch customers, they honestly do not know the difference which is why you always read about artists overseas being big and not here as doors close here instead of open. Insight is a challenge for all in power here as they are intellectually challenged, they don't know what a museum is even as they cannot find a use even for themselves. Continue to Nina Ballerina.......


Zoe with Bush Baby ©Holy Kitsch! Earrings


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