Ponies with no Pom Poms

Posted on November 03, 2014 by N D


Hey Pal, you look a bit like a barrel in that kit, something wrong about the drape.
Actually looked flat upon purchase in the pan universe with no profile. Free postage and  purchased for practically nothing. Comes without pom poms.
Persnickety people prefer pure simplicity
Perniciously persnickety people with pure simplicity prefer that proprietors are pernicious in paying the poorest people of pueblos in the pan universes a pittance so no possibility of pom poms.
Simplicity is perfection.
Perversely people posting at Post Offices have to pay perniciously pricey prices as do all the people in pueblos. Personal postage in Post Offices  and producers with products with prettiness
and pom poms subsidise the perfection of persrnickety purse pockets with no pom poms who prefer simplicity in the pan universe plus free postage
Proprietors and purveyors of pretty pieces in the streets as do the people of the pueblos all pay for the persnickety pockets who prefer pure simplicity plus free postage
People of simplicity of the pan universes touring with pure simplicity ensure they pay the people of the pueblos a few pitiful pennies as they prefer no pom poms
Small Proprietors purveying pretty pieces with no simplicity are usually paid poorly
People of simplicity prefer to use a crop on the ponies to win the purse rather than see the ponies with pom poms win the purse with no crop and pom poms
To win the purse the persnickety use a crop for simplicity
The ponies at the races have no pom poms as the persnickety people who prefer to avoid pueblos want to win the purse with a crop and no pom poms

Note: Pueblo-A town or village or it's inhabitants, a nation or people.


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