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I responded to an article about identities in an article in ABC Life Style, a discussion on how people felt being asked “where you are from”. Some minded, some did not. I do not mind. My name is unusual, Noni Ruth Daniels. My father RIP was Greek born in Cyprus a politically divided island and neighbor to Lebanon, it is in a strategic part of the world. At one time it was a British colony and the people united in their hatred of the British. Nowadays I have British amigos. My mother RIP Scottish via NZ Irish and English making me a fighter  for the rights of the individual, cannot help it I was brought up to be honest and humane to others kind to the environment and kind to animals. My Mums Dad was a mineralogist and managed the now defunkt alum mine in Buledelah. There is a connotation plaque. Her mother was known as best cook in the district and won all the cake cooking comps. My father was an early environmentalist, a scientist at CSIRO, an engineer and factory owner, he understood and could read Ancient Greek, spoke English, Greek, French and German and an artist. He studied alongside Arthur Boyd in Melbourne, Dad said he could outdraw him anyday. He later became a part of the Mosman group living in a huge old mansion with others. He painted me a fantastic portrait of (freaky)Tiki the family Pekinese dog for a school fete and said that will sell and it did though atypical of my approach or his. I was alternate at school and rebellious, not a good thing in a plain country. Mum had little time for authority as well and loved the bush in particular boronia. I had two sisters Julie Annette RIP and Christine Alice RIP, I think we got on OK till around teens then things became tense, just the usual fights about clothes, who was the favourite and boyfriends. We used to say to each other before needing to do anything mainstream "do I look normal?" still none of us could explain the discrimination we all faced throughout our lives, to me it is still a mystery and had a bad impact in particular on my late sisters. Maybe it was just that our spirits were free and cared about issues. Chrissy was quite brown, was that an issue or just a good tan? Dad fought in WW2 for 5 years for Australia on the front lines, sounds terrifying whilst Mum worked at AWA piecing together and wiring fiddly radio sets. During WW2  Dad saved for Mum's engagement ring by selling calculations on how to fire the canons, I have seen how he did it just forget exactly what it was. He used to sit up to 3 in the morning sketching springs. He taught us that war is dreadful and should not occur. He beleived in freedom and was a humanitarian. Australia is unkind to intellectuals and free spirits and finds it difficult to even recognise them. Fortunately Dad made enough money to keep us all safe and probably never imagined there would be a time when we had nothing on which to fall back on. It’s a plain country with numerous terrified intellectuals if you don’t know the right people nevertheless I have studied a lot managed another business and now own Holy Kitsch! Maybe I will do a doctorate. I think a bully culture has been encouraged in Australia partly through the media and partly through an obsession about sports.

Kirk? I forgot to note the name!! A cutie with the bootie :)

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