Ex Holy Kitsch! Aesthetics lecturer UNSW (COFA) Ass. Prof. Vaughan Dai Rees

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I ran into this ex-lecturer at a local café. He recognized me and I him!! He actually looked the same as ever and more normal than this photograph, just that in the the photo he bears an uncanny resemblance to Count Dracula. Yes he knows of Holy Kitsch and said he loved the banner (designed by ex-Holy Kitsch! Phillip Masters, concept both Noni Daniels and Phillip when business partners Holy Kitsch!).

I said wait till you see the new A-frame. Vaughan approved of the printers, Carbon8, Holy Kitsch! chose them and an awesome result on sustainable Fijian ply, graphics designer Phillip Masters, concept was joint debate/discussion between the ex business partners Noni Daniels and Phillip. Holy Kitsch! built it, almost all. The print is actually tactile and glossy! Nice office at Carbon8, diverse including age and laid back. Y'all will need to visit Holy Kitsch! to see the first signage and Holy Kitsch! gifts, new locale, Newtown

Vaughan wondered what happened, was this the alien offspring of UNSW and other campuses mutated into Holy Kitsch!? I told Vaughan he was an excellent influence of some kind or other and he really did push you on critique and your writing. Just discovered Prof. Scott Angus, artist, teaches photography at Maryville University USA was taught by this guy as well. Scott, took a turn of a couple of hours being DJ and presence in the old store. Thanks to UNSW for photo educational purposes.


Skelly earrings on new Holy Kitsch!er and she is a local :)

Oz actor Alex Beauman

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