Glebe Markets Market Stall

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This is what it's like visiting Glebe Markets. These two are a dancing duo (not a couple) ballroom dancing, awesome they enter comps. This guy on the left is also a hypnotist and magician. He bought some framed Holy Kitsch!  (secret) unique prints. Two are quite protective and the third unites the prints and is Day of the Dead. Their smiles match the tealight skull, you use a candle (safely) and it shines a star shape onto your ceiling (if you have one). The skull has stability his smile shines which is good as at night due to light pollution we are unable to see the stars. 
We cried about global warming and were angry about crooks carting coal as they think the Earth is flat and if not then they are damn sure they will make it so. They believe only their planets will save them, nobody else's including me and my planets, we are all excluded, tough luck. Earth people have to say Your Highness and forced to wear prison clothes in menial jobs ensuring misery so they think coal is better than nothing as they have to pay all income to the landed gentry for shelter.
The landed gentry are going to eat all renters, spare people, shopkeepers, artisans and clever artistas exceptions are the elite. Nobody can figure who the elite are anymore as they have dreadful taste and bad manners. They never learned humanity or how to enjoy life their aim is to make others more miserable. Clever artistas and scientists are banned. They are not allowed in as refugees are banned limiting the percentage of clever and free spirits. On certain planetary divisions there are musical and visual artistas top of their game as their families arrived from diversity they sought freedom. The families brought new perspectives eg Holy Kitsch! families. The good elite with huge knowledge are huge donors to educational institutions and museums and Green as are their governments (until criminals strangled them). 
Holy Kitsch! has a quest in her life despite leading a life of oppression :( servitude and solitude as she is clever artista she is concerned all her art is lost to mankind. Now you see why your pictures are so so much better :) Both artistas that owned Holy Kitsch! have been horribly oppressed though are very good people indeed. The oppressed her are frequently brilliant with brilliant concepts though they are overlooked for the obvious until Holy Kitsch! came along nobody much had experienced difference and wanted to categorise Holy Kitsch! but ah ha they were unable despite there best tries. Noni is looking at broadening her fields.


Alice trying to remember all small dog breeds

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