Let Them Eat El Gato

Posted on April 13, 2021 by Noni Daniels

Let Them Eat El Gato
Author’s note: there is no racism intended in this item which rather I's investigates a tragic death of a Chinese man and political allegiances. Lui’s opponent is Chinese too except she is honest and not racist. In Oz we are comfortable with Chinese and hope it continues so. This is a political and murder issue including who are zee zpies.
Dedicated to Bo RIP
Beijing Liu is a Liberal parliamentary rep got in on about 2 votes against Honest Jennifer Yang or Taiwan Yang, Yang is a scientist. Liu had the reputation of underpaying her Chinese staff in her restaurant being racist and anti gay marriage. She is part of a New Right religious group hmm could be a good cover as it is Christian which is acceptable in Oz other religions are deemed suss. She is a possible "sleeper" or "plant" as eet is called in zee business.
Beijing Liu was besties or at the least good friends with Nick Zhao seen here like the Last Supper at her right hand at her home. HK's Dad's final art exam was to paint the Last Supper look at Days to Star for the version in radishes.
She has held a meeting of Lib Party members, a branch meeting. Gees who would attend  that one look at it? The table is bare and the people look totally awful, look how they sit rigidly and plain wearing their Day of the Dead masks.
Are they a secret society from some awful remote township figuring out how they can burn cast outs at the stake like the neighbours in Rosemary's Baby who fed Rosemary special herbs? HK knows, they are the Politburo or religious zealots from a cargo cult. These people are considered Neat Clean and Tidy in Grevillea nation and very sane es una problema. They are preparing for a Wickerman burn off selection process here then they can dance around the fire in ecstatic raptures practising polyamory as cannot imagine if they do anything at all so find the thought amusing.
No way would HK want to sit at that table hell would be better. Are they Local artists? A Local museum Art Board? 
No wonder Lib Party is stingy, all that wealth and barely a cracker on the table, not even water barely. You could die sitting at that table. There are maybe two mean glasses of wine, no bottle same with the water so they might contain arsenic. What about the teapot in the Shiz story over at NSW govt Dept? Nah this woman is stingy except the donation, it is a bad sign. She owned a restaurant so too used to billing people for food, cash only? In Oz very comfortable tradesmen habitually bullied Holy Kitsch! into paying large sums of cash for their less than great services. This Party, the Libs supports these non tax payers fully with govt hand outs and bullies the disadvantaged instead. It is hell employing removalists here can tell you.
As to meeting surely a hot pot would have gone down well or if feeling Modernist a cheese fondue good for a large gathering Swiss just a suggestion, tiny pitchforks. What about an old fashioned casserole?
Cabin Fever, Henning Strassburger thanks for educational purposes 200x250 cm as ve can zee murkinezz aboundz vhat goez doon underneathz? Eez eet zmog or a zmoke zcreen for zome billionairez leeving in zee Bahamas? Eez theez Observational Art? Low voices mutteringz and murrmblingz mmrrph top zecretz. Is this Gris-gris? Entschuldigen Sie bitte, ich liebe den Techno, obwohl ich fast kein Deutsch spreche.  Ich liebe deine Bilder, I speak some Spanish, French and Indonesian.
The title means The Innocent, still amusing if you do not speak German HK does not and the effects are impressive High Tech! sooo blingo zingo and his paintings cosmic. Wait as you need be patient. Nothing against High Tech laser beams forever. Burgstrasse looks fine and employable for MINIr and could be hung, the jacket is particularly Gangstar Galactic Rave. His works would go well with plastic flamingos, DOD Elvis Busts, Virgin of Guadalupe statues excellent and HK personal works naturlich. Having similar issues to Neo Rauch interview in German, that was translated to Dutch even more difficult. I think both guys look soooo cute vat doez vone do ve do not haf artistas like this here at all oh dear he might be gay could be bi doesn't matter too far away cannot afford his paintings either yummy I could eat them. Both guys are cool you see age does not come into this they just are who they are as I am not racist or ageist. Ich liebe dich dunno the plural hah though I can teach dich Indonesian its a language of trade :) well some thanks for asking.
HK was brought up with the concept of generosity tempered with an amount of not being totally frivolous though frivolity was in there heartily. My house is your house is barely a title one would lend Liu's house nor frivolity tiz a sylvan setting.
Beijing Liu has turned for the pic. Zhao turns his head slightly around just as the person snaps pic and he is just ready to smile look closely. Liu must have slid back a bit with her chair then quickly turned as Zhao is on the corner a tight squeeze even though Zhao has more room other side.
Zhao is at a distance from the next guest along who is in a white dress. He slumps directionally toward Liu back on his seat aligned with Liu he is almost on her chair or against her side in the moments prior you can tell readily in the close up.
Beijing Liu has twisted in her seat quickly, readily seen by the tension in her body also by the manner she grasps the right edge of her chair which must be butted against Zhao's chair. She is keen to ensure the photo displays a distance that was not there immediately prior to the photo and is camera ready like all aspiring politicians. 
Liu looks as if to get up and leave so keen to be right for the photo though most likely returned to where she left off properly seated and rubbing sides with Zhao. Even the woman in the white dress has more room on her other side than Zhao and Liu who form a "couple" making them the default heads of table and Beijing Liu is after all hosting and elected leader of this group.
Liu and Zhao's side of the table has clearly more space than the opposite side who even though one has shifted from the front to the side are very overcrowded, they must have had way less importance they get zero beverages so sit bolt upright!! Lucky them they were not murdered.
In all table sittings and formal occasions there are hierarchies, ranks and there is a clear rank system operating here. The best illustration is the Xmas table and who sits where.

The Wounded Table, Frida Kahlo. Here is Frida's pied-à-terre, her table what goes on? Who do you know with a table like this as she invites the viewer to join her personal café. Read up on your Spanish as it speaks of her matrilineal brown roots if you look to the Aztec figure to which she is attached filtrarse? She displays her oneness with Mexicana ancient and contemporary. This appears to be both about herself and maybe her attachment too to Mexico City which is on a mesa a table in English. The table, figures and floor are brown not the deer. She disliked her limping leg and neglected her injured foot her leg was amputated. When Diego and her broke up he was having an affair with Christina her sister and they did live together as a household with the children for many years. Tina Mordotti the photographer was a lover.  The table's knots are bleeding can look vaginal. A knot is el nudo in Spanish and Diego painted her sister Cristina nude on several occasions. Frida was nude when found in the accident or did she simply put a knife through the table? The paper on the floor adds to the drama. The father of the boy left soon after he was born. At the Surrealist exhibition where this work was destined was Dali, The Persistence of Memory (melting clock), Magritte, Breton and various Surrealists. Underscoring her ethnicity was important to Frida. She has no hands, an icon is “not by hand” here looks like by her deer heart, her hands extensions of Mexican culture the head with her face of the Judas figure is tiny we can surmise she uses her own brain, I leave the rest to you Do you still wish to join her at her table? Sounds fun. Loving the cortina.

Liu would be highly aware of photos so HK thinks zhee szifted here pozition rapidliez zo zhe now almost tumblez from zee chair aboutz to flies towardz uz and out of zee photo like zee paintings by El Greco.
Zhao appears nonplussed and leans back. Liu by nearly jumping from her seat obscures Zhao though not enough. 
Anyone sitting at HK's right hand at an event and at her place at her table would be a VIP, boyfriend, close friend or close relative. Certainly important and Zhao looks special from the config. He is even more relaxed than zee rest. The opposing side appear stiff compared to her side not knowing who the guestz are they ztill must be more familiar with Liu on her side than oppositez as their body positions are way more various and way less stiff as to her side. One on her side is typing making it the more official side tap tap tap as she types minutes of the meeting. On the list of attendants Zhao's presence is typed in tap a-tap tap plus any comments made by all comers the woman will circulate the minutes to Liu and all members as it is an official meeting, by email and hard copy tap tap tap.
Beijing Liu claimz she doez not know Zhao gee thatz drawing a long bow. He is in another meeting pic as well. Close by again, i.e. her immediate neighbour. 
Nobody appears to have phones in this pic. They must have been ordered to put them away and of course spiez do not use phones with each other or everybody would know they were spiez, could use an app with minutes of meeting a listening device would be a mere add on. 
If HK never knew a thing and somebody asked me about that photo and what was happening I would say they were a married couple plotting a murder or strange polyamory HK would hate to be there who would vote for any of them eeek?? None of the others appear to have as much affinity to each other as Liu and the murdered victim Nick Zhao Dead Men Don't Talk.
She must have flashed a leg as by her hip she has also brought that leg around as she twisted and turned tah dah and it could now be crossed to look stylish. She is a wannabe star, though not yet. The dress looks expensive despite the paucity of food and drink. These must be the people who design the inner architecture and gadgets of a Neo Rauch painting or had a big hand in it's design. Some popped out of Sherry Devine's series on country folk others had a hand in designing current circumstances they know little of nurture or breadth they can barely cook let alone breathe.
Zhao was found murdered not a long time before Liu gained prominence really close to recent election, 2019, he has a wife and children. His disclosures to ASIO surrounded a curious large amount of dinero offered to him by Chinese officials to be a sleeper and get into govt to advocate for China in the seat of Chisolm, Liu's seat. 
If he was a spy why did he go to ASIO that is very stupid for a spy then tell them spies had approached him yet ASIO says he was the spy, what?
Unless se dice: "Hey I am a spy though I feel like swapping sides any jobs going?" Did he make an appointment first? Did he have to fill in a form requiring his details? Did he call "spy tip offs?" Did the form say "are you a spy put a cross in correct square yes or no. If yes go to next question" "which country?" Did the form say "if it is China please do not write in Chinese as we do not employ people who speak Mandarin, Cantonese or any other dialect related to China it is too much of a nuisance." Then there is a drop down list of countries go to next question: "If you are a spy and wish to join ASIO what can you bring to ASIO that you believe makes you a valuable addition to ASIO?" 25 words or less go to next question "Why did you choose ASIO above all other spy agencies what makes it important in your eyes 25 words or less go to next question: "are you in financial hardship, yes or no, x the correct box? Upload all bank statements last 6 months cannot be higher than 0 balance 15kb or less scanned and cited deliver by hand hard copies too that you printed in your home office with a working printer with all ink refilled. " "Is someone trying to murder you?" x correct box yes or no. "If yes can you tell us who it is and why?" 25 words or less. Please upload here required documents 15kb or less PDF only, send har copies too. No photos. Scanned current copies, signed and cited by a JP, dated no older than last week, hard copies from your advanced office. Next question "Has anybody offered you a bribe yes or no x in correct box. If yes was it a. under $100,000 or b. over $100,000?" Mark x in correct box. Next question "Do you suffer from delusions mark x yes or no. Next question: "If yes would you like to give one of our counsellors a call?" Answer yes or no mark box with x. "Are you interested in joining the ASIO transcendentalist with cosmic undertones in space meditation course?" x yes or no in box if yes give credit card details 1st two weeks free to all. "Give one example of exceeding spydome expectations?" 100 words or less. "Give one example where you believe you could have done better as a spy." 100 words or less. Go to next question. "Do you vote Liberal/National Party answer yes or no with an x go to next question?" "Give contact details one only next of kin in case of emergency." Do you agree not to disclose any shared information between yourself and ASIO?" electronic signature here." 
HK heard he left a note on the questionnaire which red,  中午在广州俱乐部认识麻将
He was a dodgy car dealer and reads as a bit of a con man not liked by some though that is not to say his fault he was murdered that is mad.
If I went to ASIO it would be about something I was terrified about same anybody. He did not choose the police, anyone can make false allegations with them it's easy and it's usually about a specific person you do not like. Sexual innuendo is common. Newspapers like it as sex sells to the sexually frustrated (even if getting some) public they are non HK's. It obscures the genuine cases which rarely go to print and false cases also that do not go to print.
This is not the case. He was not smearing or using sexual innuendo he was scared no matter how shonky! He reads like he liked to be flashy though the offer sounded out of his depth. Is this branch de-stacking or unstacking? One less in competition to Liu.
He must have known he was in danger they were useless at protecting him unless they were protecting Liu Dead Mean Don’t Talk for Scomo. 
Shortly after his murder Beijing Liu mysteriously found and gifted the Libs campaign $100,000 prior to recent election they were desperate, in the seat of Chisolm, that must be going rate Labour were found to have a matching donation oddly they are under investigation not Liu how many Fridas does that translate to? She claimed outright she did not know Nick Zhao and could not remember him. Are ASIO stupid or did Scomo gag them as he knows something is wrong or he is being paid? There have been no parliamentary sittings since the question was asked it is end of August 2020.
I think I would know my guests relatively well if I asked them to a day time sit down event especially if they had voted for me. It is her home. If I seated a guest at my right hand then that is considered a seat of honour. Certainly at the least it would not be a casual colleague it would be too discomfiting. 
Beijing Liu advertised her campaign on We Chat a social propaganda platform operated and monitored by the Chinese govt zee ordinary Chinese catz confine themselvez to small talk, coded messages or Chinese whispers on it. This gave the impression to newly arrived Chinese accustomed to being ordered how to think that the correct thing to do was vote for Liu, after all she had advertised on what they considered a broad platform and know little about machinations of Democracy even Locals have issues.
She also printed how to vote ads that appeared to be directions from the govt due to how she printed them. Her racist slurs to newly arrived would have alerted her constituents in a not nice way creating racial tensions as new arrivals are often fearful of other cultures different to theirs takes time. She said she was merely reflecting her constituents opinions on refugees, Africans and Middle Eastern not being hard working like Chinese, living on welfare and having too many children, hardly going to endear her to non Chinese or Chinese who are not racist. This is a Pauline Hanson point of view and common in Oz championed by Scomo and the press as the party are racists many are in Oz it is traditional it is soo backward.
Her opponent in this seat was born in Taiwan so Liu's actions might have caused fear in newly arrived Chinese against her opponent Honest Jenny Yang. Liu decided against taking the higher ground and be a good example to new arrivals and young people instead she would rather preach hate, even if she retracted what she said the party line was now out there, what kind of future does that promise?
Beijing Liu Dead Men Don't Talk also belonged to 3 associations with deep links to China. United Front is a direct "influence" arm of Chinese govt. Chinese Government records show Ms Liu was council member of the Guangdong provincial chapter of the China Overseas Exchange Association in 2003-2015 and its Shandong chapter in 2010 it then became the United Front. She as well belonged to the World Trade Association one association she was president she claimed she barely remembered. The United Front are Chinese spies so is the Confucius Institute. She said in an interview she does not regard the leader of China as being a dictator yet he is not elected, their board elects him. Up to her as to opinion though she was against the Hong Kong riots and against gay marriage. That is not defending Chinese people's rights just defending Chinese Nationalism.
They target all politicians Berejeklian is besties with a member.
Beijing Liu recently had a publicity snap with other female members of parliament who all raised a defiant fist, not Liu. Instead she is shown barely raising her hand only just to face level not fully clasped in an obvious Lucky Money Cat (=⏝▿ ⏝=)I"" position or Fist Full of Dollars pose, that is for shops not for women in parliament celebrating being a member and female. It reads dodgy and directed at Chinese only including those who did not vote for her so divisive or hang on, zhe vas secretly showingz off to Chinese Govt zee bribe vorked tah dah eek.
Liu, again no recollection she would go down well in court with current magistrates with that smile learnt at Communist Finishing School. Male or female they would be dining out together afterwards. Honest people tend to look frightened and mumble or yell they do all the wrong things, Communist Training School will now include that HK guesses.
Chinese are Capitalists as to business that is an observation only no comment either way.
She argued against Hong Kong in parliament. She argued for a firm with links to Chinese Govt and spies whether the co. was good or bad is off topic there are too many coincidences. When MP Jenny Wong questioned and asked for a statement Scomo said Liu was not making a statement and closed Parliament down. He needs that seat desperately he does not care if it goes to a North Korean spy.
HK knows from the galleries the public is broad. Museums here and private galleries are way out of touch. HK guesses Nick Zhao is considered black so therefore of less worth whereas Beijing Liu white, Neat Clean and Tidy so of greater worth.
There is a comedian HK finds uncomfortable to the memory of her family as she does Liu and am not being a killjoy some HKers might really like her, apologies though HK thinks she reinforces stereotypes it feels like she disempowers young people's confidence as kids of migrants. HK has laughed at parts being familiar there you go but long run it feels flattening I do not think she is being consciously racist. "not my cup of tea" as Kath would say of Kath and Kim. The Bauer Group that she sued sounds like a publicity stunt as Dad would say we were raised to question the news. How come the comedian does not include Asian cats in her routine why is it always us "wogs" or out of work Ozets that might make Asian people feel singled out if you think about it?
HK was never average nor did she even need to invent a past. She must have done a deal with the magazine for publicity as she called them out and sued them. Good bread it was a done deal, fair enough whatever to make a crust. 
It is funny for HK to talk about homies but they are usually employed all races it's an attitude whether or not employed, plenty of white shite around and good white people who are unemployed. The good are Holy Kitsch!ers of course.
It has been said China wants a better deal from officials here re: exports Imports mining so either way she’s a good link to have for billionaires though plenty of nations on the planet so why in parliament. OK if somebody said straight out, I am strongly connected to Chinese Govt all the same may I introduce to you this business? 
All investigations have been silenced, HK does not have the tools of journalists now gagged by Libs through Murdoch, Channel 7 and 9 and Buttrose ABC aargh. 
Does Scomo support not investigating these links it is bad as an example to small dog breeds, large cool dogs meecies catz and large curly or wrinkly dog breeds. 
Like Trump he pretends to question China using #anybodyatall as a front man as Scomo totally supports coal mining and selling all to China even though it is killing us he would sell his grandmother's liver and us he has no ethics or humanity. HK heard on the grapevine medics had to put the Libs through doggie discipline school to teach them the dangers of Covid if no lock down.
We must diversify or perish.
In my nation they advertise mining as a tourist attraction to overseas arrivals, no kidding is that backward or what?? Look at the land we destroyed mining coal and silver, here is the cyanide dam here the lead tailings here is the mercury flowing into the sea poisoning the fish eek!! Opal mines are small from what HK knows and separate same other gems here same some minerals we also have "poils in the sea".
Primary produce is neither here nor there China owns farmland in Australia it is a charade they are enormous importers. The world is vast Australia can export diversely and China import diversely, just looks different on the stock exchange, more balanced.
Trump does this one well to say they are at loggerheads they make enormous money from exports. USA sells 15 billion$ of soybeans to China p.a. and 13 billion$ in education. Australia sells 15 billion$ in coal to China think education is next. Coal is declining they are still careless on the environment still Chinese are using renewables and enviro friendly they have vast coal fields in remote areas eg where Uighers reside and the Mongolians, pays to spread wings widely. Trump will always go for the racist ticket Scomo too, both are picky about races when it suits. China does not tolerate separate ethnic groups nor languages. Oz has always been racist against anybody brown and beyond.
This HK figures is the same event. As you can see all are totally starving now and stare at the cake longingly, no traditional Chinese banquet for this crew, no moon cakes, not even yum cha. Liu must be saving coin for her extremely generous Liberal Party donation 2019 election. Except "Bo" Zhao the others maintain a tension in their bodies. The chairs resemble something you would find in the interrogation unit of a Chinese spy network and bad for your back. If the background has not been altered gee the decor is awfully communist, stark even though it is in part a kitchen. The amount of drinks around is still small, 1 glass of wine and 3 glasses of water. Wonder how red wine and woolly cake match, a daring choice? Was it bring your own, there is a bottle on the table? Still no sign of even a cuppa tea. HK's local dumpling hawker has free tea if you want it. Nick "Bo" Zhao sits nearer the rear still adjacent to Liu much closer than the others his knees not too far at all from Liu  a foot at most, the typist is the exception. Liu's off-sider? The secretary? He is awfully relaxed for a spy as he slumps down in the uncomfortable chair so his stomach is showing though Liu "does not know him at all does not know who he is or what he looks like never met him," he does have a cheeky innocent look about him goes with being a con artist, the others are more alert. They are quite serious maybe Bo is hoping to sell more cars who knows? His problem with the law was fake papers for loans, stuff to make more money, fraud, apparently the Chinese will target people like him in difficulty so he did the right thing and reported it not knowing after the murder ASIO would claim Bo was the spy! The typist sits in front of Liu tap a tap tappity tap as she types who is there and who says what atm there is an image on the screen that Liu surveys with a slightly tilted head do not know of what, a woman's head. The others have changed to wrestling masks. Bo looks out and across the most slight of slant of his head toward camera, it appears he cannot see what is onscreen and besides looks nonchalant, very unspy-like, probably wondering about the cake or just plain bored. HK did not know he was nicknamed Bo when she wrote "that is a long bow to draw."
These gnats are reflecting their world view, there is no generosity on show at that table, no nurture, no joy. It screams mean spirits, ve vill starve zee poor, pollute vour rivers, drill more oil, mine more coals, bigger mono crops, despoil zee planet ve show no care neither for each other or for ze Earth. These people will not provide wind generators, fertile nurtured farms, green technologies, invention and inventive mind blowing Arts these people kill hope and enjoyment of life.
Oz govt has no plans to replace coal with inventive industries eg the Arts high tech invention creativity slow inventions or manufacturing Green friendly except if the person is attached to his church or the Packers.
Useless relying on the Artes. A private gallery Local is so Far Right they promote exhibits about Captain Cook's arrival here go figure!! Some others call themselves contemporary all they do is cater to Fairfaxes and Packer it is hopeless. Our conservatism and lack of genuine critique on Artes here has stolen HK's life and many others we are dying from lack of care and intellect it is nasty to bohemians we are being punished forced to live a life of drear.
Mexicans do not really paint about the Spanish arrival nor USA. The public museums are stacked in Oz and underfunded they are bastions of an Old Guard. It is a bit like the BP portrait prize UK here except it is everywhere the dreariness is contagious. On the surface looks modern, nct but it misses stuff, it lacks soul, sometimes you find it accidentally it must be cloyingly about what a good person that artist be a la Norman Rockwell is but one example of the feelings and emotions artists should aim to evoke here humanity is attempted with mixed results, pleasant is the most common outcome.
A mixed diet is best as mono crops destroy the environment using huge amounts of pesticides and fertilizers that runoff polluting rivers and groundwater. Diversity in all will save the planet. It suits multi-nationals for us to all eat identically as that way they dominate the stock market. They can sell undifferentiated corn grown in enormous fields with a huge amount of pesticides and weedicides the corn has been GM altered to tolerate these chemicals this is vastly different to a hybrid or cultivar. The corn all looks the same no variety, its yellow corn. When genes are spliced it is not an exact science so other bits of new information enters the corn a reason small farmers do not want pollen from these GM infected crops getting near their high quality corn. Some nations even dump excess food to maintain prices that is un democratic and cruel to poor nations. Poor nations do not earn a great deal for their major crops usually coffee or cocoa.
Corn is hugely various it comes in blue and multi colours yet when we go to market all we see is Communist Corn grown by multinationals all the same. Communist potatoes only 3 varieties all grown by one mega company in NSW that is NOT choice, it is choice based on cheaper prices it is Communist Choice.
Education is good as Chinese experience new freedoms and ideas. Not Trumpist ideals of gun owning that looks soo bad just ideals on freedoms, voting, a diversity of nationalities. When HK was in educational institutions the foreign students were keen to meet a broad cross section and debate HK has derived inside info on that one. The sticking point Local (USA too?) is affordability. Here the universities are funded by our forebears. Locals often cannot afford entry, that is bad govt policy, not the Chinese or other nationalities. It is expensive not free like Finland for example the boards are stacked with the Right. Trump learnt that one too from here. 
US sells just $1 billion in coal so thats is not a deal breaker. Soy, domestic aircraft and education are their big 3. Automobiles close after China is moving away from petrol. Tesla is well placed.
We rely on Chinese tourism that is reciprocal. They are frugal and spend with large corporations due to package deals and being timid in a new nation. There is an entire planet of would be tourists on top of theirs as well.
Trump is useless at Diplomacy and the Chinese can push back hard as they are not beggars.
All sides push that is why Liu should be investigated outside of trade wars and Diplomacy. The planet does not want Trump nor young teens of the future in danger of being shot by his loony laws and drinking clorox with no health cover dying from pollution no clean rivers in which to swim.
If nations opened to Iran they would have a new market knowing human rights an issue and their stance still Dad looked at those nations and visited them when they were way more closed he was a pioneer. China is now making closer ties due to the gap so isolation does not always work either it is difficult when leaders globally are only onside with mega corporations. India is an enormous market though is bad on pollution it is a scourge on Earth none want to address.
Not saying Iran govt good but truly then what is the difference? A matter of how many dissidents jailed or tortured, how many weapons?
Diplomacy may be complex still you do not have to agree always with other nations politics as maybe you do think dissidents should not be disappeared. Good diplomacy could lead to a Green Planet it is urgent. No good these leaders grinding us down getting us to buy Deal of the Day as we freeze in slum conditions. The Pacific Ocean should be owned by all it is our future and prsent and needs a good clean and protection. A Council needs to be formed to protect it rather than who has most fishing rights there will be none left or poisoned.
Oz is stuck in a Time Warp help!
Either way Liu is utterly suss. Is this Belshazzar’s Feast Rembrandt? Beijing Liu turns suddenly, stands, points to the wall and says I found a way to win here is my how to vote ticket its a royal flush. The painting shows a cryptic Hebrew message, nothing against Hebrews it is cryptic in the sense of the ancient Greek Sybils or a prediction like a Cassandra of Ancient Greece. It is deliberately gibberish in this case same as certain art speak here used to cover up bad critique and bad artwork, jargon.
If you read Ancient Greek texts full of metaphor and nuance the language itself is straight forward same as Shakespeare same as the Bible you have to figure the symbolic parts for yourself or they would be dull and lose the poetry that was intended.
Wonder why the opposing side at the table so distant. They must be the ones Liu truly knows less well bet she knows each and every one. Think of any class  or seminar maybe not absolute yonks ago. After two hours you know who's who she is lying. All questions on her have been halted by Liberals. Labour and Greens, the other parties in Oz have no voice as like China the media is entirely pro the sitting govt. so no one to question the closure of parliamentary Oz sittings that is NOT Democracy. We only read positive stuff about the Liberal Party that is really bad as that is lending them enormous power.
The pandemic is separate and doing what we know is best though Scomo up to now refuses to vaccinate placing HK in danger.
The media did raise questions unusual here it all sounds suss. All we get is pro government propaganda. HK reads news USA or BBC non Murdoch for balance they have a broader media than ours it is dangerous to Democracy here.
HK figured she then said let them eat cake, put a couple of woolly cakes on the table they are dying from thirst and hunger and their only hope is a hit of sugar with no tea to wet their whistles after all she had already brought Zhao Bon Appetit.
In a game of thrones murder must be the highest card. Scomo has no guilt on this as his religion absolves him, good religion to join if you are a crook.
Scomo got in barely and the information was suppressed. The Libs have positioned cronies in key positions in all universities and museums effectively gagging the Artes and conversations in academia it's State approved art. They are all starved of funds making them corrupt. In the Artes is has been 1900 and corrupt forever here as to ideas.
Bosses, academies and all government depts cannot imagine that everybody does not own a home office with a highly expensive computer and an enormous printer that does not break down or need new ink they have never stepped outside they do not know if they are in the text box or outside the text box.

Lexie near emergency wall phone.

Holy Kitsch! Shaman Lurkz

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