Lexie near emergency wall phone.

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Lexie is now doing further studies at the Australian Film and Television School or was! Her Latest outing is a crowd funded film called The Familiars blurb says: When a teenage girl inherits a dark power, she must decide whether to use it to protect herself and her sister from their destructive Mother. Lexie is another Holy Kitsch! School of Arts graduate. She has studied UTS already and is fabo at stop motion animation particularly when bored in store, liked the result just wire and gift  tissue. Lexie always kept us on our toes due to "good attention to detail" the first question you will be asked in OZ when you are born along with can you fit in? Her hair has gone through numerous colour phases including pink and green. The phone had a police number next to it but the dialing was hit and miss an issue when a tough customer came in and they did come in. We gave out good vibes so all fine. Lexie surpassed expectations and received her copy of Holy Kitsch! Operating Manual which she duly put in a separate folder in her email.I think darned Newell was first to suggest the Manual! Anyhow everybody sort of adhered to "no congregating at back of store" rule.

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