Alice trying to remember all small dog breeds

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Alice was very good on small dog breeds, one of the first things we talked about, she had one though we all had variations on how to spell dachshund! We had the dogs on totes and in prints by a good Mexican artist. Alice was also technically skilled on using the enormous tote bag sized rubber stamp on the paper bags. You had to put it on the floor and kneel on it. We sort of figured a way of sitting on side stairs and using feet. Here you see Alice in her Mum’s amber beads After feminist studies then Holy Kitsch! she decided to study broadcasting and went onto the ABC in Alice Springs  last I heard she was travelling and had a boyfriend! She had no problems with the taxonomy of point of sale platform on line though guess skulls were confusing. Not forgetting keeping track of how many virgins :) how many Frida’s, numerous crosses of increasing complexity and beauty and a rich array of art prints plus so much more. We used to listen to the radio and Alice could always identify the songs correctly.

Glebe Markets Market Stall

Lexie near emergency wall phone.

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