Christina, Arizona USA, her daughter is local

Posted on February 16, 2019 by Noni Daniels | 0 Comments

Christina loved her doggy, quality jacquard cushion from Belgium and was pleased that the filling was recycled plastic bottles, local firm, into clean fluffy polyester. HK frequently has international customers as they love finding good quality and unusual wares as do of course our local patrons. I knew as an artist my sensibility all round was way less usual for these parts making for plenty of debate with my teachers! Christina said the high quality cotton such as these cushions as well as less pesticides takes less water so smileys all round. Her dollars would be going further as Oz wages hit rock bottom forcing many to shop in cheap and nasty stores yet Holy Kitsch! is quite reasonable. Well they think HK is making heaps lol.

You know times are bad when people fret over a couple of dollars. Personally I don’t choose a cafe/band/shoes on price mostly, same as much of my shopping. It has to be a great experiience or why bother? Same as a holiday! Nice glasses  

Andrew and Paul from I don’t know where 😱

Millie who is a Local as in she just lives up the road

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