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Posted on July 30, 2019 by Erin C

Picture of colosseum space where the current Neo-Ocelot Leadership is aligning themselves with Ancient Roman practises which in sports is considered a good thing go figure $1.5 billion is cost to NSW for this one they slaughtered tens of thousands of wild animals and people regularly in ancient Rome they no longer do that as people here now die from lack of hope.

The government only asked for 3 tenders gee that sure decreased the competition, my old Pekinese, freaky Tiki RIP went in a competition with only 3 dogs and he came in third so you can see there is sense in making it tight. They omitted Holy Kitsch! who could do a fabo design might have to do it and leave for posterity like everything else Holy ever did or somebody else will steal it from H. Kitsch! that has happened all her life 

Tiki did not conform to type his snout was too large as Dad always pointed out, plus he was really scruffy and ragged and would always look sort of grimy I totally talced him for the comps and brushed his hair in hope, Dad would take me to those he must have found it amusing he did like that dog. 

Tiki was never desexed making him embarrassing when friends came over. He would sit in front of my older sister's RIP bedroom door as she slept in and start scratching which rattled her door so drive her berko she would fling open the door and boot him down one hall that surrounded the waterfall and indoor garden (gently-ish) shut the door he would return scratch madly bumping the door again, don't know why, she would boot him again!

There are plenty willing to build this new stadium at kitty rates  $1.5 billion (lowest tender is usually a bad choice) yet oddly the State has no money for the tiny Powerhouse Museum or any museums at all (except the catrupt Larger Gallery of NSW a local Neo ocelot stronghold besides even they have a patron though he is getting older and probably out of touch) ignoring the vast numbers they employ and visitors they attract globally.

We have 5.5 million citizens in Sydney with a total of 7.5 million in the wider state yet every second town gets a govt friendly museum there are votes in them thar museums in them good ol' country towns. Farms here are run in drought prone districts and the farmers are frequently mega companies, some weekend farms these days then are given subsidies. Organic and Earth friendly farms should be subsidised but current govt greedy for power needs country votes to stay in forever by the looks of things as they are modelling themselves on Meowist principles.

There is an issue with introduced deer in the state. Rather than farm them and sell as venison the people are encouraged to shoot them and leave them for dead. The deer survive without subsidies and palates here are unused to venison Local yet there is always the export market the politicians are actually accountants and know zilch about science, good governance and the Arts they are clueless! They would not have the diseases of wild animals from the jungle and can be readily farmed.

Ignorance is the other item its bad they confuse governing with big business they actually truly really and trrruly believe governing a country is the same as big business well there goes The Enlightenment, they have never heard of that as you do not learn compassion as an accountant or knowledge. They sold off all this nation's assets other nation's peoples would rise up and imprison them.

The govt also has no spare money for hospitals as said they already sold off all historical assets to developers there goes the cultural heritage and tourism anyone can see skyscrapers any old days theys grow like weeds these parts necessary evil with a burgeoning population if it is housing, a bit depressing if badly designed needs greenery for starters. I thought footie clubs were loaded why don't they foot the costs? Same cricket, "split the bill" so to speak its not rocket science to ask. 

So say you are fortunate enough to have a specialist and a bed, there you are in your white disinfected hospital room looking at 4 walls and a TV set, that is it. With luck maybe one sad picture (it is not HK) on the wall and sadly a very small non Holy Kitsch! crucifix horrors, they can be awful. So you are thinking what does all this mean? 

I've seen the footy, went to the "fun" park where I tried being Faithist, I had the accident, been cured in the past, jumped out of a plane and other extreme sports, hmm maybe the State Govt and major global patrons can assist Holy K. with the new Holy Kitsch! museum so the person in hospital has something cool and intelligent to look forward to or think about on their exit and before exiting life itself, to make them want to change things, to look at the past, to be appalled, to wonder why we are here and more to nudge their intellect and knowledge of the world with the added benefit of a totally cool cats vibe because its Holy Kitsch! not a copy cat.

H. Kitsch! is prowling for zee patronz without too much attitude on what kind of catz and whether we are Local enough we know cool the ones in power do not, way off the mark meaning we are stuck with ties to Old Blighty and a few towns in France do like both nations.

Maybe the museum could have artistas like Holy Kitsch! how now brown cow, cow art is big in the colonies, so the girl doing cow colon art should really take off with a bang Local. A museum is a great idea as Holy Kitsch! feels kind of unneeded and unwanted as HK is not neo ocelot or other armed group rather the Holy Kitsch! Brigade, Team Holy! Her work has an excellent international conversation it is cruel both to HK and those who want to interact with her work to the point of extremely nasty discrimination for her work to be hidden, it is ignorance to be sure.

Regional galleries are vigorous as they buy important neo-ocelot votes so they have quite a bit of stuff and $, also your local school féte fare for the country female ass. a bastion of neo ocelots plus wealthy artists that show at the Fat Cats Larger Gallery of NSW and shows that never come to the major cities as city catty citizens are considered a nuisance and they do not vote for the neo ocelot party.

Neo ocelots planetary prefer places of power like above dastardly design cometh as women can hold up their babies to celebrate the motherland or fatherland and forget about cats see Leni Reifenstahl for that. "Fun concrete parks with numerous attractions" provide a similar frisson. and can be fun yet LA has numerous museums plus Disneyland there is room for diversity you know.

Armenia collaborated with Germany WW2 and Germans are now peaceful and Green in sheer embarrassment so what went wrong with Local leader who is Armenian who states her heritage proudly to all as the Local armed leader well judging by your taste you are a poor representative of any wild cats at all maybe you have a normal brother or sister who can save us all from the madness of your political catdom and aggrandisement with your whippets their kactics are anti meeces.

Certainly other Armenians can design better from what HK has seen we must have been splashed by a rotten egg. Making this look anywhere near attractive in the present is a difficult call HK could do the Job. The neo ocelots sys it's for festivals as well a less attractive option than a park and readily policed with hounds.

There are millions of awesome architects eg Zaha Hadid born in Iraq does Suprematism RIP her firm lives on search to see how she and her architecture appeared ott in mind body and spirit and quite funny, so the State went cheap and huge always a risky call ended up with a giant bathroom fixture which is designed as a wildlife repellant it would need multiple echidna trains to invade it so Holy Kitsch! proposes El Museo and will design it. HK can find other Locales this is one suggestion of numerous. It cannot be run by the Old Guard that will have it stuck in mud it will be too boring.

Apparently the arena does have some lawn whatever whats the use of a life with no art it becomes empty unless you are an ascetic attempting not to be re-incarnated however. 

El Museo Holy Kitsch! © can employ far more people both ends and be indoors and outdoors like the Opera House with way more decoration indoors and outdoors nothing against the Opera House love it and it resembles middens which in Sydney were as tall as pyramids same shape the Brits used the lime for mortar, create wealth $$ depth and a rich culture and will combine the accumulated knowledge storehouse of HK and her cohorts it will be diverse and not try hard.

Mexico has poverty and the drug barons so Margolles talks about violence and deaths in a strong experiential manner bringing in her experience of working in a Mexico City Morgue. Her works are frequently not for the faint hearted as art is usually more than a walk in the park. 

El Museo © will be best ever seen with old and new, Mexican and Latinx art and Holy Kitsch! who will assist in organising it that is a big strength. Everyone cannot wait except the immovables intent on throwing cats and the wolves here way worse than NYC or globally due to tabbies.

There was no need to demolish the drunk attractant in the first place. All fine if sports are your thing though numerous prefer a cultured and broad approach to art and life that enriches the many rather than keeping them cooped up together so they can tear each other apart one limb at a time.

Picture of a park in Miami Florida look at the beautiful baroque pearlised statues they are scattered throughout the very green park. The great thing about sculpture is kids can climb on them so when I was studying I drafted a park without a play area due to the sculptures there was an uprising so I put in a playground as well. The pearlised effect is refreshing bronze can appear war like except when used intelligently it is a difficult medium.

I as well designed a park with an absolute ton of benches after worrying about the homeless so it was as if the supine homeless were having a lie in. The benches were at all angles and meant for kids and adults to play amongst I liked making parks difficult to navigate as public space is so boring I was unable to conform to the majority here and was really bad at levels the calculations drive you insane in small increments most students asked a brother or sister to do those truly! Most lecturers were good some plainer I did get Distinctions :) Adults in the present are barely allowed to play at all and only practice sports which cuts out a lot of fun in and out of the bedroom! Truly porn can be equivalent of watching very closely a person eating a piece of meat in slo mo it is too "to the point' literal.

It is totally bad when even hospitals have trouble getting funds. A rich life includes all levels of culture and a richly textured city that not only appeals to kids or families rather the breadth of communities yet there is no attempt to broaden our cultural lives here, a few festivals that is it they are ephemeral and unlike Xmas or Chanuka that have a long cultural history beyond the branding and new histories are fine.

The broader question of a life lived fluffy and one of enquiry rather than bombast does not appear to occur and some of those making art are more concerned with whether it makes lions or tigers feel guilty or better of a crime they never committed (moralistic, the Dutch used to do that one) in the first place on the other extreme so bland nobody cares at all so as to impress the Colonials adding images of cathedrals is a good trick or have kitties with the gallery director you also must appear very plain Local there are strict rules on what is normal and divisions so it makes it easy for all to persecute any one breed as they are readily identified by the categories as difference is viewed with extreme suspicion everybody must be the same if they refuse to conform they might pass as a "character" thus stealing their individuality and cattiness.

They are teaching kitties at the State galleries to be fully regimented by enforced Napoleonic portraiture comps and training well those cats will certainly have a huge issue getting on the international gravy train which is worth billions $$ Local possible artists for that call would be locked out and not all artists want to be millionaires, or do they? It is useless promoting faves it won't cut it on the international market even if they are forcibly trying to mould a Local persona using that approach we would never have had Pollock or Krasner.

Art is trickier than they imagine for the artists it is very difficult or you are doing a bad job, here talking beyond the spectacle which is popular atm. Art curating pussies and leaders here are too sentimentally attached to particular careers they have promoted for political reasons and bias both here and internationally having a book on you might be good publicity yet those who know still wonder.

Kitties are forced to attend art colleges early Local to train their art in the neat clean and tidy fashion to pleeze ze masters before leaving school. Paintings of cattle is popular in the Regionals aside from the dogs there is a suggestion, flood them with more cows! The concept is to train early win a prize and catch the echidna train of art Oz with a neat CV with no document forgeries even needed, phew just list the Regional prizes which are the tractors of art flattening the landscape and hopeful cats who have to hide round  alleys. As for art for full grown snow leopards unlike literature they have been left out all together in case the government feels threatened by zee artz and culturez its a slippery gathering here with a veneer of Cheshires.

One day you will be just bones but until that day Holy Kitsch!ers prefer a full life or we might as well go straight to the grave yet Governments Local try to make that journey as depressing as possible for their people which is unfair as they look like they are living the good life well and truly even if undead. HK Dad showed her what a good life can look like and it is doable for most if we did not have the neo ocelots hanging around grr.

Some in power think their brand of religion will save all though that is unfair on us we did not vote for your brand rather we voted for humanitarian values HK thought anyhow! Same el museos Local they do not approve of Holy Kitsch!ers they think HK is cult hmm nor do some catademies. 

Local museos are private practices for the undead who belief they already have the Holy spirit but of course they do not and would never have put together Holy Kitsch! it might be a little bit crook other places here it is totally catrupt trying to be populist might win votes it makes for bad art there are exceptions.

Visual literacy is impossible for some as it is fuzzy logic and intelligent. Visual illiterates cannot help that specific disability and winning maths tests or being neat clean and tidy is not a sign nothing against maths.

Governments overlook this massive disability issue and ability to communicate with art you cannot really test properly a high fuzzy logic intelligence even Hk has to try more than once when writing, painting is multi layered and why governments try to control art as it is an intelligent manner to communicate underground concepts beyond having a regimented CV or tweet. Art making came before writing and has nothing to do with sore eyes a term used in Oz due to intellectual disability to describe anything at all you wonder why those ones were given sight in the first place it is tragic.

Without museums we have no keepers of history and culture which is also our citizens and an array of ways of seeing for all HK thinks she can do better than the government they are hopeless and only concerned about how #anythingatall will buy votes.

The park adjoining the new arena is barren and lonely with one tiny fountain and great ugly pillars advertising god knows what probably bad signage for the street you are unable to find. Hidden in that complex is an old building or two but you cannot see them. The world's architects sob in disbelief the shabbiest of nations can do a better job. Does the Roads Dept walk anywhere? I often wonder that when padding the streets and crossing roads, you must run as the lights were designed for the fleet footed giraffes.

The issue with the State is not only do they have intestinal issues so keep building new freeways to unblock their passages they think this coliseum is cleaner than mud. 

A Day At The Races (Thanx Marx Bros)

Zoe with Bush Baby ©Holy Kitsch! Earrings

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