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Briefly, Cecelia is a shaman artista from Mexico and below is a work by her. She is also responsible for the beaded elvis heads HK had two done especially for Holy Kitsch! that would have been a first for Cecelia for certain. Will add those they are on the site at least one. Cecelia is married with one son last count. Her husband takes a back seat and that might be cultural as well, unsure

Ā Ā The turnaround a bit rapido in these two all the same a really great realisation by Cecelia. HK requested the green tones she had a picture in those tones and one in colour.Ā HK showed Cecelia a photo of a Day of the Dead Elvis ofĀ hers and gave her the ceramic busts she took over. She looked as if she had fun by results she wrote Elvis verso might have had assistance. The little figurine was from another maker, we ordered those in advance after seeing them and she eventually delivered them to our hotel later in the return trip from memory. They were a change from skeletons and cute bootie for theĀ galleries.Ā 

With the beadingĀ a part of the skill is how the artista can make each colour appear alight, same with the candleholders the light does not need be pastel or white.

This is Cecelia's late uncle Miguel he was awesome RIP. He was quite a nervous guy. Cecelia took over from where he left off. They are from the Sierra Madre though live in Mexico City, their community is tight knit. They are lengendary, Huichol is one name though there is another more accurate. Their lands are being exploited by foreign mining companies and tobacco farming they face a lot of challenges sorting out some they do protest and have joined hands with indigenous Indians USA. Their culture is unique.

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