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Posted on February 07, 2021 by Noni Daniels

I hope Kirsty is not harming the cast iron hand painted fair trade cockatoo she is at centre HK hand delivered these to her at Unicorn Hotel as that is the bar she manages here on a 12 hour shift with her work mates, team Kirsty, takes skill from team Kirsty to run a bar. Now Kirsty has some decent hooks for her cabana. The Team love the concept of Holy Kitsch! park and museum. 
Above is a photo of Holy Kitsch! parents RIP in a becak madly guessing hmm late seventies they were mature age, visiting Indonesia cannot imagine what hairdresser Mum was going to then it looks awful oh well some might like it. The driver (sopir) is saluting so a nice surprise for Ibu (bu) and Bapak (pak) on seeing the photo sopir saying "yes boss" they had military government then (now a democracy) I think this is quite a friendly gesture a cute surprise for them on seeing the photo, great reflection typical of Indonesian humour. Those becaks are cycled from the rear pushing the passenger forward into the traffic, they feel great though you must trust all other traffic and there is a pattern to driving in Indonesia, traditionally a horn honk means to give way and blinking headlights you are cranky. At the lights the traffic spread right across the road, you give way to people walking in the same direction. Dunno if becaks still on the island of Java.
As you can see HK parents were extraterrestrials. The streets were way quieter those days now many have moved to the city and it is sinking as they are overusing the water table everybody has cars or motorbikes. Collecting rainwater run off in cisterns has yet to be tried.
The Indo govt was thinking of relocating Jakarta. For current issues plastic refuse can be aggregate and each street block could have a composting bin. There is the sewerage issue its all achievable in increments rather the 1950's one big dam approach, diversity is better.
Parents being extra terrestrials explains why suitors ran in terror. It took Holy Kitsch! years to see colour unless a person was positively black African and I never heard Dad's accent others had to tell me and thought it amusing the only difference I can remember was when Dad said bumpkin, I could never tell if country bumpkin or country pumpkin.
Once my sister brought home an Indian boyfriend and Mum commented he was Indian so we all had to figure out what she meant then it dawned on us he was from India why Mum differentiated has me beat I do not think she objected maybe just a comment.
I saw an artist video recently introducing new art into a church, more of street culture without being naff and on the wall was a black Jesus it was in Columbia. That is more usual in Sth America as are extremely tortured Christ figures they are usually brown.
Dad did not spend lengthy periods in the sun Mum swam more often and HK heaps. This idea of what colour is is difficult for HK to describe though read about this issue and she was surprised as an adult how people wanted to be whiter than Michael Jackson.
We were not raised ethnic just free which some rabid dogs abhor. Whispering Pines Shana Moulten music and Libretto by Nick Hallett  is an installation video opera beautiful and very Holy Kitsch! she would have no hope here at all and die from insignificance as she neglected to include the dark angst, cows and sheep for sale, being wealthy enough to just ride around on a motorbike in war zones backed by the govt or draw colouring in pix looking benevolent whatever, besides she looks different to Locals except Holy Kitsch!ers so she would be discriminated against for not being Right.
Last time Holy K was in a shower she was oh horrors aaarrgh confronted by a vision of Patti Smith HK saw her live in Sydney a few years back who strangely looks like another version of HK. A German photographer friend commented on that many moons ago he took some photos of Patti Smith for EMI and some nudes of HK he wanted to do a dreamy look on those which were more out there hah I can't remember seeing the proofs maybe he had no film! I cannot imagine a Local photographer thinking I was interesting enough here as it's pretty racist only a narrow band of women presented as attractive more diverse recently maybe. 
Stairway to Heaven, The Vessel. Holy Kitsch! suggested tree planting for the centre of Vessel ie focus point latus rectum of parabola is Pinus strobus or taller and adaptable to soil and climate conditions copyright Holy Kitsch! as are the bullet loos HK designed and stolen by Sydney City Council, that is usual here that is how bad it is.
Fashion designers have withdrawn in protest as for money raising at the The Sheds adjoining so I am thinking about this difficult issue. Fern Mallis has disassociated herself with The Sheds function for Fashion Week as she no longer runs New York FW and besides is not a supporter of Trump.
Update 2020: Fern Mallis has reported New York Fashion week will not really be happening, instead there will be online shows and many designers have withdrawn due to Covid. Her comment was  something like "are we in a bad movie with a bad sci fi director?" Lets hope vaccines will soon be available to all. 
Thomas Heatherwick
 created the design his team is famous UK he directed the Seed Pod Expo design and a bridge that curls up to allow boats through. The Landscape reminds HK of works she has done in the past though lacking the pretentious networks needed to work here, "pretentious moi?."
That group of billionaires sound awfully lazy and lacking in culture the Speaker Box is in fact based on a leather shopping bag made from a piece of leather with slices cut into it now resembling Met-L-Knit it is challenging for the people as in the sense of Raphael carrying his equal sized cohort on his back as to disabled approaches and needs plants for such a Babylonian structure will accrue verdigris unless treated it will age well due to car radiator global warming design unknown if graffiti tolerated sculptures NYC always look spruce and cared for with respect Landscape and Design Architects are very tricky people. The billionaires were gifted with a view of our meece race and got way more than they bargained for I am unable to figure who funded this maze exactly. I know the question hangs on what about a tubular ramp so the skateboarders don't fall toward infinity though still may do so? Holy Kitsch! can design a kiosk renting stair climbing wheelchairs and has designed the chairs need to develop the design further.
Juan Mu√Īoz from Spain, now deceased RIP. A heartfelt work for educational purposes. One reason they look anguished is they did not know art is now supposed to be high tech brring pop zinggg govt orderz zingo nothing against high tech just much tech dates quickly and it does not mean the simplest is no longer relevant or found object.¬† Mu√Īoz has also done sound works, one for BBC. He has an usual accent from learning English in a New York bar¬†
Holy Kitsch! has never concerned itself to a huge degree on who we sell to and apparently nor does T Heatherwick's co. same as Zaha Hadid, as the product holds good and carries knowledge though I was concerned about the immigrant workers on one of her projects. Holy Kitsch! is an artist first and a trader if you know what you sell is fabo you don't worry as much, architects like artists must ask themselves numerous questions and a pretty result is not always the answer as you know with H. Kitsch! it has to be gutsy you know my cup runneth over.
The Vessel resembles the pattern for the seat of some very large pants the outer edges inner seams the remainder does not exist my abode totally wrong no space to think Einstein and Da Vinci would have thrown in the sleeve in Oz I am in urgent circumstances and the last landlord owes $$$ State govt only supports the wealthy and meat clean and tidy the name of a former design business I owned. 
I only ever published other HK gallery work about twice and the geese swooped HK needs major and magic protection Local she is only 5ft the institutions and current "artists" due to ignorance are predatory and the reason the walls have been raised on HK since pre Holy Kitsch! their holdings will lose value the hyenas have been waiting for some time for HK to pass to hide the work forever or keep for increased worth the gatekeepers only want customers at the Large Gallery of NSW  and the Meow C A as who they have banked on might only be girded with air.
This pool would NOT be approved Local, too decorative and intelligent design love how its says SPLASH and is on a curved mound surrounded in topiary. 
One designer of the city pools taught HK who wonders if she nabbed the below ground concept from me as I designed a park with buildings not enough room so I partially sunk them. 
Holy thinks some religions in the past had strict rules on segregation, "men's secret business" thanks aboriginals for term and marriage "women's secret business" because they were beset by bubonic plague still arises in war zones truly its bad in war zones yet still ignorant on why but noticed if you kept people apart they caught less stuff and babies were abandoned less and it protected villages from raiders though people in the present cannot see that the past was barbarous as any outsider could slay you look at the Night Watchman by Rembrandt. Women still had abortions you can tell if you know how to read the layers of a good painting.
By Kaws its called Holiday he’s in Holy Kitsch! land you would never be able to have success here if you were Kaws unless you copied him he appears suspiciously Holy Kitsch!ish. In Oz they they need a precedent.  Kaws did tees tho after Hk and HK had the way cutest collectible tees. 
They use populist terminology Arts in the colonies Kaws is different to populist even though popular same as Holy Kitsch! I like this guy is he homeless or just pastoral? 
The Barrier Reef is nearly dead and the politicians died last century it's the pits HK is sad as her art and most of her life was stolen by a bunch of hick Colonials. 
Still heaps of gay and different people in the past and no gooders as religious texts were taken symbolically people were still people and not so strict few could read anyhow. The govt here wants to combine the role of government and religion yet this is undemocratic what about an Inquisition? The state is always separate from religion and why Archbishop Makarios was deposed in Cyprus. 
Even if you are not a cleric you cannot impose your barbaric laws from another age on the people it is up to citizens to figure where they stand on religion which is democratic and as we all are fallible and imperfect we are all excused anyhow all texts give you that out clause as we are not gods we are cats.  
If religious extremists knocked on my late younger sister Chrissy’s door and tried to convert her she would reply No thanks I already have one. RIP. Spare me her walking round as the undead! I think it was metaphor take a look at a Rubens depiction of a deceased Christ rising. His paintings do pulse with life blood they are cinematic can often show violence not for the faint hearted. Extremism is fine in art if it critiques or makes you think and forms a big part of art making. 

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