Ella Bella Escapes with XL Kewpie

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The hairy authentic vintage cow skirt with black patches on white this day was not worn by Ella even though she might catch cow girl blues instead Ella chose Playboy bunny earrings it’s a sign of Peace, Love and cruelty free make-up all bunnies  

On this day Ella was concerned her roots were showing her hair looks fine and a nice frizzy whitish blonde, mad hair. Oh deeerr I just noticed the paw gal wears glasses has Ella heard? Surveys say and surveys are always a dodgy call, only those over 35 wear glasses making us all feel awful whether over or under  

This tragic kewpie Ella wears is distressed since Ella cast spells, that was after the bats arrived. She bought a large kewpie from H. Kitsch! and HK can sauce please ask.

Ella has begun numerous art projects she has dodged Archibald indoctrination and other

Right Wing Extremist populist Larger Gallery gatherings so far.

Alison, Lowry, “Instead of the fragrance there will be stench; instead of a sash, a rope; instead of well-dressed hair, baldness; instead of fine clothing, sackcloth; instead of beauty, branding (Isaiah 3:24)” cast glass, rosary beads, human hair (2019)
Thanks for educational purposes Lowry this handmade glass is about the historic unmarried mother and baby homes run by nuns in Ireland since closed, the women were used as slaves and there were hundreds of buried babies discovered very sad eek. This work in look and feel is accurate in portraying that sensibility and it works well. Do like the scissors. There are good glass artists in Oz just they were not right for HK, think this one is a good fit.
Here we always have installations with vrooomming background musical sounds, sort of like water for some odd reason.


as well as pre art school regimentation and she was not forced into an historical Irish (nothing against the Irish) Cat-holic Convent School the most heinous iteration of catholicism in the past with a horribly cruel history nothing against Irish Cat-holics I hear the school at St Patricks Marist were enforced to write Folau essays (were they letters of adoration?? any from the boys??) and he is not even Cat-holic, I think he comes under kult. 

The schools have improved apparently though their older graduates are hard work in the colonies they do tend to grip onto suffering and pity different to ruth which was an emotion brought about by Greek Tragedy they are an enormous influence on who is a genuine artist Local. Ella is entirely guilt free about her kewpies and what you learn at school can add to your knowledge depending on their strengths and weaknesses in propaganda.

Mexicans would reel at some institutional rules Local as Mexicans are accustomed to flamboyance and freedom of a type. Poverty is still an issue and the drug lords. Environmentalists and journalists and the poor are always in danger of being murdered in Mexico as the companies and gangs are run by thugs nobody can tell the difference on Planet Earth anymore.

Who is the artist is wide open to question as it is a thing to say in the colonies everybody is therefore stealing your unique voice and rigour by stating yours is unsophisticated or lesser a term levelled at Mexican artisan wares as aboriginal art was once thought to be and naturally they are not all artists and their art varies some are architects, some do dull jobs the bullies always pick on the meek disempowered and knowledgeable.

Local academies vigorously defend their territories as its good dinero if you manage to crawl through the barriers you must have a huge black dog and talk about it to show your credentials here well yes we all have one one here now so lets clear the table and start from there, mine is a Tlalchichi dog.

Their concern over dogs has had no effect on the suicide rate in Australia the highest in the world, same mental illness depending which statistics you read. That speaks volumes about repression and conformity in the colonies.

The artistic outcome is depressing and why many avoid Arts here, nobody wants The Happy necessarily as seen in ads nor do they need to be taught a lesson straight from the Covens and Convents even if we know the Covenant. As for the Art Market it barely breathes Local due to aforementioned issues too much favouritism meaning buyer beware.

Conversely insightful work showing the multiplicity of us all intrigues people as does good literature. There is room. The work Holy K. has done (unseen sorry it is very nasty here) is very high end thinking as is Holy Kitsch! and why so many aped the few that escaped as its predatory in the retail world they are insane predators and not that stupid same the media for reasons of market share the institutions here suffer from ignorance and being well protected with some exceptions so have little knowledge of that world therefore blind to Holy Kitsch! and why people still love HK hi all!   

Strangely many have chosen to collect the free art work H. Kitsch! sent to them in request format over the life span of her artist career and her late older sister sold her early weird watercolours totally different to anything on show at local comps anywhere no wonder they reeled at them at art college years ago on her application that was hard work they rejected them at first truly they had no precedent at all I get sad about those HK had to try twice to gain entry.  

It is sad that curators prefer the slick and familiar here, are not collectors of anything, cannot read space and prefer those who paw the current line a few exceptions to look good to the autocrats. You either have to be the pawest artist or the the most populist in the colonies, that is just one test and poverty can lend knowledge as can riches everything does tis boundless.

It is totally rare to come from such a fascinating family as Holy Kitsch! that is why she is discriminated against as she goes against their sense of being ordinary here or the great Ozzie elite, to be like everybody else is considered the best you can do in life here, rich or poor you have to be boring well there goes any hope of international fame. 

Nobody here is even aware that Nigerian artists are global, Mexican and from Chile and Eastern Europe, eg Czech of course Eastern Europeans are weird its because Dracula lived there who might have found something in common with Pacific Islanders in the past hi Vanuatu sounds great over there.

Ella is making a Frida shrine now that she has completed her kewpie art work ready for the march on "violence against kewpies" a new government initiative to prevent women being so extreme towards their kewpies.

I heard she watched Judith with the Head of Holfernes by Gentileschi to practice future kewpie dismemberment if the need arose though she has so much care for them, this is considered an anti-conceptual act they took all the high ground to ensure Holy Kitsch! was kept out.

Ella is looking at smuggling the head in that series as being a better life insurance act and still aiming chutzpah. They dislike anyone loud and noisy here eg HK you can hear her voice for miles around. HK slipped Ella this its free if you want it a vizual guidebook from EU itz for zee refugees to crozz zee borders EU and HK to gain entry into an institution how to storm the barricades eet haz some Spanish lingo we do not have Polaris the North star that is a problem in navigation I can see Venus when the sun is rising sometimes the city lights block out the stars. Please note Hong Kong protestors too those escaping zee China mainlandz, George Pell aka Speedy Gonzales from zee jailz and those who find theez too wordy the book is pertinent.

Is anyone aware men are more likely to be the victim of violence than women in Oz and are more likely to suicide? The perpetrators are more often men bye the by just it is overlooked as it is not as major a vote winner and the Right decided men wuz their issue more so where as we all are actually important as we are katz. 

Local they have been considering bringing back carrying round a rod of hot iron as a test for a Doctorate in Arts as there is a new group of religious extremists in power who believe they are greater than God and they are doing a good Job destroying the planet as we know it.

Chutzpah is what has held Noni back here she has to crawl on glass covered ground and suffer endlessly for having chutzpah and being free it goes against obtaining a Doctorate opportunity plain is a way better option already they are concerned about the Cheshires.

Besides they have not heard of Holy Kitsch! whereas most of Australia has them they lives in the closed cat system nothing escapes nothing gets in in the Arts here and owning a business that supported great artists and artisans and did collaborations is not trrruue research or trruue art as it was self funded and WRONG nation there are strict rules on cats of Oz especially tabbies.

Being unframed she is avoiding Council call-outs, the lucre you pay to a specialist and friends in good places is high on that call.  Saying you are just 17 or 80 hmm has high schmaltz value $ and Holy K. never concerned itself on that meter schtick as it’s theirs not hers

Ella and I had an intellectual tête a tête about the state of the Arts with other cats the petite bourgeoise prefer the Importance of Being Earnestine. I fear for Ella as she is sort of hmm different,  H. Kitsch! electro-magnetic brain ztztzt wave exchange showed her major catastic features will be cat-agorised she is an individual in trouble.

Them cats sneak round at nights these parts. You won't get a cool crowd going to the art sites  doing what them guys does. Art takes investigation and inquiry and never looks like what the institutions think is art or rarely their mindset be tyrannical. You can't see it or catch it as it is slippery as them goddam eels

Ella is displaying her violent tendencies by the bloodied state of her kewpie and what about the defiant tattoos the kewpie wears and are they burning down the house? HK has a notion for doin' that one to be sure as Holy K keeps Waking in Fright to the reality of living amongst numerous scary cats living Local the only things that has been a changin’ be the window dressin’ almost.


Just that here the dull have a high chance of success leaving the unique and way more interesting eg Holy Kitsch! behind sending us all around the twist. It’s called tall pussy syndrome and still alive in all spheres in the colonies. Holy Kitsch! is an enormous tree. Locals think she is hideous and run in terror or terrorise her she cannot figure why in Oz she is consistently singled out she is not aboriginal or moslem so it cannot be that must be hard for them the only answer is  ignorance fears intelligence to them katz it is a game.

H. Kitsch! noticed the latest institutional art continues to be conceptual. When she went shopping for her Doctorate one Lot looked back to his partner who specialised in a “weeping stalactite stalagmite landscape” said do not worry about be sending in any of your work or speaking with us at all as we shall meditate and imagine what you do, we wuz seeking hi tech (nothing against hi tech gee whiz) and the banal proof you are a card carrying higher spirit is important and it better not be any of this "flower power" "hippy dippy" "playboy bunny wunny"crafty-wafty" stuff or even one single kewpie. The preference is well cooked to raw, we sighed watched Lee Krasner's ghost sobbing with Frida. Lee did like the kewpie art I am certain she smiled and gave Noni best wishes Jackson Pollock was spinning.


“Phenomenal Nature, Mrinalini Mukherjee” (2019) at The Met Breuer, installation view; left: “Woman on Peacock” (1991), fiber (courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
The artist above had the opportunity of a 40 year career her work was demanding and slow her rigour shines through. "Ecstatic"was a term I read to describe her work. Anyways these aliens were hanging around watching looking important-like without saying a word as we chatted so you can see it was increasingly extreme inside the store what had they eaten? The textile artist was from India and you can feel that iconography, shivers!
Lexie tippy toed by, (formerly of H. Kitsch!) acting like nothing going down at all and she knew about Lautrec and Playboy bunny accessorising peace protesting around already I knew all through telepathic transfer tztztz about her new short destructive behaviour film Familiars. It is "women led" aarrgh (thanks Google my Number Cruncher, business owners know that net listing), there is one guy editing, it is about a child who has super natural powers her mother is the mother from hell trailing her and driving her insane so she takes up arms against a sea of supernatural venomous essences hmm. Ghosts can write reams but who can think? Oh well Holy Kitsch! is in Höch :( The genuine record player broke down some time ago and the bank stopped talking, it's a Man Ray kind of sky in Brazil.
Below is palm oil free. They plant soy beans in Brazil for feed lot cattle everybody HK knows is nearly vegetarian or is already it is said a mixed diet is best. 
New artwork atop Wellington Museum for next 3 years by Ronnie Van Houten
PS: this work is nearly identical to a Shana Moulten hand go to her site on other page, I do not know if it is a friendly gesture, I avoid doing this kind of nod it is way too similar, it is cute though.
I used to wonder about Picasso's quote "to steal," was he gypsy and I think he was stirring in Spanish fashion. He was inspired by African sculpture. I do not see he copied them straight out he riffed on antique African sculpture, re-imagined them it sounds like a Far Right conspiracy against him as he was brown-ish himself and gypsy or Catalan? and Spanish which was ruled by the Moors for a lengthy period Spanish people still live in Algiers. Some criticise Picasso yet I think they are envious or Trumpists. I do not think he hated women I do not know as his pix are abstracted and more comical and sexual than anything. He comes from the south of Spain an extremely superstitious area and he resembles a gypsy, that is the reason he is pilloried.

A Day At The Races (Thanx Marx Bros)

Cockatoo Hooks Emergency Kitsch!

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