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Preface: Free speech and censorship
Censorship is the suppression of words, images, or ideas that are offensive it happens whenever some people succeed in imposing their personal political or moral values on others. It is consuming the media in Oz as it is centralised and in the Arts due to corruption lack of funds and it is centralised. In the Arts it may be as simple as the manner in which a subject is presented or attitude in Oz we are being killed by subjection to the "Quiet Ozet" and in the media "Nasty Ocker Loud Ozet" flattening us. Our media is ruled by dinosaurs and overly centralised all are best mates with Libs. 
Excluded is hate speech (non ironic), where a real person has not agreed to be depicted in a photo (excludes a broad range including humour and news) or racism (non ironic). As you can see the more freedom the better or it amounts to suppression of free speech. 
eg fiction stories are protected so that:
if a person writes a murder mystery that does not mean that person is a murderer. If they went to the police and then invented a murder story that is real life and a dangerous lie the other is fiction and Art.
Lies to police occur in police states, ask anybody escaping totalitarian countries or who are black in USA or here #anyraceatallotherthanwhitecolonial.
Holy Kitsch!'s art and words have been suppressed commented upon and censored in Oz you might see her in USA if lucky as she is being hounded by descendants of those who nailed Christ to the cross whoever they were. They are without morals or ethics have empty lives and criminal a virus drip glob crawl gloop slide smarm in modern society we can only hope pestilences die out so as not to harm others anymore.  More than one kind of means has been used as we live in a totalitarian nation with no freedom of speech and the use of ridiculous amount of silly clauses in the Law we all lose our Human Rights same as China or Brazil UK on its way.
This is the most HK can say and still protect her small freedom and privacy. Remember Murdoch was born here and has overseen all alterations to Democracy he now spreads his doctrine internationally through cronies and media. There is no freedom in Oz none its heinous and the leaders here are murderers. As to Arts and money “the roin in Strine falls moinly on the ploin” it’s dead nearly. 

I voke to the sound of a chainsaw massacre zo familiar. So bone grinding, so maddening as zee chilly murderers high on ice rip through zze Tasmanian forestz, vild life zen zee catz, splatter goes the blood, crunch goes the bonez. Clear felling minces up zee animals as well and zplatters onto zee workers. Wood chipping knows no difference between a koala, echidna nor monkey. Allz eez mashed juzt zo you canz wipez ze bums or boast to friends on zee new boat hull.
The phone buzzed, Izzy is back in town and gee is she looking depthless? See above pic she does have breasts, somewhere. She has returned from 12 months in Los Angelos, her Darrrd is an Amerrrican citizen some filmic work. One will be about how a PA has relationz with zee Jewish producer H. Weinstein and Michael Jackson RIP whom HK says had mucho humanity and class and was innocent, just unusual. Way above those slimy hillbillies trying to make a buck out of him vhilst he eez now dead. This cool film will have aforementioned with G Pell as zee director, ve cannot afford to waste time zee budget eez tight and if ve lose an actor we might not find any replacement quickly. 
HK thinks Bill Cosby case suss unless it was a kind joke on him as he is quite aged. If so many women were returning to his cabana many moons ago for a cup of tea and something more happened surely the entire population of Hollywood would gossip if his sexuality was totally inept so women would know in advance so not drop round for a cuppa. HK would have said no unless in love duh or ditzy duh. Cosby can write the above script. Like these people must have mega memories HK can't go back that far. Not saying this is always the case with all people.  Germaine Greer has made public comments on these matters something along the lines of "was it bad sex?" There are odd ones in Oz to distract moggies from real issues whereby it was so public and the women so lacking in voice or just plain ditzy they said nothing audible along the lines of "take your hands off the beaver" loudly so all present heard,  HK used to say that if it happened. They all look awful the entire lot. 
Just because you dislike a person's race, beliefs, sex or politics no need to sexually villify them in court or oust them it is way too easy in politics, entertainment and Family Law where passions run high. Nor should you be able to critique their art in any way. Via Family Law cats rights are trampled in Oz they ignore the Convention on Human Rights they tore it up zay are zee zalami zlicers. There are about two races the courts favour the rest of us are rubbish it is not good for a harmonious society.
Rabid dogs can make outrageous claims, this is a middle class issue, the poor have no hope as they are neither besties with legals nor can afford assistance. The middle class dress to appear poor in court it's a common disguise in Oz to be ordinary so nobody knows you own trillions nothing wrong with being casual, travellers know that as to visiting foreign climes as to disguise or maybe some just have naff taste. To be ordinary in Oz is to be superior.
The judiciary are frequently women, that should not be an issue except they are old infected batz whose vaginas have healed believe zee mother eez not a liar and Holy Kitsch eez evil, they are warped. This is against the UN Declaration of Human Rights. They also believe an aunty, grandparent or de facto unknown uncle is of greater importance than the father if La Momia says so, go figure are they sane, zay dizcriminate againzt Holy Kitsch! and pinschers.
The mother can slur HK unknown to her and HK's freedom of movement is curtailed stealing her Human Rights that is OK in Oz as persecution in Oz of the intelligent and Holy Kitsch! is usual ask aboriginal people what it is like here. Ozets have always abhorred HK's successes stretching back through time downright jealous causing her life to be hell. Now she has lost all they celebrate as their lives are empty they know nada. 
This is part of the dirt: HK apparently was playing musical chairs and pushed a cute tiny kid off a chair and zee lie worked backed by a cruel  fascist childless kid napper!! To assist they claimed whilst HK not there at time that Holy Kitsch! was mad. Eet was blackmail if the other cat did not "confess" zat HK did invented crimez and zign an evil paper the kid was going to be kid napped this eez normal here by zee witches. 
That goes down well as most exhibiting "artists" here are totally "normal" and boring. HK is wondering where the trrrue avante guarde is located? Not that HK is abnormal she is avante guarde. 
If HK was aboriginal the above claims would be taken as fact as well they tried way worse again it was destructive to her fragility as it was so badly written she had never in her life read such mind bending awful rubbish they were twisted nazis. The impact defines what Holy Kitsch! is allowed to do she was not even there they found a racist to back them. All claims naturally disproven, poor kid. Zee other time HK stood up in court dared to question zee old nazty bat, poor HK the law does not care they have a PreCambrian system in Oz the ignorant cannot help being ignorant she can feel sorry for them on missing out on lifes rich pageant zey are cowardz just because they zuffer a weird racial and zexual bias do not lean on Holy Kitsch! you deserve nada but like nazis can get away with it zey uze evil spelz.
They must truly want HK's skull as they know HK is v fragile these rabid loons are not worth calling pigs snorkles. Zee court system resembles the role callz at Nazi prison camps and rabid hounds think that eez normal!
Also who will everybody else in Oz rip off if HK is not around and why is it always done so badly?
And HK has other battles none of which she chose it is wiping her out.
Rumours are imaginative cats are dying in Oz without reaching their full potential due to stupidity by ordinary moggie's vanities. Villifiation is illegal under Human Rights though usual here the judiciary are stuck in the Colonial Victorian Era and many academies, how anybody honest survives those coots is a wonder worse than applying for a job. Certain races are considered better it's a sliding scale depends on lightness of skin, good acting or how mainstream the race is considered unless the person is an ocker that goes down totally you must be dull witted to succeed.  Being an evangelical or no religion at all assists hugely with guilt free lies as you then belong to a branded entity. 
Fathers in Oz have none of the Rights in the UN Declaration on Human Rights which are equal to the mother's this is never automatically granted as it is a police state and solicitors will tell you and those on the ground AVOs are given out like pecans ignoring real issues happening with the marginalised. Assault cases are criminal and need to go to court. An AVO grants no right to a fair trial, no Legal Aid for the poor and are impossible to defend as numerous rely on acting and hearsay instead of facts they are undemocratic. The results are tragedy.
To fight for custody each side has to prove the other side is garbage as was once done in divorce not funny for HK as a fiend of a Dada. Some Dadas do not say anything due to honesty go figure. Honesty is rare in Oz, you have to be a sneak to get ahead. eg to get a job buy a CV, to get a rental apt. lie. You always ask yourself "what do they want to hear?" HK is unfortunately naive, was OK ish on CVs totally rusty now. The courts favour good actors. HK now has chronic fatigue due to being dragged in unwanted and other pressing issues, for this Oz celebrates as it does about the poor nothing like bringing down anybody different to mainstream here an enormous issue in Oz. It's dog eat dog who needs that in one short life?
The Legal System has these cruel tiers that a cat has to work through laboriously and wait only to find the rabid dog in charge thinks the population needs a strict lesson and feel pain. It’s ludicrous if not so ignorant and nasty. HK has another battle to do with a bond. Oh no can we wait till HK dies have these people no pleasure in life so want others to suffer on their behalf it’s PreUmbrian they have zero empathy or humanity as Oz is the land of the cruel that is what Murdoch taught Trump. The only allowed feelings are benevolence toward the ill and the reason the PM decided on Covid safe plans as that is one area here where people can say they are generous everything else is like living in slo mo hell here ask Holy Kitsch!ers and HK has slowed right down a big concern.
Izzy is a forrrmer Arrrtista in Rrrresidence and managed a gallerrrry whilst Holy Kitsch! trrraaavelled, shipping too, she is an acclaimed member of Brigade Holy who are advising on Holy Empresa el Museo Gangstar MINIr, prospectus, the Bikini Files, Holy K en las  Galerias y los museos de la Cuidad Nueva York, Los Angelos, Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes la Cuidad de Mexico, MAMA Algiers, MASS USA and Beyond (y mas) and checking on notions at Mimi's Haberdashery and Mercer’s over at Penultimate Goddess Nina's parents Hideaway in the Hunter Valley, Parish of Pokolbin which Nina's pink mohawk haired corazon uses as his hideout whilst performing yogic aura increasing exercises so now all is quite huge and HK thought that bat was extinct already. Is the beast in difficulty, where is Nina's boyfriend? Is that Nina's boyfriend??
He must as in HK nation one has to wait eternally, that's what people truly do here. Schools, academies, law and Artes call outs are enforced waiting like claw dealers profiteering on the clawless. Holy Kitsch!ers have lives we do not need to wait but these people are like boils and herpes in our cultures awful pestilences. Who needs to waste a short life waiting for these nutters?
Local zombies rule worshiping certain wealthy corporate criminals who believe in born to tyranny it’s a mental syndrome, they lucked out and know politicians well, they cross their palms with silver. They stole everything HK owns and her entire life she is doomed to poverty and No Future nada nothing it is hateful SOS unless she resolves current dilemma!
It took brains, imagination and cleverness to start HK the downside was being inventive and not crook it was way more diverse than current. If more crook and less imaginative the business would still be on the streets and HK would still have a drawing room, shop and a life and others jobs and incomes it is depressing.
It was not the net that has remained the same though would have been still single here once women reach 40 they have 3 choices if single: heal up, be a sex worker or become a lesbian (am being extreme here) no offence Holy Kitsch! dykes or if you prefer the word lesbian which always sounds to HK like an old coot guy is using that term for his secret fantasies so she avoids mostly not always not all bad. Holy Kitsch!ers who are also Kings, whores Queens, trannies, conejos, not forgetting Holy Kitsch!ers in themselves, New Age men not your fault either as to women it is the media and lack of a broad culture in Oz stretching way back, LGBTQI, people who do not feel white and those who are not white, black is a colour cats, bears who repair and floozies who are actually enjoying themselves so you can see it is not a nation to want to be in if you want the good life.
Thanks for educational purposes kawaii photo Catherine Opie 1993 hmm can recognise that era though the photo is longer lasting. 40 inches x 29 7/8 inches this look is fine for the MINIr Galactic Ball so long as she is wearing something somewhere aside from her tattoo, do not think Opie would object to term kawaii, does have a Early Renaissance look about it or ahem Gothic.
Nobody knows what to do with all that really cheap manufactured "hot sale" tackiness floating around anymore except mainstream media and their "believers" not saying it need be banned HK has bought it. Modern E CON O MISTS love "high turnover cheap consumer goods" as cheaper prices is their aim so they can suppress wages and mould meecies to their evil means. In an undifferentiated market where the only remaining attribute is lower prices pangolins are left only with prices as a point of difference meaning all slides down the gurgler, quality, art, imagination, fair pays, happy lives except for the madly wealthy who can choose anything they wish, its communist. Same in the Arts. Some movies and shows are so mainstream and badly done they are made to have “fast” appeal prob with market research done prior or reading HK to discover what others are thinking!
That is why USA and other nations used slaves, to keep down the price of cotton and sugar it kept the owners wealthy and the remainder of the population calm as they could afford now to buy cotton without the need for an increase to their wages nor need they give anybody Democratic rights. Fruit here is cheap due to guest workers being paid $3.95 p.h. it gets so competitive for farmers they go out of business, its communist and Third World thinking. Meecies do not know slave labour was used on their food. Governments need to take the higher ground and regulate bad practices. They won’t as they worry they will lose power.
You are less lucky if you do not have the political power of tyranizers in Far Right "think tanks" globally who are stealing Democracy daily unknown to you all, the laws in most States have been changed to divest many of their Human Rights. 
Document thanks Banksy another ex artista in residence, he escaped from HK’s Tardis, super loofah work keep it up. After his escape he painted a memorial for George Floyd and Black Lives Matter it has soul, a black ghost hmm or black wrestling mask he needed it. He then created a maquette out of carved squash of figures pulling a slave owner statue down, UK, re-imagined state, the slave runner looks to be a black person being lynched fortunately only a statue.
As you see things have become rather run down for HK she is unable to have models or fiends round as much due to new decrepitude.
Jen former artista in residence se dice: "the chillin' reeled in horror after visiting HK. I tell you, you never know how the half lives it's a real eye opener her house is littered with thrrows it looks like a brothel she’s gone feral and she was so humid. All that, what does she call it "Holy Quiche" on the walls and she has a giant skeleton boning around what sort of person lives in a crypt I ask you she must be a real pheasant? You can't swing a cat in there. 
I hear these days she's only getting petite cash. It's jam for hallowed kitties I say. She was bearly decent when I saw her is she on the lam? All she had on the table was horses doovers I had to eat out afterwards I was so hungry. 
I wouldn't give her a brass razoo even if you paid me. So glad she’s unable to get the new $25,000 grant from "taxpayer's money" as a vote buyer to already wealthy private  building companies, I forget when I last paid tax I use Creatives Accounting dot com. Boral is one crony of govt ex Lib Party, director will rake the coin.
I mean lemurs like HK are obviously not going to spend $150,000 or more on renovations they have ghastly taste.
She deserves only woolly cakes and is an awful  burden on society her vote counts for zilch and her art is garbage. We need embedded Nationalists who are Neat Lean and Tidy. To think thrips like her were ever allowed to make a profit till Scomo got in and without his help just paid the toll it’s horrifying people like HK are allowed to spiv in this lovely country of ours.”
Above is Jen’s Brutalist cabana at Maroubra. It’s designed by Czech company Formafatal and Refuel Works. Jen se dice: “for our reno we are taking inspiration from Brazilian architect Paulo de Mendes da Rocha marvellous govt if you ask me. Fixtures will be rainforest timber as I dislike going to those awful recycled wood providores selling exquisite corpses of timber in the local favelas urkle and I dislike sustainable timber I mean who uses mango wood? Thanks for asking me about my paintings. Aboriginal works are going gang busters international market. I have a good tax minimisation scheme so I am earning well under $100,000 p.a. the franking credits are useful as is the dosh from being the landlord, feeling pretty laid back these days life is good totally in love with my German tourist boyfriend he's going to stay.“
Note the concrete form work on pool. Be better again with climbing plants. Bougainvillea. 
Jen's neighbour is ecstatic the govt is to strip funds from the starved ABC se dice "I agree with Scomo, if the ABC refuses to stream Rightist propaganda 24/7 they do not deserve a dime they should chill about being out of a job. Look at the commercial stations, every time I shop for wooly cakes I have to pay for their advertising and then I can watch a robot woman in blonde concrete hair who does not go to my hairdressers then it would look way improved, tell us how grand PM is I am glad they always back Scomo and panda to ignorance. This lovely country of ours does not deserve the educated viewpoint of the ABC ignorance is bliss. I send my kids to an expensive Colonial school to learn a Queen Victoria leaders mentality we want more govt "tax payer" jingle for private schools and less taxes on the rich so little Water Squirt can swim in an Olympic sized pool the poor can go die hail Scomo." 
"Totally pleased to see Berejeklian is tearing down an historic Italianate villa in Parramatta to replace it with the vote buying Powerhouse "UnMuseum" she relocated from central Sydney rather than reimagining a second one. I also think the Parthenon should be torn down and replaced with a new "unmuseum," it's a real eyesore, aboriginal cave sites can't stand those, x-ray kangaroos, the house under threat in Watsons Bay who needs history and culture dig a hole I say?"
"Berejeklian is re-naming it the UnProgress UnMuseum. She will show tiny images of the demolished heritage building on computer screens, a model of the Parthenon on a computer screen and a reproduction of the aboriginal cave paintings on a computer screen plus the house at Watsons Bay which is intended to be a new underground shopping centre wonder if the Watsons Bay structure will be flooded climate change and UnProgress Museum rain and river levels. Add Homage to the Red Square out the front."
Her new concept is dual functionality do not ask HK how and will also be open for large trough functions meaning the displays will be a nuisance in the first place she has considered renaming it School of UnArts as she is unaware of the function of a museum and thought it better to re-introduce a rustic flavour so the Locals can have a Bachelor and Spinsters Ball puke on the displays mid level after using the poker machines on the lower level giving someone somewhere she knows more jingle. The top level will be live stream of horse races the remainder a shopping mall and cafes well really no room for historic and the fragile let alone fragile antiquities at all she wants to sell the family State jewels so she can remain in power bugger the lot of us. The concept of intellectual inquiry, discovery and current popular culture is way beyond her she thinks pushing buttons takes brains many are already forced to do that daily. Other museums will find the conditions not up to global standards and not loan. She had a deprived upbringing, she was locked in a closet so unlike even the poorest is unaware what any kind of culture is a few more decent museums might assist her lack of knowledge and culture can be many things beyond cafes and poker machines so sedentary. Culture is celebrations as well as grief, its affirmations, apartness and togetherness, festivities meandering. 
The awesome choo choo steam train at the Powerhouse might go up for sale how sad the public can no longer access it what is bad about genuine choo choo trains and biplanes? 
Who needs real traces of Oz settlement patterns invention and architecture with insight to events for all of us aboriginals included? She is planning to re-invent the "museum" the 'unmuseum" to celebrate rapid destruction hitherto of the landscape and how Gladys has yet to treat NSW as First World her road works are so developing nation "impresses me" se dice the neighbor "she's bought my vote imprison the poor, trample the meek murder the Artes who needs any culture look at how they did it in China destroyed much of the past and ignored much of the present in favour of Nationalism that is the path to controlling these rodents.”
Oz has not even reached the stage of discussing the function of a museum as we barely have any at all and the ones existing are starved of funds as history and all cultures are considered too enlightening unless connected to Right Wing White Extremism who want to topple Democracy and HK hears they avoid decor.
The concept of art here is derided or thought of as being only middle class it is difficult to describe the upside down thinking though Trump is a good example of that kind of pattern 'we are just plain ol' folks roun' here you lot are wankers." It is true museums and galleries have lost some ground that is because they are unaware of existing diversity and how to relate beyond harking to populism. The more educated and enlightened cats become then more empowered and museums and the Artes assist in preventing more crime too hmm well maybe.
New Mirvac estates are planned for Sydney one director 
Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz doing this gets  AUD$4,822,580 p.a before perks meaning our small voices are worth little "all our cat hating buildings look the same" projects destroy bushland and isolate moggies just what is wanted in a Hitleresque state Berejeklian does not believe in pollution and thinks the Earth is flat. Gee bet Gladys will get some good kick backs in the future lucky her. 
"NSW tore down nearly all historic buildings in the sixties I say finish the job coat everything with cement." se dice neighbor. A Green activist was murdered by developers, Juanita Nielsen RIP.  Nobody here knows the term town planning too backward. As to Captain Cook statues what do you do with them? Keep them as historical objects? Replace them with aboriginal statues would be refreshing leave the old ones in a basement it’s a prickly one like heads of Lenin does not worry HK. Prob be replaced with the same mediocrity nothing’s changed. Those statues are all over the world its quite funny they might look OK in a sylvan setting then grow ivy on them so they appear like ghosts, heroic statues can be amusing you could use the horsey ones in a child's playground. Heroic statues really get people going particularly if commissioned by government bodies they work in museums if we are able to critique them. The Archibald Fountain is OK in Hyde Park at least Art Deco, over the top. Poor Greece got heaps thrown at it about antiquities when the art world rose up against "the antique" yet those statues are really amazing, the Romans over stylised them the Greek statues were originally coloured and more humane sorry my lovely Italian amigos.
As to the Arts you must hear the money jingle "the roin in Stroin falls moinly on the ploin"
NEWS UPDATE:JULY 4; POWERHOUSE MUSEO STAYS + 2ND ONE AT PARRA THAT WAS HK IDEA BTW ANY REWAR? Was the lone person who suggested 2. Keep choo choo in Sydney

<:3(    )~~~ 
and cats ....       
 \(=⏝▿^=)/ who are meek of Human Rights.
HK can barely paint freely in her hostile conditions. HK's freedom of expression and right for her Visual voice to be heard has been stolen. The academies are stacked with the Right and mediocrity leaving no hope for difference and being awesome, this is against the UN Charter on Human Rights on Arts and Culture. Scomo is raising uni fees "let them eat quiche" se dice.
HK's nation is aiming to rid itself of the "mad" avante guarde, the fabulous and any other sections of what they deem the crazed underclass so the truly mad can rule like Mussolini this is outside of pandemics where we must all protect ourselves from a plague new vee vill vind newz vays of living. 
Holy Kitsch! about losing everything se dice: "well I think of it as good timing really, so fortunate to lose everything and have lost the drawing room or have any kind of Local support at all I mean I never realised how thankful I should be. I shall perform self improvement learn how to use my time more effectively and become an acceptable used tabbie, start a 1000 piece skull jigsaw puzzle. Like catch up on stuff I guess and wait for skulldom. Inconsequential "artists" will bask in their mediocrity here as I practice Sitzfleisch whilst making Scherenschnitte learn Herren Dressing and make Popup-Karte. You know tarjeta emergenta then re examine a prospectus. Conduct a search for the Bikini Files pursue further a Doctorate in Eucalypti genetics, a project I recently completed now in my trousseau along with my other gourd works. Live my remaining days in abjection boo hoo trickle dollop."
HK continued "I had a friend almost a relative, she was the sister of an ex with whom I was breaking up with I had just signed a lease to do the bolt with someone new he was the Jack of Hearts.
The former boyfriend was away with some of his family as his hospital accountant brother recently had died quite young a few months earlier being on that board was super stressful he warned at that time against numerous mistakes made in private hospitals particularly on the elderly as surgeons must practice. 
Myself and that ex used to cycle to Shelley Beach from a park in Queenscliff and practice Tai Chi under a coral tree. One morning we arrived and an enormous and heavy branch had split away from the trunk, what is it the Chi? Lightening? HK's electric vibes? Another morning it was sunrise HK felt like cooling off Manly was deserted so she stripped off and swum naked. Someone did get in later el se dice: you are the best thing whatever I have seen in ages, hah. HK has noticed that Councils do not check regularly enough on branch stability, you can see when they need to be cut before they break off. We need branch look out squads.
I do not know why I stopped though I did maybe I should take it up again dancing is a constant. Both my pussy cats had just died as well times were grim.
She was quite country. I cooked with her one night at her Mum's in Qld and she brought out a garlic press from her trousseau. I felt sad she was using an article from her trousseau, she was olden times that can be really nice. Kathy was too shy to meet a partner and playing the euphonium for a marching band was non mainstream. Her close family were country cooks so the garlic press was an extreme maybe learnt from HK meals or the older deceased brother's family whom she loved dearly though think HK's who always had some food experiment going down. HK was now post macrobiotics.
Kathy later on, whilst my ex was with his family as said above was on a road trip. She was killed in a car accident S.A. on a highway and lost her head. She was in the back seat and another brother her sister in law survived and one more brother who was unusual possibly autistic he could design golf courses from a quite young age as his Dad played golf. They were rescued by helicopter the area was remote.
HK was really unsettled not just about her death but the lack of diversity in her nation. In Oz there are few avenues for people to meet in towns and cities aside from drunk.
We used to do bush walks together. It was awfully bad timing of Kathy but how was she to know, I still left but that was a burden. It is not like I am saying that partnering is the main game, just that something is not working here and I am unsure why it is so usual in my nation.
Pic thanks for use educational purposes to Raymond Pettibon 
A friend said it is just the way it goes. At the time there was a pop song playing the head of Emily or something like that underscoring the accident equally unsettling. I still think about her. I had just completed two years of art school things were looking grim.
Those in the tyrannical class despise Local meeces who have the potential to actually enjoy life rather than being corrupt. There are eradication processes in place using toxic processes. Waiting is one. Only the "highly devolved" get not to wait, they are in control of the Artes, the Law, Academies, Corporations, Local Media, Politics in my nation and why MINIr is in need of funding yet it would be better if HK was fading fast of a dread disease as she would get instant funding or be a footballer who can raise money for a faux religion, that really happened even the poor donated and he was rich already go figure, he was good looking. Football clubs in my nation have money rained on them as do a lot of sports people. It is the same way that Hitler promoted the perfect German youth as evidence of superiority. Nations can do that with certain Artes too, promote them as a show of superiority or Nationalism it is usual in dictatorships and here.
The devolved politicos are plutocrats barking to the olden days of Royals when they had all the fun and serfs had to toil and fight over maggoty corned beef if lucky and wooly cake. Even then you could make a buck out of painting or wooly cake.
Artistas worked hard at discovering ways to talk visually to a broad audience with enlightenment, visuals are a strong way to communicate so sheep ensure Local radical Visual Artistas are kept to peripheries and derided.
Hah HK read Trump said he was visual ignore that, gaslighting again he is Neanderthal it was a cover up job he is illiterate.
The only art allowed here is propaganda for the vanities of the Rightist rabies infested pit bull terriers snarl bite grippy teeth thick neck to keep us meeces and cats numb and fan personal vanities. They are forcing onto us a view of Oz not all share and not brought about by the artistas.
Meeces here have little access to truths. They are unaware what it is like to have access to a broad visual inheritance as do those who live in vigorous culturally robust nations eg Mexico, here it is visually poor to a foreigner all on the surface looks normal, it is not.
The rabid aroo bark bark bark growl snarl grippy fangs thick neck have organised corrupt systems designed by banana brained billionaires who are killing our planet and marginalise the majority of meece and ensure the only art we see is badly polished vanity art with scant research into what they are doing looks OK as populist mediocre art and is a comfortable living for those Locals well networked in here. They can do anything they want here it’s very different to an artista Professor friend of photography in USA.
A few have snuck in if they included motherhood, nothing against mothers they brought us into this world takes two cats. The law in this nation believes in the Immaculate Conception. 
Leni Riefenstahl, a German female movie maker made a movie for Hitler to show how grand the nation was. In it the samey mothers hold up their German children to show how they were bearing children for the good of the fatherland, good German mothers this manner is promoted by Libs here. Motherhood for the nation raising good Ozets. Trump uses that one too so did Tony Abbott. The men were fierce and the women mediocre keeping the home warm the more kids the greater the benefits whether you were a big family kind of cat or small they wanted kiddies for the nation and paid so long as you were a good German. Contemporary Germans are well aware of their past and retained the concentration camps as memorials they have undergone a huge amount of introspection, it shows in their art practices and culture.
Mediocrity and niceness was hugely promoted by Germany in retaliation to the avante guarde whom Hitler disparaged. Many escaped pre WW2 and went to USA fuelling invention and science there, a reason refugees are different again to more orderly migration, obviously not all refugees are madly imaginative nor all usual immigrants more ordinary. The interesting were all obviously Holy Kitsch!ers.
In my nation politicians always use motherhood and violence against kids or women to win votes. In a modern society nobody is FOR violence against kids or women or anybody at all!! It is a cheap trick. Here it is polarised. The Right Wing rarely show for example Black Pride in their news pics. They always choose aboriginal people who are hanging around very casually at home raggedly, if you did that with a news reader they would look totally rumpled so aboriginal cats rarely see a viewpoint that does not keep them oppressed eg Black Pride images would be a contrast.
Germans used to always make Jews look scuzzy and many were poor as they were forced into ghettos. In retaliation the avante guarde arose to counter mediocrity and mainstream viewpoints so art and culture changed once again Democracy returned. The differences between "high" art and "low' art was questioned you see that in Frida's works.
The exception is football and boxing as to aboriginal promotional material Right Wing cats though HK leaves this side of things to aboriginal people.
If you see any non mainstream catz on TV the Right promotes them as a bit backward, plainer or awful in some way, objects to be passed around and gawped at so that people in wheelchairs look poor and silly, they are poor as the pension keeps them on the margins rather than lending them dignity. When HK had the shops wheelchairs were welcome but she could not help but notice how shabby some chairs were and how the person appeared to be on bleak street. Where are people on wheelchairs serving customers at the airport aside from travelling? Where are the lawyers who are less mainstream and can wheel up to the Conservative cats ruling the Justice System? Why can't a deaf and dumb person not be served separately at the airport by somebody deaf and dumb etc? Just examples. See Gangstar Museum for HK's response.
All cats including used tabbies have a right to dignity in modern Democracies. Nordic nations have managed this and much of EU. Now that Boris has the backing of Murdoch watch Britain deteriorate like USA he is good on that one as to Right Wing Think Tank influence. Dignity means those out of work or on any kind of pension can afford food, clothing, housing, leaisure, shopping, holidays and not be marginalised this gives all used and new tabbies hope including gerbils. When moggies are marginalised they can turn ratty, that is not helpful to society.
The result is low crime rates and an inventive scientific awesome nation. The reason USA is top of its game in Visual Arts is enormous monetary patronage, waves of migration and their patronage is not largely from the Right Wing. All the Arts account for a huge source of income USA. In Oz the Right dominates the Arts so it has been smothered. The Right Wing uses divisive politics, divide and conquer think Brexit now Britain is quite weak isolated outside the EU unable to stand strongly against massive corporations. Cloying is another term for certain Rightist art.
In Oz Family law is particularly grim eg: La Momia can murder her kids revive them just enough to coach against the Dada Bear at age only 4 5 or 6 to be interrogated by the Gestapo in police service the scariest you have heard in your life displaying a truly scary bad drawing of an enormous cat to which the child must point to explain anything that happened to that kitty. This is done by wealthy and PreUmbrian non Holy Kitsch!ers who believe they are entitled based on nothing much.
She can even smear the most defenceless fiends and even laughing hyenas that cry using a peadophile solicitor friend then con a corrupt rabid dog to force the father to sign poisonous papers pointing to HK or he will never see the bubba bear again. Nobody thinks the poor frightened bubba bear is in danger from la Momia who is corrupting the child's mind teaching to lie as Momia thinks having a child is ownership, nobody in the world can own another it is illegal humans can own pets and farm animals thats it, La Momia cannot just hand over the child to her Momia as a gift blow anybody. Kids are not pets or a trophy they deserve to not be traded on the marketplace and it is against the UN Charter on Human Rights.
In Oz heinous murders have occurred and suicides those judges should hang their heads in shame for separating couples further and creating fuel for fire. It’s disgusting the harm on innocent adult men women and the kids. It’s really hard to state this in public but read the news. Not talking here beaten kids etc. you need to read between lines when you read a disaster as to what led to that disaster.
Momia will smile at the female or male magistrate and act destitute that’s easy, crying or throwing oneself on the floor and screaming HK has heard is a winner, HK's Dad used to call that "she's going for the Academy Award."
Momia bear then hires bubba bear out to a peadophile bear or any other bear for high enough fees for brain washing or large gifts. Bubba bear is now a commodity and must make a profit for La Momia. It’s dead easy she then re-murders bubba as momiahood is sacrosanct, all Dada bears are rapists and children should cower in terror at their Dada bear and any of his poor unlucky beary friends as she is now Hitler. The poor and marginalised are a different case they get nowhere. 
The current legal system does not follow the UN Declaration of Human Rights as to freedom of movement, fair hearings for all regardless of wealth, equality of all in front of the law, equality of representation, nobody should be deprived of their freedom in order to maintain the freedom of another unless they have been convicted under a fair hearing and trial. The aforementioned are a huge issue for the disempowered, the meek, HK and aboriginal people. Oz uses the Chinese system. We have had a Chinese system forever. The judiciary misread the family unit as being female led, well HK is female no need for other females to be maniacs to her pick on some huge cat if you are so bored. HK has no immediate family so does not count as even a gerbil.
In Sweden custody is automatically 50/50 and all laws favour La Momia and El Dada equally as to parental payments, minding, parental leave and more. This keeps male suicide there to double that of women instead of triple in Oz due to bad Custody Laws and bad attitudes of what a man is here.
Children do not suffer abuse much in Sweden at all the homicide rate is used as a benchmark. Between 1978 and 2003 a total of 4 children died from homicide in Sweden that is staggeringly low compared to the poorer environs Oz 25 p.a. and USA 723 p.a. in 1999 (USA pop. is larger x 20 still huge diff.) Sweden does not have poverty due to fair wages, equality of wages and good jobs few are marginalised and all moggies get a decent living wage. You can see poverty lack of education entrenched hierarchies, racism and bad laws help nobody eg Pakistan has a dreadful child murder rate due to bad education and poverty stricken parents hiring out kids as child labour where they are mistreated as they are considered of less worth. Not all Pakistanis are heinous racists and classist it’s pockets. The government and communities are wrestling with this problem, they have a huge population, their female prime minister was assassinated the first female PM in world. Clearly the more equality, the more rights, better education, higher wealth, no marginalisation, Democratic freedoms, lack of racism and protections plus kind laws makes a huge difference.
In Sweden if a woman is single when she bore the child she gets Custody there are few disputes and research shows this has resulted in healthier kids all round as they mature as to shared custody, it is successful woo hoo!. It’s like East Germany post WW2 and China here.
Note: as to rights, the Sami the indigenous of Sweden, Norway Finland and Russia have been under attack since the missionaries forced change 1700s and Russia forcibly re-educated them everybody wants their land the Russians just stole it and polluted it entirely with oil drilling. There is oil across the reindeer herding areas. The Sami need to invoke their Human Rights. Renée Zellweger is part Sami through her mama bear.
All trrruue artistas are evil and should be re educated and tortured in Oz even though everything on Earth says HK is gentle just noisy and lacks a Gladys smile or throwing herself around screaming. Like pre WW2 Germany the arts are heavily monitored in Oz. The right to freedom of expression full experience and full enjoyment is a Human Right under the UN Constitution. In Oz this right is denied.
Women USA are now using ancient supposed sexual transgressions against them by famous rich people, usually Jewish or black and in entertainment and politics. If politics the men are Democrats strangely. It’s a lynch mob and blackmail in some of the cases.  When the boy in Open Casket was murdered some still think that amusing truly! People can be worse than any animal. 
HK was taught it is the moggie that is important that concept has been abused recently. That means you look at that cat when that cat is under fire and say that cat has the same rights as me and should not be murdered by police for being different black or even a low life. Know women have had it tough but when it is politics or the Law it has to be fair or it is divisive and cruel. Otherwise it is like saying all dogs are bad.  Know Epstein sounds totally suss and his female offsider they relied on very poor girls with no education and no hope of a future. The Right always relies on poverty to supply them with young women.
The same lot set fire to the Amazon forest and murdered the indigenous who live there there’s money in cattle, mines and soy beans which is why a mixed diet is best excluding wild life which all agree a bad idea all round besides they are sacred.
Nina's boyfriend promises he will not be flirting with the 3 Swedish tourists who will be safely taken care of by Penultimate Goddess Nina's parents staff including Wazza. Besides rather than being disturbed in his yogic exercises they can make friends with the other tourists adjoining cabanas so no concerns with the usual tourist murderers, flying gas bottle containers when there are climate change storms and scary cricket hooligans they can just discover the rascally treasures of the Valley enjoying being tourists meeting the Lorrcals, This Holy Sheep is a fœtus provider for most sheep in Oz you can see by the colour of her wool and has begun to flirt with Izzy’s boyfriend. The tourists will meet her. She is the jolly jumbuck and tis engaging. Has she had a beer? This sheep is hosting this affair whilst Holy Kitsch! takes you for a trip.
The trio of Swedes are avoiding being rounded up by forcibly plucked modified chickens on the mega chicken torture farm or sorting slabs of horse meat at the abattoirs rapido the pay is minuscule rather than being fabo thus attracting people who will do the task with panache many are imported guest laborers nor did they need to be serfs hosing down the sobbing pigs locked up in pig concentration camp cages being taught to walk on two legs instead of four as Trump has already learned.
To extend a tourist visa for a second year a tourist has to be a sex slave on a billionaire's ranch and their kid's nanny, the government can arrange that rapido if you are blonde, female, heterosexual and speak French, does Izzy speak French? This is why the media calls it here the Nanny state as Nannies are popular and Penultimate Goddess Ninas Family Hideaway in the Hunter Valley Parish of Pokolbin does have goats. 
The Swedes wondered if they should learn French as not many people seem interested in Swedish even though one is blonde not all blondes are ditzy though that is no obstacle to success in #anythingatall in Oz. See note on nannies below there are real Nannies who are actually early Childhood Educators and held in such high esteem some families take the Educator with them on overseas trips, better than a psychopathic neighbour or relatives who treat the child as a trophy for their self aggrandisement.
Some sheep are making billions and rule the world with terror they need to be boycotted, not all billionaires are evil btw it can vary as to ignorance rich or poor. Sheep's milk cheese for example is fantastic.
Here we specialise in wealthy maniacs learned from the days of the Colonies and prisoners the less intellect the better, they have grown bananas inside their skulls to replace their brains they can then run a media empire, a crook ranch (there are some fabo anti Trump ones USA and beautifully strange ranches here, a mine or "on loin" woolly mammoth store that siphons your lucre. 
Andy Warhol with his generosity, deep critique and integrity would not have got past decorating windows in Oz and even that would have been a difficulty to enter and be made fun of by some bad comedian eventually he would have become an alcoholic and homeless and the world would never has seen his art if he was born here he would not have fitted due to chutzpah and not being goody two shoes besides he was incorrect migrant group and did not win a competition nor was he besties with a Board member of a State run gallery or you can be on the Board and show as well it’s a private club. New Yorkers don’t know how fortunate they are compared to here it’s a very private By Jingo style club here with the pretence of being just ordinary Cheshires who are good mates. 
If the Swedes are rounded up to pick billionaire rancheros melons their pores will absorb the toxic chemicals sprayed on the GM modified melons grown in zillions as a mono crop as billionaire rancheros (not all rancheros are billionaires or bad) are terrified of edible seeds and see black seeds as ugly ugly ugly and should be eliminated for further profitability, "shelf appeal," ease of scanning and keeping Zee Catz in ignorance so they will buy tonnes of High Turnover Seedless melons rapido without ever needing staff or if so they are seeking automatons who vill zing the company zong through Arbeit (German word for work) is Freedom it was written on a Concentration Camp entrance, "user preys' system.
Jews, gays, people of colour, intellectuals, gypsies, people with mental differences and people of #anykindoffantasticatall were judged non preyers as were non-govt/non-eltist approved cats same as here, if you are "awesome" like Crew Holy they will take you down like Meaghan Markle was by the gutter press UK, Oz inherited that and exported it back to UK via the media, Murdoch was besties with Thatcher if you want to know how this blight began, SMH is owned by Channel 7? and little better.
That is why HK needs Team Holy, it's a bald moon risin’ The system here believes HK is evil and should be exterminated.
Rat cages are used in the gulags of Russia and China there is great poverty in Russia as tax is only 4% for all including the wealthy who are considered superior beings the rest are "tax payers" a media term as is consumer beware, it is a Rightist con act, obviously such low taxes pays for 0 which matters 0 to fat cats at the apex they went from one extreme to the next, despots one day then despots the next nobody wants to immigrate to Russia its poor except the ones at the top.
USA is looking same Rightism neo-liberalism is predatory poisoning Democracy and dachshunds fortunately for Chile they ousted the evil Pinochet though UK has a particularly vicious Predator with Colonial history many in UK and abroad unsurprised, he hides behind his talk like Goebbels and harks back to his Turkish grandfather who was despised by the Turkish people they murdered him. There is no freedom in being poor, sick, endangered, censored, in bad health poor choice of veg varieties people making vexatious claims against you or being miserable in a forgotten shrine somewhere vee vill find newz vays of lifting.
Russia is in poverty. The poor emigrate to zee zatellite nationz.  Zey aimz to marriez Trump & co az  Russian Dolls, ahem sex vorkers in Germany not out of  zee choice it is nezessaries. Zee evil rich are veighing zee dice. Trump's family haf strong business ties with China. He is anti China when it suits him. He does not care for individuals or human rights otherwise he would encourage Chinese meecies to join unions and his USA citizens so they have rights and decent pay, he would put in a universal health care system so Americans standard of living is not abominable. He owes a Chinese bank millions for a building in New York City, he borrowed the money. Hiz taste is zimilar to the Third Reich zee grand zpectacle.
Ze ratty cages in Russia remain awful and are used for dissenters eg Pussy Riot who protested mixed in with true murderers as they practised in the past making it extra scary for dissidents. In the USA and here ratty interments are used for the disadvantaged and marginalised who might become criminals outside of the usual murderers that is, or ones who commit "crimes of passion."
Local artists can make a big name for themselves by becoming criminals as that is one "allowable difference" in the Arts eg a person can hold up a struggling Indian student manager in a 7/11 and be considered daring plus win $100,000 art prize after committing the crime whereas truly unusual artistas such as HK are persecuted by drink sodden slobs due to discrimination and vilification.
Convenience stores are targeted in Oz they happen to be pricey, Neat Clean and Tidy and Dollar Stores USA, messy and cheap. HK thinks the thugs see the assistant as second class from a marginalised group, poorly paid and without the protection of a Big Brand and they have been taught a poor person's life is of little worth. The stores are sought of random, you cannot get a fix on what they actually are except it sort of looks trashy and is often emergency stuff as there is nothing else nearby, ghost stores, they feel a bit tougher dunno why and the person can feel onstage on entry as only one assistant around though others coming and going, this is a mad guess but often thought about it having had the galleries and being alone but there was plenty of nice stuff in store and HK had the working emergency bakelite phone with a label underneath saying in Texta colour POLICE and their phone number plus the ringing cash register ker-ching. She always greeted anyone entering too. Even $2 stores do not appear to get help up! Maybe cos the owner is on board.
USA and UK will end up resembling India or Africa no offence to either who live with toxic rivers and toxic factories with awful extremes in wealth whilst the "unclean" in India are treated worse than a stray dog and must live rattily their current government is Right Wing populist racist and corrupt and besties with Trump.
Eetz global issue and spread by billionaire Rightist Think Tanks a new disease and herpes virus. The hideously wealthy are promoting zee non Democratic Loony systemz, they have the power to mind bend innocentz via mediaZ such as the the terrifying Gina Reinhard. Zey zink billionaires should rule with no taxes and cheap labour its hideous and un Democratic.
These days the hideousness of Reinhats cruel belief system based on pure greed the Entire deadly Sins gamut and power is masked in photos though she is in fact the Picture of Dorian Gray and one of the wealthiest women on the globe prob besties Murdoch and in a Right Wing Think Tank. Her power and despicable belief system close to Trumps, Bolsanaro, pineapple face Mussolini and Hitler are stupid as dangerous as any wealthy extremist globally. What hope is there for us? Her vanity would be fed by sycophants she is also racist. It is not good for our planet or us meeces, cats small dog breeds larger breeds used dogs & second hand tabbies.
Vampires think utilities and everything you can think of at all should be privatised even pavements and the rich pay even less tax again or nil. 
Rightists believe in almost zero tax just like Developing Nations of course it leads to a cruel system of dog eat dog worse even than now. It works for billionaires or if you prefer to work endlessly in a life of toil and misery. Trump calls that freedom and liberty!! 
In USA they started to privatise prisons with dire consequences Sweden has to close theirs their population is too well off to be criminal and prison system too kind. Australia has privatised some too so the more prisoners the better. Oz did that covertly and forgot to ask us moggies. Hitler was covert. One firm Serco that owns the prisons prides itself on being trillionaires and has mucho contracts in China anything deemed public works eg prisons. That is super scary the company is more powerful than us meeces do they assist in re-cycling dead prisoners in China? 
The SS was separate to the govt in Germany too that is how they were able to wield such cruel power yet they showed an elegant and elitist face to the public. These days the evil trillionaires hire a Creative to give their corporation a "soft" image, middle of the road, "you know one of the blokes, just like you and me down the road real friendly", like this corporation are such darn well nice guys. Crueler privatised prisons do not work look at USA we cannot see inside the Chinese ones at all. Philippines has gone ballistic in arrests and killings since Far Right got in rather than address poverty.
All the Nordic nations have extremely low crime rates. They have taken in a large amount of refugees, that still has not made an enormous impact on crime rates. Their public prison system is a huge improvement on USA which has one of the highest imprisonment rates in the world particularly against people of colour, good for the private companies running them.
A private prison is the same as hiring mercenaries and difficult to counter as they own enormous publicity machines same as being Goebbels and can bribe #anyoneatall.
Here refugee camps are privatised. How can anyone feel OK about that, the guy is head honcho of funding Biennale of Sydney and he is on Sydney Theatre Co Board? The Rightists have nothing to do with caring for the planet or humanity otherwise slaves would not have been used in the past that is what comes of low taxes and cheap goods for "consumers." Then it was cheap cotton, still happens some nations with low taxes and bare Human Rights. 
Corruption increases with authoritarianism. Statistically both USA and India have dropped way down in international index of Democracy look it up. Trump and Boris rely on nepotism.
The above by Judy Chicago USA joins hands with Frida’s painting of USA and Covarrubias Mexico before their sky and rivers turned toxic by corporate criminals and the streets filled with bodies the result of narco shoot ups. A feel of 20th c - 21st c traditional Bali painting, thank you to Judy Chicago educational purposes. The side on the left is what it is like living in HK's current residence.
The Plutocrats punish the poor in Oz as no Bill of Human Rights here they are saying to folks who survived the bush fires they will not be taxed. Zillionaires are celebrating, the out of work crying, the disabled are crying, the pensioners teeth clatter as their income is a pension only. 
We have the lowest pension rate in First World (see table scroll down) although all pay tax with GST when shopping and contribute to the economy by keeping doctors and surgeons rich their benefits are not enough for an animal in a First World nation to survive, everybody despises the Maniac govt here except sectors of the press a large sector of Arts certain billionaires and racists. Some hospitals have been sold to private enterprise even to Chinese companies who may not have Local's best interests at heart, why would they and why was that kept secret whose best interests is that? Murdoch & co are urging them with outdated Colonial delusions as he is an inch worm codger. People die from lack of care in nursing homes and private homes. It is very Communist not to have any say on whether a hospital is sold to another Communist nation with no free speech. It is a utility, difficult to make a profit. Even State USA governments largely own their hospitals and many have wealthy benefactors to redress any poverty imbalances. It is medical care for all where they fail to serve as a government for the people by the people. 
Anyone who disagrees with the Mad Right are called Loony Lefties calling out a person as Left Wing or Communist which does not exist anyhow is identical to accusations of being a Jew or wrong colour skin and nationality in a democracy there are many voices and HUMAN RIGHTS tops the list, anybody against the Right always gets labelled that is persecution and against our Human Rights
In a working Democracy all need a voice and joie de vivre is paramount USA calls it "the pursuit of happiness" in their Constitution they lost that Right under Trump and their heinous gun laws is killing them, the Right to bear arms could mean the Right to a Coat of Arms why not? Or say OK you can have a real gun but it must be a musket, it is uneducated. NZ is practising is practising the pursuit of happiness and it is working.
In my nation it's the pursuit of drudgery, Democracy has nothing to do with capitalism whatever you want to call it, some kind of trade has nearly always existed even with the gods but has nothing to do with Economists it is just people doing stuff.
There is nothing to which to aspire Local unless you aspire to a desk job for a large corporation or you can excel at sports or be a board member bestie of a museum that is it. If you are in the Arts you better conform there is no wiggle room and you better know how to be awful and stay quiet it is a closed shop. Not even pre WW2 Germany it more resembles Eastern Europe post WW2 where all were stifled.
Now for numerous their standard of living has plummeted decreasing in proportion to certain billionaires increases resulting in many going out of business or losing trrruuue work except for those who know how to take advantage of the poor, usually an unknown billionaire company selling something tacky so it’s either the poor toiling for them servicing the poor or the very poor from an unseen nation then packers at enormous warehouses USA working for way below what people were once paid dragging down economies and spirits, what is the point of that one for anybody in their short lives?? Do not drink the Koolaid.
Aboriginals in remote communities are further marginalised, they never had to work for anybody till we moved in re-religioned them, fed them garbage and sold them liquor and relocated them. This is named dispossessing a people, HK Dad taught HK about that one, he would point out the results as we drove through small towns and explained that to me.
That is why Populists are covert Hitlerites, Thatcher was and Boris and Brazil Philippines India govts who used dirt tactics like Trump and new spyware to get in Trump helped most of them he loved Thatcher as she was ordinary.  Bolsanaro wants to privatise zee rainforest kill zee indigenous most already dispossessedz banz gayz peoplez he eez zee extremist and mad. The indigenous needz to form a network vith Aboriginals here and zee Indians USA Canada Mexico Nordic nations.
Dirt tactics are a hallmark of the Right yet when there is a murder like a friend of Gladys Liu who is in parliament that is OK so long as it’s not about sex.
You can call a political ideology whatever you like though the outcome on people and the planet is clear. The ideologies of EE CON O MISTS backing Trump and co are killing creativity and extinguishing reason to aspire to #anythingatall and steal HK's living in Oz it is unforgivable numerous have had their spirits broken since the Liberals squashed Julia Gillard's and Rudd's generosity who like Obama dragged us from the Global Financial Crisis caused by the insane belief to deregulate all so we will die of neglect like those in developing nations it took years post WW2 to gain Human Rights and set up bodies like WHO UNESCO UN OPEC NATO EU UNESCO UAE and become autonomous beings with protection from malevolent corporations and write a Bill of International Human Rights. Economists are better telling us the weather they have ordered it already and Ecologists steering the economy we are then safer help.
Democracy is generous when practised with breadth and insight with all the checks and balances necessary so we maintain our freedom and rights as individuals and against unfair law making, huge mining corporations, academies that are stacked or bad laws, media and more, we are all born equal and have no choice in where or how or why.
Locally we are ancient practitioners of the user preys so the out of paid-work are eating loads of carbs and fat as that is cheap and comforting or becoming drug addicts from being dispossessed go crazy and murder an innocent person due to uselessness.
Why are the unemployed punished? It is super embarrassing in the first place to be jobless or discover there is only the worst work imaginable available and at really low pay who needs that in one short life? The worst jobs should be the best paid people would clamber instead of importing cheap labour after all Doctors and lawyers are well paid. Why do certain politicians get glee from suffering? We know the mainstream media does as they have to make money, zee vorld iz zee vampire.
Tabbies can work in highly underpaid "contract" work if they need flexible hours or their CV has reached its USE BY limit with text boxes and non linear they are unable to pay the tax when the time comes so will have to go to jail as their income is too low yet they are registered as business owners without the control a business owner has or a journeyman, it is all done "high tech gee whizz bang brriingl blockchain spyware” as the owners of the technologies rule to disadvantage the underpaid lure them into finance.
If a gig worker delivers you food or drives you tip them! Know the company should pay better but if not that is a solution though most in Oz do not tip at all as we used to have good wages. The gig economy disempowers meeces. It has appeared as the Far Right has forced nations into greater poverty. This has left a pool of desperate unemployed. Yet the gig economy is the same as an Indian working on a garbage dump it does not lend hope or a future it is trash work. France has legislated that ride sharing is a job. Some cities are legislating on short term rentals as they artificially inflate the market and lock locals out of housing in the inner city turning it into a desert. Hotels and guest houses have to conform to rules that keeps everybody safe when travelling and they pay staff so the money goes around. 
The govt excels at despicable customer service and using high tech and small print to frighten, spy and repel moggies and has deregulated that which protects the meek, the helpless, the poor, the dispossessed, the different, artistas, free radicals, intellectuals and various small dog breeds hmm then theres the large curly ones, dappled, wrinkled too. 
Rapidly outdated "on loin" portfolios become useless in current system, nobody can keep up it is insanity.
Holy Kitsch! took small notice of "consumer demands",which is why every goddam business in Oz and beyond trailed us as they were already selling what "consumers demanded" it did not work for them. They avoided thinking as they were very lazy and avoided offering something decent you cannot run a nation or a shop like that you have to listen to your best principles and nature is also "the customer" the most nature can do is Howl at the politicians (see The Artist's Brain by Holy Kitsch! if you are lucky to own one). Some nations have passed laws to protect the environment so it is an entity which it is it is truly alive and risen so now for example in Columbia the environment has a voice in courts of law.
HK always had some tiny pieces for sale for those who were less monied, it was win win for all without flooding the market with tackiness.
The USA state by state, it varies has better protections in place and advanced thinking now they are stuck with our bully uneducated media mogul who is good mates with Trump causing global and local misery.
Trump like all totalitarian predecessors and crooks sacks those who are not cronies cousins and sycophants places his family who married for money, he continued to stay alive they are sorry HK thinks his wife might be a secret transvestite no offence to trannies eek he will sick the goons on me!!
He alters laws to his and their favour, this is the same as Mussolini, Hitler, China not the meeces, Pinochet, Brazil Bolsanaro Netanyahu not the good citizens of these places, Russia not the Pussy Rioters it is surely illegal. Totalitarian governments came into power with strong support from mega companies and propaganda in the media à la Fox it is frightening us all on this globe. Infrastructure heavily features in all totalitarian regimes as it impresses rather than medical care, Arts or happiness anything intellectual or cultural is derided unless govt approved as they are afraid of intelligence. In Oz all museums and galleries have been artificially stacked by the Far Right as they believe they were born to rule.
A philosophy teacher said to HK way back, some clues as to background particularly if another culture assists with Artes though after that let the watcher figure it out as that is enjoyable.
Entire systems have been developed to lock the intelligent away, it is called the mental health system and prison system (not all prisoners or mentally unstable) whereas many are there due to bad systems or they are taught to believe in insanity and criminality, there are exceptions Philosophers and artists have noted this irony. In the past the moods had names Melancholia, Choleric/Bile Sanguine and Phlegmatic covered most people except the extreme and it was a matter of redressing the imbalances in the person's life rather than masking the issue with over reliance on drugs or genetic theories as is done currently ignoring the person just faced something traumatising and is sensitive living in a mad world.
"Shine" is a schmaltzy movie that covers up that the pianist was eventually pilled to the eyeballs so he now does not know if he is Arthur or Martha, know he may have been in a tizz though HK feels sorry for him being turned into a ner-ner from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Know he has a partner but she may not know to question authority about degrees of  so called "care" think it's known as the re-education strategy.
California State has advanced thinking and New York State individual states in USA do have some power and unlike here artistic cats can make a decent living even if half good without needing to be boring or giving HK a lecture there are boring cats in USA and Mexico same as everywhere just that we pride ourselves on mediocrity and can out corrupt and out mediocre any other nation on the globe in everything.
Meditation in the Arts Locally is considered very highly akin to painting God which people attempt regularly results here could be better HK is trying it. Meditation paintings and sculptures here always win prizes so there is a good hint if you are inclined, usually they copy a more clever artista like HK for example though badly dragging that person's work down to their level and lack insight.
El Greco is a famed Greek painter who worked in Italy. Here he describes the death of an obviously well loved handsome Count almost in our laps he describes heaven above, his works even when small tower over you his figures have a looming presence he descended from Space and did not own a vegetable store nor was he unemployed and stupid as migrant people are described here in media and by outdated comedians eg Rebel Wilson backed by Packer and co unless you are Premier of this State as she is from a an already rubber stamped group who at one time supported Hitler unknown if her family did or not.
Being female is one area that is not an issue in Oz in the Arts as there has always been a ruling Colonial petite bourgeoise with ruling "ladies gels and Ozets" the chosen and they get to choose a few select races and types they deem "noice" it is different to UK, USA and EU, hmm EU nations are peculiar about each other and am aware of hierarchies USA though Lorrcal ladies beat them all hands down. Oz somehow manages to ensure certain races and differences are objects of curiosity even to medical profession depends which category within which you are unfortunate enough to fall.
Small Dog Breeds are banned from questioning anything including shitzus. The favouritism here is a reflection of the entrenched hierarchical system inherited from the UK.
In China to get a better job you must attend an overseas university and still bribe your way upwards ask any citizen brave enough to tell you the truth as all Chinese are monitored as to whether they are "good Chinese citizens" same here, they are forced to be strong Nationalists this is now occurring in Brazil and USA. Nationalists from China who come here, not all of them are known to underpay their Chinese staff so Chinese dislike working for “the new guard”. HK is not anti Chinese cats or USA tabbies or Brazillian Persians.
Beijing Liu is a Liberal parliamentary rep got in on about 2 votes against Honest Jennifer Yang or Taiwan Yang, Yang is a scientist. Liu had the reputation of underpaying her Chinese staff in her restaurant being racist and anti gay marriage. She is part of a New Right religious group hmm could be a good cover as it is Christian which is acceptable in Oz other religions are deemed suss. Her brand and Scomo's is the "pray for money" typology. She is a possible "sleeper" or "plant" as eet is called in zee business.
Beijing Liu was besties or at the least good friends with Nick Zhao seen here like the Last Supper at her right hand at her home. HK's Dad's final art exam was to paint the Last Supper.
She has held a meeting of Lib Party members, a branch meeting. Gees who would attend  that one look at it? The table is bare and the people look totally awful, look how they sit rigidly and plain wearing their Day of the Dead masks.
They look like a secret society from some awful remote township figuring out how they can distribute evilness to the cast outs like the neighbours in Rosemary's Baby who fed Rosemary special herbs. HK knows, they are the Politburo or just religious zealots a cargo cult? These people are considered Neat Clean and Tidy in HK nation and very sane es una problema. Maybe they are preparing for a Wickerman burnoff selection process here then they can dance around the fire in ecstatic raptures. tearing at their clothes.
No way would HK want to sit at that table it looks like sitting in hell. Maybe they are Local artists? A Local museum Art Board? Locals straight from "Deliverance" the movie?
No wonder Lib Party is stingy, all that wealth and barely a cracker on the table, not even water barely. You could die sitting at that table. There are maybe two mean glasses of wine, no bottle same with the water so they might contain arsenic. What about the teapot in the Shiz story over at NSW govt Dept? Nah this woman is stingy except the donation, it is a bad sign. She owned a restaurant so too used to billing people for food, cash only?
Surely a hot pot would have gone down well or if feeling Modernist a cheese fondue good for a large gathering Swiss just a suggestion, little tiny forks. What about an old fashioned casserole?
Cabin Fever, Henning Strassburger thanks for educational purposes 200x250 cm as ve can zee murkinezz aboundz vhat goez doon underneathz? Eez eet zmog or a zmoke zcreen for zee billionairez leeving in zee Bahamas? Eez theez Observational Art? Low voices mutteringz and murrmblingz mmrrph top zecretz. Doez theez maintain Integritiez of zee materialz eet lookz like et doez good haze.
HK was brought up with the concept of generosity tempered with an amount of not being totally frivolous though frivolity was totally in there. My house is your house is barely a title one would lend this pic nor frivolity tiz a sylvan setting.
Beijing Liu has turned for the pic. Zhao turns his head slightly around just as the person snaps pic and he is just ready to smile look closely. Liu must have slid back a bit with her chair then quickly turned as Zhao is on the corner a tight squeeze even though Zhao has more room other side.
Zhao is at a distance from the next guest along who is in a white dress. He slumps directionally toward Liu back on his seat aligned with Liu he is almost on her chair or against her side in the moments prior you can tell readily in the close up, it is the only humanity in entire pic. 
Beijing Liu has twisted in her seat quickly, readily seen by the tension in her body also by the manner she grasps the right edge of her chair which must be butted against Zhao's chair. She is keen to ensure the photo displays a distance that was not there immediately prior to the photo and is camera ready like all aspiring politicians. Liu looks as if to get up and leave so keen to be right for the photo though most likely returned to where she left off properly seated and rubbing sides with Zhao. Even the woman in the white dress has more room on her other side than Zhao and Liu who form a "couple" making them the default heads of table and Beijing Liu is after all hosting and elected leader of this group.
Liu and Zhao's side of the table has clearly more space than the opposite side who even though one has shifted from the front to the side are very overcrowded, they must have had way less importance they get zero beverages so sit bolt upright!! Lucky them they were not murdered.
In all table sittings and formal occasions there are hierarchies, ranks and there is a clear rank system operating here. The best illustration is the Xmas table and who sits where.

The Wounded Table, Frida Kahlo. Here is Frida's table what goes on? Who do you know with a table like this as she invites the viewer to join her personal café. Read up on your Spanish as it appears to speak of her matrilineal roots as well if you look to the Aztec figure to which she is attached. She displays her oneness with Mexicana ancient and contemporary. This appears to be both about herself and maybe her attachment too to Mexico City which is on a mesa a table in English. The table, figures and floor are brown not the deer. She disliked her limping leg a lot and neglected her injured foot her leg was eventually amputated. When Diego and her broke up he was having an affair with Christina her sister and they did live together as a household with the children for many years. The table's knots are bleeding can look vaginal. A knot is el nudo in Spanish and Diego painted her sister nude on several occasions. Frida was nude when found in the accident or did she simply put a knife through the table? The paper on the floor adds to the drama. Perhaps she wondered who fathered the children, the father of the boy left soon after he was born. At the Surrealist exhibition where this work was destined was Dali The Persistence of Memory (melting clock), Magritte and various French Surrealists so underscoring her ethnicity was important to Frida.

Liu would be highly aware of photos so HK thinks zhee szifted here pozition rapidliez zo zhe now almost tumblez from zee chair aboutz to flies towardz uz and out of zee photo like zee paintings by El Greco.
Zhao appears nonplussed and leans back. Liu by nearly jumping from her seat obscures Zhao though not enough. 
Anyone sitting at HK's right hand at an event and at her place at her table would be a VIP, boyfriend, close friend or close relative. Certainly important and Zhao looks special from the config. He is even more relaxed than zee rest. The opposing side appear stiff compared to her side not knowing who the guestz are they ztill must be more familiar with Liu on her side than oppositez as their body positions are way more various and way less stiff as to her side. One on her side is typing making it the more official side tap tap tap
Beijing Liu claimz she doez not know Zhao gee thatz drawing a long bow. He is in another meeting pic as well. Close by again, i.e. her immediate neighbour. 
Nobody appears to have phones in this pic. They must have been ordered to put them away and of course spies do not use phones with each other or everybody would know they were spies, could use an app. 
If HK never knew a thing and somebody asked me about that photo and what was happening I would say they were a married couple plotting a murder or some weird suburban wife swap party truly it looks grisly any way you look HK would hate to be there who would vote for any of them eeek?? None of the others appear to have as much affinity to each other as Liu and the murdered victim Nick Zhao Dead Men Don't Talk.
She must have flashed a leg as by her hip she has also brought that leg around as she turned tah dah and it could now be crossed to look stylish. She is a wannabe star, though not yet. The dress looks expensive despite the paucity of food and drink. 
Zhao was found murdered not a long time before Liu gained prominence really close to recent election, 2019. ASIO says he died somehow. His disclosures to ASIO surrounded a curious large amount of dinero offered to him by Chinese officials to be a sleeper and get into govt to advocate for China HK se dice: "if not him did he know someone, did they ask him?"
If he was a spy why did he go to ASIO unless el se dice: "Hey I am a spy though I feel like swapping sides any jobs going?" Did he make an appointment first? Did he have to fill in a form requiring his details? Did he call "spy tip offs?" Did the form say "are you a spy put a cross in correct square yes or no. If yes go to next question" "which country?" Then there is a drop down list of countries go to next question: "If you are a spy and wish to join ASIO what can you bring to ASIO that you believe makes you a valuable addition to ASIO?" 25 words or less. Next question: "are you in financial hardship, yes or no, x the correct box? Upload all bank statements last 6 months cannot be higher than 0 balance 15kb or less scanned and cited" "Is someone trying to murder you?" x correct box yes or no. "If yes can you tell us who it is and why?" 25 words or less. Please upload here required documents 15kb or less PDF only. No photos. Scanned current copies, signed and cited by a JP, dated no older than last week. Next question "Has anybody offered you a bribe yes or no x in correct box. If yes was it a. under $100,000 or b. over $100,000?" Mark x in correct box. Next question "Do you suffer from delusions mark x yes or no. Next question: "If yes would you like to give one of our counsellors a call?" Answer yes or no mark box with x. "Are you interested in joining the ASIO transcendentalist with cosmic undertones in space meditation course?" x yes or no in box if yes give credit card details 1st two weeks free to all. "Give one example of exceeding spydome expectations?" 100 words or less. "Give one example where you believe you could have done better as a spy." 100 words or less. Go to next question. "Do you vote Liberal/National Party answer yes or no with an x go to next question?" "Give contact details one only next of kin in case of emergency." Do you agree not to disclose any shared information between yourself and ASIO?" electronic signature here."
He was a shonky car dealer and reads as a bit of a con man not liked by some though that is not to say his fault he was murdered that is mad.
If I went to ASIO it would be about something I was terrified about same anybody. He did not choose the police, anyone can make false allegations with them its easy and it's usually about a specific person you do not like. Sexual innuendo is common. Newspapers like it as sex sells to the sexually frustrated (even if getting some) public they are non HK's. It obscures the genuine cases which rarely go to print and false cases also that do not go to print.
This is not the case. He was not smearing or using sexual innuendo he was scared no matter how shonky! He reads like he liked to be flashy though the offer sounded out of his depth. Is this branch de-stacking or unstacking? One less in competition to Liu.
He must have known he was in danger they were useless at protecting him unless they were protecting Liu Dead Mean Don’t Talk for Scomo. 
Shortly after his murder Beijing Liu mysteriously found and gifted the Libs campaign $100,000 prior to recent election they were desperate, in the seat of Chisolm, that must be going rate Labour were found to have a matching donation oddly they are under investigation not Liu how many Fridas does that translate to? She claimed outright she did not know Nick Zhao and could not remember him. Are ASIO stupid or did Scomo gag them as he knows something is wrong or he is being paid?
I think I would know my guests relatively well if I asked them to a day time sit down event especially if they had voted for me. It is her home. If I seated a guest at my right hand then that is considered a seat of honour. Certainly at the least it would not be a casual colleague it would be too discomfiting. 
Beijing Liu advertised her campaign on We Chat a social propaganda platform operated and monitored by the Chinese govt zee ordinary Chinese catz confine themselvez to small talk, coded messages or Chinese whispers on it. This gave the impression to newly arrived Chinese accustomed to being ordered how to think that the correct thing to do was vote for Liu, after all she had advertised on what they considered a broad platform and know little about machinations of Democracy even Locals have issues.
She also printed how to vote ads that appeared to be directions from the govt due to how she printed them. Her racist slurs to newly arrived would have alerted her constituents in a not nice way creating racial tensions as new arrivals are often fearful of other cultures different to theirs takes time. She said she was merely reflecting her constituents opinions on refugees, Africans and Middle Eastern not being hard working like Chinese, living on welfare and having too many children, hardly going to endear her to non Chinese or Chinese who are not racist. This is a Pauline Hanson point of view and common in Oz championed by Scomo and the press as the party are racists many are in Oz it is traditional it is soo backward.
Her opponent in this seat was born in Taiwan so Liu's actions might have caused fear in newly arrived Chinese against her opponent Honest Jenny Yang. Liu decided against taking the higher ground and be a good example to new arrivals and young people instead she would rather preach hate, even if she retracted what she said the party line was now out there, what kind of future does that promise?
Beijing Liu Dead Men Don't Talk also belonged to 3 associations with deep links to China. United Front is a direct "influence" arm of Chinese govt. Chinese Government records show Ms Liu was council member of the Guangdong provincial chapter of the China Overseas Exchange Association in 2003-2015 and its Shandong chapter in 2010 it then became the United Front. She as well belonged to the World Trade Association one association she was president she claimed she barely remembered. The United Front are Chinese spies so is the Confucius Institute. She said in an interview she does not regard the leader of China as being a dictator yet he is not elected, their board elects him up to her as to opinion though she was against the Hong Kong riots and against gay marriage. That is not defending Chinese people's rights just defending Chinese Nationalism.
They target all politicians Berejeklian is besties with a member. 
Liu, again no recollection she would go down well in court with current magistrates with that smile learnt at Communist Finishing School. Male or female they would be dining out together afterwards. Honest people tend to look frightened and mumble or yell they do all the wrong things, Communist Training School will now include that HK guesses.
Chinese are Capitalists as to business that is an observation only no comment either way.
She argued against Hong Kong in parliament. She argued for a firm with links to Chinese Govt and spies whether the co. was good or bad is off topic there are too many coincidences. When MP Jenny Wong questioned and asked for a statement Scomo said Liu was not making a statement and closed Parliament down. He needs that seat desperately. he does not care if it goes to a North Korean spy, Parliament re-opens August 2020 today is June 9, 2020. 
Liu publicly stated those who were Middle Eastern and African descent have too many children, are lazy and do not work a view supported by a popular female comedian here now international prob backed by the Packers, Fairfax or Murdoch. She obviously has not been to a university recently or looked at the professions. Liu to cover up then said she merely reflected her constituents.
HK knows from the galleries the public is broad. Museums here and private galleries are way out of touch. HK guesses Nick Zhao is considered black so therefore of less worth whereas Beijing Liu white, Neat Clean and Tidy so of greater worth.
The comedian HK finds insulting to the memory of her family as she does Liu and am not being a killjoy is Rebel Wilson, some HKers might really like her, apologies though HK thinks she reinforces stereotypes it feels like she disempowers young people's confidence HK has laughed at some parts there you go but it feels flattening. "not my cup of tea" as Kath would say of Kath and Kim. The Bauer Group that she sued sounds like a publicity stunt as Dad would say we were raised to question the news. How come Wilson does not include Asian cats in her routine why is it always us "wogs"?
HK was never average nor did she even need to invent a past. She must have done a deal with the magazine for publicity as she called them out and sued them. Good bread it was a done deal, fair enough whatever to make a crust. This is how awful it is for Holy Kitsch!ers.
It is funny for HK to talk about homies but they are usually employed all races it's an attitude whether or not employed, plenty of white trash around and good white people who are unemployed. The good are Holy Kitsch!ers of course.
It has been said China wants a better deal from officials here re: exports Imports mining so either way she’s a good link to have for billionaires though plenty of nations on the planet. OK if somebody said straight out, I am strongly connected to Chinese Govt all the same may I introduce to you this business? 
All investigations have been silenced, HK does not have the tools of journalists now gagged by Libs through Murdoch, Channel 7 and 9 and Buttrose ABC aargh. 
Does Scomo support not investigating these links it is bad as an example to small dog breeds meecies catz and large curly or wrinkly dog breeds. 
Like Trump he pretends to question China using Twiggy Forrest #anybodyatall as a front man as Scomo totally supports coal mining and selling it to China even though it is killing us he would sell his grandmother's liver and us he has no ethics or humanity. HK heard on the grapevine medics had to put the Libs through doggie discipline school to teach them the dangers of Covid if no lock down.
We must diversify or perish.
In my nation they advertise mining as a tourist attraction to overseas arrivals, no kidding is that backward or what?? Look at the land we destroyed mining coal and silver, here is the cyanide dam here the lead tailings here is the mercury flowing into the sea poisoning the fish eek!! Opal mines are small from what HK knows and separate same other gems here same some minerals.
Primary produce is neither here nor there China owns farmland in Australia it is a charade they are enormous importers. The world is vast Australia can export diversely and China import diversely, just looks different on the stock exchange, more balanced.
Trump does this one well to say they are at loggerheads once again they make enormous money from exports. USA sells 15 billion$ of soybeans to China p.a. and 13 billion$ in education. Australia sells 15 billion$ in coal to China think education is next. Coal is declining they are still careless on the environment still Chinese are using renewables and enviro friendly they have vast coal fields in remote areas eg where Uighers live and the Mongolians pays to spread wings widely. Trump will always go for the racist ticket Scomo too, both are picky about races when it suits.
Oz govt has no plans to replace coal with inventive industries eg the Arts high tech invention creativity slow inventions or manufacturing Green friendly except if the person is attached. to his church or the Packers.
Useless relying on the Artes. A private gallery Local is so Far Right they promote exhibits about Captain Cook's arrival here go figure!! Some others call themselves contemporary all they do is cater to Fairfaxes and Packer it is hopeless. Our conservatism and lack of genuine critique on Artes here has stolen HK's life and many others we are dying from lack of care and intellect it is nasty to bohemians we are being punished forced to live a life of drear.
Mexicans do not really paint about the Spanish arrival nor USA. The public museums are stacked in Oz and underfunded they are bastions of an Old Guard. It is a bit like the BP portrait prize UK here except it is everywhere the dreariness is contagious. On the surface looks modern, nct but it misses stuff, it lacks soul, sometimes you find it accidentally it must be cloyingly about what a good person that artist be a la Norman Rockwell is but one example of the feelings and emotions artists should aim to evoke here humanity is attempted with mixed results.
A mixed diet is best as mono crops destroy the environment using huge amounts of pesticides and fertilizers that runoff polluting rivers and groundwater. Diversity in all will save the planet. It suits multi-nationals for us to all eat identically as that way they dominate the stock market. They can sell undifferentiated corn grown in enormous fields with huge amount of pesticides and weedicides the corn has been GM altered to tolerate these chemicals this is vastly different to a hybrid or cultivar. The corn all look the same no variety, its yellow corn. When genes are spliced it is not an exact science so other bits of new information enters the corn a reason small farmers do not want pollen from these GM infected crops getting near their high quality corn. Some nations even dump excess food to maintain prices that is un democratic and cruel to poor nations. Poor nations do not earn a great deal for their major crops usually coffee, crops like that have not looked at statistics.
Corn is hugely various it comes in blue and multi colours yet when we go to market all we see is Communist Corn grown by multinationals all the same. Communist potatoes only 3 varieties all grown by one mega company in NSW that is NOT choice, it is choice based on cheaper prices it is Communist Choice, same all cheap products.
Education is good as Chinese experience new freedoms and ideas. Not Trumpist ideals of gun owning that looks soo bad just ideals on freedoms, voting, a diversity of nationalities. When HK in an educational institution the foreign students are keen to meet a broad cross section and debate HK has derived inside info on that one. The sticking point Local (USA too?) is affordability. Here the universities are funded by our forebears. Locals often cannot afford entry, that is bad govt policy, not the Chinese or other nationalities. It is expensive not free like Finland for example the boards are stacked with the Right Trump learnt that one too from here. 
US sells just $1 billion in coal so thats is not a deal breaker. Soy, domestic aircraft and education are their big 3. Automobiles close after China is moving away from petrol. Tesla is well placed.
We also rely on Chinese tourism that is reciprocal. They are frugal and spend with large corporations due to package deals and being timid in a new nation. There is an entire planet of would be tourists on top of theirs as well.
Trump is useless at Diplomacy and the Chinese can push back hard as they are not beggars.
All sides push that is why Liu should be investigated outside of trade wars and Diplomacy. The planet does not want Trump nor young teens of the future in danger of being shot by his loony laws and drinking clorox with no health cover dying from pollution no clean rivers in which to swim.
If nations opened to Iran they would have a new market know human rights an issue and their stance still Dad looked at those nations and visited them when they were way more closed he was a pioneer. China is now making closer ties due to the gap so isolation does not always work either it is difficult when leaders globally are only onside with mega corporations. India is an enormous market though is bad on pollution it is a scourge on Earth none want to address.
Not saying Iran govt good but truly then what is the difference? A matter of how many dissidents jailed or tortured, how many weapons?
Diplomacy may be complex still you do not have to agree always with other nations politics as maybe you do think dissidents should not be disappeared. Good diplomacy could lead to a Green Planet it is urgent. No good these leaders grinding us down getting us to buy Deal of the Day as we freeze in slum conditions.
Oz is stuck in a Time Warp help!
Either way Liu is utterly suss. Is this Belshazzar’s Feast Rembrandt? Beijing Liu turns suddenly, stands, points to the wall and says I found a way to win here is my how to vote ticket its a royal flush. The painting shows a cryptic Hebrew message, nothing against Hebrews it is cryptic in the sense of the ancient Greek Sybils or a prediction like a Cassandra of Ancient Greece. It is deliberately gibberish in this case same as certain art speak here used to cover up bad critique and bad artwork, jargon.
If you read Ancient Greek texts though often full of metaphor and nuance the language itself is straight forward same as Shakespeare same as the Bible you have to figure the symbolic parts for yourself or they would be dull and lose the poetry that was intended.
Wonder why the opposing side at the table so distant  one touch the table. They must be the ones Liu truly knows less well bet she knows each and every one. Think of any class you have ever been in maybe not absolute yonks ago. Even short seminars after two hours you know who's who she is lying. All questions on her have been halted by Liberals. Labour and Greens, the other parties in Oz have no voice as like China the media is entirely pro the sitting govt. so no one to question the closure of parliament Oz sittings that is NOT Democracy we are losing it daily. We only read positive stuff about the Liberal Party that is really bad as that is lending them enormous strong arm tactics.
The pandemic is separate and doing what we know is best except Brazil and USA who are bananas, UK unwell too.
One rag did bring Liu up and that is highly unusual in my nation and a TV station still nothing done. All we get is pro government propaganda. HK reads news USA non Murdoch for balance they have a broader media than ours it is dangerous to Democracy here.
HK figured she then said let them eat cake, put a couple of woolly cakes on the table they are dying from thirst and hunger and their only hope is a hit of empty sugar with no tea to wet their whistles after all she had already brought Zhao Bon Appetit.
In a game of thrones murder must be the highest card. Scomo has no guilt on this as his religion absolves him, good religion to join if you are a crook.
Scomo got in barely and the information was suppressed. The Libs have positioned cronies in key positions in all universities and museums effectively gagging the Artes and conversations in academia State approved art. They are all starved of funds making them corrupt. In the Artes is has been 1900 and corrupt forever here as to ideas.
Bosses, academies and all government depts cannot imagine that everybody does not own a home office with a highly expensive computer and an enormous printer that does not break down or need new ink they have never stepped outside they do not know if they are in the text box or outside the text box.
HK visits the library as you do and sees struggling pensioners half dead coughing gurgling groggle grurgle teeth clattering clack clack tlaloc hands arthritic click clock wading through difficult forms online, they were once fine upstanding well dressed citizens now they are shaggy shells singled out by Scotty Morrison from Marketing, our PM. They will soon be forced to wear a star like the unemployed and those with disabilities or a croissant so everybody will know they can mistreat them even further. 
To further their humiliation each age group is expected to stay with same meaning elders have to go to aged suburbs or retirement villages rather than being a vibrant part of the community like everybody else on the globe. How come so many corporations are owned by the extremely aged yet barely employ them? Knowing some elders are more comfortable in boxes there needs to be choice. As you can see it's bad to stay here the older you become!

Every time any person shops they are paying GST and so contribute, besides just being alive means a person contributes it was governments who turned us into "consumers," we all use doctors, eat and pay rent we are all fully functioning members of the community even the homeless. Tribes just did not kick somebody out because they did not need any more people to harvest the yams or not want the others to eat yams, too old to harvest yams inept at harvesting yams or too young to harvest yams. We are named Human Capital by Economists.
Oscar Murillo "Collective Conscience" about the term Human Capital. These cats look at a set of black drapes showing a glimpse of sky, refugees or in a waiting room, they have charred remains inside tubes drilled into them. Murillo shows us how current Economists and narcos view humans (we are called Human Capital by Economists and Narcos) and this is how many are defined by governments and institutions depending on nation.
Definition: Human capital refers to the production factors, coming from humans, we use to create goods and services. Our knowledge, skills, habits, and social and personality attributes all form part of the human capital that contributes to the creation of goods and services, (we hope we are something more than that we are cats it is just one definition).
This is NOT showing at Barangaroo or galleries here. He won the Turner Prize and is from Colombia originally. The figures are based on traditional figures nicely made too, they are backed by a representation of a painting of the Scottish migrating to USA? Many assisted him to transport these to the gallery they were sitting in trains and wheelchairs how cool. If it was HK people would just watch as she lugged them here she is only 5 feet and losing strength also everybody drives cars in Oz its a badge of honour go figure.
If you think about it the sicker you are if you use the medical profession the more you contribute economically, what would doctors do if meeces did not get sick, or psychologists and psychiatrists do if we did not fall to pieces? Landlords rely on the under employed as much as the fully employed. Entire industries are run on human misery, there are kind curative vampires.
In the library and in the streets pussies can view the underemployed and unemployed gradually growing very long curly hair on the palms of their hands with a wad of print outs as they contort and shake mumbling apologies in rhyme to the pussies who are encouraged to kick them à la Clockwork Orange by the wealthy mainstream media and government. 
A driver might wait for two days with no pay as it takes the overseas office that period to read a scanned document that the driver had to cross mountains to obtain. These drivers have no union to protect or basic pay even though it is a Human Right, they are deemed self employed no way are they self employed only as to hours and they use a car usually hired from a partner company the driver is enmeshed, the company relies on the resource of the unemployed provided by the government. Cats are convinced this is Modern, only in the sense the driver has some independence, little, there is no flexibility in most jobs unless it means the cat doing all the work loses out tip the driver.
Nobody wants to live below the usual standard of living for their nation and we all have the entitlement to joie de vivre who the hell brought in the concept of "life must be toil?" Naturally identical wages is mad as we all enjoy the challenge to aim higher though it must be possible, not so extreme and unreachable for the majority as it has now become.
Disadvantaging a portion of the population and causing them to kill themselves in desperation or each other is not the Final Solution. All deserve hope or why be born? Life can be good and not greedy and needy look at nations that are well off and happy.
Our politicians are always saying "you are going to feel pain with this budget or this year or even forever" they even get into power on that who the f are they some antique school math teacher with a cane? Do they do S&M at the local "massage" parlour and is the ending happy? "pain" is a huge catch cry with them go figure must have learnt it at Communist school.
HK is unhappy about this.
Meeces want a decent life it need not be full of tackiness. Most EU nations have figured fairer wages and opportunities for all and that is why refugees choose those nations rather than here they are not stupid they seek decent life opportunities.
The public can make false claims against drivers if the driver works for a high tech uncontactable billionaire company and he/she will lose more money it is called the user preys system whereby the driver has to pay for the passengers and the passengers follow orders not to tip contract work it is called the gig economy and was doable in the past as a student disposable job, nobody ever treated that kind of work as real or barely yet now it replaces humanising work with zero protections. The companies are enormously wealthy and control the technologies the average person can ill afford, the employees need to ask nurses how to group together as a Union and demand change as nurses were once badly paid till they hassled. Uber is another communist company where all are the same and equally poor.
Certain billionaires (not all) prefer people are underpaid to keep their other underpaid employees happy with crap as what the billionaires have to sell is cheap and nasty lacking in craft or skills and all they care for is how Tyrannosaurus Rexes are doing on the stock market selling crap. Not against selling stuff just there are too many wiping out the good and the stock market is for trillionaires. Who wants free shipping if the warehouse workers are suffering, photoz and recordingz of zee plightz need to be taken zo meecies are enlightenedz. Employees are ordered to work cheaply so "consumers get cheaper prices" what f'ed up philosophy is that?
You guys in your short lives suffer and suffer more "consumers demand cheaper prices as we pay cheaper wages suffer some more we will lower taxes on the rich so we are all Communists." It appears to work in India and China where you cannot breathe the air and numerous are suffering, same in numerous developing nations globally. Who thought up the "suffer" philosophy, billionaires? HK was not raised to suffer that enrages her very being, its Victorian like wearing a corset because you have no choice not because you like costume.
Large corporations have hours set in concrete and massive needs as to CVs meaning the intelligent are out of work and those with families in a broad range of occupations.
Nobody can figure what corporations really do except something tacky was just spat out.
When HK was a street gallery people could complain online in chat rooms and there is no way to address that it might be someone trying to take you down or competitor so when HK is searching for a hotel or guest house when on a business trip she uses her hunches and reads between the lines anyone can write anything about you "on loin" it is unregulated. HK is checkable and does not hide behind #anythingatall and zee falze shopz front. 
Democracies have regulations so that hedgehogs are not too readily fleeced by the more powerful so we do not slip back to Developing Nation status. EU has regulations that Boris of Britain has denounced, he is a spokesman for trillionaires and wants to dismantle protections of Human Rights.
In Holy Kitsch! case mistakes can happen though she has noticed people are remarkably tolerant if informed and can speak to a meecey who is directly with her company nowadays an on loin meece and she has a name address and phone number and lives in her rat cage when not on a cat trip (that has fallen by the way it is HK's punishment for being creative.
Do you know HK would actually have shop owners come in and have the hide to say they came in just to get some ideas, well tanks but can't you think of your own manner of creating a cool space instead of hanging onto Holy flattering as it still happens people emulated right down to re-cycled timber backdrops does not matter your nationality we set a new tone!
Corporations do not believe men look after kids or pick them up from school even though they have female bosses at times. 
The business ecology has evolved into a bully system of user ie: driver, street retailer, owner of galeria or artistas and actors are now praying due to predators.
Holy asked a sugar skull artista vendor in Mexico City if he used text boxes on his CV to do what he did so brilliantly with art he replied que? She then asked where his home office was so he could make a complaint to a govt dept, defend himself against corporate bullies, type his CV or apply for a grant he said que?
Holy K asked a Mexican Visual artista he said rise up now! HK said what about a home office artista se dice: he used to drop around to his artista activist girlfriend's place but she was murdered by a drug cartel on her way home from a local bar likely she was murdered as she started a women's collective because poor women are victims of user preys and fewer rights (femicide) even though in Mexico women are represented in most fields (quite strongly Holy Kitsch! often did business with women in Mexico it is usual) and he wept as did Holy Kitsch! He added if he is absolutely forced to do paperwork es el horiblemente though must somehow get through it for the authorities as to his late girlfriend RIP the collective has been supportive.
In Mexico activists, ecologists, student teachers, musicians, narco intolerant politicians, artistas, journalists, women and film makers are targeted by cartels reflecting the ideologies of some leaders in nations internationally eg Trump Bolsanaro & co. and certain media moguls, they are psychopaths and cruel, scared of difference and the gentle and want to control not just women's bodies anybody different to themselves and their twisted set of morals are always uneven HK has noticed. There are women members in the cartels as well it’s awful. 
Above picture  thanks Mexico News Daily, artist activist Isabel Cabanillas on marshmallow pink background, murdered RIP
She is typical of younger Mexican artistas has that Mexican smile. She truly was murdered. Maybe they mistook her for HAZMAT A common issue globally when it comes to psychopaths and mad leaders. Mexican artistas have opposite problem to Lorrcal, there mostly older artistas feature and the young have issues entering the field, art is tricky it is never usually what tastemakers at first think about.
Holy then asked a New York artista down past Soho he/she had a Chinese menu in his/her hand replied wharrt is arr CV, arre they in farshion now, ahh ooo werewolves of New Yorrk City. She asked about his/her home office se dice "he carrnt starrnd therrm burrt lorves crawling to the library looking for Lee Ho Fooks.
Tarja se dice: It's Code 19" HK se dice "is that Designer or just another label?" Tarja se dice: Fook knows, he went past Soho to find a new tabby he thinks his one is shabby. He said new one might be a nanny they say from Nolita she's a werewolf in Nolita. 
He is concerned he uses his/her i-phorrrn too often. He/she arrsked HK if she warrrnted to be showrrn rrround New Yorrrk City they can prowl on foot use the subways, werewolves of the Bowery flirting with police guards. Scott's boyfriend is a cop they became werewolves of New York City. Hey let's see each other tomorrow at Hai Nguuun we are werewolves on the prowl in New York City.
Holy Kitsch! se dice "yes, are you bats? They were the werewolves of the Artes world. He/she replied we both look fantarrrstic, are you doing shabby chic? Love the highly visual Op Art tote what does HAZCHEM mean? Let's hit the Dioorr show after, they have Judy Chicago showwing sorrry I missed your Mexican event at Enmore Rd and Surry Hills did you hear Dolce and Gabbana did Mexican and now Louis Vuitton" se dice behind his his/her hand and he/she hissed very quietly "some Mexicana has crept into Bloomingdales."
Tonight Prof. Scott is waiting with raptured glee to showw borrre? us with his Powerpoint of his newly installed Modernist stained glass he designed for his lorcal Methodist church (1st in world to accept gay clerrrics) matching the Jetsons style decor he carrn't storrrp talking about his arrt, he will drrrag out his entire life's work of slides plus his new series of photography classes and talllk arl night Fabo to see his church supporting artists and vice versa, we can make New York City Library on time. Banksy will attempt to show us his Views of Venice just ignorre him, I'd like to meet your tailor."
HK se dice: "I am wearing Arte Povera today.
HAZCHEM means hazardous chemicals I bought this bag as a souvenir in Mexico I love the beading. The indigenous had stalls set up on the perimeters of a cyanide dam in the mountains where it can spill down hill onto towns and large cities as a river of poison.
There is a monster company from Canada mining the silver selling on EU stock market and as Mexico is poor they can use cheap and toxic processes i.e. cyanide banned in most developed nations, they are trying to discredit the people who live there so the people set up stalls to sell the bags so visitors would know the danger of the cyanide dam and tailings full of lead from the mines and the cyanide factory and toxic chemicals on foreign owned tobacco farms. Poor women, cats and the meek or disempowered are all endangered in Mexico from narco vampires and international corporations. Now they carry HAZCHEM bags in memorial for murdered cats, polluted rivers and all cats.
"Orr Kay" se dice artista Nueva York, we should set up stalls on the Hurrdson and Mississippi, all overr, Trrrump just removed regulations on toxic run oorrf he’s a vampire will damage USA badly and the planet, he is a HAZMAT and we are rats in a bidet. 
Holy Kitsch! asked an LA visual artista about his text boxes he said drop on by, bring some pecans I have an awesome collection of vintage pecan crushers so Holy K  did so. Holy Kitsch! showed up he opened the door and he was naked el se dice: “didn’t I tell you it’s Nude Day you have to undress” HK se dice: “you’re on” he was handsome and ancient, he reminisced on a life time of artworks that were supported by lo-cals and internationals enabling him to continue his fine weird work of which he is grateful he would have failed here as some work comments on decay and more. HK se dice: "Did Anyone Say Dreamboat?" LA cat repuesta: "Hydraulic Muscles, Pneumatic Smiles." On leaving el se dice "btw what does HAZCHEM mean? so HK told him.
Holy Kitsch! asked an Oz Visual Artist she replied via her P.A. as she was not a Holy Kitsch!er she used text boxes though will change as directed, she remains in an allotted text box hourly, she has won multiple competitions and is on track in her art mid-career, she was born in a country town improving her linear CV starting with her HSC exhibit in a major gallery in which others need wait a lifetime to show, the judges who knew her already said she was a child prodigy, she has a polished artist statement, 0 chutzpah and is besties with Doctors and Colonials the assistant replied crisply, her boss is very busy meditating on how to stop her pores from sweating she is trying to force them to be enoxistent and is currently reclining on her ironing board having her afternoon nap pore  enoxistenting thinking about her "snicker" art.
She is comfortable being a lady doing lady's art and her PA takes care of her pussy.
She has a professional home office, personal assistant (that is common in the Artes industry if high production or artist is feeble) Gemma her French speaking Nanny who is fact an early Childhood Educator for her kids and her partner is influential in the business world, her schooling was colonial and taught her to be the "Quiet Ostrich" so now she is the "Big Emu." Her assistants can do really good eyeballs, feet and flowers all fiddly bits as she has a high turnover product in all kinds of media, fiddly works she does not want to over exert.
Koons uses a studio workshop too employing highly skilled artistas. He is overt about production and slickness in his art, his art reflects back onto the commercial world. He pays properly to produce rigorous work so that it appears as if "high turnover"  the opposite of an artist churning out high turnover slick product whether by hand or not with anonymous assistants for branding purposes.
Studios in Mexico just say they are a studio, individual or collective. Warhol reflected on trade and commerce so called his studio a factory so does Koons though he does not employ any old sod. Warhol's screen prints were still not as fast as canned soup.
The reason Koons kid sculpture is so good is they have their own integrity, sort of tacky and cute as kids, they have agency and presence owning their space. We are no longer looking on at a slick poster that is readily sold that uses innuendo rather the kids are right there in front of you.
He is riffing on "romantic" ideas of photography made FOR the "consumer" the photo he was irritated by has more to do with commercial notions has a covert quality and is like selling polyunsaturated fatty products so to do that he turned up the volume and changed the tone. The photo did not talk about kids. Zero personality they are not even lounging or anything, what are they doing in the dark first place kids are usually scared of the dark? HK thinks the original photo is schmaltz, a difficult word to describe close to cloying though that can work all good artistas are aware of pitfalls. Donald Friend is schmaltzy yet he was promoted by Rightists when HK studied as he was an ex war artist. Schmaltz is main game here or just plain awful as all is controlled by a select few Far Right, State approved Art.
He can draw in a sort of muscular life drawing Colonial manner yet his figures feel like the viewer is looking on at examples of young natives a cotton farmer just bought at the slave market, grist for the mill.
c.f. Whitely drew in Bali, many have, his are great or Gauguin. HK was taught was "bad to the bone" yet his women have personality not caricatured. As for VD it was on the islands already the priests brought it with them prior.
Kewpies are not schmaltz they are empowered and were developed by an artist round Kahlo's era. O'Reilly was a famous illustrator who abhorred bourgeois tastes and fought for the rights of women to vote she made her own money, Koons did too through financial markets as he could not stand having someone tell him what to make or influence his art nor could HK's Dad nor HK. She did work for a fashion label it was legendary and she was close to the owners though erased from history and did not mind working for them as their ideals were of freedom.
O'Reilly the kewpie inventor was married twice and also drew and sculpted Visionary works. She fought for the rights of those on the margins, women and black people, magazines had to accept her illustrations as she was a big seller and USA media field is more broad than here which is centralised and rabid dog Right.
Koons work is for meeces, alley cats, fat cats and tabbies. The photographer is making a living by selling a slick dream for a boss lacking that Hollywood style of smiling back on itself and denies the kids any agency at all so he and his company then enabled to take money from meeces and alley cats not fat cats they laugh.
The photographer is interested in turn over, false dreams and vanity from which you become an easy "consumer" or customer. It is OK that the photographer is making a living you just need to know why Koons addressed that photo and it has become Arte. Koons is readily available for free to the public. He now has 6 children to one of his artistas and they look marvellously happily married.
HK saw another photo Koons riffed about, once again the original was highly consumer oriented and the model lacked any agency it was insulting. The photo had to appeal instantly and broadly yet it was in denial that it was on the market place and was without humour it was stupid. 
Koons works talks and challenges within those discussions and affirms it is on the market place and reflecting all kinds of dilemmas including his custody battle as his ex-wife stole his child and he had issues due to international borders so started a charity dealing with child abduction a global problem. HK is not a prof. critic nor lawyer though the court could have asked her as a witness.
The aforementioned female artist believes in the User Preys system and is proud of being boring with added tiny bit of difference. She does not like wasting her time with people like Holy Kitsch! She is now finished talking. she is preventing the existence of tall poppies.
The Oz artist owns a 2nd tasteful rammed earth house in the Highlands, HK is sobbing, if it has not burned down from climate change weather. She is neat, clean, modest in action and tidy and appears as a regular on Good Morning We Think You are Stupid hah hah hah we are all such glowing people with bad hair on TV (not the ABC they have good hair) or something with Stupid mentioned. Her work is in all major museums here as they all know each other's families who arrived on the First Fleet and are all busy healing up in a workshop or they all know a lady and the boards are stacked with Right Wing cronies of the government. She is also besties with a he-man rabid Nationalist artist, who failed to see the humour in "he-man red blooded American" in Campbells soup cans. He does works about how it feels to be a he-man Nationalist crazed artist in Oz, doing he-man gloopy stuff and he-man bonding aarrgh oof spit hrunph, he has a linear career and CV and is Packer approved. They have a lot in common. Oz media heavily promotes he-men.
This lady is taking up a lot of arts room in Oz as here there is only room for oh, must be up to 3 artists by now and nobody knows what the word diverse means unless they hit you on the head with it omitting any nuance at all. There is 0 money for the Artes here, nada.
HK's personal art keeps getting more literal it drives her nuts, she is nuts or pecans.
This means HK's early works were wasted on the uninformed and never seen they are highly diverse so she might as well have been born as a computer her entire life on this planet has a chance of being a wasted she hopes differently here one is taught to use forbearance and find the inner self it is a way to keep the Siamese oppressed.
Sports is given at least a few billion annually as culture is scary to those in power and the Right Wing elite, they are afraid of appearing stupid. That is why they are on all the Boards in this nation, it is to prop up their vanities and bad taste. They just want something that looks flash in their new abode nearly all museum boards are peopled here by those with strong ties to the Liberal Party same TV stations and news media. They do it for the kudos. Philanthropy for them is not about enlightening people or this nation see MINIr Mission statement. This means for HK she had struggles in her education as much of it was based on Far Right ideals as to the aims of an art practice and what an artist be. No wonder she needed to sort feelings out at Marrickville Studios though still was unimpressed largely with her results. Took time to shake some of the curses away she did learn stuff and had a couple of stand out teachers.
HK has witnessed very similar work to hers she created ages ago in large New York City Galleries yet was rejected here by a small group of players who know little about depth breadth, intelligence or critique, there is nil critique in the Arts in Oz making for a flat scene aside from how does art improve health or being sentimental as in "the good Nationalist family wounded." You will not see a rotting banana taped to a canvas ready for the hotel lobby or Performing Artist eating it. To engender Benevolence from the viewer is the most common art seen here no wonder werewolves have switched off. There is only so much benevolence meeces can bare in a short meecy life surely there are broader subject areas for us werewolves and beyond?
The aboriginal artists of Oz have protected their art and together promoted it broadly. Many are international super stars on the art market and Holy decided to leave well enough alone as she felt tiny as it is though glad for the aboriginals (being brave on this one). Their CVs are written on the cave walls already. 
Holy Kitsch! asked the artistas of Algiers if they used text boxes in their CVs. HK could barely understand them as she was not there in person. They tried to reply but the connection was fuzzy on the bakelite phone they yelled down the line and HK yelled back. They are dissidents so they must stay undercover on some themes as things can get heavy there same as here nevertheless they are still shouting out about Planet Earth issues in their nation and beyond. A group of artistas artworks HK has seen look pretty cool and they show internationally including (if she is understanding their blurb) Taipei and Venice Biennale. Locally we are not allowed to mention Taiwan apparently it does not exist. Blegh Arrgh croggle "nous sommes le guardien avante" they yelled.  Blegh Arrgh croggle "moi aussi" HK yelled back, crackle went the line " je dois être un patriote". "Nous aussi" they crackled then all of us se dice: Vive la révolution. Their museum is rising up valiantly. Have yet to reach MASS as my voice is wearing out yelling and becoming confused as to language. I have meecey power.
The govt showers money into the countryside to garner votes though 89% of citizens in Oz  live in the major cities they have no voice nothing against those from small towns though have fears about the racists and extremists they can be favoured above us numerous city folk for votes, particularly infrastructure and subsidies. After that to buy votes they cut taxes yet with few taxes they cannot support vital services and utilities. This results in a new govt having to raise them and being blamed. Like skulldom taxes have always existed it is how they are used and who is paying them. If there were tax incentives for the Artes it might improve here really the Boards are hopeless the entire system and needs MINIr gangstar museum.
The borders on electorates are gerrymandered. The percentage who voted for current govt would be way less but the media here is rabid Rightist propaganda and is as limiting as the Chinese or Venezuelan experience so meeces are now discovering it is better to read international media and check the publisher. Mexicans are bombarded with daily blood and guts by certain media there as if normal and dissidents are criticised in some media there.
In Oz there is one media mogul who rules not just Oz, one made his move on USA and UK sadly for them he utilises the old system of bully guards with "top dog" prisoners and living to rules that favours the biggest nastiest and most poisonous.
The original Colonials were masters at tiny print ridiculous rules that impeded freedoms and forced waiting times on people so they look like the above. They overlooked Human Rights. If anybody complains they are accused of shouting and wanting a Nanny State like a rat in a cage complaining and told they are too meecey. The current government's guiding principle is "if your life is already miserable we will make it worse unless you conform to our ideals then we pay you." This entirely eliminates non conformists.
USA is in a bad need of a nanny as Trump is a baby he keeps sacking his cabinet and placing the world in peril. He is removing laws that protect the noble and nature and nature cannot vote we all need nanny states.
The public TV channel ABC and news outlets have a Rightist stalwart eternally installed and is starved of dinero. Not the mining companies or sporting bodies as sport is considered a clean and healthy path for the self righteous and equivalent to conversing with God totalitarian states rely on sports heavily. One media guru ahem gargle cough Murdoch is heavily reliant on sports and horse racing in his rags so the State Govt built him a tram to his mate's race track and a new stadium, a gift for his backing them, the old stadium was fine, pays to own a mega media outlet and and for a Premier to go to bed with him so they take very flattering photos of her, almost romantic is she their Valentine? It is our money she uses and it is not helping the Artes or hospitals, both of which give us hope. Conversely this leaves plenty of wiggle room for MINIr Gangstar Museum.
Freedom of the press is extra limited there are few local drama productions by public TV these days like there was once and they were good as they did not have to please media or advertising moguls. The Rightists are aiming on annihilation of that freedom by starving that body of dinero, it is a well used tool by them. 
Anyone who is not a Rightist is called a Radical which sounds more fun to the majority except some of the population just absorb the propaganda due to brainwashing by the Right it is global these people are scared but they do not know of what. Some here still find people from Southern Europe and the Middle East to be funny well that is a huge issue even USA has gone well past that point Italians there are even famed movie directors. Leaders also have to take into account some constituents are unable to help they really are stupid that is when a good leader takes the higher ground.
In China it is best not to be a dissident at all as they will imprison you and you will be recycled for spare parts. Any cultural differences are way out of favour and so the person must be re educated similar to Oz. Traditional Chinese culture barely survives so many started to rely only on superstition as there was so little left not saying bound feet were good.
The Brazilian and Chinese governments do not get kickbacks from nature so they are awful to nature. Brazil has a nasty person in power who got in by smearing the opposition utilising racism, media and religion. They use the ridiculous excuse of too many meeces to have just, fair laws and that they are particularly extra special so encourage Nationalistic meeces we are all meeces some are catz even werewolves. USA is doing same there are not enormous differences except China has managed to house its population, all are capitalist.
EU functions fine as a numerous entity. Scomo and Trump look to China for new concepts on being a ruling elite and learning much. Scomo uses dogma. There are all these Far Right scary Think Tanks globally so be very aware of those they are infiltrating all the Rights we gained since WW2 and the history of us since walking.
You cannot have any government without care. Here you just remain invisible and die from lack of respect. If you shout you will be torn to shreds. Enormous corporations rule with more money than anyone can imagine, you cannot vote them in or out you can vote for checks and balances and that your nation owns some utilities and banks and regulatory bodies. You can be a part of a positive trading bloc like the EU so you can grow in a positive sense toward a good future the EU is vigorous and opening up to Africa yet also protects its nations' hard won freedoms and industries post WW2.
China controls all media , education and what the people can say believe in or do same Brazil. In China they are constantly electronically monitored to ensure they are "good meeces" leading to a high arrest rate if any are running in circles their newts control the alley cats who have no control over their work conditions or education and have no unions meaning they are either ruled by the government and/or wealthy companies WeiChat is just another propaganda arm and how Trump learnt how to use Twitter. They are not allowed to be LGBT either same as Russia. When you meet a Chinese meecey they know little outside China as brainwashing there is intense same some USA citizens. They are encouraged to dob other citizens in for not being good meeces. Some Chinese will try to tell you what it is really like unless they are goody two shoes and sing the company song.
They are taught to be faithful to the State no matter where they are on the globe, many question this. Trump and co uses meecies wariness of China to make political capital yet identical he says you must be faithful to the State absolutely there is no difference between his rule and China's rule! 
He wants total control and uses nepotism. He does not care if people die from Covid or guns. He habitually uses gas lighting, accusing the opposition of doing what he is doing, Hitler used that against USA about plutocrats when in fact IBM and other major companies backed Hitler so it is very scary to see what Trump is capable of backed by Fox News, same in Brazil with Bolsanaro. They are truly evil, they are so evil they use that word about their opposition.
The Swedes do not need to conform they have a high standard of living and they vote and they have a lot of rights and lots of news outlets they all have a good life. The Chinese cannot vote they are told they must conform, in Brazil their govt just uses propaganda and the rest starve. In Oz you are not allowed to criticise full stop, it is called being a whinger or being mad. 
There are practically no intellectual art patrons in Oz and/or radical, all patrons give to the medical here only or disasters and rarely encouraging positive grants and donations that open up generosity and opportunities like gang star museo MINIr ©, certainly not anything that might increase people's experience on Earth with depth and knowledge eg The Artes it does your head in. There are no avenues for different voices only "allowable" ones that hit you on the head.
HK is finding her art becoming gloomier eek.
Melons did not know their seeds were ugly ugly ugly ugly or a nuisance to Planet Earth's humans, a blot as to shelf appeal as the usual city folkz never knew one goddam good melon in their entire lives and in Oz little chance of finding an old painting of an original melon various hybrids existed they are the usual in nature and humans.
In Oz we get Communist potatoes and Communist vegetables. As much produce is controlled by huge consortiums variety is wiped out in favour of cheaper prices so everything is the same, no differences only prices. The larger the crop the more chemicals the leaders here favour huge billionaire corporations so what hope on organic? Let alone purple potatoes and variegated corn which was native to Mexico, blue too and hardier than new hybrids. The GM corn like most GM has been developed so extremely toxic chemicals can be used without killing the corn right off, perfect corn perfect shelf appeal. Don't drink the Koolaid. Farmers markets are now popular though with the pandemics have closed, the vegetables in those are small farms misshapen, tasty and unusual.
Below is a list of who owns the world's seeds and crops. When smaller farmers had crops communities grew around the farm, pesticides unknown there were shops, vets, seed vendors, hoe vendors etc. Petro-chemicals were not in equation. With huge multi-nationals fruit and veg variety is wiped out, it is cheap so they can keep your wages down. Seeds are withheld from the market and there is no veg choice at the supermarket, eg 2 varieties of grapes on repeat and rapido. It is communist food, it is all the same controlled by the unknown, grown in the unknown and in unknown ways. We did not vote for these multinationals. They are backing Right Wing Think Tanks, Regressives to wrest total control of all nations on Earth through people like Trump and Boris and China led by the likes of Murdoch. They are really Communists not Capitalists at all whatever that word means. They use Think Tanks and sit in the Bahamas and laugh at how they fooled you, have total control and they will send the goons usually the law these companies can assassinate people if they choose. Way too much power.
Company – 2007 Seed sales (US$ millions) % of global proprietary seed market
Monsanto (US) $4,964m 23%
DuPont (US) $3,300m 15%
Syngenta (Switzerland) $2,018m 9%
Groupe Limagrain (France) $1,226m 6%
Land O' Lakes (US) $917m 4%
KWS AG (Germany) $702m 3%
Bayer Crop Science (Germany) $524m 2%
Sakata (Japan) $396m <2%
DLF-Trifolium (Denmark) $391m <2%
Takii (Japan) $347m <2%
Top 10 Total $14,785m 67% [of global proprietary seed market]
El museo system in Oz reflects these companies. It is controlled by the Far Elitist Right entrenched on Boards and a few select Far Right galleries leaving little wiggle room for the intelligent in Oz its called doing a favour for your mates, mates always do favours to other mates, mateship.
The billionaire rancheros were even more surprised that seeds grow and each seed produces a slightly different tang and form of melon just like having kids they are not identical or perrrfect whatever perfect is nobody can figure that out except the billionaire rancheros of Oz, supermarkets and people who run competitions eg "They Shoot Horses Don't They?" based on a marathon dancing comp catz entered in the Great Depression for a prize for dancing the longest using the "user prays" system The Others were the preying audience maybe they had better jobs or were just bizarre it was certainly run by a mad predator the spectators like the government suffered from  Schadenfreude, not an all bad emotion slipping on a banana skin is funny especially if the person is very elite.
In Mexico some billionaire USA companies were allowed in by a previous Rightist govt displacing numerous small farmers, their poverty now readily exploited by the narcos easy pickings for conversion some instead became revolutionary Zapatistas who refuse to comply with the govt or anybody else.
The Swedes were alarmed that all Oz cattle and all Oz rams are identical, the livestock are super bored from a lack of diversity the sheep have identical fur in colour and curliness  baaaarrh pigs are identical too, snorrrkles and considered ugly ugly ugly ugly the cattle have identical patches in company with their own all day they moooohh and crunkle crunkle chewing the cud. Some are held in tight yards and fed shit, it is recycled guano from the tortured chickens they use it for the pigs too and the unemployed and the marginalised. Cheap is all that matters to billionaire corporations. Easy to sell to the underpaid, nobody will notice difference and quality was withdrawn from sale. Stinginess is applauded.
Farmers who are not billionaires find it hard to keep up with CHEAP advertising and freight companies have gone out of business due to CONSUMERS WANT FREE SHIPPING truck drivers are driving recklessly to make good time to satisfy CONSUMER DEMANDS. 
The cool stores moved out of Surry Hills same time as HK and some fast food joints have replaced us many premises are empty. There goes the neighbourhood in USA districts become gentrified and galleries move in, not out!
The district was once quite alternate and had a great Saturday markets too that has wound right back as well after property soared then it dropped again! It's done on algorithms.
There is only one sheep and one bull in the entire nation producing all the offspring from their ahem, sperm (excuse me) and we are now down to two identical eggs.   The depiction of the Holy Sheep from the Altar of Ghent by the Van Dyck who would never win an art competition here they would think the sheep was HAZMAT, had tickets on itself and the artist had no talent. She does not mind being a cask. The ancients left instructions on how to kill an animal humanely so it did not suffer unduly, unfortunately some do not see live exports as inhumane, it is. M. Faruqi has called for an end to this trade, it needs to be global that way the sheep can be still slaughtered with humanity instead of really really slowly. This is a situation where the ancients were clearly for being humane at other times they recounted their tales of derring do with usual embroidery times were tough still they were not a bunch of total maniacs and an improvement on watching gladiators being killed and animals in the coliseum.
The elder artist signed by the greatest artist in the world he died his son continued the work it took some years and signed it the second greatest artist in the world that would have killed all hope here it is best to play humble.
Holy Sheep is showing a good leg and some loin, are the Swedish interested? Sheep in the past were not killed willy nilly it was an event nor transported for hugely lengthy ship journies. On the multi panelled altar is an Adam and Eve, she holds a citron the progenitor of all lemons and limes and Eve's breasts resemble apples.
Adam's fig leaf is robustly large. Eve's depiction was not an invitation for certain uneducated men to go berko you can see in the scene all is tender and seductive. All are cute. Eve is fashionably fecund waiting/beckoning and Adam handsome and ready he resembles Romeo. God/Jesus is depicted as a King, all knowing and all seeing yet distant and unknowable as a difficult subject to paint as you can imagine. The popular thing to do in Oz is frame the sky in a sculpture rather than trace its dimensions and space. HK has noticed that the sky is brown from bushfires caused by human induced climate change.
Some local billionaires even send melon eaters to wars to die as well because certain billionairez prefer shelf appeal, no black seeds, lower prices, mono crops and no personal service unless she is blonde and speaks French thoroughly vetted in case she is not a spy, no offence to blonde French people Holy Kitsch! likes French and loves languages and all different shades and nations.
Nina's trailing flying foxes with tiny baby ones clinging on their backs are dropping dead from the extreme heat in Oz thunk thunk, literally instead of flapping just giving up the ghost and dropping to the ground thunk, sometimes just the kids thunk, then sadly expiring RIP so that as she walks, actually Penultimate Goddess Nina hovers from the Inner West Sydney to Bondi Beach on her large hand made broom her flying foxes plopping guano feeding the few remaining trees she is followed except when she turns around they quickly fly out of view.
Fortunately as non-hub public transport is considered abnormal in Sydney and diagonals are vigorously opposed unless on street signs that say no parking by people from P the sign says no parking at the base the upper portion has a giant P with a diagonal through it, the Swedes guessed they must mean public vehicles must not park
HK thought Peugeots and wondered why this was the only time the government used diagonals. The Swedish visitors also adore that line on the road that zig zags "ohh slalom here here we go again woo hoot and whistle" (Swedes have whistling and hooting sounds in their language).
The parking signs are a mystery to everybody. One of the Swedes wandered lost looking for a meter then ran into HK and asked what 2P meant. HK said 2 hours she thinks between certain times, she asked where the meter was none of us could find one so the Swede asked why they put a large P she thought it was for the meter then did not know how anybody knew how long she had been there. To P or not to P ahem sorry.
The premier is privatising public transport to mates then will subsidise them, that is usual, then passengers also pay more if any can find the transport at all as if you live outer West you learn to buy a car as soon as able no matter the cost due to an appalling lack of public transport a heavier burden again on the planet, the State Premier is anti government and anti Democracy and anti voting and thinks billionaires and corporations are better running the show they practically do so and why Democracy is imperilled.
The drivers of buses must be trained super fast as they are truly rough drivers, I think the timetables must be more important as they smash their way toward the next stop it makes you queazy.
Car advertisers have managed to convince men and women globally that a man with a car is like a man smoking whilst riding a horse, a woman driving is a cowgirl smoking riding a horse even though all they are is very dangerous fume spewing motorised wheelchairs.
There used to be a depressing smoking ad that helped HK give up smoking once (it took more than one try) se dice: Anyhow have a... "cigarette brand" and HK would repeat it to others we shared the joke, anyhow I lost me wife, lost me house, pranged the car I'll have a... "cigarette brand" apparently others were convinced this brand was OK as were all cigarettes never figured that one, we called it the loser's cigarette and all cigarettes are for when you are losing mostly so best not to smoke including you stars that are still smoking! It's a bad look, not being judgemental here. 
There was a similar ad to encourage people to drink more beer "I feel like a "beer brand" in sing song must have started up multiple boutique brands in reaction as it was so Communist in message. Another to eat more white sliced bread undifferentiated bread, sing songy, spongey very Communist another to eat more trans fatty acids, they were sooo depressingly empty and they were aimed at people down, depressed bread with stay at home depressed mothers, depressed beer for the aimless, depressed cigarettes as life was awful they were very successful, oddly here people singalong with ads they must be depressed!
HK's parents knew the Vogels who had an awesome bread baking company baking Vogels, they were Jewish, then a mega company bought them out it was never the same loaf, it gradually became less and less dense till finally the background flour was white spongey stuff with scattered seeds then it disappeared altogether. HK is not particularly #antianthingatall just stating.
HK does ride in cars sometimes btw and is an awfully scared though safe driver awesome at parking and loves the collectibles and unusual so it is a complex and diverse topic. She walks and scooters by foot or would be way fatter and without walking life would be dull and you might end up so lazy if you drive too often and not experience interaction with nature and window shopping climbing trees and looking at street life. 
The govt will take no responsibility for #anythingatall as the Maniac media owns it has done so for a long time they look to Putin or Pinochet for how to remain in power forever.
Galleries and museums have no space for flexibility yet even when an architect designs a building as it is being built the plans are constantly corrected for real life real time and space, rocket scientists call it “the-that looks about right-principle” they use that expression for figuring out real stuff in real time, truly it is the same for them you need to get on the ground and do it not sit at the desk to figure it. 
Penultimate Goddess Nina only has a few flying foxes left trailing her rather than a highway of flying foxes they now look shabby sort of ragged with holy wings flapping very fast as the holes interfere with air action vs wings thlunk, they have lost thrust and resistance. Every time she turns around they are not there she does not know where the dead flying foxes come from and is unaware that flying foxes follow her.
In Oz some people make fun of the ibis (bin chickens) and bats, ibis have beautiful lyre bird feathers rear end and bats are vegan here. The ibis beaks would make good chop sticks if you farmed and cooked them then utilised the beaks, very Goth you could decorate the dish with the beaks standing on end like a crown sorry eeek all my vegan Holy Kitsch!ers. 
Poussin painted a picture of the plague and put rats in the streets, like many he knew instinctively the rats had something to do with the plague but nobody believes seers anymore nor did some then so people waited for doctors who then discovered the plague. Holy Kitsch! knows trrue artistas do look arrrround, nothing against doctors some are Holy Kitsch!ers and have performed marvels.
The extreme summer heat is caused by an overabundance of carbon dioxide and methane top layer of atmosphere it is global warming, some billionaires cannot figure why eliminating trees and increasing cars carbon and cattle is poisoning the environment they are "yokels' different to folks who just live in the countryside doing whatever country folks do including Holy Kitsch!ers. It took billions of years for Planet Earth to create its own atmosphere there was a lot of photosynthesis going down created by tiny ocean plants over millions and millions of years to turn the CO2 into oxygen and a life giving atmosphere with an ozone layer gradually and extremely slowly planet Earth made forests. It is a closed system.
Whatever it is, carbon, plastic, water it stays on the planet. The only thing that can escape is energy eg light, radio waves, heat is kept in by the ozone layer and atmosphere. The other stuff is converted, if possible. The atmosphere is the dome of a snow dome the snow falling is the darn plastic clogging up all. Aluminium might replace plastic in some uses eg witches hats on roads tons of ideas out there mono corporations need to change plenty of equally big waiting to close the gap. 
When Penultimate Goddess Nina arrived at Bondi Beach to have high tea with Izzy at "Holy Kitsch! El High Tea House de la Bondi Beach" she was eating bunya bunya nut marzipan and hemp seed streusel in carbohydrate heaven due to influences from her new boyfriend she is always healthy, watching the global warming breakaway icebergs floating by Nina went thlunk too.
"OMG" Izzy se dice "Nina has turned into a zombie can she be revived?" It was just the global warming heat and the thought of the icebergs and smoke aaarrgh! Izzy has resisted becoming a vampire though her blood pulsed, hrunh hrunh hrunh in fear, her corazon just beating away as corazons do so thrrunking why has Nina passed out, why is the sky brown and the moon at night orange the sun all day orange, buuurrp? Nina came to blinked her eyelashy eyes open, bat, bat flutter and asked: "what happened?
There is a dust storm moving in close by, I feel it now, I feel it in my waters." Izzy se dice: "you passed out the temperature is over 40 degrees Celsius we cannot take it anymore still you're a tough cookie, burrp are your waters OK?". The flying foxes hovered out of sight.
The air was full of smoke from bushfires and coal burning energy stations so aside from the heat breathing was difficult so Izzy hacrrkkk huuurrck  "Holy smokes" Izzy se dice, was coughing whilst shaking Nina pleading for her not to become a zombie though with Izzy's dreams of mining maybe she will become one instead. The birds circled murmumurrrr.
She is working on this as mining for energy resources requires having the brain of a banana though some dinero Izzy does not have a banana brain her craft, skill, trade and professional art is acting and directing, "unleashing her creativity" is no problem for Izzy as she knows her craft well and is good at it with rigour, a real trooper she does not denigrate minority racial groups for fun either which one is she? Like HK and Penultimate Goddess Nina in her new foetus nursing path (she has been experimenting in secret). Brigade Holy are raising money in the name of MINIr. "werewolves of Newtown" or "on King St you're a King" it is a song about Newtown. Will look up hang in there.
You can appear on TV with a big hat with those billionz and use propaganda on the less informed HK wondered how Izzy felt about wearing hats. 
Los Angelos has not changed Izzy, ahem one bit, does she need a thrrrow from Holy Kitsch!? That bed ain't in no trailer park and look at that Angeleno colour very Taylor Swift, The Birds that escaped the Local Raging Climate Change fires were firstly outside her hacienda flocking, looming, murmuring  following above and begun to circle "Holy Kitsch! El High Tea House de la Playa de Bondi" pecking at the glass in increasing urgency tlaloc tlaloc tlaloc, the Birds of Bondi.
There are swarms of questions facing The Life of Izzy As she is a part of Brigade Holy largely remember in an "advisory capacity only" to Holy Kitsch! on how to  escapez zee rat cage Holy eez currently stuck in no offence to all in Oz to witch Holy has great affection,
Holy herself ezz eeen zee gulag solitary confinementz and az cabinz fever and cannot efen ezcapez itz awfulz, vell barely and certainly only paint in miniature, very neatly, ahem ish, and "unable to unleash her creativity" at all. She has been placed in untenable conditions aas trrue artistas are villified in Oz.
Holy K is artista for el museo de la futura and an artista all her life boo hoo she was born accidentally here instead of a nation that values artistas with rays rather than a goody two shoes the govt is anti art and anti a visual and sensory intellect, that does not exist here the billionaire media is working super hard on elimination because they are "some kind of crazed weirdos' whose lives should be made into misery. When HK goes near electricity technologies break down and sob sometimes they just zap it is her personal wavelengths. Izzy has noticed there is a humidity surrounding HK at all times, there is this warm humid glow, a heat always surrounding HK she cannot figure why. HK says it was because she was accidentally born in the incorrect climate and she has to learn not to be so passionate.
HK is concerned about getting fatter and curses the system here daily for stealing her awesome life and her amazing livelihood it is cruel and demeaning. The Local system only works for Samoyeds who are institutionalised due to the bananas of the main players and lack of dinero. Some art around town cool by accident.
Por ejemplo: instead of a symbol Holy often saw a sign with a line through it saying HAZCHEM for years she genuinely thought it was a German brand and wondered about it trruly. A couple of years ago she found out it meant hazardous chemicals, "Holy Kitsch! who is going to figure that one?" Recently she saw a HAZMAT sign and she thought ah hah you have not fooled me this time. The mats and carpets must be hazardous, unless are they for sale?"
When she was a kid on the Gold Coast Qld on holidays there was a sign painted on the road it said peon zing ahead, then her Dad said it meant Pedestrian Crossing Ahead PEDN XING AHEAD eetz velly confusing in OZ vhy didn't they just haf the figures of pedestrianz?? Or a hump on the road?? They are illiterate in the roads Department. The buses have a card swipe system, tourists cannot find vendors, nevertheless the lit machine says SWIPE HERE except you do not, you swipe WAY BELOW, they did not use the same area for the text they separated it out as they must have tendered the job to cousins proving that cheaper prices does not work or cousins.
This is a sign Sydney CBD (downtown). It had good info graphics except at the base there was a glaring fault. The toilets are to the opposite side ⬅️ , there is no other arrow. The one at right is set aside for disabled and for parents with bubbas. You walk around if you want to find usual toilets as the disabled one is occupied you discover the toilets are at the opposite end of the lengthy room. Weirder still, HK firstly dropped into Hyde Park Barracks UNESCO World Heritage Site which she never normally does luckily as it rained good timing, HK did not pay to go to the exhibit just stayed on the verandah, there was an installation of emu prints/prisoner arrows by Jonathon Jones, temporary due to restrictions of call out, in pebbles all round the yard, HK felt put out as she had designed a daily raked pebbles in 1998 this was coloured picturesque pebbles she had 0 hope of the broader public seeing her work and realised except for the people who stole it from exhibit as she is an intellectual radical and very clever meaning the dull are trying their darndest. The first picture is John's work mine is below, not the pebbled work. John's work is readily understood and flat as he designed it on a computer you can see, it is easy to read so Boards do not have to test themselves overly nothing against him personally though academics in Oz have first dibs on numerous call outs, are considered "normal" have multiple opportunities even if not intellectuals, I know this is different to the American scene from knowing Prof. Scott Angus, seeing Koons, Basquiat and many others same UK though outside the Turner it is more tight I know.
Local Academics regularly show and win in competitions and Regional Galleries it goes with their job, to be an academic is to be mainstream Local as the bureaucracy is appalling meaning the extremely mediocre can triumph, besides as an academic the more sneaky can have access to student imagination this is unique to where HK resides.
Cronyism places huge barriers in the Arts Local it is created by a lack of Arts money meeces scrabbling over contagions the rest scratching out the life of a rat. Again and again HK is told to take it like a trooper as it is usual as they say the Arts are entirely corrupt in UK and USA not nearly as much as here they would cry.
Listen the corruption here is so extreme and the money so tight it is way out of order beating the aforementioned hands down. The taste makers have none and lack any kind of intellectual inquiry at all, certain races are faced with higher degrees of difficulties and the main donors give heavily to the Conservative Right Wing ruling parties and hold highly Conservative Regressive value systems which are championed in all call outs and art here needs to be literal just obvious.
HK was understood by a highly diverse audience rich and poor cutting across Demographics as artists do so elsewhere, not here it is stuck in a padded cell for the bored petite bourgeoise or high turnover art product it sucks.
This is HK rendered work completed in 1998 (not the raked pebble one) though this one is triangles it was then displayed on Built Environment website UNSW, not the raked pebbles it was on exhibit separately and stolen. HK used 3 triangles for perspectival and space exploration utilising rocket science it is complex which is disliked intensely here we are taught to be Simple Minds yet there are no hard and fast rules in art though being true to oneself is a start and challenging oneself if able. HK had to conform to given limitations in first academic Land Arch project so Holy K could learn (her personal aim in said project) HK's was by hand and she built a model. She could never return as she owed the uni aprox. $1500, library fines and sporting body compulsory fees, upfront not able to be borrowed, she pleaded they drop them as her Mum had died she broke down her Mum left her nothing. They were unmoved bureaucracy rules.
A friend could not return to that uni as he omitted to withdraw in time so they said all fees were due against him, even with proof of not attending. Departments with small print are hideous and rule all same as the law. HK has Acquired Paperwork Phobia. 
Many in Oz opt for no university education and attend TAFE its so expensive and places you in poverty unless you have some family backing HK had a small amount then later zero not a boast it is just as it befell.
Anyhow John, En Guard! except his a bit of a dead hand, sorry, John's art is "usual", mine is extraordinary, HK has insults hurled at her. John's is recognisable as to what it is stands in for so this is a stick up yet nobody can deal with a dead hand and that is the only deal you get round this town. Maybe he is a great guy and in a rush who knows.
Mine is a plan so an unfair comparison. Mine is awesome it was huge. John did include interactive elements (I do as well situational), his were emu feet made of 3 twigs that you had to blanket/emu stitch (that is the part where you have to hang your head down sadly and be benevolent) common in art here and fine though triumphant or building upwards rarely asserted so I KNITTED emu stitches as you can build :)
ALSO: the architect of this building was transported for forgery, HK used to be awesome at signatures and not a bad hand at documents most Creatives can manage those it is time consuming boring and extremely fiddly. As to other works I do not tread on their territories, do collaborate or might reference/riff on etc though HK has been blackballed by the unintelligent , you are allowed to be a faux rebel, Koons would starve and be on the streets as he would be judged mad and his life choices as weird, balance is ill understood.
Then I went on to Customs House where I was headed first place, to the library, it used to exhibit architecture and design as culture is thought of as stupid and too elite here and then found that sign you see.  This is normal. Even the poorest in Indonesia enjoy a shadow puppet play it is not too elite.
The prior Friday evening of that weekend HK had a guy approach her Crown St, Surry Hills asking directions to Town Hall Library, he was young and trendy as people are round there and told him to locate a tram stop and alight Town Hall that is weird as who asks where a library in CBD downtown is located or anywhere and then asks me or even knows there is one at Town Hall and in the evening what are it's hours and know I will know? People do happen on Geminis or he knew I was Holy Kitsch! as many still remember me, hola? Anyhow it made me think of Customs House so in that direction I pussy footed on the Sunday. Maybe I should try Town Hall Library maybe he is trying to tell me something.
In the past they would have used a cute picture of a guy with a pointing finger making us feel more human-like he would be considered non high tech by current regime.
Not only that in-between times when you cannot swipe it says WAIT well what else are you going to do on the bus? The rider has no choice on the matter though you can spend your time checking out others or listening in to conversations so it could say LOOK SIDEWAYS or READ ME, LOOK AT PHONE, the field is wide open. Pictograms are faster and multi lingual.
Here is another Local sign 
A very dangerous to passengers and pedestrians bus station was built in my community. It is under a building street level. The architects had never caught a bus in their lives nor the people in govt signing off on it let alone how to read a plan. This station must have been cheap as “tax payers want freeways and don’t want to pay nor do companies" as the  public transport as you know from monopoly is a utility so best it’s owned by govt nobody makes a profit from utilities it is not worth the struggle.
Utilities are for the broadest public possible and planet's best interests. Instead our govts love PLAIN and CHEAP except for the coliseum. You alight on an interior pavement about two of my feet wide then feel around for the glass opening doors to a place that is empty bar a newsagent, train commuters and advertising. New sign above zay are reading my mailz its way better 15/05/20. The buses pull in and out of and bear down on footpath people outside constantly as they join the road and inside as nobody is sure whether you stay in the glass box or not. Here is an even better HK suggestion as the district has a large Jewish diaspora. The hand is universal. Stop for buses in some "house languages" can read as bus stop word order is a stumbling block in new languages I think "bus" in bus stop is called an adjectival noun?? An idea: Have the drivers operate a button, a boom gate comes down like Dubai art piece, we all look Left or Right for the buses. It would be copyright so discussion would be needed plus HK would like some recognition for once in goddam life she cannot go on doing this for free she is not wealthy. Or put the boom gates on a sprung hinge they block the entrance when open. When they are stopping foot traffic if up and down they could play carillion music like the old train crossing boom gates.
Nobody would think to look at the first sign besides the buses block it and you are busy checking the road for buses so looking left in my nation, right in the case of where the buses exit it is unclear on which as to entry exit. I checked and there is some yellow signage on the pavement. Exit and entry are super dangerous. Who passed this one? It’s depressing and in a very busy shopping area with huge foot traffic and a "glamorous" shopping mall. There are huge numbers of tourists many non English speaking. Maybe the designers were from a Remote Developing Nation, no offence so did not know how to design for a First World nation with busy hubs that had more money than them. 19/05/20 saw an elderly man hobble slowly across the multi lane exit, a lone figure against the oncoming buses the drivers must be scared too. Lucky he was not at the lights with a pedestrian crossing he was not fast enough so rude cars would have hooted at him or worse.This arrow is in the art district of Dubai and it is quite busy and happy being an arrow even if streets are empty due to Covid19 current 17/5/2020. This arrow disturbs outer space, is it a cursor eek?  We live with so much signage yet here is an arrow daring to be a lone arrow, a black arrow pointing to who knows where? Well balanced. Hmm is this arrow pointing to the hand which is still not HK's lost crown it is just not the right fit and briefly on top of NZ Museum in an earlier post which arose from the film performance by Shana Moulten about our planet repeating Link Thanks to Shana and other cutting edge artists seeing critically. Take a look I think the hand is floating and allied to the Hand of Fatima or croissants hmm. Shana has added to her free to meeces video since HK first uploaded. HK likes the way she has used a sentimental approach cleverly. A clear voice post hippy affirming the small, the slow and a place that looks like a home, bet it is heated!, Not here we are freezing. Enviro friendly power is strong in EU even some nations Nth Africa. USA is now manufacturing wind generators, below is a cool one by a Tunisian that flaps like a bird. Times are moving past coal quickly. HK spoke to an Irish girl today in a pharmacy she said she had never been so cold as in Oz, me too.
Another thought: Buildings have no issues with steep drives to their underground car park. Council could direct all traffic or buses only and re-locate the bus station under the plaza.
These are Tyler wind turbines by a Tunisian. They do not generate as much electricity though are quieter than current ones so instead of telegraph poles in a street you might see these one day. They flap imitating the wings of a hummingbird. There are a ton of inventions if the govt is not stupid. Best in a breezy environment Denmark put their wind turbines in the sea.
You can buy wave electricity generators now as well somewhere on loin. You could place the above on a cliff edge eg Eastern Suburbs Cemetery there go their souls, on bridges just so long as it is a windy bluff. With Green diversity of means is important so you combine this with solar elsewhere, what about solar graves that is cool?
Does anybody have an issue proving they are not robots "on loin"? You have have to identify traffic lights or crossings or cars on CAPTCHA but sometimes they overlap a tiny tiny bit to next pic in grid or they are super blurry you are unsure and they are photographed in post apocalyptic landscapes, HK tries more than once.
Izzy se dice "the corazon of the issue is how to convince #anybodyatall you are a valuable asset to humanity, "HK you are def not disposable" furthermore galleries NYC LA Chicago Berlin Mexico City, MAMA Algiers and MASS will love you I am certain, or fear you one or the other, HK sadly se dice "they fear me" nevertheless I am zee batty one living in zee rat attic and lost my own crown somewhere.
Izzy is anxious she is currently a part of a new Seven Up of Witches series. Holy K has made a promize zings will get betterz somehowz, somevayz somewherez zee world vee vill findz newz wayz of livingz
The photo on the left shows dastardly new appearance in Paddington. It is meant for wheel chairs up steps to a small plaza. It is an insult to anybody black or in a wheelchair and aggressive architecture that informs people on their unknown brain levels this place hates your presence, very Communist. It is Neat Clean and Tidy so is barely used. No Balinese leaf imprints on the concrete steps, no stamped designs or formwork it would help with traction as to steps and incline, no coloured Mexican steps here or steps with graffiti words. It is a blot on the landscape and poorly thought through and it screams "I know I have to put something in for wheelchairs but it is a nuisance so I will be sloppy as I do not want a nanny state and will state that clearly and I do not like black. Taxpayers will be kept happy and consumers" It took the guys about two months to build this. There are artistic black tiles even bitumen can be done well and self mending, new invention Mexico Dyson Vacuum award winner see other pages. Crushed used glass can be used as aggregate in mixes. What about tiny tiles same as ones in pic right. Or support the area with metal demister and grow buffalo grass on the soil on top. It encroaches on everything, no worries as this plaza is dead boring nobody uses it and has only one bench no tables no sculpture if there was a sculpture it would be a dull mass produced piece created by non artists local or created by somebody from the local vanity gallery suppressing creativity due to her Conservative Communistic connections as these are the only two who have opportunities. The area is small enough to use shears if grassy though nobody is educated enough to use shears anymore instead they use something energy inefficient and noisy. Finally the incline is steep and daunting good for skateboards only. It is an example of utility architecture which denies there is life on this planet, indigenous of all nations never lived in this kind of denial. Oh all is right angles too. Does not mean in reply all need be "noice" it can go in a zillion different directions. HK has designed a new wheelchair when she raised the ides to the universities they were disinterested. So much for encouragement here it's hopeless.
The Roads Dept in Oz are ill educated. They bury important electrical cabling under the tar road, no locking entrance flush with the road they cover it all with hot tar. From 10.00pm to 4.00 am they dig up the road with jackhammers and enormous trucks that have beepers so loud you can hear them a mile off seal it up and start from scratch following night. If you complain you are told you are mad and not FOR progress. BTW they use a private company so they cannot say it is public v private. It is not progress it is regressive. There must be a zillion choices on how to reach those cables but they choose the noisiest, dirtiest, hardest most communist and most expensive. Who are these people in charge? Did they ask the kewpies to figure things out?
Whilst busy with Holy "expert advice" Izzy became navigationally challenged so omitted Soapie Super Star Status, Puberty Blues is NOT a Soapie nor was the film where she fell preggers nor the one with invaders from space and Izzy saved the planet and Izzy omitted NidA and Holy Kitsch! does not know if Inside or outside a text box or if she fits #anythingatall
Text boxes are being phased out on CVs as corporations vishing to employz zee robotz globally haf new scanning programmez invented by zee Maniacz of Zee Univerzes to enzure nobody eez humanz vee are all robotz zervingz zee greater Billionairez purposes who live in the Bahamas (zee most nasty greedy war mongering onez who vant cheaper prices).
Advices is find a job vhere robotz do not appliez and who do not care eef there eez a text box or not ybee or if you are outside or inside the box or if boxes exist at all.  
Artz eez alwyaz transportable and adrezzes zee Localz and Internationalz vee haf vayz of findings zee Arts thankfully for manieacz globally, 
HK is lending Izzy advice on documentation for her miner's licence offering assistance for a fee, she will ensure that the final docs are printable and that the others have no text boxes so long as Izzy can foot the bill on Photoshop and Illustrator the entire suite plus a bonus.
It is highly recommended on leaving school to study Graphic Design become zee Creative az eet lendz zee abilities to manipulate documentz, zat iz worth lucre and vhy theyz are called Creativez by corporations.
Decent artists should be able to manipulate a document given enough time and some tools and a table and make the most evil company look half good. Creativez are vhat a company usez to zell #anythingatall so politicianz are frequent users, they do not risk paying Cheaper Prices demanded by the Consumer for something zo important zame mega mono companiez.
Nothing wrong with soapies and NiDA they are good systems, soapies in South America are a sure path to fame and fortune, just being on TV can be.
Nina's parents who are hanging on to The Hacienda Hideaway in the Hunter, yet to be mined and fracked by Izzy with her miner's licence are in the Côte D'Azure as cabana carers their yacht is in mooring because now it is winter there, they do not pay rent. They care take the sprawling cabana whilst owners are in USA rather than having to rent a house in Sydney, renovate it for the owners to increase its value then be kicked out as it's going on the market and Penultimate Goddess Nina's Mum and Dad would lose the Bond that was forcibly extracted as they neglected to renovate the house fully and bring it back to original pristine condition after residing there for 12 months at huge expense to support the struggling landlord.
Whilst renting long term in Sydney the Swedes utilised their camping skills to survive the untenable conditions and regain their Bond, rather than hospitable landlords need to be re brand as the Inhospitable Industry. They had considered the new govt $25,000 loan scheme for renovations but none had residence, that way they could afford to renovate the rented premises to the degree the landlord approved and retain their Bond.
They decided the rentals were designed as a punishment by someone from an emerging nation. In the inner city and further on the windows were mean and sparse, tiny partitioned areas to make a bedroom, a toilet you could fall into whilst still in bed it was so close, hmm se dice one of them, “you can really see that prisoner past in the design of buildings here, these landlords must be from the Third World and ill educated due to poverty poor beings. Places here are dearer than Stockholm, dingy and they have been cleaned too many times by frightened tenants making them neat clean and tidy only scrubbed to the bone. The fridge looks weird on top of the washing machine and we feel embarrassed having guests as the washing machine is in the same room as the living room, actually it is just one room with a partition for the bedroom.
In Sweden by law the landlord must heat an apartment to min 18c max 24c so tenants are neither living in an oven nor an igloo. This nation was the coldest they had been in their lives gee guess developing nation designers and landlords live in the Bahamas with lots of palm trees for shade. In France, Greece, UK, USA , Italy, Turkey and Spain all EU the heating is fixed heating and turned on in winter. Greece has a similar climate to Oz as does southern USA. EU nations are switching to enviro friendly energy. They all have heating laws so tenants do not perish. They implement building codes that are environmentally friendly. Here in Oz the landlords are so poor with just primary school education they cannot afford minimum standards the tenant instead must maintain the building gratis for the landlord, heating and cooling even though they are employing the landlord to do the job well and paying very highly just to house sit the abode whilst the landlord waits for it to increase in value to re-sell later. CSIRO has stated that Oz houses resemble tents with drafts, heat issues, single pane windows, colder than outside in winter a lack of insulation and more.
Tenants feel very sorry that the landlords are struggling away under palm fronds in Developing Nations so are encouraged to assist them in every way possible. Landlords belong to an extra strong union that is backed by our government. Their union is as strong as the mining billionaires union. Politicians back landlords as they want those postal votes from zees Landlordz zcattered around zee globe zame billionaires.
Holy Kitch’s older sister died from hypothermia some years back, the cold. The apartment was like an ice cube and she less well at the time RIP. Australia has a higher rate of death by hypothermia than Sweden! In Sweden it is only outdoors here it is only indoors it is disgusting.
In EU USA and UK heating is a fixture like the stove or water. People probably die of heat exhaustion too here but the Landlords have grouped so well nobody can beat them even though all of us pay them very high wages as they wait for property prices to increase. Maybe they forgot to take out insurance that is why they cannot do their jobs properly. If a tenant defaults on rent the insurance covers that landlords must be the worst employees on earth.
The Swedes purchased rubber furniture (user prays system) so the walls stayed neat clean and tidy and erected their tents in the bedrooms in a bring your own wall and ceiling system. They bought a camping stove to avoid the dangerous looking stove which when HK saw se dice "even my long dead parents RIP never owned such an old stove" and expense of connecting electricity to the badly wired cabana then put cardboard box lining on all floors to cover the polyester ugly ugly ugly gray carpets with dangerous glues which they were terrified of staining it sounded costly to steam clean on departure. Was the landlord needy? Maybe the landlord was so poor he had never seen a wool, cotton, Persian or raffia carpet before let alone a Holy Kitsch! hand woven carpet with natural pigments from Mexico what about floating timber floors they are cheap?
The landlord refused to move the dangerous stove out of the abode as the tourists furniture was now obstructing. The polyester carpet oh so hideous was attracting dirt. It was way worse than a packed earth dirt floor, there were no sheep involved for certain. The li-los left no footprints nor the beanbags and as the quarters were tiny they had little room to walk. They bought a rotary washing machine nobody knows if the washing machine will be included they were thinking of a Holy Kitsch! washboard many places there were no laundry tubs just a space with taps
They bought extra panes of glass as building standards are so budget here. The struggling building owners never install double or triple glazing for sound proofing and insulation. Most apartments post 1960 are designed by very poor rural people from developing nations, (nothing against them) and they feel lost designing with contemporary fixtures for a modern city. They do not need spend much time indoors in the Bahamas.
The apartment the Swedes had to settle on in desperation had a loft bedroom, it was minute so the designer added built-ins that were waist high looking out over the void. Did the architect from the rural village own miniature suits, miniature shirts or perhaps he/she just wore a loin cloth? There was no room for a wardrobe or chest of drawers though all these tiny storage cupboards built in the living room below the loft they must use those in developing nations.
Landlords think 1st World people hate decoration and are art phobic so ban hanging anything on the walls nor do they install picture rails.
Landlords, developers and architects also think 1st World people are huge so 2 of the Swedes had enormous issues reaching the kitchen cupboards they bought a step stool.
Another apartment they saw had water washing all over the floor from the shower, fine if in SE Asia but it was translating badly to a business woman's apartment who is wearing socks stockings or shoes and it is winter as she sloshes and leaves after using the wet floored loo.
They discovered the cabana was boiling in summer and freezing in winter and all windows faced the incorrect directions as the builders did not reorient the houses for the Southern Hemisphere this habit continues from the days of Colonisation. Nobody here gets windows right. Some places were double brick, if not the walls were so thin you could hear the neighbours, slum like as is the system for garbage bins overflowing in numerous blocks of apartments. This reflects developing nations inability to enact laws for a clean environment and clean rivers as that must be where the landlord lives apologies to cats in developing nations. They provide minute bathroom cabinets as the landlord only owns a toothbrush, comb and razor. There are no community compost bins which could work with care one each street hmm with a lock. The landlord employs somebody with a leaf blower so the sound will drive all tenants pecans he/she thinks this is Progress.
The designers think all city folk hate nature due to love of buildings so often omit balconies windows and even a tiny garden. These designers are very poorly paid. In desperation the Swedes bought a radiator they had to huddle around at night and shiver counting the days to a holiday. You rarely see relaxed photos of tenants indoors in winter in Oz they are rugged up and freezing to death or go out to use their computers in the sun or heated cafe. The tourists considered spending their nights in a shopping mall it was so cold and power costs so high.
The Swedes are looking forward to genuine hospitality, fresh crisp linen sheets changed daily, being entirely messy as they will return and all will be magically folded and tidy, there will be nettle soup with their Continental breakfast which is vegetarian and kosher for all, one is Hindu so vaguely vegetarian, one Moslem so careful on certain foods not overly fussed and the other Christian she watches her health. They will have heating.
Loads of light, fresh air and a chef's kitchen if they wanted to have an event with friends, the Holy Sheep hinted that that was good bonhomie so why not? Aaahh, the bucolic. The drinkers were looking forward to their complementary evening port, the Holy Sheep said you are welcome when do you want a roast I have a loin? Air con too and adjustable. As this was a well run guest house there were outdoor video cameras and a nightwatchman they knew they would be safe from the usual murderers.
Holy Kitsch! really did build new walls in the Enmore Rd shop with iron hard recycled timber and installed an enormous antique wooden door from South America. Holy K also built with the same wood a shrine and central table, it left new wood for dead so installing walls is not unknown in a rental.
The State govt has considered the option to enforce all tenants to install false walls and ceilings in domestic tenancies so the struggling landlord takes no risks at all same as commercial tenancies. It is odd how farmers who take risks are subsidised yet retailers, domestic tenants, manufacturers and museums are despised and not considered to contribute to the community at all yet they make up the fabric of a modern city along with artistas, actors, models, cafes, aerodynamic hairdressers, bio-dynamic restaurants, fabo hotels, naturopaths, herbal remedies, herbal cruelty free cosmetics, unusual organic fruit and vegetables, seafood vendors, movie makers, dance studios, butchers, photographers, event organisers, patisseries, designers, engineers, sausage makers with knowable ingredients, brewers, bakers, educational institutions, theatres, cinemas, gyms, childcare centres, expensive French cookware, MINIr, rocket scientists, HK drawing room, glamorous tourist guides and advisers, Scandinavian genuine vintage Modernist furniture stores, peculiar Chinese Lucky stores, Venetian glass chandeliers, Balinese carvers, magic crystal stores, writers, herbalists, Holy Kitsch!, and much more. 
Usually cats are encouraged to stay at home and be afraid by mega marketing gurus so as to buy the tacky and useless, btw art is not useless people who cannot find a use for art are Right Wing fanatics with zero humanity.
Tourists do not only shop for labels or Waltzing Matilda, Holy Kitsch! knows that first hand, they also explore and are not always interested in the obvious like catching a tram to Chinatown, thence through the electoral boundary of Surry Hills through to the uni for the students and newly wealthy who live in Chinatown and Surry Hills which is changing, saving them a bus trip and that is one section that succeeds, thence Randwick race track where media and mates invested a lot into cruel horse racing with whips and bursting lungs rather than art as art literacy level here is rock bottom unless you make it totally obvious or have a pretence of sophistication/elitism a person could twist themselves in knots on those points, City Council selected artists all appear to come from one gallery only or work in the academies and aim at yuppies and as vote catchers it's a closed shop. 
The tram cost billions next bid and that is just the Chinatown one, the Chinese vote is important, worth it to remain in power indefinitely by showing off a flash tram on an electoral boundary with targeted new voters who they hope are more conservative due to their prior govt being conservative. Then there are those who pour out of the advertising heavy Town Hall train station diverse nationalities. There is another tram to Drummoyne as the cicadas ate Five Dock and most of Drummoyne it is newly wealthy and the govt wants their votes, statistically a high number in private schools and huge number with degrees unemployment very low so Premier would be after those comfy votes, most are paying a mortgage, HK looked up the statistics from the Census. Those who are poor miss out as your vote is worthless as are free radicals and intellectuals btw being in Menses does not make you automatically intellectual, I dunno never met a Menses I do not think they do art eg like below!
The Swedish train stations in Stockholm are awesome like decorated caves and famous. 
Typical train station, Stockholm, no billboards. Note how there are no pictures of the depressed by Local artists. Here all they are concerned about is parking and ameenities, truly I just read a survey, surveys tell you nothing about experience, nature, Art or sensuality how can they?
The Moscow underground stations look like palaces. New York City Stations have paintings and mosaics. Commuters here pass through depressing shabbiness advertising “internet plans” on huge billboards or screens in Sydney. At a city rail station in Sydney a cousin of the Premier, Deirmendjian whose wife made HK's life even worse as she was heavily influenced by her husband she took part in an act of vilification, obtained a commission to show a video to commuters. His wife would not know HK is awful with paperwork and courts she was a do gooder, for whom nobody knows. He is an "I am a white elegant nothing on a meaningless planet invaded by the flowing white brigade selling toilet paper” kind of guy so he made a bleak light grey and white video of asexual silhouettes walking slo mo through the frigid mist, the last thing you feel like seeing except for the internet plans it's a toss up like it is not all bad just dated or something. Maybe he is advertising Finnish blizzard holidays as a change from bustle? His ilk is very popular in Oz they win a lot of prizes, gloom is good. The video ain't the blues. 
Faith Ringgold, Flying Home: Harlem Heroes and Heroines with designer Tim Tait. Faith does performances, quilts, paintings and more. This is for Haarlem train station and has her fave heroes and heroines in mosaic as she sees them in a fave old song. Far more stimulatingly intellectual than looking at an internet plan on a screen or aimless white figures in a blizzard whilst waiting for a train when in the underground.
Sweden is wealthy with well known brands as the government has encouraged quality manufacturing whereas here most manufacturing went off shore along with invention. The people who make the most money here are morons sorry to moronics. They can only dig holes or farm with huge amount of pesticides so it resembles mining.
Employees wages do not differ as radically as here giving the nation a laid back air though freezing in winter.
Precision Springs disappeared as all governments were disinterested here in assisting companies with subsidies usually they talk tax cuts ,thats it. Even then 0 they are for billionairez, particularly as to areas such as the Middle East which was totally ignored as to trade then, unless you were a farmer or miner, nothing much has changed HK's father had to take his own translator to his own stall at the trade fairs, madness it was a minefield trying to bargain with huge oil companies with no Consular or Diplomatic backing so he gave up on that one, no back up in Indonesia either he ended up sponsoring an Indo family and employing a British manager from there.
He tried the local cuisine in Middle East the restaurants were excellent he said. Mum RIP sold remainders of the company spent the money a small amount only HK as she felt that having a boyfriend should have kept the wolf from the door for HK the demisters went off shore, Ryde is now only warehouses. That suits media empire bosses who encourage nastier and nastier governments due to their investment offshore shelters in the Bahamas. 
Here some hotels do not have free wi-fi the only city Holy K has travelled where it is so, the State believes "user prays" UK started user prays too thanks to Murdochs rags same as here in medieval times meaning there were many beggars and numerous poor or working slaves the landlords were very wealthy.
In the Renaissance for complex reasons there was great wealth so numerous cats competing and showing off their art. They were not censored like Holy Kitsch! or in China, Brazil and Venezuela or hidden nor were they enforced to point at the sky constantly saying  God or something or surrounding a specific church is there as what if the something is elsewhere the cats from the past became inventive and the challenge created awesome paintings without hitting you on the head the best artists had humours.
They were very adept at negotiating the pitfalls. 
They worked hard with a long and arduous apprenticeship lending them a depth as to experiences and the rawness of tough work conditions mixing with a broad variety of raw people.
They snuck in heaps of info for cats and servants, metaphor was important that is why society is wary of us cats we know how to do stuff.
When times are buoyant as when Holy Kitsch! had the galleries numerous businesses and artistas can exist without cannibalisation leading to diversity much to the wrath of EEE Con Omists and mega corporations who want us to be unholy jumbucks they can sell stuff to us without even needing to try, ie controllable and they wish to dominate the market currently with toilet paper as The People are now so desperate for a quid they are confused.
It may be true prices are higher in good times though so is everybody’s wealth and wages and the diversity is fresh air. When the Great Depression occurred Woodie Guthrie sang your “$2 shoes hurt my feet” when prices are too low somebody is losing, everybody does it spirals downward and disparity increases though the power hungry can step into the vacuum as Pinochet did and the Brazilian president Bolsanaro or happened in Cuba so they are now having issues with freedoms though maybe less bad than the gangsters who controlled everything there.
Nina's parents do not even need to go to the Tribunal to force the owner's hand to return the Bond on the cabana all they have to do is ensure the cabana appears identical to when they moved in and the garden is well tended, rocky garden edges in good repair so it truly looks picture perfect on the Côte D'Azure whilst Swedish guests enjoy their hospitality at the Hunter Hideaway the Swedish do not need lift a finger unless they cook then no need to clean the stove after and being a guest house the stove is safe and the fuses are modern due to regulatory requirements plus they are professionally cleaned the entire process is transparent and non high tech. Wow landlords don’t make your bed or clean your premises they do "reverse hospitality."
They do the "inhospitable." 
Nina's parents have not figured a way to request guests to do the gardening when they stay at the Hideaway, nor the cleaning and minor renovation costs. Nina's parent's guests do not wake the other guests at the Hideaway with loud all night parties nor park in other's drives as it is a properly run establishment and there are state regulations as to how a guest house is run with how many people and how hygienic. The guests pay them for good hospitality and they do get that excellent hospitality in return.
There is one turquoise door at the Hideaway with rough lettering: "HAZMAT inside, haberdashery and mercery property of Holy Kitsch! School of Arts signed Mimi"
There are varieties of guest houses, this ensures the guests are not living in a fire hazard, the walls are not made of paper, guests are not poisoned nor do they have a dreadful accident in the non-Council approved extension and it is disability friendly nor are they spied upon by hidden cameras (it happens in the gig economy they even boast about it small print) Nina's parents as a joke wondered if the Swedes would mind be woken up with a leaf blower or maybe they could just use one all day and drive them batty, babies cry children scream and pensioners teeth rattle when you turn on the leaf blower/hoover. 
Nobody remembers what a broom or a rake is so everybody uses an energy inefficient noisy device just to move leaves around as leaves are considered a blot on the landscape they are the leaf haters as leaves are ugly ugly ugly. The Hideaway staff use brooms and rakes, swoosh, swoosh, broosh brackle.
Holy Kitsch! did not ask even one patron to clean the floor at Surry even Izzy never asked patrons even though patrons paid for goodies they were not enforced to renovate the store or clean the loo.
Holy asked patrons could  they pay the 3 month guarantee in advance but they all said no she will have to pay as commercial leases are even worse than domestic leases in some commercial tenancies the tenant has to install the ceilings truly, domestic landlords are inching on that one backed by the media as tenants are "the scum of the Earth" along with leaves and melon seeds. You do not pay a deposit in Sweden and the landlord cannot grow tired of you and evict you readily.
Even though the net has radically changed the retail landscape Landlords live back in the Industrial Revolution of coal powered steam engines that enslaved millions in grimy toil including kids then sent many to Oz as half dead small dog breeds.
Enslaved Africans died in gin mills for cheaper cotton so the Landlords new plan is to become more stingy and raise the rent higher and higher and build even more retail shops meaning cats are enslaved or enslave others so that some can compete with Deal of the Day or Black Friday which was on fire last year and shoppers "consumers" who do not care how it came to be as they certainly did get Deal of the Day.
They do not know whether buying Deal of the Day is crook as the Government does not regulate on issues anymore like the unseen and unknown. The media has created a war on staff by lulling us with "tech is better" in the same way as in Animal Farm 4 legs good 2 legs better, well it is for parts of the media as their advertisers sell on the net nothing against the net Holy K uses the net.
The landlords tell her it is not them it is the banks yet some landlords have owned turf for yonks besides if the turf has lost value the landlord believes the tenant pays more and the landlord has the State on side who has the media onside as they all own large swathes of turf except the tenants who might need more flexibility in their wolfish models so all is shuttered that is good for PM and he wants loads of cheap and tacky imports to appease the coal buyers. If we stop buying the tack we cannot sell polluting coal back so he figures and the profits only go to about two people in Oz.
Caring regulations are not Nanny State they prevent corrupt practices they are common sense meaning Swedish tourists who love it here can feel safe in their Hideaway so long as the global warming bush fires do not kill them or the floods swamp them all or Izzy with her miner's licence kill us. She is going to mine and frack despite anything anyone tells her, thar is fracking in them thar hills and iron orrrre otherr hills.
If regulations are removed rivers eg USA rivers will become toxic some are already, like India, Mexico and China, not the catz fault companies can just go berko, meeces are not warned nor farmers educated its mad. India, Brazil and China have air so polluted you can barely see, how can that be good? The entire planet needs a vigorous approach to global warming or we are dead meat. Car companies do not like that one bit, they sell huge amounts of cars now in Asia the new status symbol it sucks, they have big money to knock dissidents out.
In Oz when you are "just a renter" weirdly not a "paying guest" you still have to care-take yet are not paid a cent! If the landlord rebuilds the exterior of your rented hacienda waking tenants at 7.00 am with diamond saws and jackhammers this is considered a just punishment to renters at being just muck and not even own a cabana on the Côte D'Azure, in Paris the min. domestic rental lease is 3 years and rent has controls, it is normal to rent and doable. They overthrew the ruling gentry and took them to the guillotine, not suggesting sacrificial offerings. In the USA the North defeated the South and slaves were freed took time they were still marginalised. If the landlord installs light coloured carpets you are a gonna.
When Prof Scott visited he was enslaved so he could DJ for Holy Kitsch! and was better than HK. He kept reminding Holy to keep the music pumping. He chose to stay in a hotel room it was cute and he was in the the gay district which felt safe and the ambience was non gulag inside and out. The room was serviced, no restaurant though one next door a tonne down the street and he had a respectable living area with a modern bathroom just missing the kitchen, no worries. He did not have to hoover his lodgings before leaving and it cost about the same as a studio apartment in the same district, go figure. If there had been a stove he would not be requested to clean it till it was span new before departure the cooker would be workable even if an old fuel stove a Kooka and it would work, he would not have to take the ancient collectible ceramic fuse plug out of the wall so the oven would switch off otherwise they will raise the rent as rewiring costs so only hotels rewire.
Better not say too much about the cooker unless you buy your own and lug it around on your back with you as you travel the Planet along with the fridge, printer and washing machine a heavy load to lug and back breaking. The only space for the fridge is on top of the washing machine both of which are in the "living room" along with the barely working impossible to clean stove.
HK has a stove using a dot system as to which plate the knob belongs to. They are just above the oven facing her 🂤 She can never remember if the top left hand dot for example is the one at the rear if you see the dots as laying horizontal or the one at the front as the maker sees the top as the front and the bottom line as the rear which she thinks is correct so anyhow burnt her fingers on a hot saucepan she thought was on a cold hot plate.
Long term renters (which is normal in most nations except Oz) never know if they have to lug a fridge, printer and washing machine around there are no rules on that as this govt does not believe in good regulatory rules for tenants so people are littering the landscape with fridges, printers and washers, nobody ever knows when they move does it come with a fridge and washer and do they function? The People of New York City use laundry services or are good at washing by hand like travellers due to the apartments just being old so maybe less taxing on the environment. Paris has rent protection except for luxurious and it is not the number of bedrooms it is square metres. The min rental period there is usually 3 years as people do not want to move constantly and way less own houses in France. Commercial tenancies are different too same UK.
The media hold a poor opinion on Local renters who these days do fall behind in the rent as wages have dropped dramatically since this govt got in backed by propaganda from the billionaire mediaz. They are punishing those who want to succeed and have get up and go they prefer we all become miners, minions or robots. ahem I would like to point out I do not know what beliefs Izzy or Nina hold as to #anythingatall same with Prof. Scott Angus I know he is kind, generous and for a future he writes about that on FB. 
Scott even had a fairly paid front desk staff who monitored his guests and he paid NO Bond can you believe that? He felt well cared for and as safe as anyone can be and swam in the hotel pool too and did not have to clean the pool. The hotel swiped his card though never mentioned checking how much was in his account, his tax records or his job he waz undercoverz.
Not only that they did not move in the workmen at 7.00 am in the morning and tell him they omitted to take insurance out so tough his room with a view was ruined and it did have great city views. He left the entire hotel room extremely messy with scuff marks and the usual spilt coffees. 
HK lived in an apartment with storm damage, the renovations took months with diamond saws and jackhammers, she had returned from a gruelling solo trip thought she had avoided them. She requested she be relocated both landlord and court refused yet if she had broken the lease she would have been liable for remaining rent. The landlord was very poor so she had to use her extra special electro magnetism to work even harder so he could live the good life whilst his property improved in value. He had no insurance. HK had to move rapido she started to literally fall to pieces, all she had was a small reduction in rent no offer to pay for a removalist or an apartment similar in standards. HK had re started her studio against all odds. She ran out one morning freshly waxed and naked in protest terrified, the men were outside the plate glass windows daily, HK could not think to find her clothes the noise was deafening!
That was a drain on managing the galleries and her life and the typical anti art reaction you get here its like living in a communist country post WW2.
Both the museum NSW and major gallery AGNSW ran exhibitions in competition to HK yet lacked the good manners to purchase from her or invite her in for a talk, perhaps she is not considered "a lady" The Museum was nasty even though they used a skull to advertise except their exhibition was hysterical, they sold wares in competition to us with zero explanation, would they do the same with aboriginal art? That was bad at Xmas it was in cahoots with Murdoch who backed the exhibition how nasty HK is small.
A big bank that ripped off HK badly by doing something shifty though legal and backs the AGNSW that stole our customers and refused to acknowledge HK as the Board are higher beings whose matriarch is a Packer who donated an enormous amount to Liberal Party last election. Their chairman was on Board of COFA UNSW art school it is all besties this neck of the woods.
That was anti Arts though HK wants to start MINIr outside of that coterie. The Packers want art that conforms to their vision of the world, makes it easy for the goody two shoes.
In Scott's hotel there were hanging hooks on the wall and there were tah dah pictures, originals even, think they were bolted and alarmed too big for a suitcase it was on the border. In The Brand New Scheme directed by our govt and media decorations are banned, if anybody has pictures they must lean, not hang. That leaves the flickering TV. Scott is coming to Bali to watch the Mexican wedding and photograph it as it is special.
The border is manned to stop the chilly Goths from invading from the inner West and strange death's head hairy bogans from the South, then there are the trance like zombies in the North and drug addicts and underemployed of Waterloo hi Waterloo know it is mixed, Holy Kitsch!ers are everywhere. Scott was unsure which side of the border was best though his decision looked right and Gay Mardi Gras was in town.
Nina's Hideaway has a stove that works so her parents are trying to figure ways to have the guests clean the stove and might change it into a rental after all as the stove is a bit aged and they save on staff thus reducing the amount of employed people here leaving them ripe for underpaid work for dodgy companies or drug mules, the aim is to have numerous underemployed as the working poor as they might buy the seedless melons no questions asked and Deal of the Day.
The Swedes had huge issues reaching the Hunter Hideaway as the Premier of this state does not believe in public transport, they could barely find a way out of the city, no trams all roads said Newcastle or Wollongong only and the signage used no symbols they were about to hitch hike yet no warning literature for them, Lorrcals said do not it is highly dangerous and it is so, they cannot drive on our side of the road with expertise so their options reduced aside from unreadable road signs and unreadable highly complex parking meters and parking signs, the govt just repeat EE CON O MEE  or terms like TAX PAYER and CONSUMER anti human terms, smaller businesses are vending machines for the government saving the govt time nobody mentions that the unemployed pay GST too as do tourists, some can get that back.
The Swedes decided on bicycles as they could feel the wind and smell the eucalypts that were not burnt out. One of them used an electric cycle.
The trio departed Sydney singing "Våaltzing Mätilda Våaltzing Mäatilda Vouuu vill Comez a Våaltzing Mätilda Vith meeee hee hee hoot whistle I am zee patriot" thanks Pussy Riot and HK knows Swedes personally no offence they just hoot and whistle when they talk. They stopped at a road side diner and one used a Disabled loo, there were TWO LARGE was black and said LOCK the bottom one green UNLOCK she could read those and pressed the black button, somebody opened the door as it did NOT lock, he was Czech and could only read Russian, she omitted to look at a tiny light that did not turn red, pressed again as TWICE was the go and it locked as the minuscule light went red. Why not use a padlock sign?? Next to the loo was a large button with a sign saying Press for Emergency, OK if you read English and a fully literate adult, it might be the toilet flusher who is to know?? What happens?? Is it a phone?? An alarm?? A lock?? Does a hand come out and grab you by the groin?? You could try and see what happens. There was no Braille or raised symbols eg padlock raised symbols could work? When the Czech went in he was there for ages. Outside waited a colourblind person.
Cars kept aiming at the Swedes, crazed drivers  in enormous Land Cruisers that resemble army tanks it was super scare HK has witnessed them aiming at cyclists which is ignorant, there were no cycle lanes. After the burnt out section the trio were met with a ball of flames it was corazon stopping thrrunker thrunker thrunker. They were near an estuary hoped it had no toxic algae bloom from overuse of fertilizers with run off and leapt in whoo hoo with their cycles trying to keep afloat with the flamingos. They waited as the flames licked with a deathly roar, mucho smoke and dry lightning bolts. They survived and emerged with the same colour skin. They kept riding, they had rain ponchos for wet weather who knows?
They had passed through the territory of flames a la Bonanza tland tland nah nah nah nah-nah tland tland tland tland thland tland noticing the sky darker and a greenish hue, the pressure dropped difficult to describe makes a person flighty, squabbly. That was when the hail came the ponchos of little use. "Holy's fault for certain" se dice one, "she sent those golf balls from Trumpism down when she cursed PM, they rained down on Parliament House to remind him the Gods are angry, its HK's mother's curse tlaloc tlaloc tlaloc to remind the govt they have no balls at all along with large sectors of the media."
The trio sheltered in a roadside picnic area they crouched under a table eating sangers (sandwiches) the echidnas that gathered with them felt prickly on their legs, "get away from my shorts" said one as its long skinny 7" tongue curled out hunting for ants, a stray cow could not fit there was a lone tree they could not fit under the cow.
The govt does hub transport nothing goes diagonally and transport is only where there is an opportunity to increase votes. The tourists had never visited a city where the leaders were banning public transport and despised pedestrians and selling off all assets for the coliseum and high tech gee whizz bang brrrngg, the old one was fine for sporting hooliganism and freeways for cars that are built from metal and why iron ore might be a good mining choice for Izzy as pollution is the nation's number one priority. The Swedish trio learnt in Sydney how to run across the road when the sign said WALK the timing had only been tested on very tall people everybody else runs the elderly collapse midway. You must wait forever. Women bear children whilst waiting to cross the road at lights, who figures the timing, robots??
The lifts in govt buildings were inter planetary instead of a large board saying where all is located there is a smaller hidden one, near that a complex keyboard, you must type something or other then run like buggery to a lift with a light, uh oh wrong one. Finally you board a lift that might go to your floor, just you alone missing out on the frisson of riding with others. The system is not obvious you have to ask somebody. We are not talking exclusive apartments. When you arrive at the floor there are very high counters to make you feel insignificant and the assistants terrified. There are only two assistants and no cooling system or water as vampires are cost cutting as they used our grandparents money for flashy road building to make the rabid dogs feel bigger grr woof woof they also put on trams, more later.
Cricket is not popular in Sweden, nor people in jails they keep having to shut them down as the economy is so robust and people too happy. They pay 40% tax. In return all have a very decent living and lifestyle and is why so many can make the enormous journey to Oz they have the dinero to do so. 1 in 7 live in flashy public housing, no depressing housing estates so even though renting is competitive there is an out clause. What poor looks like there is NOT poor it is a decent standard of living with a vigorous exporting inventive economy. It is Democratic Progressive and Capitalist, imperfect so are all systems but their results look better than many other nations. France different again, both nations have rental caps and ensure safety nets and Human Rights.
Councils, State and Federal Governments and mega corporations refuse to convert to or try the multitude of inventions on the market that replace the outdated methods for road building, town planning, building and more so in my nation we are stuck with oil, coal and plastics it's really depressing and smoky.
The coliseum costs are astronomical for music events because of police and trained dog drug sniffers rather than drug testing to save lives, the politicians are inbred and hostile. As for ice that is a separate and a bad problem and would be way less of a problem if the laws were not so maniacal on the lesser drugs that cats could use.
Izzy se dice a Nina wake up, wake up cough cough cough wheeze oh God has someone an O2 mask? "I have fabo ideas of greatness and power, coal power that is in them thar hills, iron ore too the sky is the limit as to CO2. The birds murmured the bats hovered. 
A feline wearing traditional intergalactic Indian Huichol embroidery. Tom cats in Mexico can wear traditional embroidered vacquero pants with decorated jackets, weddings globally are a time to look spectacular. This grroom has gorrne for fashionable corrral with cowboy style leather patches on elbows.
HK is helping on documents I shall not ask questions on how. C’mon cookie.” Izzy helped Nina sip her Eyebright tea and Izzy stuck with cat's claw for strength.
Paula  has offered to organise an Indian wedding in Perruuu. One foreign wedding extravaganza is the going rate, we can marry Holy Kitsch! off invite the politicians from State and Fed govts so that they will allow us to frack, Paula will ensure there are plenty of masseuses and guests are well fed, el museo de la futura aka MINIr Museum of Intelligence Nobility & Ill-Repute ©  is on the horizon. Ves! if they have money for trams and billionairez and not us ve vill vind a vay somevere somehow some vay vee vill vinds news vayz of lIrving’s. Zee last wedding was with Rinehat and two Liberal Party politicians and they charged the airfares as expenses so that saves some money. That was for the Carmichael, they used small gold statuette invitations hmm wonder if Fridas will do the trick? This bribing business is tricky should we ask Gladys Liu how to launder the money?
Holy Kitsch! put her 2 cents worth in and meekly se dice: "what about the wild silkworm farm, could be a money spinner?"
"Thats hopeless" Izzy se dice: "what are those rocket launchers the tenants installed what have they got to do with silkworms? We need a mountain of money." They have begun to excavate the rock god knows what they have in mind."
Jeff Koons has disguised this rocket launcher expertly, thanks for educational purposes
We can’t afford Perruu either it will have to be Bali. We will look for home stays for the politicians we can stay in losmens we will be brief. HK can ask Agus to gather Ketut's family together and use their mesmerising skills in dance and gamelan so they are confused as to where they are located we shall say somewhere round Peru and Mexico hide all maps, they will never know the difference they have terracing in Peru and numerous resorts both places.
Do you think they can manage footstep loos you have to squat? Nyoman can take them on a motorcycle to the beach the traffic is hell these days as every tourist wants a huge car and  the island is so tiny, we can double on the motorbikes they ought to talk to the Greek Islanders who restrict traffic coming in. Bali could experiment stopping cars entering the island from others so the island is pleasant for all including locals. Many cities are gradually banning cars unless electric and 
This pic is a 50 lane highway from China merging to 4 Hong Kong, globally having status owning a car is bad we have run out of room it is a burden on people and the planet. London now charges cars entering the city. A Chinese girl told HK a man has to have a car to get a wife in China, that is awful yet the same applies in many Western nations.
We can slowly introduce all to art as Holy Kitsch! wants to open her museum. The politicians are unused to art of any kind much and decorative is a problem we can all work on this. We shall call it Aztec arts and crafts to them and oh how do we make it all look dull, that is impossible, Mexican art and Balinese is not ordinary?
The statues are difficult to hide, we can say they are the remains of lost cultures and pyramids where bloody rituals once took place with lots of curses and cryptic messages till White Man came to save them all. Barong looks like Tlaloc so some of it is easier.
The pollies were taught at school plain is best and look at the sky and keep asking us to look as if we might see God but maybe if God is in the sky then God is also elsewhere.  We can put Mexican throws across the jungle surrounds and they will ask why the Balinese/Peruvians have not entirely logged mined and despoiled the landscape. Fortunately we all have low carbon footprints so plane travel is not selfish, Holy Kitsch! being a non driver is super low Izzy and Nina are vegans, all artists in residence were so.
With this hi-jinx Lexie, Alice, Alex and and Prof. Scott Angus decided they were not missing this one for quids and coming along for the trip. Shiz is still in a secret Locale and kidnapped negotiations in progress for release actually might be already eet eez top zecret. There have been no demand notes from her boyfriend as yet, we weel zee how ve are feelingz.
We will need to kidnap a handsome prince for HK the wedding will be fun.
.... Brief run down on goings on Bali:
They love Pondok Swastika in the jungle with a deep rushing river, swastikas throughout Asia are a good luck symbol nothing to do with Fascism though the pollies think the swastikas mean fascism and said "home at last". Took awhile to convince them to swim in a river as in Oz we sell drought stricken water by the yard and underground rivers to the Chinese Government and large consortiums and put coal mines in beautiful World Heritage reef areas and wetlands due to stupidity and greed it is global.
They asked the Balinese why they had not sold and damned their beautiful rivers, so embarrassing for us women to hear, they just kept looking stupid so we kept apologising. The Balinese own all their land though they can lease. 
PM and Premier tried to convert the Balinese saying "I will show you the way rapture, singalong with Scottie ooohhhh aaaahhh woooh Economics is god" these Balinese cats resisted and continued with their offerings though rather afraid of these visitors who just kicked the offerings away as they were busy goose stepping through the pondok now, the Balinese were used to all types of tourists and pretty hardened.
"High tech, click cling veeng whizz bang" went the Premier, "roads roads roads rrr rrr rr brrrrrrrr tring" vote for me tring. Rapturously arrrgle, Hitleresque went the PM, grongle "on loin". "Pecans" thought the Balinese.
The Balinese cats se dice: "where are you going?" Brrring tick vrooom rrroads clinngy se dice the Premier "on loin." They asked her why she had a barcode on her forehead she replied that it was not a barcode it was the "concerned look" she had been advised to use for the public since the bush fires she has trained her eyebrows. The extra wrinkles between just miraculously appeared from God as a result of her repeating everything is For Sale she is now ready to be swiped. The Balinese could not help but notice she also resembled a wayang golek wooden puppet. "Oh" HK se dice "that is because she is a puppet of local and international billionaire companies which buy up hospitals and former public housing as investment. She jigs to whatever the main media players demand as there is a global effort by certain billionaire think tanks to dismantle Democracy so that corporations own everything and call all the shots and gerbils lose the vote, cats too. The nation she hails from collaborated with the Nazis so she already knows the ropes and the string manipulators are happy. Hospitals transport and water is what she is gradually selling off. We will lose all our rights as they are anti government. Our Democracy like Hitler's Germany is turning into populism with a loss of human rights and ruled by invisible maniacs in offices like a banana republic where you never know what is going on behind closed doors, populist governments lack transparency." She has secretly sold off most of the States assets and rights as she is readily flattered and lacks a Democratic morality.
Shopping was confusing for the politicians, they had never gone shopping in the streets in their entire lives and asked the Balinese why they were not buying from wealthy "cheap for you" monopolies "on loin." They had never visited museums either, only war memorials this was a challenge for all of us. They could not bargain normally just bully and disliked everything on sale, they were pleased to see so much plastic and useless tack which is all over the globe and at the local market places, "home" se dice. They were surprised at the lack of homelessness and suggested sending some over we all howled "Oh no" and drowned them out. When asked "where are you from" they chimed back, Flat Earth, we are Flat Earthers brring Hail kerching, see Earth flatten it, mines, dams, roads name it we will flatten someday somewhere somehow kertrring blingo."
"Eeek" we all replied.
The Balinese asked if they wanted carvings of banana trees, they look identical to real banana trees with art and nuance the pollies refused and wanted something all white they were awfully hard to please just kept repeating "Rapture Rapture groggle boggle meinkampf brrring urkle economics". The Balinese made them an all white small banana tree finally they found that to look fine though thought buying art was a waste of money we should all shop "on loin" only with mega mono companies who utilise the underpaid for max profits it is NOT FOR so called consumers it is FOR the mega billionaires who do not care about us one fig so why are politicians handing them power?
Hitler did that too its common in totalitarian societies, a monopoly largely rules the news here, they are self regulated rather than have an independent outside body making decisions free of corruption, the building industry regulators had something done so recently buildings have begun to fall apart, without separate regulators, people representing small and large groups in the community and more the rot sets in, everybody needs to be in a position to bargain their position, if they are disempowered then bodies are set up so they can be represented too, that is how it works in a functioning Democracy we were not born to be ruled by Economists or the more greatly powered nor has it ever been suggested that a nation is a business, that is not democracy that is Totalitarianism and steals voices. It takes humanity and balance to be a good leader conversely you can be remembered for being really nasty plenty contenders for that one Nero etc.
The government of Oz had the police raid news offices here, traditionally in a Democracy the press is free to publish unless down right hate speech, regulatory bodies ensure that news does not become propaganda with lies being published.
Art is considered separate as it is commentary and can use hyperbole, sarcasm, fiction and more and is not hate speech, think Shakespeare, a few have said racist could have been humour as he was very clever, his women less empowered well one's biology ruled a woman's fate far more those days unless she married someone gay or became a nun, societies do not tolerate racism as it is not just, we can mock or use irony as a means of discussing all kinds of issues. During the plagues many women in the West had to woman the business, some were in partnership with hubby know that from paintings.
This is in contrast to totalitarian societies where all is monitored by the government with zero regulatory, non partisan bodies which normally guarantee freedom of speech, the freedom to bargain collectively and freedom from lies plus safe building practices safe working conditions, a caring government, clean drinking water, taxes to pay for us all especially when we meet vulnerability and clean rivers. If people die from toxic waste or get sick they should sue that will wake govts up.
The artist Ai Wei Wei was jailed for revealing 3000 kids in China died in an earthquake due to corrupt building practices of schools, the govt claimed he owed tax. It is common to bully the messenger particularly where freedoms are curtailed.
Here the advertising industry does not have an outside regulator either it is self governing, go figure, same with police, same with judiciary meaning too much power within those areas weakening Democracy.
Artists traditionally find ways to talk unless they are an arm of the government or in a political situation where they are gagging as in HK's case, it happened to Van Gogh too with his intense gaze at nature rejecting niceties and industrialisation a cruel blight it shocked William Blake the poet and artist so badly he was having visions which "tharm days" was considered normal amongst the enlightened in the present he would be jeered and locked in a loony bin.
The politicians bargained really low as their belief is "the meek should starve" and they were taller and bigger than the Balinese. Wayan replied "Cheap for You". They were not that interested in skateboard art either, popular in Bali, the Post Modern or Traditional Art, they are entirely art illiterate.
Scomo is so backward he does not realise J Pollock is now considered to form a vital part of history and is Modernist and very valuable another Visionary they even tried to sell that asset in Oz, they are bad news when it comes to culture you would not have known Pollock happened here they think he’s a bit under developed artistically speaking. 
The PM and Premier searched for the plain "this is way too complex" se dice. The Balinese thought well this must be the lesser educated species from Oz. Time sweatily passed we had to ensure they did not encounter the resorts for comparison so waved more throws as they whizzed by to buy, took them to the local Mexican joint they never picked it for being in Bali, actually there were carved skulls everywhere in the shops, on the streets for sale. They ate Mexican Fusion food it was innovative and fresh HK thought she was in Oaxaca.
The pondok was blissful with staff, naturally it was properly run so daily linen changes and full clean up with no spy cameras common in unlicensed premises it occurs in a deregulated gig economy environment different parts of globe Oz too.
Holy Kitsch! had cameras in the stores and signs alerting cats as that was a retail outlet not a domestic setting and staff had to remain safe from the junkies using the needle machine two doors down or mad customers that would intimidate HK. 
HK asked if it could be situated outside a hospital so if somebody passed out there was help but that was too sensible instead it was thought a matter for charities well maybe too yet the issue is more complex counsellors can work from a hospital base, junkies have a major medical condition needing a muli-pronged response.
The geckos went torquay torquay torquay toorrrr (there is a wind down note at the end), crickets chick chick chick and frogs kodok kodok kodok noisy. The politicians were hopeless at aiming at the ground level footsteps and were unable to wash their own bums actually could not find them using both hands, they were sweaty the Balinese those cats are cool as cucumbers it drives you pecans.
When Scomo stepped out from the kamar kecil and mandi he had a fish in one hand, poo in his hair and his pants were half soaked and twisted
We screamed out "you have to use the water dipper"
"Is that for bathing, what bout the fish?"
"they eat the mosquito wrigglers in the reservoir, do NOT bathe in the reservoir of water. You should have just stepped into the cobblestone partitioned outdoor area and had a total splash down, throwing water around is the best fun, wow you old farts ahem guys are sure slow better still is sloshing water over each other.
Here cats bathe twice a day, morning and after siesta them cats all look sharp strolling downtown, buying corn at sore (aafternoon, lateish).
There are over 80,000 samples of mutations on maize kept in a seed bank USA so you see what we get to eat is really really narrow, many are no longer seen corn originated in Mexico they even have blue corn. GM corn is separate and modified so foreign corporations can use highly toxic pesticides that normally would wipe out the corn they have a high sugar content, when foreign corporations took over farmers were displaced in Mexico so they were easy pickings for the narcos. In Bali corn is eaten with chilli sauce from the street vendors same as Mexico. Mexico is the country of origin for sunflowers. You should see them. Enormous like mops.
You are allowed to pee in the "shower room", get the entire room wet after so its super clean.
Use the foot steps as your poo loo, divest pants, wash yourself well with water afterwards use your left hand, NO loo paper, enviro friendly and bum friendly. Wash hands very well and now you are polished to go. This is a luxury guest house you know! They were unaware that inside hiding was a Marxist escaped model from Andy Warhol, once alerted Wayan carried her out still crouching and placed her on the verandah, everybody comes to Bali. She stayed outside reminiscing squatting and smoking. 
HK thinks "lucky I decorated everything with Mexican artefacts so he does not know where he is hope he does not catch on about the loo not being exactly resort style with a bidet, he is soo fortunate to be in the jungle, what a luxury."
The Premier disapproved of siesta though she disapproved of everything, sourpuss.
Kretek, clove cigarettes are headily aromatic, we placed a total smoking ban surrounding Pondok Swastika and in the village when we passed through, oh cripes now we have to buy extra cigarettes to say thanks, less people smoke than former times so it was a small expense the cloves can stay in the desserts and main courses.
The State Premier's forehead looked more like a bar code daily. She disliked the forest peeking out immensely and kept drawing up plans. She cannot draw so they were scribble only for freeways, cement, golf courses and tarmacs.
Do you want a tram going through here" she asked."what about a football stadium a sure thing for votes we can build one right here". "Oh no" we shrieked in unison. "What about you sell your temples? A public swimming pool?" Eeek we all shouted. "Those temples should show a profit in my regime, my mate Scomo belongs to a religion where all you pray for is money"
Scomo se dice: "better idea, brringg click tzing, one plan was to push all the aboriginals out of the top end Oz and replace the flora and fauna with factories even though miles from anything. we will have issues hunting away the tourists flocking there still we shall do our best or even go further north and turn Bali into one giant factory if the govt does not mind."
"eeeek" we all screamed together, "no no stop this is madness."
Fortunately Izzy walked in birds hovering above with a groggy prince. "I found one," se dice the birds swarmed and murmered around Izzy.
Paula was off talking to the banjar donating to the older women Mexican embroidered blouses. This village was traditional so the grannies were more comfortable topless. They thoroughly checked the blouses as to who was better at embroidery them or the Mexicans. Some still had heirloom kebayas delicately embroidered, most modern kebayas are bought lace used for temple worship and formal occasions.
As for Mexican and Peruvian textiles there was great talk in the entire village on the art of weaving and natural vs synthetic pigments, secret knowledge, we had other Latinx textiles too, everybody inspected to see what was hand woven what was dyed before weaving or after. Some still prefer a back strap loom in Mexico, I do not think they use those now so often in Bali.
HK handed out sombreros for the paddy field workers as we arranged all to look perfect. Balinese weave baskets as do the Mexicans so that part was easier the designs are different. Good basketry is valuable and way better for storage than ugly plastic tubs.
Holy Kitsch! handed out bikinis to the naked bathing women in the local river and paddy field in case they were seen, The women se dice "I thought you meant sandals you mean we must wear these? they now resembled "Instagram Influencers" with those togs once they figured they were not new thongs. We suggested they make their eyebrows heavier. 
A secret artist from the studios Casa Don Juan in Mexico painting a Luis Vuitton luggage piece for their new range. Couturier brands pride themselves on high levels of artistry and workmanship non slave and pay for quality. That is why they are respected. There is a dispute as to which family owns the set of symbols Vuitton utilised. Thanks to Mexico News Daily photo educational purposes. This is typical of some embroidery Oaxaca herrree on a printed porrplin an everyday blouse probably done by the girl herself. They appear to be lapis earrings
the river was fast with strong currents the politicians had never swum in a free river that was a real luxury and with no juice of plastic toxins of garbage run off.
The washer women washing in the river we left as is, they were just doing the washing for us all as you do if you are paid so your clothes look the best ever so long as you brought washables, the PMs jacket was a problem, it took hours of ironing and nobody was sure if it would be the same was that laundering money?
The PM could not figure why the villagers had not polluted the river yet and why it was not dammed. The tourists are working on this we said and great care does need to be taken of so many precious areas in the world including Oz as the world is fouling its rivers lakes oceans and streams and decimating forests, in Mexico foreign or local companies simply do not care and do whatever they want its tragic their rivers are toxic like rubbish dumps.
As we were in the mountains some spring water was available, we were faced with the plastic bottle dilemma and just had to accept them until HK said let's buy the metal bottles and have Agus engrave them, beautiful souvenirs. Plastics are choking many rivers and streams in Bali particularly with numerous tourists its global.
In Mexico drinks come in recycled glass its thicker and bubbly still plastic is everywhere there clogging up rivers and the sea. The world is in drastic shape no time to talk about Economics there are tons of inventions you guys are from the Dark Ages wake up.
Paula found a chef though he did not know Mexican food, we said does not matter they do not like anything at all it has to lack flavour, we have to somehow vacuum out the flavours and spices so it tastes like boiled sponge rubber they eat meat like they are animals only.
Just leave out all the herbs spices, soy and fish paste. Corn pancakes are a goer, a tiny bit of chilli and they will not think they have left home, plenty of guacamole, we have guacamole ice cream here too and grow vanilla though its origin is Mexico it is more valuable than silver.
Oh darn it bring on the whole roast suckling pig it is a wedding. Hindus eat free range pork in Bali for ceremonies. In Mexico goat can be eaten instead. We included roast grasshoppers both Bali and Mexico do those with chilli. Indonesians eat fruit salad with chilli and salt same as Mexicans.
Hold the smoked duck the head and feet will put them off. Small amount of rice and no red rice, black yellow or brown home husked just white and polished, has to be tasteless there are 45,000 varieties of rice and Indonesia has aprox. 200 Bali is famed for traditional rice it is slower growing than introduced new species that crops quickly. Bali rice has a more complex flavour, very edible. Balinese rice is pest resistant and has nuance, there are no rice shortages so slower for a slower world sounds better, to taste real rice is awesome.
The more boring the food the better for this lot, as for fruit it will scare them, they are used to controlled fruit sizes, little flavour, no blemishes and watermelon with no black seeds so long as it does well on the stock exchange. The fruit sobbed. The rambutan cheered up when the PM shouted Eureka at last I found some balls (ahem, excuse language he has none)! Rambutan means "hairy one" in Indonesian.
Orangutan means man of the forest and they are decimated due to the decimating palm oil plantations. Do not eat that stuff it lurks in many "fun foods" and cheap cosmetics it is higher than normal for terrors and cholesterol. The Sumatrans used to revere orangutans advantage has been taken of their poverty. They are keepers of huge knowledge on building techniques, the forests, weaving, eco awareness, dancing, their entire culture. However nations are more interested in a quick buck as are many people who are left in ignorance about art ecology and ancient traditions. Orangutans were considered sacred with their gentle beings certainly not for hunting by "Great Western Man" or for transplant experiments aarrgh! Not all things the West has done is bad. In Malaysia, Borneo the same catastrophe and the Penan have lost their land and clinging to shards of their culture and knowledge.
In my nation some poor scared baboons tried to escape a hospital's scientific experiments, they should be in a forest many donate time to try new vaccines after them being tested on cells
In New Guinea huge mining companies rule so locals are no longer able to figure which is the enemy and even fight each other as their culture goes down the gurgler. Some are trying to breach the border near where Scott was staying others have decided to try the Valley of Pokolbin as refugees and Rascals bringing with them their ceremonial gear.
We were unsure on the large crimson bananas Scomo will feel inadequate. As for the durian it will scare the knickers off the Premier. We did serve mangosteen, the Premier se dice "sorry no, as for fruit it gives me a pain in the pinny"
Scomo tried with great economy then commented on the yellow spots! We chimed in "there is nothing wrong with yellow spots same as lichen" he went ahead ate the mangosteen collapsed into a zombied comatose like state as we all did.
When HK arose she started to sing"I want a hippopotamus for Xmas, only a hippopotamus will do, oh what a surprise when I open up my eyes and see my hippo hero standing there" Agus se dice "tidak apa apa we can carve and decorate a baby size one for you, say the size of a small pony. "Woo hoo a hippopotamus and decorated so cool" se dice HK.
Much fruit in Bali as in Mexico is traditionally seed grown meaning numerous fragrant varieties of the same fruit with complex flavours, fruit being small is not a problem nor being big or spotty the fruit is happy and so are we nobody breeds them to be extra large some like jackfruit large already and excellent fried with free range chicken.
HK has watched gardeners grafting fruit trees, that is a skill.
We told the PM and Premier the complex enormous, some painted, carvings eg Garuda the bird headed god, Saraswati and many more were really really ancient and the carved doors on Pondok Swastika created by Jesuit priests. They kept trying to convert everybody, we just looked away and covered our faces in shame, the Balinese were patient.
Scomo said if you join my religion you will not need to make art anymore, just give us all your dinero and you have paid for you heavenly ticket, our religion is Eee Con Omics and started lecturing again on how to be even poorer whilst he became richer and he pointed at the sky.
Nyoman se dice: "Mt Agung is a volcano and the navel of the world we call it North we orient everything toward our huge sacred mountain it is not there to be conquered, is that what you are pointing towards?"
The clouds cleared and there it was, grand. "The world sits on a giant turtle and you know what is under the turtle swimming through the universe? Turtles forever. We have the same God as you and lots of what you call, saints we are happy with our awesome and complex religion and culture it is who we are."
Izzy showed up with a prince his name also Agung, he looked groggy to HK, hmm. Izzy se dice 'well I had to persuade him with arak tis strong it aint easy fetchin' a new man."
Agung se dice: "yikes do I have to marry her?? Her teeth are uneven and her nose is, well less usual for me and why is she so humid, it's like a heat" Holy se dice: "you look groggy and I do not know you though you have great teeth and the best smile ever we are both no longer spring chickens are you just another Kuta Beach Boy?” HK uses this term loosely for the long haired men of Bali who are often artists and have awesome families. So many Oz women have fallen in love and married or had fleeting affairs with a generosity of spirit both sides  The women often have helped families. It can feel like a paradise. It’s not always easy and some Western people confuse the Balinese totally and vice versa too.
Peter Saul, USA. Sorry unable to locate title, some Balinese do have curly hair btw Thanks for educational purposes.
The head of the banjar stepped in and suggested Holy Kitsch! stay longer as these two need to get to know each other. Agung was relatively western though his responsibility as a prince is important looking after the cycle of ceremonies of his temple so no way is he coming out to Oz aside from a visit, that was fine with Holy K but she had to get used to and learn a new culture if she was to live in Bali so needed a time space warp continuum and told Agung she could not support him though might help his family he replied "same me to you and you have lost your family you can join mine" That was settled.
Holy Kitsch! had brought a lot of Mexican goodies and donated to the village all was fine on that though she was now super broke. They wondered why she was in search of a hubby HK se dice, its my humidity and electric waves sob gnasho blubber. HK is looking shabbier lately also her voice is very loud and her laugh scares the cripes out of people. Aside from that she is weird.
She has put zee curse on all Earth except Holy Kitsch!ers till someonez return'z her heartfelt goodness, generosity and givez her proper international gallery backing and hopez. Zis curse vill stay over Earth even if she expirez as she never asked for peoplez to be horrible to her and never hurt anybody deliberately, she only knows how to givez and eez not a thief. She also requests that those all her life cease zcaring and vilifying her just because she is more intelligent than them zo that is zheir weapon they are not Holy Kitsch! Thiz curse was handed down by her mother.
The Premier and PM loved the monkey dance and thought they were back in their religions.The Baris (warrior) was a winner somewhat like reading Plato's The Art of Fighting in Armour Laches about being true, having good teachers, valiant and holding good ethics. Hmm is this guy a Kuta beach guy too, no offence here women adore Bali it is surprising when you see a dancer out of costume he/she melts into the crowd or visits the local skate park depending on what's going down. This looks like it is at a palace, kraton or a temple open to the public they perform in both aside from upmarket hotels sometimes halls. Balinese are a part of a strong cultural community. same as Mexico. Hmm might look for some dance from Mexico Film clip This is the Balinese Baris, you can watch versions on YouTube under Balinese baris each dancer different thanks to all artistas. Some slower some more flamboyant as this one is, different sliding eye movements, hand movements, legs feet arms entire body raised at times etc, also the other dances, same. The Javanese dancers are slower as is their gamelan. Each side says the other is weird sort of like Sydney and Melbourne being competitive it's just different approaches all awesome. 
the Deer dance, the Legong very famous and beautiful, Topeng (mask) and so on into the night discussing which was best the helicopter mosquitos stayed outside eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee as we had the ceiling fans going full pelt hrarnnnk,  thrarnnnk,  thrarnnnk, plus burning incense and used mozzie nets. The geckos torrrquay torrquay torrquay torrrr ate some of the swarms of insects. You can learn dance in Bali. These dancers learn from a young age.  Bumble bees berzz berzz berzz bigger than thumbs in the day and moths as big as books at night. The local dogs sound like coyotes a strange cry hooowl hoool. Roosters in the morning ruok arouk aroooo the birds maintained circling Izzy the bats trailing Nina though if she looked behind her they hid then another thlunker.
We explained the Barong was Ancient Aztec and that he was Tlaloc the Rain god, nobody minded. Anything inexplicable was Ancient Aztec, we had already persuaded all local villagers not to wear sarongs that was expensive they had Western clothes as well anyhow.
The Balinese men holding hands each other same women was new to PM but we could not stop people holding hands as they still do in the villages and city.  He disapproved of hibiscus flowers behind the men's ears it was too joyful and wary of make up on actors, his religion is plainus extremis.
The PM lectured the Balinese who were asleep on the shop floor in the afternoons and at desks, he puffed up like a toad and went red in the face on that one and ordered them to stand to attention. We kept them away from main tourist areas so it was easier to control outcomes though swarms of tourists are common in areas of Mexico and Peru we were aiming a combo both nations.
There were so many paintings of Frida around it was unbelievable, still some miniature painting Balinese style though none so beautiful as the one the last removalists lost/stole/broke last time HK moved they were hostile.
This is how finely balanced HK is. This sculpture by Gabriel Rico, Nimble and sinister tricks (to be preserved without scandal and corruption)was on display at Zona Marco show. The critic Avelina Lésper´ feeling intense antipathy rested her cup on it god knows where and it shattered she believes it felt her vibes. Very Mexican.HK had to throw out most of her artista work she kept good ish records when she closed the shops thence entered the darkly and the deeply and the depressingly sob sob boo hoo shiver brrr brrrr wail and was so sick with grief blubber about her art and her business HK stopped creating altogether again as she is an outcast she frightens the "entitled" who are ugly ugly ugly ugly, she was not corrupt nor second rate at making art. The competitions were fixed well before they announced winners and the private galleries only wanted borrrring and stuff that was about how much more can I stick on and remain awful.
Trruuly the shaking still returns HK can just end up wringing her hands it is mind boggling to lose everything, corazon and life and having set up a studio and with no immediate family bar what was now an ex business partner under the radar and now The Invisible Man.
Holy had stopped painting once before not long prior to starting the HK stalls pre the galleries as she discovered she was in enemy territory and swore she would not give those dullards one piece it was poils before swine, "give em muck" said Dame Melba, though she prob did not, all that work and starvation down the drain, might as well not have bothered no thanks round here for certain did madly start up art making again then had to close shop as the Conservatives Far Right came into power, it was not just the net throwing shade though one well known mega mono company USA "on loin" vowed he would wipe retail off the map, why? and with garbage "cheap for you" "slave shipping" and a horrendous reputation as an employer as "consumers demand slave labour." UK now has a slave owner in power Murdoch is Boris's slave, bow bow vow vow aroo.
The locals asking PM "where are you going" entirely confused him and the Premier they replied "we are going in rapturous ascension to heaven you are not so there nah nah nah nah nah nah" Eeek the Balinese replied. "you want transport mister?" we all replied "already sorted" as gamma waves hit us all!
The politicians were not used to the women in Bali being the budgetary gurus of the family and the main business owners so instead kept lecturing the men who could not figure what in hell they were talking about as budgetary deficits was not their domain and said well we can take you to the banjar they might be able to help you and we have a cremation on in next few days is that any help? They are big budget and important to us. The politicians eyes lit up when they heard about budgets and cremations excellent there might be some people from our electorates we can hand out political and religious tracts "how to vote for me me me me me" cards. Cripes thought HK, too dangerous the Balinese will be in sarongs, a ton of people there we will find more distractions they cannot hand out religious tracts and how to vote for Screaming me me me me's cards.
We took them snorrrrkelling so they could see how the ocean floor was like being inside a pair of lungs or environs of a giant living body, they wanted to pull the coral out and take it home and preserve the turtle shells we all se dice "banned."
They went burble burble burble splasho. A Balinese asked them how many children have you got and were impressed on small families "ahh family planning" as there it is published two is enough, just a suggestion it is not policed some have more some less. Indonesia is the most crowded nation on Earth.
At night we had the local kids let off home made fire works so that they thought the narcos were having a gun battle. This was hard work! All for the museum (and the ahem cough cough splatter ) fracking so we can get the museum first place and HK's art work to an art friendly Locale.
The pretend wedding
 A typical wedding in Bali, for educational purposes HK School of Arts. Note the spectacularrr embroidery and weaving. 
went down well with massages afterwards. More expenses for us, down to bartering exchanging Mexican wares for services, HK offered more Fridas and eyebrow enhancements.
PM and Premier wondered why the unusual head-dresses at the wedding, we said "Orthodox" our magic was working on them. He wondered how you singalong with gamelan we just replied "ancient Aztec instruments" We found some Balinese who played unidentifiable guitars
at a local nightclub we surrounded the politicians in case of slippage as to recognising they were neither in Mexico nor Perruu most night clubs are similar globally, all happy.
When they saw a parade of Balinese women offerings on their heads going to temple we were very worried then tah dah se dice" ancient slave practices here, these slaves are going to ruins to build more ruins" ceremonies thereafter we labelled as "slave rituals (no offence here it was desperation) the Premier was super impressed that slaves were still used as she was aiming the same with new high tech Ec o no Mee ss "on loin" slaves, slaves everywhere, slave slave slave slave. They had never thought of bum washing before and still found it novel, they were used to having dirty bums and using pristine rain forests to wipe their asses.
We suggested the pore enoxistenting and sweat meditation to help the Premier stop sweating "on loin" that encouraged her to spend some of her own lucre instead of ours we pointed to how chilled the Balinese appeared, "cucumbers" we all chimed. Hmm the Bali fresh brem wiped them out so we then tried them on Bintang chasers, that calmed them down more though PM kept blabbing about the New Path of Ec o Norm ics deficits and surpluses. We were deficited for certain.
A quick escape seemed best practice so we headed off to the airport a hundred times better than Sydney airport which was sold for a song now it must make a profit so instead of a utility and area for tired passengers in transit it is the equivalent of landing inside a poker machine, this is the new science, nothing can be a museum, art, music or utility even water unless it is making a profit same as a poker machine meaning places of transit and other utilities are deteriorating quickly as it is difficult to serve two masters at once, one side loses. Passengers are left miserable and in response buy toilet paper as the govt treats the people like shit unless they are in a marginal seat.
The new Rightists think that is very funny as they fail to understand diversity in delivery of services and more, they fail to understand beauty and they only know monuments which are obvious like new roads, Hitler built the autobahn and war memorials. Nobody asked voters if they wanted the airport sold and to be ugly too.
Public transport is not considered public, so NSW sold most of it and the electricity system watch out for water the New Right do not think drinking of any water is a Human Right and it is true in many developing nations that it is sadly scarce in China despite looking grand they have yet to sort out clean drinking water and Human Rights same Brazil. Services are becoming worse either way. It is ridiculous to convert a bus into a poker machine as grannies and kids cannot afford that it shows a lack of humanity. Same with hospitals. Already some private nursing homes are neglecting patients. 
We arrived at the Poker Machine, ahem airport in Sydney, strongly artless, the signage was awful you will not find HK artfully on display. Meeces pointed at the plaits in the Premier's and Scomo's hair se dice: "Bali, Bali" We could tell we were back by the tissue wrapped appearance of people at the airport. Back to the humdrum all moaned except the Premier and Scomo as they have been out of the lime light.The signage was a series of numbers and aside from the new plague instead of cultural attractions of SYDNEY there were signs requesting donations to various medical causes is sydney the place to get ill? Weird. 
at Nina's parents Hacienda the Swedes have arrived feeling refreshed in their bright room serviced by qualified hospitality staff who are hospitable one is Wazza, she is the front desk "meet and greet" tourist info and guide. She has a totally Oz name though in fact Thai and really long plaits which looks great in Pokolbin gives her a German country air even if she does have black hair she does not know about Izzy and forgot about Mimi's besides there is a sign there so no es una problema  She was not taught jargon in her English lessons only Oz English and slang so Hazchem is gibberish. Wazza knows the parish in depth as she is qualified meaning the Swedes do not feel like they have arrived in outer space and all those difficulties of being unable to find your feet in a new place. Better to have as many as possible employed everywhere at good pay making for a robust economy.
The Swedes are chilling out round an outdoor table munching on free range chicken schnitzels, schnitty in house language, drinking blue pea flower tea Clitoria terneata put lime juice in it then turns pink HK used to sell it clitty tea.
HK sent some once to the office of a Diablo she unfortunately fell for he seemed interested at first though there are zero opportunities in Oz for the avante guarde. He was a headless rooster lost it a times back and manners now just random feathers so it was pearls before chooks. This always happens here so after a time you lose that will and Joie de Vivre we are all born with so much potential yet there are those in this nation who prefer the dull every time leaving the avante guarde broke that is what is meant to happen. No sense of ceremony or fun even if disinterested a polite playful reply note would have been in order and what a gentleman from EU would have done it sucks here it’s a dead end and blind alley. 
At least the tourists can be totally messy and hey presto it is all clean in the morning!! At the cabanas they get a freshly cello packaged toothbrush made from bamboo and vegetable origin bristles and a herbal pack of body wash and moisturiser in wax sealed refillable glass bottles and there is a bidet as the girls are cycling all at once this is a real relief and they do not have to be concerned about loo paper balls of lint in their bum cracks and more or dying forests btw they asked for an extra bed, they are good friends only in this case. They feel at one with nature. One is experimenting with her meditation app sigh ahh ohm Mahné (gee he was fun, lucky I met him when he was at Holy Kitsch!) padme ommmmmm.
They peer out toward the soot blackened sky and Holy Macaroni "hey dude I see the Doug Wheeler installation, 1969 Environmental Light, for educational purposes HK School of Arts
light the Holy Sheep is a'comin' let's rise up I can feel it in my waters" se dice one, the Holy Sheep appears, rustle rustle rustle with her corona and offers them one, they decline for today. She offers them a loin but they are disinterested as two are reading with laughter Holy Kitsch!'s porn text, tooo funny they exclaim how refreshing better than Sweden they wondered if H. Weinstein would be interested in producing it, might be a money spinner yet.
The third Swede is still ohhm Mahné (sigh) padme ommmmmmmming. One ceases doing Tai Chi in between reading and se dice: "do you think HK is giving birth to a hippopotamus after all that has happened to her, I thought she was past it?" The others shrug as the jumbuck is munching ignoring how she has been converted into “pure blood en chalice” se dice "my legs are steel springs"as she bounces and se dice "see told you I can still make a buck." Ahem.
The Swedes empathise as feeling dragged down rather as to nether regions, they ask the jolly jumbuck if she has algorithms she advised they check the phases of the moon for Spring. HK checks the night sky regularly anyone can cycle with the moon it does not need be full though here it happens to be full. 
happens, just try.
Blue Moon his title or La Luna Azul, or Volana Manga HK's words by Marcel Dzama thanks for educational purposes. 
Her humidity was way too high for any individual and her electric lightness, those zapping incidents were suspicious as to Being.
Baaa baaa goes the Holy Sheep. These tourists prefer drinking organic free range milk or herbal teas with their lunch. Many Scandinavians drink milk instead of alcohol with their evening meal. Locals are surprised at this custom it does not bother them to stand out as different.
Gee that talking sheep with a corona sure looks suss offering sheep’s milk and sheep’s cheese too so do the birds above Izzy thought the Swedes. 
As they gaze to the horizon they had caught sight of the swarm of birds buzzing and murmuring they swoop around in geometric parabolic patterns and folds around Izzy. Not too many metres away over on yonder hill, el chaparral where the flamingos graze near the estuary. She is bargaining with one of the rascally Locals who is a land owner and offering him Czech beaded Mexican skulls he will use it as part of his costume in the next Highlands Festival. She has other beads too. Hmm the tourists thought, Izzy asked us if we wanted to assist Team Holy with museo and more I wonder what she is doing over there? Marchon, marchon citoyens they hum to themselves. 
Izzy has disguised herself as Dot to confuse the cat she is dealing with about beads she is planning on making the underground schist into Swiss cheese the groundwater so important to drink and use on crops will be poisoned. According to the New Order Big Business is way more important than humanity there is a minority of billionaires in the world in Right Wing Think Tanks toppling Democracy as we know it they have a private agenda. They use the word Capitalism though nobody is really sure what it is they are talking about it does not look like govt by the people for the people its for the rich by the rich. Stock Markets have little to do with happiness more about someone sitting in the Bahamas.
As it is easier to poison water to make a profit they want all laws overturned so they can pollute the planet further as profits are more important than gerbils.
“Moon craters that’s what will remain” se dice Izzy. Big Business pays well for the very few Izzy is throwing morality to the wind and we did a great job bribing the politicians so we could frack here they were overwhelmed and starry eyed.
"Let cats starve like some in Third World Nations, poison the rivers as has happened in poverty stricken oil rich African nations, in Mexico and USA.  Let the poor die as many do in USA due to privatised health systems that Obama tried to change met with derision by Murdoch the racist.
Kill the poor feed the White Supremacists human mince when we run out of everything else they are already dismantling Human Rights and environmental protection globally zat are zee very higher beings. Zey  know better. Turn zee world into a garbage dump vith poisoned air and toxic rivers full of plastics, toxins and sewerage."
Only sheep who know how to manipulate computer tracking and spyware vill succeed. In WW2 it was IBM computer punch cards that aided tracking Jews. The mega wealthy companies backed Hitler in his scourge on Human Rights. Now it’s anybody of difference particularly as to Human Rights of gerbils and ecology is terrified. All be bullied and kept out of the universities and live in worse conditions than developing nations except it’s neat clean and tidy. More leaders than ever are religious extremists. Has anybody noticed white evangelicals barely have festivals or icons or ceremonies or anything fun at all just sing. Culture is left behind for the plain. How tedious.
"High turnover mass produced more and more same stuff cheaper and cheaper using expensive advertising coal will help turn the turbines" Izzy chanted.  Eek hoot whistle went the Swedes. All Izzy has to do is hire a pump and drill, it is inexpensive a chimpanzees can do this they already have in Oz. You pump the chemicals in to force the oil from the schist, it poisons groundwater and can cause collapsing of upper ground and where a lot is done earthquakes, same as dams. The profit is around $30 a barrel so it is the easiest dumbest money in town easier than HK for certain. All you need do is borrow the money for the drill the chemicals are cheap.
"Woo hoo" se dice Izzy, "I do not have to vuze any zkillz, craft or brainz at all. There is f all rigour involved. Just make it into a public companiez, hire some zlavez ahem cheap labour from a developing nationz and complain zat it is very bad the stock market went down vhen my shares dip below trilionaire status and tell peoplez to vork even cheaper, I shall tell them to buy shares, they do not know any better and might lose life savings as brokers these days buy and sell in milliseconds using algorithms based on #nothingmuchatall certainly not humanity zey are trading gerbilz"
"Dills rule! All zis hard work becoming an actor and gee Holy sure wasted her time aiming at Artes and opening the galleriez, zat is too much hard work and intellect. Vay too much risk, zees money can be made by zee lazy. I vill produce propaganda on zee air waves with zee money and tell everybody to votez for me or someone I bribez. I can valk around looking really grand, dine out at zee finezt restaurants globally, build bad manzions and better ztill become a leading zuchinni influencing other leaders I am going to rule the world! catz who know how to enjoy life shall be demonised and paws"
"I vill start organising chopping forests down zo zee poor vill not revoltingz that will keep them working and in goodz moodz for a holding period, zo long as theyz are given minuscule hand outz zey will be happy, give zem toilet paper. Ve can laugh all the vay to zee bankz and pollute like crazy Zee Queen of England haz to work and zink harder than thhez for her money. A cleaner vorks harder and usez more brainz than thiz outing theez is zuch an awesome idea, I might rename myself “Gina Rinehat” she inherited money from the ugliest man in history. One woman was clever enough to become his nanny she is now very wealthy.
Rinehat truly believes in slave labour. Here is one quote on her childish web site. This woman is besties with current Libs she can buy the Pacific basin it’s abominable, se dice “For decades our primary producers have been weighed down by environmental laws, tax, human rights protection“ damned human rights what a nuisance, damned tax who wants hospitals, unemployment benefits, aged care, roads, child care and public education? Let’s use the ovens again if the desperate don’t work cheaply enough. Reinhat deserves money nobody else. Like Trump and Murdoch and the nations of India China Brazil no offence citizens, she wants police brutality and minimum tax on the wealthiest.
BTW primary producers get enormous tax benefits, there are continual stories about poor farmers, hers and Forrest's are massive cattle stations busy farting creating more methane, a greenhouse gas. A mixed diet is best. The politicians in Oz are so badly educated they think you can bury CO2 rather than allow forests to do the job. They do not know that forests produce 02. They are velly stoopid.
How much wealth does any one person need in one short life so they can have ultimate
power? Her life will be short she appears to have cholesterol issues though they would put her on an iron lung, nothing against the plump we are all shapes. Her belief system is so cannibalistic she knows nothing of real life she even stole from her own daughter and is like Covid 19 opportunistic. 
She stated that publicly. She wields enormous influence in Oz due to money. She is famed for eating most of the Great Barrier Reef in one sitting and disparaging remarks about the poor and black people. If you wanted to dream up an awful shark with way too much power in your worst nightmare nobody could invent this one. Had she lived in the past she would have heads on stakes outside her house and her lot would find that amusing she would be besties with that guy who runs the mega sell site who underpays staff as he is a total wanker.
"Gee must be the greatest hoax in history to be rich on mining" se dice the Swedes. "There are trillionaires walking around telling Ozzies to vote for crooks who want to pollute the Great Barrier Reef so they can be as rich Izzy will be, this is awesome."hoot whistle." Then as they being typical Scandinavians were multilingual started singing a punk Finnish song. 

Säkenöivä voima (Luminous power) by Sielun veljet

 Eläin elää, ihminen ihmettelee

Kaikki tahtoo elää säkenöivästä voimasta

Kaikki tahtoo elää säkenöivästä voimasta

Kaikki tahtoo elää säkenöivästä voimasta

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Izzy se dice "Ve could set up a media empire to ensurez ve choose all the leaderz ve select (me me me me me) first, Fairfax Channel 9 and Murdoch will be my model and anybody with talent in future will not stand a chance same as now unless they are on a TV competitionz or very populist  I no longer have to be just a gerbil!"
I vill start a Think Tank on "Liberalism" a new back to front word for Totalitarianism where corporationz that catz never voted for call all the shotz and governmentz dizappearz vee call eet liberatingz people from zee governmentz as vee handz over all powerz to monopoliez tobacco giants poker machine co's anti public health care pro 0 taxes on wealthy corporations anti environment that peoplez are unable to vote about, eef we want people to die of thirst at birth vee can privatise water vee haf not figured oxygen yet. Revert to mega wealthy rule, unzeen, un-voted and unknown, snicker, heh heh hah hah" 
Only the wealthy who can afford expensive solicitors will survive the new iron fist lawmaking Izzy is proposing with her new mates eek. Already freedom of speech has nearly ceased in Oz. The media is extremely centralised meaning only the Far Right and the Really Far Right have a voice, the lack of different voices in the media is a violation of Human Rights. Sure HK can speak online here though her audience is minute compared to most companies the ABC is severely under threat and has to couch all discussion so as to disguise anything negative about the Right as they control the ABC who stays and who is fired, it is OK to say oh well look at us women here but those women should not be enforced to repeat Rightist propaganda or belong to the Right it is against Freedom of Information a Democratic Right in the UN Convention of Human Rights. The newsreaders stand on the ABC. HK is unsure if this is for health reasons or if they are under orders from the new regime to stand as they are funded by the government. So are very wealthy pit bull terriers but they can lie around.
"Dismantle Democracy get some E Con O Mists on board vith hare brained schemez to azzist in brain vashing techniques, privatize everything cats will die from lack of health care, any clean water at all. Studying iz plain hard work, let otherz toil I am going to count dinero, wadz of it mountains of it I vill sleep in moniez money countz, catz are a nuisance zay need to zuffer az I am now a higher being, all hail Izzy head honcho chief Vampiress and zee Plutocrat I vill be the new rent seeker.I vill go to zee police eef anyone dare look sidewayz at at meez Izzy, I shall start writing zee spiels to zee police to tramplez Human Rights."
The birds swooped around. Clunk something small fell out of the sky . "Looks like The Great Picture of Missiles" se dice Swedes" it must be from HK's silkworm farm. Run for cover it's at least the size of a sugar banana it could knock one of us out." Thwack, thud thud a couple of flying foxes fell too. Nina could be spotted hovering lower ready to land. "Eeek" they had the terrors this was supposed to be respite, "Izzy is metamorphosing into a monstrous plutocrat is opportunistic and  a rent seeker she’s gone bananas. 
Off they flew straight to Mimi's door, quick let's hide in there. They fling open the door that says HAZMAT whatever that means must be dialect maybe or toilet?? Whoosh, Lexie breaks out she is wearing a long white robe and is transfixed.  Behind her is a trail of young girls in long white dresses. "Oh no" se dice one Swede, I recognise them it is the Flowing White Brigade from Sick Nick at Hanging Rock.
A movie about what in hell nobody can figure. "Oz is the land of ladies, all women aspire to become ladies there are about 2 other choices not worth it. Female artists are lady artists there are no bohemians except for Holy Kitsch!ers the rest must surely be invisible (aboriginals always excepted). Ever since that movie when "ladies" holiday they wear all white even HK known to do so, if working in a gallery it is black with straight cropped hair shaved up at the back with a pious or benevolent demeanor except Holy Kitsch!ers. They need assistance from Mary Cassatt she would bring those gels back to Earth. Sorry Peter Weir your other outings fine just those gels always brought to mind the crushing conformity of Oz. Those who are a part of it don’t see that. It leads to drug taking and bad behaviour patterns. You see it on TV everywhere tourists and immigrants too naive to notice.  Speaking of directors will put in a word for Paul Cox, Van Gogh the best film HK has seen to describe his works. Sweeping vistas of wheatfields a hymn. 
Lexie just keeps perambulating, stops squints at the sun, shakes her head and se dice:
"what has happened to me where have I been and why are these boarding school early teens following me in speckless long white dresses with pan flutes playing in the background?" The Flowing White Brigade are ready to rebel "ve are tired of being wraiths for the bourgeois let's dance letz play let's do anything but theez eez soo boring. Blink blink goes Lexie's supernaturally enormous kewpie eyes the whites of which are blue instead. Another flurry and tons of kewpies tumble out. Nina has landed off to the side se dice :
"do not touch the kewpies their mine all mine, mine and my corazon. We are cloning them right now." Her boyfriend emerges rubbing his eyes gathering kewpies in his arms instructing them. "remember rights for cats, rights for meeces, rights for us all in Oz, diversity is fabo, a Green world now, we want freedom from the money counters bring on the used tabbies and traumatised doggies get help for HK"
The Swedes had never been to a guest house like this one things were getting hairy they started shrieking and crying. One suggested ringing HK so they ran to the bakelite phone in the Tardis and rang HK.
Holy thinks "Hmm what would Louise Hayes do in this situation? then says "Izzy cannot wreak havoc yet, thanks for the tip off. She is only doing what she knows, like Corona she has become opportunistic aarrgh! It is a virus on Earth she wants wealth the easy way and sell it bulko its Communism same as the stock market.”
A vintage kewpie postcard during suffragette movement USA late 19thc. The artista who invented the kewpies was the bohemian Rose O'Neill who supported causes for the marginalised and women's suffrage, she disliked the middle classes. She made a fortune from the sale of kewpies they were a sensation, in Oz she would have needed be a lady first to succeed. O'Neill was a very popular cartoonist for Puck a mainly man's satirical magazine commenting on social justice issues. O'Neill spent some time in Paris creating visionary work and studied under Rodin for a short period. 
Kewpies are right leave that coal alone it's a hot potootie. We have to find other ways to raise the museum I do not think I want to swap current set of plutocrats for Izzy as the new plutocrat I do not care what sex she is it's her idealism that matters, hmm have I got ideals, I seem to have, is that a huge problem? Oz does need decent people governing that is for certain the current ones are weasley who would sell your granny's liver for another day in power and led by a leash by bad billionaires. Announcing publicly "open for business" ie "we take bribes in NSW" is pretty scary sounds like rent seeking to me" The Swedes sobbed as they heard this mistress-ful oratory.
"Let Izzy strut for awhile and the kewpies are sooo cute. We can help in their demonstrations."
"Let's all get behind HK's proposal, she has been our top adviser since we arrived and now Holy no longer has the galleries and a bare drawing room her Tardis is awfully last century and not even a third party to prevent theft of her concepts. She is highly vulnerable to the Right Wing slobbos here and does not want to marry recklessly. She is very fragile it is cruel."
"The Earth is weeping her parents spinning in their graves that her art and soul were denied by the nation she was born into and her daddy fought hard for her Democratic rights and others in this nation. She is fading fast from sight boo hoo and we all are too sob, weep gnash gnash. She cannot comingle with international artists who think like her she is in Coventry in a freezing tiny prison inside the Tardis it is heinous. Lexie might need a place for her strange films" se dice Swedes. "Alice is searching for the land of small dog breeds" se dice another of the Swedes "though she is still inside stamping bags we can't stop her poor thing. Stamp stamp stamp all day gee HK must have really been too particular on that." Alice continued as she knelt on the floor with the large carry bag sized stamp. HK retained it after closure. "Oh how I toil oh me oh my I shall memorise more small dog breeds in case HK needs to introduce new models"
"Hear hear, those aliens might negotiate on Shiz what can we offer that is not a lump of coal?" se dice the kewpies."
Nina se dice"it is OK negotiations went on in secret"
Swedes se dice "There is an awful lot of art suppression going down this part of town, it is historical and HK is no country bumpkin nothing against country Holy Kitsch!ers who are struggling themselves and surrounded by the Neat Clean and Tidy Brigade.
This nation could readily make money from artes, tourism, invention, cool manufacture and awesome galleries like Holy Kitsch! a slow economy.
Now HK is proposing MINIr aside from fabo OS galleries being her partner in crime as to personal stuff too or a German collector.”
"This is a great holiday destination but unless you are an accountant, religious extremist or builder there is no future here, you really have to be a lady or a macho he-man to fit in with the hillbillies in the Arts or marry the son of a critic RIP. The universities might lose the art of enquiry everything here is super flat it is like the nation has been taken to the Cuckoo's Nest and lobotomised apart from the pandemic which is serious. It is the same way they knocked that pianist out in that movie, wonder if he could have fled? It is some weird far flung district of benevolence from UK. The cats all sit around applauding those we can be benevolent to they even grouped the aboriginals into a sub set of benevolence not all it driving us all pecans. the alternate tactic is just being plain nasty and racist it is hell fon Earth for artistas.
Of course we need caring laws never listen to the hype on nannies they are just what we need against the the the the Nurse Ratchetts. We need someone on our side we need nannies, we need nannies or the plutocrats will crush all land sea water and anyone meek or kind.
USA kicked the gentry out, now they have a new plutocrat (Trump as of 27/04/2020) in power due to a ratbag media giant from Oz with codger values, let us send the kewpie brigade over. He uses "biffo" language and uneducated insults to smear his opposition just the way ockers here in power do so masking their corruption. Boris of Britain does that one they are on first name terms with all Right Wing Think Tanks the new scourge HK has heard they wear white sheets at night in gatherings. If they talk about mates, smear and use ocker language in Oz it is a dead give away they are multi billionaire mining vampires and brainless. They only know how to flatter each other as they are pig ignorant and that is insulting to pigs, snorkles"
"We can exchange some Holy Kitsch! for Shiz and HK is trying to earn enough against huge odds to pay Shiz but try all her mighty mouse might this system ain't working for her round these parts. Hughes once said that you will never please the ahem bastardry here enough nothing is good enough. The results these days are mediocre as we cower.
HK has met with discrimination and in the past teachers ordering her to find herself, she knows where she is and she ain't stupid the system is stupid here and it was wrong for her family too. She has met dingbats many times here not so in her travels. HK will need to curse hard."
Mimi's haberdashery door opened again and out hobbled a moth eaten pterodactyl. "Ahem" se dice Nina's boyfriend "I was also trying my cloning skills on a broader sort of framework, I made this one all by myself"
The pterodactyl tried to breathe flames but failed. This was a pretty meek pterodactyl. He looked at the kewpies and joined them on their march albeit hunched, slow and rather shabbily, wings hanging down loosely, chunks of his fur were falling off with scabby bits of skin still attached. He scratched his balls with his thick, cracked, ochre coloured talons more fur flying. The fleas bounced around too and he had issues controlling his drool, it sort of came and went, not a constant flow he then farted. Hrooot it was so bad the grass curled over. After a full belly of cane toads, scale, mosquitos, stink bugs, flies, cockroaches, aphids, mealy bugs, red spider mites, lace bugs, fruit flies, boll weevils , snails and thrips he had been sneaking the 1879 Para Tawny port he found in the attic in a rustic container, he was not normally a drinker it was to wash the insects and toads down he had been feasting.
burrrp, belch grpie. He burned as he again tried to breathe flames his breath so acrid the kewpies in front passed out in tiny somersaults.
"please don’t make me into kebabs and eat me" se dice the pterodactyl. "The planet's governments need to educate you to stop logging old growth forests and eating the wild life that escapes know some are very poor and have no choice, this is global, my friends the wolves are being killed by farmers near the North Pole and some USA citizens are still trophy hunting in Africa to kill the kings of the jungle the lions, the giraffes, guerillas even and more they are sickos, trophy hunting was enormous at the beginning of the 20th century thousand of elephants and other wildlife were killed for sport some probably eaten the hunters used Africans as guides who must have thought these are truly crazy dogs and probably how Spanish flu got out as hunter cultures are usually quite specific about hunting and killing and non time wasting for survival the whole tribe had to survive not just one person.”
As he says this the pterodactyl's mega schlong, he is megafauna, accidentally lolls out, he has no control on this, Nina's boyfriend made a mistake in the matrix. His schlong also looks kinda crusty urkle. Nina's Jack of Hearts se dice: "I modelled the schlong on myself the uncontrollable part was another challenge I faced in the matrix sorry on that."
Nina se dice: "His condition is your fault hrrmph, you forgot to make the pterodactyl self cleaning too. Now deary me, I shall just have to don my wet look black rubber white skull gloves© on top of my white cotton gloves. I always turn my rubber gloves inside out after use in the sun and wash frequently. I'll take him to the mineral spring and give him a good scrub all over his fur coat looks so decrepit shish swash. I’ll don my new vintage garb it’s wash and wear lace super durable cotton so I can bleach if desperate. Bare feet are the go wiggle toes wiggle especially when I dunk him in the to tree lake that will rid him of cooties.
Courreges dress sixties thanks Getty Images, Harpers Bazaar educational purposes. 
Be great for MINIr’s Galactic Ball all occasion dress really in or outside the Tardis.
My home made bubbly shampoo of bunya bunya pine needles will have him spruce and shiny new. Scrub his little waxy ear holes slurp sloosh, wipe his rheumy eyes clean wheet, scrub his fangy toothy pegs shush shush shush. I'll grab my home grown loofah and foam him up head to toe sudsy wudsy even clawed wingy tips. All over he will look so sparkling and fluffy, span new. I shall finish him off by spritzing him with my eau de wattle blossoms tzzt tzzt then he can dry out on the patio in one of the authentic Acapulco chairs I can then clip his nails with my fine imported molybdenum stainless steel safety clippers snippety snip se dice Nina snippilly. "The kewpies can surround him and fan him dry with monstera deliciosa leaves, they won't mind they are tiny and know nothing much at all."
He's pretty well past everything darn that matrix. I'll instruct the kewpies how to support his huge flappy wings with an extra couple of chairs" The pterodactyl fangily grinned in anticipation his belly quivered momentarily his schlong wobbled, he cannot control these parts nor the farting and drooling that is a problem when cloning extinct animals. Nina is always experimenting with new beauty aid concoctions. "Hmm morning dew nectar of bottlebrush might be good on his leathery wings I shall prepare some I can combine it with cold pressed macadamia nut oil and buff up those wings till shiny with my velvet wrapped courgette, to finish off percussion him with two dry loofahs to stimulate blood circulation and lymph gland drainage rat a tat tat" She twirled her carved with skull motifs cow horn comb©.
The Swedish trio kept eyeing off the loofah they wanted to get their hands on some save some money on tammies, they can cut to shape.
The kewpies do not even notice anything as too busy practising for the protest and they are too tiny to know much about anything at all. Some are sporting tattoos thanks to a new craze started by a Holy Kitsch! kewpie and piercings.
There were still flying foxes behind Nina even though she did not know, clunk to the ground went another she quickly turned round, they swooped round too, nothing there. "it is you we shouted at Nina, you started the virus with those darn bats and that pterodactyl looks totally suss what are you and your boyfriend doing? "What bats?" Nina's eyelashy eyes batted, her chest heaved she brushed back her locks. "That pterodactyl," one Swede se dice "I have never seen such a large batty creature don't you play the innocent, your days of hiding a beast so large are over, c'mon fess up, like what have you been doing?"
"Wow" se dice Izzy whilst I am busy ruling the world can I have that pterodactyl by my side "no way" se dice the rest of us "he is so kawaii and he is staying with our band! You too once you recover" The birds went tlaloc tlaloc and formed a new murmur.
"Those birds are driving us pecans" se dice Swedes "they have seen better days too."
”let’s name the pterodactyl Fang” se dice Niña. 
HK was sobbing as she wanted that museum so badly but making the ground holey and pumping toxic chemicals in to extract oil and gas sounded way backward and uneducated. It went against her very molecules though she was truly desperate it was sure tempting. She really was unhappy about this dilemma so cursed all that will stop her future success with MINir Holy Kitsch!ers are uncursed as they are trruly supportive and the indigenous that goes without saying unless they are anti Holy Kitsch!
This is her mother's curse handed down to her, it is a strong curse and wreaks havoc on all (also except HK's Jewish counsellor Danielle who is a secret Buddhist as well and especially requested not to be cursed as did HKs doctor R. Burton named after an old film star who swore he never votes for the Liberals and did not come from a privileged b’ground oh deary HKs childhood was kinda privileged).
Anybody else who is actually good and kind on the inside ie Holy Kitsch!ers also the Innocents are not cursed as nobody will listen to her and many have deserted her. Blubber boo hoo gut wrench slobber.
Suddenly an enormous dark lead grey blobby spectre blotted out the sky aaaarrrgh! all screamed including HK too on the bakelite phone the Swedes were in the Tardis, as she could hear a great gust. It was the evil GM modified and robotised non Holy Kitsch!ers Jekkie and Kymilas they appeared similar to a kind of giant funnel web spider with scabies, they had GM modified corn sprouting from their plastic backs onto which clung crack the drug it had formed there as it was opportunistic as them. They blocked out all light they were mind bogglingly enormous, the most evil diseased scabrous GM vectors on Earth they belong to a kewpie stealing cult they pay well for kewpies they specialise in smear and teach kewpies same so the evil continues without ceasing. Toxic pesticides squirted from their pores, their eyes flashed on and off a deathly radioactive glower.
"C'mon kewpies say black is white." The kewpies shouted back, "black is white", good spat Jekkie and Kymilla "come vith us ve will give you gifts for lying we are taking you from here to re-educate you nya ha ha to believe in us only you vill qll become Regressives ve vill make vu richve haf a Rightist Think Tank waiting for you. Ve haf populated the Earth vif shadowy Rightist Think Tanks nobody can find them much as ve hide on the Dark Web zo all you read eez nasty propaganda against mildly Leftist zink tankz a zmall minority. Really nearly all Think Tanks are Far Right run by zee Ku Klux Klan.
Ve are White Supremacists ve vill back zee evil Green hating billionaires ve vill teach vu to poison rivers and minds. You will not be near the terrible pterodactyl or HK or Izzy the kewpies can return to Nina at times ve vill pay for favourz zat iz how ve operate only ve belong to zee Right Ving Think TankzK. Vee haf influence nya hah hah."
"No" we all shouted "stop badgering the kewpies, we teach them the good you are evil to the core you who suffer envy avarice greed gluttony vanity sloth and lust you have no kewpies of your own and you are anti pterodactyl and HK, anti artista, anti freedom, anti knowledge, anti Dada, anti diversity anti love.
We like Dada. We like Visionaries, we like Da Vinci, Gentileschi, Maori carvings,Tiki and Van Gogh we like difference we are cool cats you are uncool not even nerds you are herpes infested hairy GM modified robotised infested with GM modified corn funnel webs not even arachnid spiders though we love all real arachnids and insectas.
Kymillas is very old GM and robotised and scary he wants the Lot double eek." Jekkie always lures Kymilas to give her free rides in life though she is getting older and pustulent so has to hang on to Kymilas hoping he will die asap and leave her a crust if she can nab the kewpies. Kymilas is a bozo an old breed that still hangs about like "just good mates" thinks he is alpha male except he is flabby and fading fast from using his bully boys weight against others for personal satisfaction he breaks up families by telling the girl her hubby is not a big useless enough beer drinking poker machine playing ocker like him and needs to become a larrikin pick on the meek, so many men have had to live up to this useless turd who will tell you he is just one of the boys a real "workin' class clean boy" only with billions, in Oz "you know havin a bit of harmless fun what is wrong with that kind of guy or gal after all we are all shareholders" according to his and her twisted creeds from mediocrity he is unaware the globe has changed yet can influence those who know no better, bad news all round. He is mixed up about what is just ordinary trade, what is just usual public utilities, how the planet actually needs to go Green, what is just usual people doing really awesome stuff but no these bozos want white sliced bread forever break up relationships and break your backs they are awful and they stole a lot of HK's life and many others.
The genetic modification has made him worse. Jekkie and Kymilas nails spring out as steely hooks as seen in mines, very pointed se dice:
"Kewpies say HK is bad bad to the bone." Kewpies shouted "HK is bad bad to the bone." Kewpies are tiny sponges they know nothing so us elders should take great care so they do not become sickos.
"HK is bad, bad to the bone. To the bone to the bone, bad to the bone HK is bad to the bone and on the phone" they sang
HK se dice "hey that rap is quite good still they do not know what they are saying they are too little we could make money from this yet."
Jekkie and Kymilas se dice: "ve are gathering up all the kewpies ve shall lure them we need to teach them awfulness so they can grow up awful as us and they will slave for us as we become sickly and scabbier we will train them ve have no love nor vill ve teach care ve vill print tracts and broadcast on zee web and printz medias. Ve haf forced already Nina's boyfriend to sign over some as we made make a false confession or ve takez ze Lot"
The toxic robot slime dripped from their clothes it had soaked through the sky swirled thunderously. "vou are all zee zame and zee zame as uz ve will enzure vouse are brain vashed vu haz to lookz after uz az ve agez" se dice Jekkie and Kamilas. Some elders deserve looking after like the pterodactyl these leprous GMs do not.
By now the kewpies are busy drying the pterodactyl so that Fang’s Fans Fan Fang. 
Nina's boyfriend thought he better hide the one eyed Tiki in case the evil ones stole it. "Help we need a nanny to assist us all who is not bent from corruption and who protects our Human Rights all of us." Everybody cowered at the horror of Jekkie and Kimilas never in their lives had they seen such pure evil nor kewpie thiefs. Nina being rather ditzy did not know any better. She was almost ready to hand the kewpies over eek for money eek ekk! SOS we shouted urgent HK needs help she is forced to live a life of privation punished for being too intelligent and good not a robot working for the Packer Family. Punished for owning two galleries that made such a good profit and impression on cats. HK sent a Mumma Bear on a free trip who was thence enabled to buy a cabana in Maroubra how many free rides does HK have to provide in one life? SOS "we can try glitter bombing them" se dice HK, "quick fetch glitter."
Out of the blue some foreign police swished by running in unison clip clop clip clop clip clop went their booties there were swishy drawing lines around them as in cartoons, "I know it's up there" se dice one in a cartoon bubble, they rushed through the door that said HAZCHEM upstairs to the attic where nobody had ever been and lugged a heavy door from Paris. It was a Banksy he is everywhere oh dear. The depiction was a very sad child in mourning and that went with Koons Tulip statue and she is sad for us all and the poor polluted Planet and black lives, she is extra super concerned about HK It was awfully heavy to carry down nobody knows that HK painted it verso an HK homage to Haring everybody likes dancing. Escape planz are underway by HK, tunneling, flying whatever it takes, zhe cannot zuffer any longer zhe is becoming unhinged.  
Nannies are highly qualified unlike the recently imported blonde sex slave from France by our govt. In Australia Nannies are Early Childhood Educators as in most First World Nations. This means they had to learn the Rights of the Child and child psychology and pass exams. They had to learn how to communicate with a child and not to bully or oppress the child and allow the child to invent and be free to discover this is important in the First World as in the past nasty discipline was used or children were forced to work in factories. There are various levels of attainment. 
Hateful 8 is a movie by Quentin Tarentino and is also a commentary. In it is Mimi's Haberdashery. Samuel L Jackson the black actor did not win an Academy Award. A funny aside is the number of locks in the "haberdashery" as Surry Hills store had 3 locks maddening! Weinstein produced it.
Holy Kitsch! is not paid by any brands mentioned above, just happen to pick up on what's going down, could omit them though aside from name dropping brands do exist HK is always unsure of this matter she also does not belong to any political parties or besties with any of them at all. Have seen local member in the street etc and have a photo with 2 that it.
Born in Mexico Miguel Covarrubias 1904-1957 was famed for his ethnography, painting, posters and front covers Vanity Fair. He visited Bali and wrote about it producing numerous works there that have left a strong impression on modern Balinese painting their traditions still shine through.
He was a part of the underground and received strong encouragement from US patrons, something that just does not happen in Oz unless you are Far Right mainstream confess you are super depressed and possibly hint at Evangelicism in some way. As you can see age was not an issue with musicians in his time if they were good obviously! He produced works for New Yorker too. HK has viewed his original work. 

HK: Lone Gerbil Holy Kitsch!

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