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Lefkara linen lace tablecloth well used, washed and bleached by HK (fine quality fibre utilisation it’s still in great shape) created by Greek Cypriot granny, she has utilised the typical geometric and lacy patterning of Cypriots. The edges are like a crocheted yarn that has been buttonhole stitched to an awesome degree of delicacy, tatting? Lefkara lace work is now recognised by UN as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity I think it was given as a wedding gift to my parents

HK responded about identities in an article in ABC Life Style, a discussion on how people felt being asked “where you are from”. Some minded, some did not. HK did not mind. Her name is unusual it has lent me many problems if you know your drama and biblical history.

Where are you from? is a common greeting in Indonesia, a nation of artisans, artistas, technology and merchants who frequently move around. Where are you going? the other greeting poses big questions. Are the replies: I am going to a cremation, I am going to build a life, I am going to a wedding, I am going for a walk? It is often for a walk though the question is there so the asker can see if you need assistance as to direction, providing you a commercial or otherwise service eg are you headed shopping? The question is a good one to ask yourself. HK's Dad sponsored an Indonesian man and his family to come out and gave him a respectable position. No good sponsoring a person and making them clean the floors of the local pizzeria forever though there is always cleaning to be done so someone must just it needs to lend opportunities for advancement or skills same the unemployed. 

My father RIP was Greek born in Cyprus and he looked Middle Eastern he was brown. without needing to sunbake. Cyprus is politically divided island. It was under Colonial British rule when he left for Oz he said his brother's fault he was going to go to France then what would HK have been? Cyprus is a neighbour to Lebanon and in a strategic part of the world sadly for Cypriots. Aphrodite was born as a fully formed woman in foam off the coast of Cyprus, she is the goddess of erotic and sexual love. The entities were portrayed in various colours Greeks painted their statues and Greeks did not have a refugee policy if you lost a battle you became a slave eek their excellent invention as to the West was Democracy though Plato warned about Populism which has happened in the present. Democracy does exist in other cultures to a more or less degree.

Cyprus was a major crossroads in antiquity. It is bare except Troodos Mts as it lost most trees to copper mining for the Roman Empire. Other nations lost their forests to building ships and farming, now desert we repeat the same mistakes then start from scratch again. When Cyprus was a British Colony the people were united in their hatred of the British even though by then they had adopted some coronial habits.

Nowadays HK has British amigos and one relative. HK grandfather was chief of police and 6 ft tall she did not inherit that and a friend thinks she is small on purpose. HK Dad was raised with colonial and European customs they had servants in the house her grandmother embroidered the most beautiful tablecloth, the design is geometric rather than the florals of UK and France, it must have been a wedding gift as was the beautiful hand made china dinner set from UK.

HK's mother RIP largely Scottish via NZ made HK a fighter of rights cannot help it she was brought up to be honest and humane to others kind to the environment and kind to animals and free of guilt its people since who keep making her feel bad for everything drives you pecans. Her Mum's Dad, she was named Ruth Alice Heighway, did that make her ruthless we joked was a mineralogist and managed the now closed alum mine in Bulahdelah. There is a plaque there with that history and more at the local museum if you visit the area is beautiful full of wild orchids the mine was low tech did not damage anything much.

Her mother was known as best cook in the district and won all the local cake cooking comps she used a wooden spoon and one of those awesome wood stoves in a separate building for the cooking, they had people from the town over regularly for tennis. The original baker's family still operates and they have the best oysters in Buledelah, for yabbies you need to go further north. Mum was born at home a twin they could not stand each other and her twin tried flirting with Dad at first.

HK's Dad was an early environmentalist, a scientist at CSIRO, an engineer, an artista and factory owner, head honcho Spring Manufacturers Association and he understood and could read Ancient Greek, spoke English, Greek, French and German with an accent. He studied alongside Arthur Boyd in Melbourne, Dad said he could outdraw him any day his style more conservative, landscapes hmm in the army comp he did an ink work collage quite Dada and surreal. He was a part of the Mosman group living in a huge old mansion many summers ago he showed me the building.

Mum was a conventional housewife saying it might be nice doing office work though she was too eccentric to my thinking to fit in.

She put together extremely fiddly parts for AWA during WW2 it took skill and later helped Dad make springs at home when he started his own business I think I can still picture the hand operated small machine. She was so old fashioned she even ironed Dad's underwear and made my bed till I left home that one is shocking on my part I just did not think about it at the time. She laundered all my clothes till I left home and continued to iron Dads under shorts, it was only later she became meaner with me, she took it for granted I liked making my own money yet I am quite an odd fit here.

Dad designed key rings with a kink could not patent in those days expensive he designed metal demisters now common made with circular knitted wire like stocking mesh.  I remember him working on those and trying to market them overseas  Govts here and leaders prefer mediocrity so his marketing was hindered the firm did well mostly but anyone here inventive and different is reviled and stole big chunks of my and my sisters lives, that is usual here.

The government here has gradually supported less and less any small to medium manufacturing at all and has zero interest in invention, Precision Springs had its own lab. Dad's factory was fair with good conditions the work looked amazingly boring for the machine operators they had music and a canteen that made a loss.

The governments were useless at assistance in new markets, in Dad's case he was looking at the Middle East and Indonesia, atypical of many businesses here yet quite a smart move, he ended up going to the trade fairs himself zero government help and took his own interpreter. Traditionally Australia appears to only focus on the near Asian market, do not ask me why there are populations all over the globe! It is because they are conservative in thinking and a bit backward. Without consular assistance it was too complex figuring the bargaining and bribes needed.

Though atypical of my approach or his Dad painted me a fantastic portrait of (freaky/creaky when older) Tiki the family Pekingese dog for a school fete and said that will sell and it did. I was alternate at school and rebellious, not a good thing in a very plain country. Mum had little time for authority as well and loved the bush in particular boronia she would sneakily pick huge bunches on our return from Qld holidays. She loved the district around Tea Gardens it is awesome and still relatively virgin. She recounted how when at school their hated strict teacher entered one morning and said good morning and her false teeth dropped out. Mum laughed uncontrollably so was punished by having to stay back at school writing lines. Her father she said was way too strict that was how it was in the past.

I had two sisters Julie Annette RIP, an antique dealer and vintage nightie dyer and seller and Christine Alice, a mother and fabo card counter in home games as well matchstick covered boxes, RIP, I think we got on OK till around teens then things became tense more so my older sister, just the usual total screaming fights about clothes, who was the favourite, food and boyfriends.

We loved looking cool so unsure if we ever aimed usual, we competed on what look each of us should have so each of us did a different take so we had more wiggle room. The monopoly games were soo tense and ended in full on battles with someone walking out and the board upturned.

Dad always asked us to vote on his newly tailored suits and fabulous silk ties with matching handkerchief various shirts as we grew up and men began to have more choices in fashion. Oddly Mum never asked us though she had a beautiful wardrobe of clothes tailored for her by a Swiss woman who advertised as a couturier maybe through the fabric store where we all shopped. Later she wore big jewellery, no kidding, diamonds and emeralds nothing plain at all. She said when she was in LA her and her friend hopped onto a bus they thought would take them to Target and they realised the area was poorer as many were black on board the bus yet they were super friendly, years ago.

Anyhow they apparently arrived were disappointed then back to the hotel, maybe age protected them who knows just I have noticed the same as a stranger in all kinds of places it might be the media that makes things sound worse for strangers and it can be. Dad liked stopping at Beirut on the way to Cyprus it was the Paris of the Middle East and famed for its gold market. He travelled solo then I think he had little choice due to war and more. In the Middle East women wear big jewellery, it's status and a talking point so Dad ensured Mum was decorated in finery.

Still none of us could figure the discrimination we all faced throughout our lives, to me it is still a mystery and had a bad impact in particular on my late sisters, I am pretty certain my surname is disliked. I have a loud awful speaking voice maybe I should just have elocution lessons? I changed my accent on changing schools as it sounded too precise and snobby, that was a bad move it never recovered.

Our spirits were free and we cared about issues. We had intelligence so that put people on El destructo. Chrissy was quite brown, or was it just a very strong tan? Mum would always say Chrissy could have been a model which made me depressed about myself! Then she would say we were all beautiful.

Dad fought in WW2 for 5 years for Australia on the front lines and returned a humanitarian. During WW2  Dad saved for Mum's engagement ring by selling calculations on how to fire the canons. He used to sit up to 3 in the morning drawing springs. He believed in freedom which is not a belief held Local only on paper. Australia is unkind to free spirits and finds it difficult to even recognise them. The more a person is marginalised the more unusual they become the result will rarely be mainstream then you become more inventive that again puts one on the fringes.

Fortunately Dad made enough money to keep us all safe and probably never imagined there would be a time when we had nothing so HK lacked the necessary survival armour for better or worse, I mean I was independent from when I left home and I did not think to seek a comfortable husband at the time I was not brilliant on life partner choices nor were my sisters 👯 actually totally hopeless.

My younger sister looked sort of Egyptian if you look at old tomb paintings, she was boy crazy and my older sister like Elizabeth Taylor, everybody said that. Someone said once I looked like Judy Garland but truly I cannot see that, the other was Patti Smith when she was younger.

About Ruth: In the bible the story appears to be about "well let's clear all the tables and think about what really matters" the bottom line therefore the shoe and the foot. The leaving of the addition of a wife to a contract "let's forget about the letter of the law its love that matters, that is the base line" Also when Ruth does not leave but stays with her mother, once again not following the law strictly but going with her heart and doing what seemed best, when all is said and done, when push comes to shove we are all in this together women matter men do not mind that women matter we are all more important than mice print the community matters feet are cool the bootie is cool etc. That is how HK interprets that book with her zuper powerz.

There must have been climate change in Nth Africa and the Middle East you can read that in much of the Old Testament. In the book of Ruth everything runs backwards, not right way round, like the movie Tenet there is a time travel issue here the human race is imperilled many men are gay in Lot fortunately that assists in saving Earth. The fire is climate change the land has been over-used and cleared it's tinder dry. They must forge forward and start again.

It does not say that gay is a bad thing just Lot is put out as nobody is interested in his beautiful daughters! A question of scarcity.

As for Lot I think it was a warning to not get drunk



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