Cabin Fever

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Izzy is back in town looking hmm depthless? She has returned from 12 months in Los Angelos (her Darrrd is an Amerrrican citizen) some film making and starrrr appearrrances. Izzy is a forrrmer Arrrtist in Rrrresidence and had to manage one of the storrres whilst Holy Kitsch! trrraaavelled, shipping too, she is an acclaimed member of Brigade Holy who are advising on Holy Enterprise el Museo de la Futura en Sydney, prospectus, Holy K en las  Galerias y los museos de la Cuidad Nueva York, Los Angelos, Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes la Cuidad de Mexico, MAMA Algiers and Beyond (y mas) plus checking on notions at Mimi's Haberdashery over at Penultimate Goddess Nina's parents Hideaway in the Hunter Valley Parish of Pokolbin which Nina's pink mohawk haired boyfriend uses as his hideout whilst performing yogic aura increasing exercises so now it is quite huge.
He promises he will not be flirting with the 3 Swedish tourists who will be safely taken care of by Penultimate Goddess Nina's parents staff besides rather than I’m being disturbed in his yogic exercises they can make friends with the other tourists in adjoining villas so no concerns with the usual tourist murderers and scary cricket hooligans they can just discover the rascally treasures of the Valley enjoying being tourists meeting the Lorrcals, The sheep is a foetus provider for most sheep in Oz you can see by the colour of her wool and has begun to flirt with Izzy’s boyfriend. The tourists will meet her. She is the Holy Sheep and tis a beautiful representation and engaging. Has she had a beer?
The Swedes are avoiding being rounded up by forcibly plucked modified chickens on the mega chicken torture farm or sorting slabs of horse meat at the abattoirs rapido the pay is nothing rather than being fabo then attracting people who will do the job with panache nor did they need to be serfs hosing down the sobbing pigs locked up in pig concentration camp cages being taught to walk on two legs instead of four as Trump has already learned.
To extend a tourist visa for a second year a tourist has to be a sex slave on a billionaire's ranch and their kid's nanny, the government can arrange that rapido if you are blonde, female, heterosexual and speak French, does Izzy speak French?
The Swedes wondered if they should learn French as not many people seem interested in teaching their kids Swedish even though one is blonde not all blondes are ditzy though that is no obstacle to success in #anythingatall in Oz.
Some banana brains are making billions and rule the world as Oz specialises in breeding them learned from the days of the Colonies the less intellect the better, they have grown bananas inside their skulls to replace their brains it is easier they can then run a media empire, a ranch, a mine or gain a Doctorate at an academy in Visual Arts (exceptions exist) it is too depressing for words as I agree with Newell even though he is irritating looks awful he would be practically the only artist there and it still doesn't pay well yet he is so praying and as for me, it is flattening, the queue is infinitely long and would kill the spirit of the most positive spirited person on the globe even if she found an OS gallery they would have a 10 year plan.
Andy Warhol with his generosity, deep critique and integrity would not have got past decorating windows in Oz and even that would have been a difficulty to enter, eventually he would have become an alcoholic and homeless and the world would never has seen his art if he was born in Oz as he would not have fitted in at all due to chutzpah and not being goody two shoes.
If the Swedes are rounded up to pick billionaire rancheros melons their pores will absorb the toxic chemicals sprayed on the GM modified melons grown in millions as a mono crop as billionaire rancheros (not all rancheros are billionaires) are terrified of edible seeds and see black seeds as ugly ugly ugly and should be eliminated for further profitability, "shelf appeal," ease of scanning and keeping The People in ignorance so they will buy tonnes of High Turnover Seedless melons rapido without ever needing staff or if so they are seeking brain dead automatons who vill zing the company zong Through Arbeit (German word for work) is Freedom it was written on a Concentration Camp entrance, it was the "user preys' system.
Jews, gays, people of colour, intellectuals, gypsies, people with mental differences and people of #anykindoffantasticatall were judged non preyers as were non-govt/non-eltist approved artists same as here, if you have chutzpah like Team Holy they will take you down like Meaghan Markle was by the gutter press UK, Oz inherited that and exported it back. That is why HK needs Brigade Holy to see her through somevherez somevayz somehowz vee vill vind a new vay ov livingz
Gulags used a similar system to the Concentration Camps and Russia continues to do so there is great poverty there, tax is only 4% for all including the the wealthy as the wealthy are considered to contribute to the entire nation which is now entirely corrupt and poverty stricken with a few very rich crooks at the top and many try to emigrate as there is a way low quality of life with a high suicide rate some become Russian Dolls in Germany, the gulags remain bad and are used for dissidents and Pussy Riot who protested mixed in with true murderers as they did so in the past making it extra scary for dissidents.
The govt punishes the poor here as Oz has no Bill of Human Rights they are saying to folks who survived the bush fires they will not be taxed which means the billionaires are celebrating, the out of work crying, Mums are crying, the disabled are crying and the pensioners teeth are clattering although they all pay tax with GST when shopping and contribute to the economy and keep doctors well paid their benefits are not enough for a human or animal in a First World nation to survive, everybody hates the govt here except the press a large sector of Arts in Oz, billionaires and racists.
Oz is a long time practitioner of the user preys so the out of paid-work are eating loads of carbs and fat as that is cheap and comforting or becoming drug addicts from being dispossessed and feeling useless, hopeless or they need to learn to be predatory there is some work around in highly underpaid "contract" work if they need flexible hours or their CV has reached its USE BY limit with text boxes and non linear they are unable to pay the tax when the time comes so will have to go to jail as their income is too low yet they are registered properly, it is all done "high tech gee whizz" to disadvantage them as much as possible as the billionaire bosses and government depts cannot imagine that everybody does not own a home office with a highly expensive computer and a fully operational printer that does not break down or need new ink they have never stepped outside the text box. 
A driver might wait for two days with no pay as it takes the overseas office that period to read a scanned document that the driver had to cross mountains to obtain.
The public can make false claims against drivers if the driver works for a high tech uncontactable billionaire company and he/she will lose more money it is called the user preys system whereby the driver has to pay for the passengers and the passengers follow orders not to tip.
It is cruel and unregulated though the govt has ensured a constant stream of employees in that field as the billionaires prefer people are underpaid to keep their other underpaid employees happy as what the billionaires have to sell is cheap and nasty lacking in skills, made by expensive robotz or slave labour and pollutes the planet many work as "contract drivers" as the other eco-system the large corporations have hours set in concrete and massive needs as to CVs meaning the intelligent are out of work and those with families in a broad range of occupations.
Nobody can figure what corporations really do except something tacky was just spat out.
When HK was a street gallery people could complain online in chat rooms and there is no way to address that it might be someone trying to take you down due to lack of accountability so when HK is searching for accom. when on a business trip she uses her hunches and reads between the lines anyone can write anything about you on line it is unregulated though HK is checkable and does not hide behind #anythingatall and a false shop front.
In Holy Kitsch! case mistakes can happen though she has noticed people are remarkably tolerant if informed and can speak to a human being who is directly with her company nowadays just herself and she has a name address and phone number and lives here when not on a business trip (that has fallen by the way too).
Corporations do not believe men look after kids or pick them up from school even though they have female bosses at times. The business ecology has evolved into a bully system of user ie: driver, street retailer, owner of galeria or artists and actors are now praying.
Holy asked a sugar skull seller in Mexico City if he used text boxes on his CV to do what he did so brilliantly with art he replied que? She then asked where his home office was so he could make a complaint to a govt dept, type his CV or apply for a grant he said que?
Holy K asked a Mexican Visual artist he said rise up now! HK said what about a home office artista se dice: he used to drop around to his artist activist girlfriend's place but she was murdered by a drug cartel on her way home from a local bar likely she was murdered as she started a women's collective because poor women are victims of user preys and fewer rights even though in Mexico women are represented in most fields and he wept as did Holy Kitsch! He added if he is absolutely forced to do paperwork es el horiblemente though must somehow get through it for the authorities as to his late girlfriend RIP the collective has been supportive. In Mexico activists, ecologists, musicians, narco intolerant politicians, artists, women and film makers are targeted by cartels reflecting the ideologies of some leaders in nations internationally eg Trump & co. and certain media moguls, they are psychopaths and cruel, scared of difference and the gentle and want to control not just women's bodies anybody different to themselves and their twisted set of morals are always uneven HK has noticed. There are women members in the cartels it’s awful. 
RIP she is typical of younger Mexican artistas has that Mexican smile. She truly was murdered. Maybe they mistook her for a HAZMAT? A common issue globally when it comes to psychopaths and mad leaders. 
Holy then asked a New York artist he/she replied wharrt is arr CV, arre they in farshion now? She asked about his/her home office he/she replied he carrnt starrnd therrm burrt he/she lorves visiting the library he always finds some interrresting reading, he is worrried he uses his/her i-phorrrn too often it is beterrr than smorrking forrr yourr health he/she told HK, he askrrsked herr if she warrrnted to be showrrn rrround New Yorrrk City they can hoof it on foot and use the subways its angst frree usarrlly.
Holy Kitsch! said yes even though the artist was quite strange. He/she replied we both look fantarrrstic, are you doing shabby chic? Love the highly unusual Op Art handbag what does HAZCHEM mean? Let's hit the Dioorr show they have Judy Chicago showwing sorrry I missed your Mexican event at Enmore Rd and off shoot Surry Hills. We can hearr Pino Blasone on Francis of Assisi with original illuminated manuscripts to show, thats later at the New York City Library. HK replied his rosa attire looks glowing.
HK also se dice: HAZCHEM means hazard chemicals I bought this bag as a souvenir in Mexico I love the weaving. The indigenous had stalls set up around a cyanide dam. There is a mining company from Canada mining the silver and as Mexico is poor they can use cheap and toxic processes, they are trying to discredit the people who live there so they set up stall to sell the bags so visitors would know the danger. Poor women, artists and the meek or disempowered are all endangered. So we are now all carrying HAZCHEM bags in memorium for murdered artists and The People. They do warn The People in Mexico stay clear of the cyanide dam in the mountains it’s toxic.
Holy Kitsch! asked an LA visual artist he said drop on by, bring some pecans I have an awesome collection of pecan crushers so Holy did so, he was handsome and ancient, he could reminisce on a life time of artworks that were supported by lo-cals and internationals enabling him to continue his fine weird work of which he is grateful. Holy Kitsch! showed up he opened the door and he was naked el se dice: “didn’t I tell you it’s Nude Day you have to undress” HK se dice: “you’re on”
Holy Kitsch! asked an Australian Visual artist at first she could not bring herself to speak to Holy, she replied via her assistant. She still used text boxes though will change as directed, she ensures she remains in her allotted text box at all times, everybody has a box in Oz, she has won multiple competitions and is on track in her art mid-career, she was born in a country town improving her linear CV starting with her HSC exhibit in a major gallery in which others need wait a lifetime to show the judges who knew her well said she was a child prodigy, she has a polished artist statement, no chutzpah and is besties with Doctors and Colonials and now is one herself, the assistant replied crisply, her boss is very busy being tasteful and currently reclining on her ironing board having her afternoon nap.
She is comfortable in her knowledge of her own greatness and easy lifestyle with zero intrusions. She has a professional home office, artist assistant, a nanny for her kids and her partner is influential, her schooling was strict and taught her to be the "Quiet Australian."
She believes in the User Preys system and is proud of being ordinary with added tiny bit of difference. She does not like wasting her time with people like Holy Kitsch! She is now finished talking. 
When needing respite she retires to her tasteful investment house in the Highlands if it has not burned down.
She is neat clean and tidy and sometimes appears on talk back shows. Her work is in all major museums here as they all know each other their families mostly came out on the First Fleet making them inbred or they know someone who did so. 
Her work lacks insight and she is taking up a lot of artist room in Oz as here there is only room for oh, must be up to 3 by now and nobody knows what the word diverse means unless they hit you on the head with it. 
The aboriginal artists of Oz have done very well as they have protected their art and together promoted it broadly. Many are international super stars on the art market and Holy decided to leave well enough alone as she felt tiny as it is though glad for the aboriginals. Their CVs are written on the cave walls already. 
The govt showers money into the countryside to garner votes though 89% of citizens in Oz  live in the major cities they have no voice nothing against those from small towns though have fears about the racists and extremists they can be favoured above us numerous city folk for votes, particularly infrastructure and subsidies.
The borders on electorates are gerrymandered.  The percentage who voted for current govt would be way less but the media here is Rightist propaganda and is as limiting as the Chinese experience so The People are now discovering it is better to read international media and check the publisher. In Oz there is one media mogul who rules not just Oz, also USA and UK.
The public TV channel and news outlet has a Rightist stalwart eternally installed and is starved of dinero not the mining companies or sporting bodies as sport is considered a clean and healthy path for the self righteous.
Freedom of the press is extra limited there are few local drama productions by public TV these days like there was once and they were good as they did not have to please media or advertising moguls. The Rightists are aiming on annihilation of that freedom. 
 Anyone who is not a Rightist is called a Radical which sounds more fun to most except some of the population just absorb the propaganda due to ignorance and a lack of education and or brainwashing by the Right it is global. In China it is best not to be a dissident as they might imprison you and you will be recycled for spare parts. Here you just remain invisible and die from lack of recognition or gain weight. 
There are practically no intellectual patrons in Oz, all patrons give to the medical here only (they are scared of their own demise) or disasters and rarely the good and encouraging grants and donations that open up opportunities like el museo de la futura, certainly not anything that might increase people's experience on Earth with depth and knowledge eg The Arts or is an upbeat idea I do not think people know the meaning of that in the Arts in Oz it does your head in.
Melons did not know their seeds were ugly ugly ugly ugly or a nuisance to Planet Earth's humans, a blot as to shelf appeal as the usual city folkz never knew one goddam good melon in their entire lives and in Oz little chance of finding an old painting of an original melon various hybrids existed they are the usual in nature and humans.
The billionaire rancheros were even more surprised that seeds grow and each seed produces a slightly different tang and form of melon just like having kids they are not identical or perrrfect whatever perfect is nobody can figure that out except the billionaire rancheros supermarkets and people who run competitions eg "They Shoot Horses Don't They?" based on a marathon dancing comp The People entered in the Great Depression for a prize for dancing the longest using the "user prays" system The Other People were the preying audience maybe they had better jobs or were just bizarre it was certainly run by a mad predator.
The Swedes were alarmed that all Oz cattle and all Oz rams are identical, the livestock are super bored from a lack of diversity the sheep have identical fur in colour and curliness  baaaarrh pigs are identical too, snorrrkles and considered ugly ugly ugly ugly the cattle have identical patches in company with their own all day they moooohh and crunkle crunkle chewing the cud. Some are held in tight yards and fed shit, it is recycled guano from the tortured chickens they use it for the pigs too and the unemployed and the marginalised. Cheap is all that matters to billionaire corporations. Easy to sell to the underpaid, nobody will notice difference and quality was withdrawn from sale. Farmers who are not billionaires find it hard to keep up with CHEAP advertising and freight companies have gone out of business. Most of the cool stores moved out of Surry Hills and both galleries (Holy Kitsch! and one other) and a fast food joint has moved in. There goes the neighbourhood. 
There is only one sheep and one bull in the entire nation producing all the offspring from their ahem, sperm (excuse me) and we are now down to two identical eggs, difference terrifies billionaire rancheros they vant huuuge meaty fatty predictable high turnaround, mutations and the tortured better zat all eez controlled vith knowable outcomez for the unknowable.  The depiction of a sheep from the Altar of Ghent by Van Dyck who would never win an art competition here it is too complex in thought they def would think she was a HAZMAT and the artist had no talent. She is showing a good leg, are the Swedish interested? Sheep in the past were not killed en masse or willy nilly it was an event. When HK was in Mexico she saw a farmer selling his goat he was holding her tightly he looked sad a difficult task. On the multi panelled altar is an Adam and Eve, she holds a citron and her breasts resemble apples. Adam's fig leaf is awfully. Eve's depiction was not an invitation for certain uneducated men to go berko you can see in the scene all is tender and cute as are all participants. God is depicted as a ruler all knowing and all seeing yet distant and unknowable as a difficult subject to paint as you can imagine. The popular thing to do here is frame the sky in a sculpture but who is to say the sky is where God resides? All HK can see is the brown sky from human induced climate change.
Zee billionaire rancheros are super gurus as they be influencerz, not all of them and influencing sending melon eaters to wars to die as well because the billionairez prefer shelf appeal, no black seeds, lower prices, mono crops and no personal service unless she is blonde and speaks French thoroughly vetted in case she is not a spy, no offence to blonde French people Holy Kitsch! likes French and loves languages and all different shades and nations.
Nina's trailing flying foxes with tiny baby ones clinging on their backs are dropping dead from the extreme heat in Oz thunk thunk, literally instead of flapping just giving up the ghost and dropping to the ground thunk, sometimes just the kids thunk, then sadly expiring RIP so that as she walks, actually Penultimate Goddess Nina hovers from the Inner West Sydney to Bondi Beach on her large hand made broom her flying foxes plopping guano feeding the few remaining trees, fortunately as non-hub public transport is considered abnormal in Sydney and diagonals are vigorously opposed unless on street signs that say no parking by people from P the sign says no parking at the base the upper portion has a giant P with a diagonal through it, the Swedes guessed they must mean public vehicles must not park. HK thought Peugeots.
The premier is privatising public transport to mates then will subsidise them, that is usual, then passengers also pay more if any can find the transport at all as if you live outer West you learn to buy a car as soon as able no matter the cost due to an appalling lack of public transport, the State Premier is anti government and anti Democracy and anti voting and thinks billionaires and corporations are better running the show they practically do anyhow. Their aim is to eliminate Democracy by gradually giving billionairez all rights over The People who have no say at all as in China and uses the user prays or preys system. Car advertisers have managed to convince men and women globally that a man with a car is like a man smoking whilst riding a horse, a woman driving is a cowgirl smoking riding a horse.
HK does ride in cars sometimes btw and is an awfully scared driver awesome at parking and loves the collectibles and unusual so it is a complex and diverse topic though she walks or would be way fatter and without walking life would be dull and you might end up a slob in track suits if you drive too often. Holy used to call the cars giant wheelchairs as that is what they are, motorised seats.
The govt will take no responsibility for #anythingatall as the Rightist media owns it has done so for a long time they look to Putin for how to remain in power forever on 10 year plans, China does 10 year plans too it works well in non Democratic nations. Galleries and museums now have 10 year plans leaving no space for flexibility yet even when an architect designs a building as it is built the plans are constantly corrected for real life rocket scientists call it “that looks about right” concept truly it is the same for them. 
Penultimate Goddess Nina only has one or two flying foxes left trailing her rather than a numerous highway of flying foxes they now look shabby sort of ragged with holy wings flapping very fast as the holes interfere with air action vs wings thunk. Flying foxes in Oz are marsupials and vegan, tourists are enthralled by them eating the figs, also they think the ibis in the parks are strangely beautiful with their clacking chopstick beaks and rear end lyre bird feathers, their guano is quite large and good for parks though messy on humans.
In Oz people make fun of the ibis and bats as the govt is anti wild life unless in a zoo they are starting a new cover job on that one surprised to discover the public loves its wildlife au naturel. The govt is putting on hold turn styles on bushwalks as it’s burnt to a crisp. 
Poussin painted a picture of the plague and filled the streets with rats, like many he knew instinctively the rats had something to do with the plague but nobody believes seers anymore nor did some then so people said they were doctors who then discovered the plague much later. Holy Kitsch! knows trrue artists do look arrrround, nothing against doctors some are Holy Kitsch!ers and have done marvels
The heat is caused by an overabundance of carbon dioxide and methane top layer of atmosphere it is global warminhg, the billionaire rancheros cannot figure why eliminating trees and increasing cars carbon and cattle is poisoning the environment they are "yokels' different to folks who just live in the countryside doing whatever country folks do including Holy Kitsch!ers. It took billions of years for Planet Earth to create its own atmosphere there was a lot of photosynthesis created by tiny ocean plants over millions and millions of years to turn the CO2 into oxygen and a life giving atmosphere with an ozone layer. It is a closed system. Whatever it is, carbon, plastic, water it stays on the planet. The only thing that can escape is energy eg light, radio waves. The other stuff is converted if possible the atmosphere is the dome of a snow dome the snow is the darn plastic. HK thought that aluminium might replace plastic in some uses eg witches hats on roads. 
When Penultimate Goddess Nina arrived at Bondi Beach to have a tea with Izzy who was eating marzipan and poppyseed streusel watching the global warming breakaway icebergs floating by Nina went thunk too.
"OMG" Izzy se dice "Nina has turned into a zombie can she be revived?" It was just the global warming heat and the thought of the icebergs and smoke aaarrgh! Izzy has resisted becoming a vampire though her blood pulsed, hrunh hrunh hrunh in fear, her corazon just beating away as corazons do so thrrunking why has Nina passed out, why is the sky brown and the moon at night orange the sun all day orange, buuurrp? Nina came to blinked hey eyelashy eyes open asked what happened? Izzy se dice: you passed out the temperature is over 40 degrees celcius we cannot take it anymore still you are a tough cookie, burrp.
The air was full of smoke from bushfires and coal burning energy stations so aside from the heat breathing was difficult so Izzy hacrrkkk huuurrck was coughing whilst shaking Nina pleading for her not to become a zombie though with Izzy's dreams of mining maybe she will become one instead. She is working on this as mining for energy resources requires having the brain of a banana though some dinero Izzy does not have a banana brain her craft, skill, trade and professional art is acting and directing, "unleashing her creativity" is no problem for Izzy as she knows her craft well and is good at it with rigour, a real trooper, like HK and Penultimate Goddess Nina in her new foetus nursing path. Brigade Holy are raising money in the name of MINI. 
You can appear on TV with a big hat with those billionz and use propaganda on the less informed HK wondered how Izzy felt about wearing hats. 
Los Angelos has not changed Izzy, ahem one bit, does she need a thrrrow from Holy Kitsch!? That bed ain't in no trailer park and look at the Angeleno colour very Taylor Swift, The Birds that escaped the Local Raging Climate Change fires are outside her hacienda flocking, looming, murmuring  following above and have begun to circle El Tea House de Bondi Beach pecking at the glass in increasing urgency tlaloc tlaloc tlaloc tlaloc.
There are swarms of questions facing The Life of Izzy As she is a part of Brigade Holy largely remember in an "advisory capacity only" to Holy Kitsch! on how to  escapez zee tiny gulag Holy eez currently stuck in no offence to all in Oz to witch Holy has great affection, Holy herself ezz eeen zee gulag solitary confinementz and az cabinz fever and cannot efen ezcapez itz awfulz, vell barely and certainly only paint in miniature, very neatly, ahem ish, and "unable to unleash her creativity" which NAS and UTS were very concerned about as is Holy as she is unsure what occurs when it is talked about and how as Holy K is the artist for el museo de la futura and was an artist all her life boo hoo she was born accidentally here instead of a nation that values awesome artists always rather than a goody two shoes and even they have issues here as the govt is totally anti art and anti a visual and sensory intellect, that does not exist here the billionaire media is working super hard on elimination because they are "some kind of despised weirdos' whose lives should be made into misery. 
Por ejemplo: instead of a symbol Holy often saw a sign with a line through it saying HAZCHEM for years she thought it was a German word and wondered what it meant. About two years ago she found out it meant hazardous chemicals, hell who is going to figure that one? Recently she saw a HAZMAT sign and she thought ah hah you have not fooled me this time. The mats and carpets must be hazardous, unless are they for sale?
When she was a kid on the Gold Coast Qld on holidays there was a sign painted on the road it said peon zing ahead, then her Dad said it meant Pedestrian Crossing Ahead PEDN XING AHEAD eetz velly confusing in OZ why didn't they just have the figures of pedestrians?? Or a hump on the road?? They are illiterate in the roads Department.
Izzy se dice "the corazon of the issue is how to convince t#anybodyatall you are a valuable asset to humanity, "HK you are def not disposable" furthermore galleries NYC LA Chicago Berlin Mexico City and MAMA Algiers will love you I am certain, or fear you one or the other. Izzy herself is anxious she is currently a part of a new Seven Up of Witches series. Holy K has made a promize zings will get betterz somehowz, somevayz somewherez ve will vind new vayz ov liveeing.
Whilst busy with Holy "expert advice" Izzy became navigationally challenged so omitted Soap Star Status, Puberty Blues is NOT a Soapie and Izzy omitted NidA and Holy Kitsch! does not know if Inside or outside a text box or if she fits either.
Text boxes are being phased out on CV s as corporations vishing to employz zee robotz globally haf new scanning programmez invented by zee Maniacz of Zee Univerzes to enzure nobody eez humanz vee are all robotz zervingz zee greater Billionairez purposes (zee most nasty greedy war mongering onez).
Advices is find a job vhere robotz do not appliez and who do not care eef there eez a text box  or not ybee or if you are outside or inside the box.  
Artz eez alwyaz transportable and adrezzes zee Localz and Internationalz vee haf vayz of findings zee Arts thankfully for maniez globally, Artz is low carbon usually, its situational.
HK is lending Izzy advice on documentation for her miner's licence and beyond and has offered assistance for a fee, she will ensure that the final docs are printable and that the others have no text boxes so long as Izzy can foot the bill on Photoshop plus a bonus.
A big plus on learning Graphic Design iz the ability to manipulate documents, zat iz worth lucre and vhy theyz are called creativez by corporations,  decent artists should be able to manipulate a document given enough time and some tools and a table.
Nothing wrong with soapies and NiDA they are good systems, soapies in South America are a sure path to fame and fortune, just being on TV can be.
Nina's parents who are hanging on to The Hideaway in the Hunter, yet to be mined and fracked by Izzy with her miner's licence are in the Côte D'Azure as cabana carers their yacht is in mooring because now it is winter there, they do not pay rent. They care take the sprawling cabana whilst owners are in USA rather than having to rent a house in Sydney, renovate it for the owners to increase its value then be kicked out as it's going on the market and Penultimate Goddess Nina's Mum and Dad would lose the Bond that was forcibly extracted as they neglected to renovate the house fully and bring it back to original pristine-ish condition at huge expense.
It is now suggested tenants purchase rubber furniture (user pays system) so the walls stay white or bring their own false walls . Holy Kitsch! did build new walls in the Enmore Rd shop with iron hard recycled timber and installed an enormous antique wooden door from South America. Holy K also built with the same wood a shrine and central table, it left new wood for dead so installing walls is not unknown in a rental.
The State govt has considered the option to enforce all tenants to install false walls and ceilings in domestic tenancies so the landlord takes no risks at all same as commercial tenancies. It is odd how farmers who take risks are subsidised yet retailers, domestic tenants and museums are despised and not considered to contribute to the community at all yet they make up the fabric of a modern city along with artists and actors and writers.
Tourists do not just shop only for labels Holy Kitsch! knows that first hand, they also explore and are not always interested in the obvious like catching a tram to Chinatown, thence through the electoral boundary of Surry through to the uni for the students who live in Chinatown saving them a bus trip thence Randwick race track where bigwigs have invested a lot into horse racing rather than art as art literacy level here is low unless you make it totally obvious or have a pretence of sophistication/elitism a person could twist themselves in knots on those points. 
The tram cost over is over 2.7 billion next bid, worth it to remain in power indefinitely by showing off a flash tram on an electoral boundary with targeted voters including those who pour out of the advertising ridden Town Hall train station. The Swedish train stations in Stockholm are awesome like decorated caves and famous. The Moscow underground stations look like palaces. New York City Stations have paintings and mosaics. Commuters here pass through depressing shabbiness advertising “internet plans” on huge billboards. The net in Sweden comes with the apartment building the individual does not pay and besides is very low cost.
In Oz some hotels do not even have free wi fi though that is now changing, the only city Holy K has travelled where it is so, once again the State believes "user pays" UK started user prays too thanks to a media mogul same as Here in medieval times meaning there were many beggars and numerous poor or working slaves the landlords were very wealthy and artists were yet to be very independent or mmake much of a living at all. In the Renaissance for complex reasons there was wealth so numerous artists competing and showing off. They were not censored like Holy or hidden. When times are good as when Holy Kitsch had the installations numerous businesses can exist without cannibalisation. It may be true prices are slightly higher though so is everybody’s wealth and the diversity is greater. When the Great Depression occurred Woodie Guthrie sang your “$2 shoes hurt my feet” when prices are too low somebody is losing and everybody does it spirals downward. and disparity increases. Many don’t know a lot of women went into business when the plague was at its worst as it freed up space just by the by. 
Nina's parents do not even need to go to the Tribunal to force the owner's hand to return the Bond on the cabana all they have to do is ensure the cabana appears identical to when they moved in and the garden is well tended so it truly looks picture perfect on the Côte D'Azure whilst Swedish guests enjoy their hospitality at the Hunter Hideaway everything is laid on the Swedish do not need lift a finger unless they cook then no need to clean the stove after and being a guest house the stove is safe and the fuses are modern due to regulatory requirements plus they are professionally cleaned the entire process is transparent and non high tech. They are served a fresh home made breakfast each morning and their beds are made. Wow landlords don’t make your bed. 
Nina's parents have not figured a way to request guests to do the gardening when they stay at the Hideaway, nor the cleaning and minor renovation costs. Nina's parent's guests do not wake the other guests at the Hideaway with loud all night parties nor park in other's drive ways as it is a properly run establishment and there are state regulations as to how a guest house is run and there are varieties of guest houses, this ensures the guests are not living in a fire hazard, the walls are not made of paper, guests are not poisoned nor do they have a dreadful accident in the non-Council approved extension and it is disability friendly. Nina's parents as a joke wondered if the Swedes would mind be woken up with a leaf blower or maybe they could just use one all day and drive them batty, babies cry children scream and pensioners teeth rattle when you turn on the leaf blower/sucker. 
Nobody remembers what a broom or a rake is so everybody uses an energy inefficient noisy device just to move leaves around as leaves are considered a blot on the landscape they are the leaf haters as leaves are ugly ugly ugly.
Holy Kitsch! did not ask even one patron to clean the floor at Surry even Izzy never asked patrons even though patrons paid for goodies they were not enforced to renovate the store or clean the loo. Holy asked patrons could  they pay the 3 month guarantee in advance but they all said no she will have to pay as commercial leases are even worse than domestic leases in some commercial tenancies the tenant has to install the ceilings, domestic landlords are inching on that one backed by the media as tenants are the scum of the Earth along with leaves and melon seeds.
Even though the net has radically changed the retail landscape Landlords live back in the Industrial Revolution of coal powered steam and engines that enslaved millions in grimy toil including kids then sent many to Oz as prisoners.
Enslaved Africans died in gin mills for cheaper cotton so the Landlords new plan is to become more stingy and raise the rent higher and higher and building even more retail shops meaning smaller and bigger business people are enslaved or enslave others so that some can compete with Deal of the Day and shoppers who do not care how it came to their place as they certainly did get Deal of the Day so are numb. They do not know whether buying Deal of the Day is crook as the Government does not regulate on issues anymore like the unseen and unknown to any of us. The media has created a war on staff by lulling us with "tech is better" in the same way as in Animal Farm 4 legs good 2 legs better, well it is for parts of the media as their advertisers sell on the net nothing against the net Holy K uses the net, some advertisers do use landlords and do sell on the streets.
The landlords tell her it is not them it is the banks yet some landlords have owned turf for yonks besides if the turf has lost value the landlord believes the tenant pays more and the landlord has the State on side who has the media onside as they all own large swathes of turf except the tenants who might need more flexibility in their business model so retail just keeps shutting down. 
Caring regulations are not Nanny State and stop corrupt practices they are common sense for all meaning Swedish tourists who love it here can feel safe in their Hideaway so long as the global warming bush fires do not kill us all or Izzy with her miner's licence who is going to mine despite anything anyone tells her, thar is fracking in them thar hills and iron ore that is why the ground is red.
In Oz when you are "just a renter" weirdly not a "paying guest" you still have to care-take yet are not paid a cent! If the landlord rebuilds the exterior of your rented hacienda waking tenants at 7.00 am in the morning with diamond saws and jackhammers this is considered a just punishment to renters at being just muck for being renters and not even own a cabana on the Côte D'Azure, in Paris the min. rental lease is usually 3 years as they overthrew the ruling gentry and took them to the guillotine, not suggesting sacrificial offerings. In the USA the North defeated the South and slaves were freed took time they were still marginalised.
When Prof Scott visited he vaz DJ for Holy he chose to stay in a hotel room it was cute and he was in the the gay district which felt safer and the ambience was non gulag inside and out. The room was serviced, no restaurant though one next door a tonne down the street and he had a respectable living area with a modern bathroom just missing the kitchen, no worries. He did not have to hoover his lodgings before leaving and it cost about the same as a studio apartment in the same district, go figure. If there had been a stove he would not be requested to clean it till it was brand new before departure the cooker would be workable even if an old fuel stove a Kooka and it would work, he would not have to take the ancient collectible ceramic fuse plug out of the wall so the oven would switch off otherwise they will raise the rent as rewiring costs so only hotels re wire. Better not say too much about the cooker unless you buy your own and lug it around on your back with you as you travel the Planet along with the fridge, printer and washing machine totally heavy.
Long term renters never know if they have to lug a fridge, printer and washing machine around there are no rules on that as this govt does not believe in good regulatory rules for tenants so people are littering the landscape with fridges, printers and washers, nobody ever knows when they move does it come with a fridge and washer and do they function? The People of New York City use laundry services or are good at washing by hand like travellers due to the apartments just being old so maybe less taxing on the environment.
So renters do not have to bring their own stove though the government is working on that one and the media hold a poor opinion on renters who these days do fall behind in the rent as wages have dropped dramatically since this govt got in backed by propaganda from the billionaire mediaz ahem I would like to point out I do not know what beliefs Izzy or Nina's hold as to #anythingatall much anyhow same with Scott I know he is kind, generous and for a future he writes about that on FB. 
Scott even had a fairly paid front desk staff who monitored his guests and he paid NO Bond can you believe that? He felt well cared for and as safe as anyone can be and swam in the hotel pool too. The hotel swiped his card though never mentioned checking how much was in his account or his job he waz undercoverz.
Not only that they did not move in the workmen at 7.00 am in the morning and tell him they omitted to take insurance out so tough his room with a view was ruined and it did have great city views. He left the entire hotel room extremely messy with scuff marks and the usual spilt coffees. There were hanging hooks on the wall and there were tah dah pictures, originals even, think they were bolted and alarmed too big for a suitcase it was on the border. In The Brand New Scheme directed by our govt and media decorations are banned, if anybody has pictures they must lean not hang. That leaves the flickering TV only.
Nina's Hideaway has a stove that works so her parents are trying to figure ways to have the guests clean the stove and might change it into a rental after all as the stove is a bit aged and they save on staff thus reducing the amount of employed people here leaving them ripe for underpaid work for dodgy companies, hmm or drug mules, the aim is to have numerous underemployed as the working poor as they might buy the seedless melons no questions asked and Deal of the Day.
The Swedes had huge issues reaching the Hunter Hideaway as the Premier of this state does not believe in public transport, they could barely find a way out of the city and the signage used no symbols they were about to hitch hike though no warning signs for them Lorrcals said do not it is velly dangerous and it is so, they cannot drive on our side of the road very well so their options reduced aside from unreadable road signs and unreadable highly complex parking meters, the govt along with some media Lorrcal are super visually challenged almost visually illiterate on the visual and on the sensory scales. The Swedes decided on bicycles as they could feel the wind and smell the eucalypts that were not burnt out. One of them used an electric cycle.
The govt only does hub transport nothing goes diagonally and transport is only where there is an opportunity to increase their votes. The tourists had never visited a city where the leaders were banning public transport and despised pedestrians and selling off all assets for the coliseum, the old one was fine for sporting hooliganism and freeways for cars that are built from metal and why iron ore might be a good mining choice for Izzy as pollution is the nation's number one priority. Cricket is not popular in Sweden so the coliseum remains unvisited by them unless there is a cool music event. Not many of those the costs are astronomical for police and drug sniffers rather than drug testing to save lives.
Izzy se dice a Nina wake up, wake up cough cough cough wheeze oh God has someone an O2 mask? "I have fabo ideas of greatness and power, coal power that is in them thar hills, iron ore too the sky is the limit as to CO2. HK will help with documentation I shall not ask questions on how. C’mon cookie.”
Paula Crevoshay has offered to organise an Indian wedding in Perruuu, we can marry Holy Kitsch! off invite the politicians from the Hunter Valley, State and Fed govts so that they will allow us to frack, Paula will ensure there are plenty of masseuses and guests are well fed, el museo de la futura aka MINI Museum of Nobility & Intelligence ©  is on the horizon. Ves! if they have money for trams and billionairez and not us ve vill vind a vay somevere somehow some vay vee vill vinds news vayz of lIrving’s.
Holy Kitsch! put her 2 cents worth in and meekly se dice: what about a wild silkworm farm?

Noni Daniels Lone CEO Director and ahem Co-Founder Holy Kitsch!

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