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Nice to hear so many naval ships in town they rarely venture to the Pacific as they are so busy rounding up bedraggled refugees north of the nation which sort of leaves the Pacific waters round this side pretty well up for grabs. There are many tiny islands in the Pacific important to the fish and wildlife population sort of feel endangered from stealth. 
The Spratly Islands are a major fish breeding ground forming a strand around the string of islands that is the Philippines. They currently deal with oil spills and garbage as ithey also lie on a major shipping lane. A lot of nations have an interest in controlling this tiny pristine group of islands which are in dire need of protection from any kind of development. They provide a vital breeding ground for fish and the matrix of life that is the Pacific. We all depend on the sea for food for now and the future so that is why this area needs conservation urgently and a peaceful outcome. Obama's response appeared to be a good approach to encourage this outcome as he strengthened ties with all Pacific rim nations diplomatically including Korea, Japan Vietnam China and Mexico to name a few being inclusive and strengthening presence in Vietnam and Japan ensuring a safe bountiful Pacific for all.
There is a terriblel gyre of largely discarded plastics and oil spills resembling a thick soup in the middle of the Pacific Ocean which with a global effort could be begun to be swept clean already somebody has designed a vessel for that job. Birds and fish feeding in that area ingest the toxic detritus and this deadly concoction then becomes a horrible addition to Planet Earth's food chain. Without protection, with all it's beauty and bounty a gift given to us in our care, Planet Earth will die.

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