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Jenny is here visiting her family who are Locals she now resides in London. She told me the UK economy is the pits and they are stuck with May. She is a huge Frida fan though this time chose a pink snail to match her hair I guess. She loved the Frida costume exhibition in London. I said we had a small exhibition here though I had seen an enormous one in Rome. There everybody knows their art even in a tiny store where I was talking to the assistant and I was unused to that.

I told her how rude the gallery was here by not only refusing to purchase from me and I had highly collectible pieces they never bothered to ask me to give a talk on Frida Kahlo yet I am an artist and have often given talks even to a Mexican Film Festival. They would never have amassed the same audience without Holy Kitsch! They have no sense of theatre or shame.

We agreed it is pretty backward here especially as to art. I said they did a good cover up on Frida’s politics and feelings about Mexican culture, nevertheless the exhibition was packed due to Holy Kitsch! Prior to Holy Kitsch! Mexican wares were just another homeware from somewhere or other in the americas and Frida Kahlo known mostly to art lovers.

Yet the exhibition also put one more nail in the coffin of Holy Kitsch! Newtown Enmore Rd at that time as people shopped and visited the gallery instead not realising that Holy Kitsch! had been snubbed and had unique pieces not readily available anywhere plus Zoltan the large fortune telling slot machine, same as in movie Big. The alebrijes were second rate too as whoever bought the pieces did not have a good eye for Trrrruue art actually fairly hopeless.

A certain museum also were downright rude. I get more respect from Mexicans as an artist and anyhow art is a trade no matter how much they try and gild the lily. I have worked directly with Mexican artists learning traditional patterns in the process phew! They used a Holy Kitsch! style skull to advertise that exhibit, it was backed by powerful media who knew the impact Holy Kitsch! had on Sydney and Australia, everybody did yet we were so small we were readily trampled. Killed the Christmas trade off, the sugar skull pic was so big you could not miss it. Not even an invitation to the opening it sucks as they are a behemoth.

Jenny thought maybe they are all humourless and I said I had been having issues getting in the angst though I had seen humour here even though they ignore Frida’s. Cronyism is a huge issue in the upper art realms Local a hangover from colonial days and more usually found in developing nations. Insight is also a challenge with much of the art world higher eschelons poor things, the poorest of people still have insight.  Many politicians are having issues with art due to low levels of visual intelligence. Oh dear now I have landlord issues as well. Dad used to say he should have brought us up in Mexico.

Jenny escaped with the bootie!

Frida Kahlo, Théâtre Excentrique @ Old 505 Theatre, Newtown

Bernard Fanning (ex Powderfinger) in a Benefit Concert Enmore Theatre

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