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Posted on January 12, 2014 by N D

For districts where people do not object to silver mining or are not heritage listed the link is an ancient,  knowledgeable and sane mining method. This method uses zero cyanide. It does use creativity and man-power. Naturally better ventilation is used in wealthy countries in the present. The environment is not harmed.
Cyanide is currently used in Mexico by Canadian mining companies who hate the environment and the people who live in Mexico they mine across South America in aquestionable manner. In the Sierra Madre Mexico they have built a cyanide manufacturing factoryarrgh! This silver is for export to Europe.
Below is an image of a similar range of mountains in Japan that contains the now world famous and World Heritage listed Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine and surrounding districts where formerly safer traditional methods were used not harmful to the environment. This district is now visited by many people from around the world for it's beauty. One can readily observe how what happens in the mountains affects run-off and surrounding areas of living and leisure, e.g. the beach, farmland and marine life. Many wealthy countries are now banning the use of cyanide and winding down coal mining and have far greater restrictions on mining and the mining companies should always show due care rather than pursuing self-interest at everyone's expense except of course the billionaires and shareholders. Many mining companies pose as being nice clean and friendly as a cover-up as did asbestos companies.There are companies in the random universes who are fair though Canada has a particularly unsavory reputation in South America Australian mining companies  certainly not too careful either in 2015 BHP killed numerous civilians in Brazil and swamped villages with toxic waste from a waste dam iron ore. Tahoe in Guatemala stands accused of killing civilian protestors as civilians from south America are considered to have less worth than the CEOs of these companies.

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