John Waters at Wex Museum video out take ©John Waters

Posted on March 11, 2019 by Noni Daniels

Director and artist John Waters has another exhibition in USA at the Wex, awesome museum building at Ohio State University. As you would expect from the Pope of Trash of so many infamous movies including Pink Flamingos the exhibits are unusual. I chose this frame from a video as it was more unexpected. I know he has a rebellious heart this photo is just plain cute, he loves challenging people and he does so in his most recent exhibition and films. He is unusual and I am usually better at critique, sorry, John if this one is a bit shallow. I like John Waters and his work :) He is very L.A So-Cal. There are lots of scientists saying they have found a newer improved and better human somewhere or other. They just are uncomfortable it’s Africa as to origins and most likely they are using the reptilian back of the brain 🧠 I like the glasses they reflect the glare of stardom 😎

St Alex and Izzy

Prof. Scott Angus with Noni of Holy Kitsch!

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