Chapo means Shorty in Mexican slang. El Chapo is a gang land drug baron organized crime Mexico recaptured and responsible for heinous crimes against humanity poor and poorly educated. An under class in poverty is a recipe for disaster. El Capo is a mafia boss. El Chapo is responsible for extremely nasty stuff going down in Mexico.

Chivo means goat nick name of Emmanuel Lubezki Academy Awarded Mexican cinematographer for director and winner Inarritu. He prefers long takes and artists love doing one take free hand narrow margin of error results strong.

He appears goat like the jackal has eaten goat in Mexico tasty and non factory farmed better for a diverse cruelty free non fattening future.

El Chapo was born on Christmas Day a Capricorn stubborn old fashioned old when young and younger when older can wage psychological war fare stick hard and fast to their ways this from personal experience and you can't worry about it too much as the individual is what is important. There is good and bad in all. El Chapo had a terrible father who beat him.

Martin Luther King was a star Capricorn stubborn determination their sign a goat a stubborn creature any Capricorns NONI! has known just do not budge they have gravitas to them from their metal lead.

NONI! is a Gemini and air sign metal quicksilver finds them generally too heavy going no offense to all Capricorn patrons some star signs are better tolerated by each other than others earth and air not a fantastic mix still can work as Earth needs air. Richard Nixon was a Capricorn really sneaky not all Capricorns are infamous or stars just some are extreme and we know our Holy Kitsch! patrons are awesome and you cannot worry on star signs overly a good way to think of a new lover.

Capricorn's ruling planet is Kronos whose father was Uranus and mother was Gaia goddess of Earth. Saturn when he heard that his fate was to die at the hands of his children ate them at birth he was forced to disgorge them and El Chapo may disgorge what happened to the children of Mexico whom he murdered.

Martin Luther King disgorged the plight of the slain enslaved Africans the metaphor can be used for good or bad. There is a painting by Goya of a monster eating a man a metaphor for war or Kronos Goya knew tough times was a visionary.

Kronos castrated his father Uranus with a scythe his personal symbol los huevos fell to the coast of Cyprus into the foam where Aphrodite was then born already a woman goddess of erotic or physical love she is Venus in Roman mythology. The huevos part of her birth story changes but the constants are the foam Aphrodite Cyprus and the scallop. NONi! and her sisters would laugh at stuff you do whereby dice: nah those parts you have to do properly you cannot change that part or why did that person do such and such to that story or painting or ritual it should be this way or that ruins it artists know this one well you have to challenge it at times. NONI's papa RIP hails from Nicosia in Cyprus a nation famed for Aphrodite across Europe the Middle East and beyond and dance parties.

Kronos is depicted with a sickle or scythe same as the Day of the Dead Virgin or Santa Muerte who is worshiped by the poor the marginalized and the more lowly criminals who feel that the wealthy mainstream church has failed them her antecedent is an indigenous goddess of death. All religions have somebody looking after the dead somewhere by way of a symbol. The scythe for Kronos represents Time and it being unconquerable Sante Muerte has a scythe time can bend do strange things don't beleive the hype.

Frida Kahlo used to paint the communist sickle on her cast and in her paintings a stand in for the peasants who toiled on their crops her knife we all have to eat.

The jackals papa went to communist demonstrations when younger was revolutionary a rebel an artist and non conformist he was at one time fellow art student with Arthur Boyd in Melbourne pre WW2 hmmm connection to the Nebuchadnezzar series? Arthur Boyd painting a cryptic conversation from the book of Daniel papa claimed he was the better drawer. He later joined the ongoing Mosman painters group pre WW2 showed Noni the old mansion they shared must have been a guest house for them.

There was a fête at school and NONi! able to draw well was asked for some so called art for sale at the fête was clueless knew nobody will buy a drawing they want fun stuff and Jeff Koons can laugh at this as cross my heart we had a Pekingese dog supposed to be pedigree in fact for shows his snout too big there are legends round this misfit dog papa told us how the geisha would keep one of these dogs in their sleeve for protection known as sleeve dogs they are extremely snappy you cannot get on wrong side of them not like the loving faithful family dog at all he was totally grotty and horny all the time so he would escape the confines of the house a mad search brought to heel dog happy.

The other dog was Sheba the fierce intelligent German Shepherd guard dog at Noni's Dad's factory her Papa only who could talk to Sheba she guarded the premises like a fiend the jackals Papa very sad when she died.

Dad painted an ott sentimental pic of Tiki he painted well he said that will sell and it did straight off the jackal could not have painted it at all would not have thought that one up smile at that one still they thought NONi! had painted the dog he said to say she had papa knew the world early needed him to fill in forms act normal though that was a challenge to him as well though no worries he owned a large factory manufacturing bespoke springs pogo sticks oil demisters moon walkers and Reggies Racing Rockers Noni named that can't you tell! We also had a cat called Fuzzy Noni named her too.

Koons work including his pooches es fantastica. The jackal was the top go for if you needed a forged letter from your parents as being an artist could forge a useful skill when la pistolera changed her birth certificate a mano one time for uni damned if they were going to know age then changed it back again for Medicare its fun to do anyhow nobody else at art school seemed to do stuff like that.

Capricorn is an Earth sign and you can see that grounding in Martin Luther King who has same surname as one of NONI's ex a Capricorn. Strangely El Chapo always uses tunnels to escape and Capricorn is an Earth sign also the town from which NONI! departed to USA is a maze of underground tunnels then changed flights in Texas all on same day El Chapo escaped via a tunnel. Gemini is cthonic and well Noni though a transparent person by nature is also fairly cthonic cannot help it.

The Mexicans looked resigned when they made us wait an age for passengers from Korea to pass through gates they called them through first so NONI! said that is discrimination was vociferous had another plane to catch and was tired and it was unfair besides they replied some Koreans were lost and la pistolera only a bit later found out of escape still easy enough to check that was abuse of a plane load of tired passengers.

When NONI! arrived New York exhausted her luggage did not turn up it may have been held up in a search for drugs at Texas because of El Chapo. This was a good thing as although on wheels it is a large hard shell bag so more to manage. At JFK Airport there were these fantastic shuttle buses you could catch dropped you downtown New York City so used that listening to the African American driver rapping about his city.

American Airlines zero problems and did return luggage to the hotel next day and gave NONI! free toiletries et al. Its great just landing middle of the city as was able to actually walk straight off bought some health food walked a few blocks until so dizzy from jet lag barely able to stand a yellow taxi was easy.

In that tunneled town in Mexico is where the hermaphrodite statue is half woman half man in a market place as a manifestation of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Hermes is the ruler of Gemini NONI! star sign mercurial fleet footed and can pass between worlds the living and the dead above ground and under ground cthonic and represents both sides of the human psyche.

Interestingly see under black clay skull leaf cutting ants live in Mexico they can live in the forest their enormous appetite for farmed underground fungus living on cut leaf in a huge maze of tunnels is limited as kept in check by environmental factors. The tunneled networks are vast it is said their society so complex only man has invented more complexity nature is extremely complex.

In the house at St Ives with the interior waterfall Richard the dealer was selling such quantities we were awash in grass same with Ross later in life close to source zero thugs knew about us except Precious was held up once.

The tunnel network in the town that NONI! departed Mexico 2015 is so maze like there are bus stops in the underground tunnels and street signs surreal. The pyramids outside Mexico City have hidden tunnels with liquid mercury in some parts. In Mexico City would have lived like numerous indigenous cities in Mexico  a lot of people working in the Arts. They would have located themselves near the centers of power in order to gain commissions then there are cultural everyday wares needed. Markets have a long history in Mexico and there were lengthy trade routes and art is a vigorous part of daily cultural life in Mexico a passionate people  la pistolera is treated normally.

Same town reading glasses went missing one evening before going out drew the turning into a Rembrandt a self portrait then dang there went the glasses following the troubadours. Knew needed paper work for insurance company was nervous about the police and Spanish terriblemente so NONI! asked the concierge to accompany her. The police station was new with lots of glass sliding doors and two entrances through which one must pass.

The police woman who interviewed NONI! had fantastic English with solid swear words she was plain clothes and younger sought of funky looking guarded by another policeman with a gun. Btw Noni is so not the super tough traveler you know backpacking everywhere super macho and NONI! is feminist though divergent nothing against those who are super solo have zero issue being a tourist or business as NONI! is an artist and architect by trade and profession barely able to practice in her own nation her voice banned she is exhausted from these solo sojourns NONI! can be shy under her mask its hard work she prefers a male lead feels like a kid most of time.

Mexrissey a Mexican band that plays Morrissey 

NONI! tipped the concierge as she did not know if had to tip the police or how so that seemed way to go either way was happy as they wrote a really long document far more complex than the Surry Hills police who charged her with false assault and felt the need to lock NONI! up for 4 hours whilst doing so was unable to tip them they would have said she was mad\\{{*_*}}//  and locked her up for ever for being a passionate woman. NONI asked the police woman what she thought of her other glasses dice: listen they are UGLY looking at NONI! with them on and said so humorously we laughed a tension breaker the document was long and NONI! was re-enacting one of those sillier nights out just with local visitors to town all singing about darn Dolores who is perpetually sad as she lost Jesus. In the Niobe Greek mythology story she loses all including her children for boasting how fantastic she was in the story of Dolores of course she was devastated her only son dead and here was NONI! lacking fashionable glasses and alone guess was unsurprised lost whilst singing about sorrowful Dolores could smell weed in the street later on The police woman was younger than NONI! and more efficient than Surry Hills police. Dolores is represented by Picasso as the Weeping Woman.

New glasses zero reply QVB insurance.

La pistolera had a Korean guy who came in asking about what is kitsch! he had dark rimmed glasses on and he said sorta of like then looked at la pistolera hard UGLY? and he had got it a funny thing between two people la pistolera replied yeah.

NONi! round time of architecture studies went to Home nightclub Sublime Darling Harbor house music two male fave dance partners friends one was a murderous lover the other was gay. Arrived at door of the nightclub the guard decided to search the purse and NONi! was the one carrying quite small amount of weed herself used to only smoke this small time thing is  both guys said you carry it you are older they won't search you Noni is super gullible!

The guard said well whats this the jackal panicked did the bolt down Darling Harbor got lost in the crowds the other two guys met up with her by the harbor zero smoke hah!

Blasted guys pretended they did not know NONi! in that event at the door. Usually dance all night then go back to one of the their places lover or gay totally exhausted share the bed a fun warm days sleep with NONi! getting one guy either side just sleeping as one was hetero would not have been possible in the apartment NONi! had to escape due to noise from the builders or even study for that matter anything at all hell its medieval here.

Hah good thing about being small is you can lose yourself in a crowd go to the front in a concert sneak in lots of places when a student you have to be sharp if money tight and NONi! had a nack of winning free tix on radio stations weirdly so had plenty of dance nights out. You mostly learn how to be a crook if a student as so expensive except the wealthy kids and the indulged even when younger Noni's family ensure she was not too spoilt.

Ecstasy a problem as unable to test so Al would go first he was over 6 feet tall just one then Phillip not saying do so but just saying what happens real life. La pistolera would wait to see what happened to them if they looked fine would take half then half again later to be extra cautious these days just have a drink at times do not enjoy hang overs or stupidity the jackal would attempt wise advice if things looked too wild though never really did get too crazy that was others somehow survived warning take good care as government only does prohibition use dogs and fines zero help in described situation happens all over Sydney Town and globe.

Hmm breakfasts on the road heading to QLD or Cooma to see Chrissy ducks sliding on the frozen small lake us all sharing some same huge room like a giant cabin with enormous wood fire stove Chrissy was still keeping it together Richard cooking rabbit curry and chopping wood. It was only once she was in the academic world Noni was side lined they were so conservative.

NONi! traced Chrissy's daughter Papa all the way to UK when she asked NONi! said she bet she could find him if she ever asked Richard Soloway a Pisces said NONi! should have been a detective they are still in contact though nobody could figure why niece looked so unlike a Daniels we were more Goth we were super concerned and she was a blonde we argued she got part of Julies poorly estate everybody did!! Chenoa Murdoch and her familia last remaining relatives she is still wild though sensible her husband ex army served in Iraq he is totally wicked on his motor bike.

Older sis knew a lot of movers and shakers including Bruce Goold visited charler score grass had a blonde Afro Julie in Sydney town an antique dealer NONi! designing and managing a fashion house with art always had to oversee factory shop designs shipping employment pays everything it was fun at Covered Bazaar the pay fantastic with a share in the profits Noni was on easy street but they had the best on board with her and they always rewarded that.

Julie starting to go off rails already and was marginalized as she looked and acted way different to who you saw in magazines the three sisters were headily moody Julie unable to understand her dilemma needing pride wise counsel and Beyoncé et al not around to help.

It rained so hard the day of Julie's funeral the hardest ever the rain so bad we could barely even drive or see to Rookwood not kidding it was torrential NONi! PM his sis drove car was his sisters we had zero money NONi! had to ask the State to pay it was terrible and sad.

After Julie was cremated the sun came out miraculous the cleric had a good robe on with nice embroidery. We were only 3 people there plus the cleric Australia is harsh to difference. Rookwood cemetery is enormous.

Julie had major clashes in the family we so passionate at that time less insight had we known life way easier and she was weird way different to the set she knew felt uncomfortable in her skin was marginalized for incorrect school and incorrect appearance these were huge issues for her.

Found out Chrissy had died whilst NONi! at court contesting the shreds of her mamas estate that went to Julie the magistrate made that decision guess he thought once NONi! had degree she would be fine hah!

La pistolera found out her mama died when she rang the hospital she went daily was studying æsthetics UNSW Visual Arts one day a bit late the jackal rang they asked her to hold returned and said she died that very moment.

Us Daniels also know how to get lost Chenoa said much later as was unknown whereabouts at time that Chrissy wished for no further treatment to her breast cancer she had had a good life. That was round when Noni was studying Landscape Architecture that time.

Won a case for big sis Julie as she was forced onto heavy medication they are los matons she pleaded to NONi! for help did so they can force medication on people unwanted here she was happier living in a car in Qld a Do Gooder interfered so she was returned to mamas place. Oh think busted her out of a prison situation she had been harassing mama she was totally outta control needed pride rigour direction and good loving she did find that at least that was something she did not die virginal at least happy on that one!

Casting couches do not exist in the art academy as the men do not know how here same with the women by the looks of them.

La pistolera had used all in her arsenal had run outta her usual skills trying new ones now going global its an experiment though fucked if knew how to push that paper work or be so boring blue painted trees even the butt plug had more humor nobody in entire planet except non artists can comply la pistolera sisters laugh from their deathly hollows and what about those street guys some so hot does academy know street language and now the jackal in love does not know what to do as here are totally horrible every time she falls in love they always walk around feeling superior due to colonialism what is wrong with them rejecting numerous gifts she bears are they challenged it is soul destroying for a waste on Earth she is expert at hiding the gun.

You know there is this crowd up the road round Queen St and beyond they form a damned phalanx none of us can get past including acting I worry for Izzy though she might make it USA where all so keeping it nicely mannered well it damnwell appears so judging by who gets all the publicity no offense at all to your cozy club.

Birgitta an Aries now successful at international gem trade fairs good business and fair as her and her numerous colleagues in jewellery trade USA aim to source fairly they would all like to know if its possible for NONi! to have a dealer in Australia for her art recognition and why she is unable to make a living no matter how hard she works and excels get a lover longer than a night or any notice from galleries here as she is so intelligent and good at what she does and cute what is wrong with Australia they all ask same with her friends in finance globally they cannot believe she so brilliant Australia so poor and Charles whats his game?

Can draw pretty for sure!

Their jewellery way different to kinds you learn at Art School beautiful and highly decorative ain't earnest enough for colonialist art scene here these friends sell global so no problema. La pistolera even knows major mover shaker ex NYC fashion shows hey is there a dealer for NONi! or one intelligent man in Australia. The jackals friends now overseas think you all must be estupido she unable to deal her art that is nations job that NONi! inhabits she already did best she could possibly in all worlds her side and is now bereft from their cruel ignorance and how stupid are the men are they totally ignorant??

Why didn't Wendy Whitely come to Roberts funeral they were best friends guess getting busted with smack in his shoes at Sydney Airport an issue more serious than weed nobody wanted a connection to Robert the funeral bare of gente la pistolera went he flew in from HK as we used to buy silk brocades there he pleaded insanity and they sent him to the mad house hey bad move he was out on weekend some lines other stuff out of sight in bathroom had a heart attack died bad mix he was terrified of los matons hospital none of us knew organized crime we were just underground NONi! always clean and none of us had heard of liquid coke the stuff in the jar that show off bully woman brought back from Sth America what was that??? Did not like her one bit!

At the time of Covered Bazaar strangely we all lived in woolwich there were all these old mansions many yet to be properly renovated so Noni lived in a place somewhat resembling Roslyns current house except only the downstairs area it had servants bells in the old kitchen. There was house like that in Potts Point that was demolished knew people squatting in it.

Brett Whitely and Robert were close mates Robert had the best drugs in Sydney Town tons of it in a far safer and friendlier environment still hooked meant both could chill out together they did have major melancholia not madness to share which is considered unacceptable in Australia though neither with the insight to know artists feel so deeply and at least they did have lovers Robert a Virgo so outrageous in his feather earring dressed like Prince once he went to Bondi beach in a caftan and yobbos threw cans at him like maybe his identity was slippery same Brett maybe there were issues all artists are insane.

La pistolera knew Gary Grein as well he actually got Brett off drugs with counseling his brother Ross now retired a huge dealer of grass he grew it in the mountains they were part aboriginal wild bros. Better than hydroponic.

RIP Robert passionate and crazy you were beautiful. He was funny but so was NONi! really funny times nice fashion house to work for it was a pleasure good money good work.

Julie x boyfriend was key grip think Bob Brown he was stills photographer Walkabout a film made in Australian outback a classic she never really recovered that was a huge love all the worse for him as then he became hooked went downhill Julie's revenge.

Weed mostly at that time came from Nimbin and tons around like no big deal criminal free had huge quantities Richard was major source in Sydney for entertainment people eg Ellis D Fogg amazing light shows everybody actually truly better light shows than any since with truly artistic nude dancing unable to get a grant Sydney Town now so conservative.

Richard based himself at casa de famila of the jackals at St Ives he was Chrissy's lover also lived  Fairlight John English came as well every pop star in Sydney Town did RIP he gave Richard a copy of Jesus Christ Super Star constant stream of people music industry entertainment there was so much dope around unbelievable really. We were all sensible it was funny.

A friend of Richards was driving cabs to get through university Haarlem Globe Trotters were in town asked where to get some weed David took them back to Richard who was at Fairlight then as NONi! parents back in town we were amazed all hanging out there that night thought this is fantastic and got free tix to see them live totally blew us away they were telling us what Haarlem was like a world away wonder how they figured us they looked super chilled us thinking how do we ever act hip enough.

Richard knew everyone Mama and Papa away in Iraq or New Guinea breakfast at this Sweethearts was the best in town. We used to just swim naked in summer people were blown away.

Think Dad went to Libya as well unsure they were trade fairs for his custom springs and knitted wire oil demisters one night he went to one restaurant he had to speak with trade emissaries and this guy came in with body guards and gun men from memory Gaddaffi a bit hazy on who.

Beiruth was the Paris of the East famed for its gold market Dad would buy Mamas jewellery there and a gift for NONi!s 21ist had to sell jewellery and papas medals to get through university as was totally broke to support teachers and was working night shifts whilst they acted way important sad selling the jewellery you learn to lose attachment guess best practice business wise though a tough education staff were paid well teaching us to be humble and to be poor in thinking.

Funny how certain teachers at art school were secretive and elitist knew less about real life and certain students were at bully level the better you were the worse they were to you and the students stole concepts it was murderous did learn some things others learn how to fill forms make correcto art for correcto competitions and correcto residencies they rarely laughed very few were actually great you just had to conform and fit the system which was super difficult if you are already divergent thats why art in Australia is so goddam boring the system encourages numerous dull personalities the so called top at art school unsurpassed in boredom exceptions exist.

After Nell stopped talking NONi! was told of big sis Julies death it was not long afterwards Nell was stand in supervisor mucho dinero for casual position had already won correcto awards passed the sanity tests and was friendly with the teacher who was supposedly supervising us and we were paying an absolute fortune in fees NONi! had to borrow from govt still owe that but Lindy Lee instead took a sabbatical so it became a cut rate education taught self instead got one or two hints!

La pistorela in utter grief at last remaining immediate family member dead and with no will. Then weirdly met a fellow design student from years back he was now head of the damned college SCA Noni attended just never recognized him as he was ancient Ron had weaseled way in through Ken Reinhardt none of them really Art and Culture professionals and Reinhardt totally second rate here everything on view is by friends of friends its boring as bat shit he knew correcto people waved his cock around zero outcome what a loser. Ron did invent the Master of Studio Art course.

Ron offered NONi! a lift home and la pistolera forever gullible took it started seeing him in a friendly way and weirdly attracted readily taken he knew that. Naturally the jackal began to send copies of her works nudes and some texts to him also a well known dealer in art had already tried a couple of known galleries/dealers but nobody told you who to try and how It was based on crook awards and a long impossible to fake resume you had to really conform worse than a corporate job.

Think that is why at Holy Kitsch! we decided to largely go on feel when employing anyone new and we are really happy with outcomes they have all gone onto amazing acheivements.

Fair enough NONi! was fantastic at net working and painting just out there stuff except this net working was way different to any ever. You had to be super prim boring proper tick all the fucking boxes insanity was considered evil they were not used to doing business.

Painted explicit works and not so explicit experimented in erotic texts made up zines that sent up the serious ones they were like raps.

Tried everything competitions you name it but found out it was a closed shop and secret society exclusive to Australia and so in the dark ages its hard to really push your practice as you are in a vacuum.

They truly strung Noni along yet was desperately poor the apartment was heading to be taken over by the State Noni had zero resources painted the walls of Julies apartment it was a tomb and where Julie was found dead RIP. The walls were repainted by the State after the jackal had added art it was tragic.

Noni was used to going to bed with somebody if they appeared interested everybody was a gamer it was super weird and cruel uptight you think the jackal at least would have got a decent lay as far prettier more petite than the other boring women her friends overseas are still concerned and PM and Pei they cannot understand that and are very sad as is Noni as they think NONi! is normal and treat her as an equal not as a weirdo who deserves zero in life its like an old men's club here.

Same time went into an alumni travel prize you had to suck up to the teachers and the jackal had a bad temper. So sliced and fringed the six application forms for the judging panel as had called the apartment Studio Bora Bora and this was in keeping with Tahitian theme fringed still readable not rocket science just had a good sense of humor them zero.

The other work was on a disc. Did not even get displayed yet that was a genuine performance piece the office staff at SCA witnessed same as Plato was witnessed you do not need a camera to record events people recount details it has been usual throughout centuries and at symposia.

Nevertheless despite being in contact with three university people who were very well connected and entering innumerable competitions the barriers remained and did not know how to be so goddam straight it was awful or get new boyfriend men in Australia hate Noni intensely it is living hell.

NONi! lost her lover was totally gutted then sort of fell in love with ex head of SCA Ron Newman temporary insanity that was unrequited though he kept accepting emails of course it was a control tactic he rarely answered then nude paintings so NONi! believed hope could not pick up elsewhere due to misery and being in wrong nation and the casting couch was not in equation as it was invisible Nell at gallery was just having a hissy fit was actually hetero at that time NONi! totally disinterested for certain anyhow Nell thought herself was Gods gift she was misinformed.

Explicit material after college did not bother NONi! no way will they ever shame her for being human some unknown if now would repeat as they were early experiments and staements the pornographic ones were rebelling at bad porn on internet and in pretty paintings with zero view point tried some text the professional photo lab was blown away by the slides they were well executed Noni is shameless and does not give a shit about those ones at least tried!!

This is the reason it is backward here they are a bunch of nuns hung up on what constitutes normal behavior there is no sense of pride in self and difference instead they just say you are depressed and have to see a doctor take anti depressants become further depressed and conform to your goddam age group at whatever age that is. I think there are a lot who lack soul that become famous here like they cannot help it just they way they are.

Noni also failed the sanity test was bereft almost died of pain total heart ache rejected physically and mentally the worst and blackest ever that was why lied way into library school and voluntary library job AGNSW barely alive and the lecturers too wealthy looking after their backs to care the estate was being divided up crows on a wheat field circling.

Form fillers succeed always here with their boring flashy concepts you can go hat in hand to galleries who are in fact art dealers pretend to be a charity that does not work either nor does talent or flirting they do not do real sex just dilettantes and amazingly snobby utterly rude so bad any other business person would laugh in their face the jackals temper less than fantastic actually she is tired of trying to act normal its too difficult and hard work

NONi! does need a decent dealer and a decent lover as not all she does now is Holy Kitsch! even though she loves Holy Kitsch! needs a full life. She figures her aesthetic is way at odds to the entrenched here maybe off code here OK USA or Mexico she is relatively figurative and hands on that is fine USA.

Song Chinese Eyes written about Jan a friend of NONi! by James Reyne when he met her on a holiday in QLD she so young so was NONi! employed Jan just prior to Australian Crawl meeting her they were blown away by where our parents lived the plants were too much for them cannot remember if only visited one friends house or the jackals a couple of friends involved there as to who knew whom and everybody came to NONi!'s casa de familia it was truly the best in town everyone in Sydney Town knew that ask Judy or Cherry Hood!

The heat in Mexico City tote machine guns you hope they do not have hair triggers. In Mexico City 2015 there was a demonstration in the zocalo the main square just a small group of medical staff the women wear chewing gum white tights look hot. Round the corner was a phalanx of Mexican police with riot shields which was crazy. Mexican crooks go to Texas to buy their guns as they are illegal in Mexico.

Mexico City is built on a mesa or table it was once a swamp or lake it was drained largely by the Spanish started by the indigenous it is so high up you can get altitude sickness feel like you are drugged when it strikes which can be quite random.

This song a global issue not just Pol Pot and his year zero Dead Kennedy's the other song on the police and driving recklessly endangering others interesting as people live in terror of murder in Mexico from thugs. NONi! has seen a lot of extremes.

Usually the zocalo the square the name is indigenous has demonstrators or parades but the most recent visit instead it had tents covering entire square for a cell phone corporation which seemed greedy and unfair on folks round Mexico City. The previous year there were heaps of teachers camped out protesting a government initiative. There are always parades there or demonstrations Mexicans call it a manifestation if a demonstration which they do very well as they are passionate about change and causes.

Before heading out of Mexico City 2015 was in a cute district and walked past a stall selling the largest sunflowers ever seen sun flowers originate in Nth America nice connection to Van Gogh he liked the gold of the sun flowers representing royalty and whatever hah he was able to paint gold into a flower.

The stalks were thicker than bamboo the flowers looked like mops so huge so bought about 6 and as was leaving that day just gave them to front desk staff to say thanks and also because liked the flowers so much pretty hard to carry had to use both arms and cradle them in return got a BMW ride to airport still paid driver.

In Santa Monica found this organic lavender in a farmers market then returned to the grand old friendly crazy clunky thirties hotel with the weirdest coffee making gizmo ever and there is this African American dude works there looks like he has been there forever he louches around looking chilled wears a small gold earring NONi! gave the lavender pouch to him dice: well what will I ever do with that NONi! departing that night NONi! dice: well what about in your drawers lol no kidding did mean clothes at home he put lavender in inside jacket pocket and gave NONi! the biggest hug so sweet!

When protesting for rights Mexicans use banners and posters and photos of the disappeared. When it is festive they use huge papier mache balloons people dress in costume and mariachi bands play its festive and shared lots of flirting costume plays a large role in Mexican culture on an everyday basis like its not like people are madly conscious of it just a part of daily life a nation so vibrant in the Arts both traditional and contemporary often verging on the surreal. Flirting is also common as is making out in public. Not like people are undressing each other though almost more heavy kissing hugging sessions maybe their homes are crowded and small nobody appears to kiss here.

Mariachi bands don't just play narco songs they play in restaurants on streets at weddings Mexico is very performative. Holy Kitsch! departed Mexico City for USA same day as election Nieto got in 2013. There was a robot convention Mexico City. When the election was on there were huge demonstrations as everyone thought it was crook and the media misleading. On the election Day Holy Kitsch! departed a bombed van was shown front page news the media is super gory though you wonder in certain media others more investigative if that is just to frighten people in order to control them further.

The day before election or on it no alcohol is allowed to be served. For the manifestations they are loosely organized enormous crowds march the streets loudly wanting change feeling their vote does not count they have to block off a lot of streets they are so enormous and the politicians get super paranoid.

When Holy Kitsch! was in Mexico City the year Nieto was voted in the Siquerios Polyforum was closed though one person there working who let us in as the only visitors that year it was NONi! vs PM & Pei we disagreed on everything it was a difficult trip the theater was like being inside an Expressionist painting rather than as a sculpture perfecto as in the Sydney Opera House though do like Opera House the Polyforum is expressionist and the space totally bends you can feel the dictator or leader at the podium a surreal experience ghosts and skeletons surround you a great place for Holy Kitsch! Antigone showing.

The town with tunnels has the mummies whose skin looked like cloth the fatter somebody was the looser and more folded the skin it was riveting all frozen in time from the lime in the soil including a poor woman who miscarried too early and haemorrhaged to death the stains were still there on her leathery skin there were basic labels saying who or what this one said she she was under nourished the little babe was next to her.

Had pencil and paper unable to draw mesmerized and confronted the Mexican people took it in their stride. Walked all the way up to the ridge of the valley from the center of town as trying to lose weight to arrive at the mummies followed the bus route to an extent none were going correcto direction then a labyrinth of steps and alleys yet always felt fine solo people greeting Noni on way stopped for a drink of water at a small store as well as a cute sad grave yard.

This is the same town Diego Rivera was born have visited his house more than once with life sized models of Frida and Diego and a good gallery of his work small. NONI! was once violently ill in this town just before her birthday from memory unused to local bugs more used to the bugs in Asia as rarely get sick there.

Was unsure whether people were extra nice as NONi! was a tourist or maybe just naturally friendly certainly way kinder and nicer than here always feel welcome in Mexico of course kept away from the really bad states or dangerous parts of town same here. Caught the buses back from the mummies and from experience public and long distance buses in Mexico are generally friendly people talk and practice their English help telling you where to disembark.

They video you on the long distance first class buses right close up to your face as you board then that person disembarks must be in case of hijacking or drug smugglers. The police dogs sniff your luggage at small town airports whilst its still on the tarmac.

One night in a hotel car park somebody was drilling in the back seat of their car at 11pm a la el doctores why that time of night so shouted out why the fucking racket.

Students like to hijack buses its safe for passengers and its traditional its a way for them to go to demonstrations though in one case not so long back 43 student teachers were murdered by thugs as a female politician and her thug husband backed by drug lords did not want her speech interrupted by a demonstration it was tragic the students were really poor.        

In Mexico City had the app. for buses was too busy. Muchas gente cycle particularly the young trendy and educated as the city has a major pollution issue and traffic jams there are free bicycles if you want. There are heaps of parks in Mexico City some just smaller squares though rarely square in shape a really huge main park still forested the parks mediate the weather whereas in the town of tunnels the micro climate is quite hot. Its incredibly easy to get lost as nothing is at right angles rather the parks form nodes with up to 5 or more streets branching off so you go to retrace and instead end up at the next park its super difficult even Mexicans stopped in a car once to ask NONI! directions must have looked like she knew something little did they know she is navigation challenged.

Frida Kahlo might be said to depict herself as a hermaphrodite as she gazed at herself like the myth Narcissus she depicted herself handsome muy guapo to herself the myths cover all situations she always painted herself with wit avoiding Vanity and Wrath and never stupid. People forget that when reading ancient texts and have lost the art of reading symbolism so complex with Frida hard to say what is fact and what is fiction as the people are now all stars.

Frida Kahlo had thirty operations in her life in her case could be said to be performative same as Michael Jackson changed his face a need to change rôles and or body shape outside of physical necessity.

Kahlo like Izzy and Charles Waterstreet a Cancer star sign they enjoy home and are strong headed emotionally like the tides their ruler the moon. Kahlo was forced to be at home a great deal of the time and her paintings are often about domestic issues though strong even her own birth Holy Kitsch! visited Casa Azul at Coyacan where the statue to the magical coyote stand at a park. Did not find out about the secret passage between the two houses till later that is so Mexican its full of underground knowledh=ge and shify=ts difficult to describe. Looking at movies of Kahlo Rivera was quite mellow Kahlo strong think he encouraged her bisexuality as well Mexico is fairly relaxed re sexuality sometimes they just ask you like there are men with make up front pages news etc it is full of slippage.

Had Kahlo lived here the very best she could have hoped for would be to end up on a poster in a bus saying don't dis my ability no offense to those doing the ads. Still it shows you how backward it is here she would have been lucky to even get one worthy lover or a decent lay then he would never have been Trotsky or anybody much really as only the boring here know the others exceptions exist who get publicity mostly and someone like him would probably not bother even coming here in first place as it is too boring and a cultural desert except Holy Kitsch! patrons its totally weird since Noni went to art school they are celibate..

The traditional villages always had market places or squares where numerous traded wares from coast to coast to mountains so wares and knowledge really traveled a great deal. The concept of a market place still exists in most towns in Mexico with nice street stores and a robust out door or in door market place a long tradition internet still yet to supplant such an amiable culture.

The indigenous began to sacrifice more and more people to their goddess of death as their crops became thinner and the micro climates changed they unaware they were causing their own plight. The Spanish arrived bringing pestilence and rather than sacrifice people at an altar killed willy nilly anyone who was a non believer or they thought of as racially inferior so they were probably worse than the indigenous on that score Goya documented war crimes and others in a series of etchings in Spain people are OK in Spain in the present well guess mostly.

The Spanish also brought new farming methods grains and new art forms an exchange that was was positive so not all was lost they brought back corn and tropical fruits potatoes tomatoes chilies cultural exchange trade and knowledge is one thing that humans can do very well and is better than war for all.

The same town with the tunnels is where Diego Rivera was born. Mexico is like an explosion of the Arts huge architectural wonders of art sculptural murals fountains and conceptual its overwhelming an enormous journey.

Diego star sign not so great for Frida and Diego as Cancer is water and fire of Aries Diego Frida rather miserable as she being the star sign Cancer he was her grand mentor though she did have other quite long term lovers and who knows who else just that she was more public about it than single women are by convention even in modernity.

They moved the totally gory lying statue of Jesus out of the church next to the zocalo in Mexico City looked for him unable to find unless they moved Him to an apse. He looks extremely tortured worst ever in depiction its amazingly graphic people brought their children to kiss the glass coffin around the statue they should have left it there.

They had to dig tunnels as the town is built on a hanging swamp a raised swamp in the mountains it looked like it might have been a crater once. Indigenous Mexicans used to grow corn and settle on swamps they filled them in using vegetation and mud as corn is a fleshy protein crop it takes a lot of nutrients swamps provided that. Trouble is they had to clear forests to do so causing a new micro climate as the moisture is no longer trapped a higher albedo with reflected light and desertification sets in causing panic in the indigenous people so sacrifices were the way to go meanwhile the Spanish were outdoing them as they just killed freely if another race of people or non believers and not so quickly always.

Think the town is named after frogs but the frogs went a long time ago anyhow there is some remnant forest there are maniacally large mosquitoes who bit NONI! sooo badly they looked like a pair of bullet holes on her arm had to put up with this new disfiguring effect walking the streets of New York for the air to heal and there the women are super sharp Willem de Kooning American  Woman looking kinda meets Archibald Motley another artist a real mash up still extra sharp anyhow NONI! really ragged after intense and rapid business trip it was difficult.

The albedo or reflected heat is high as much of the tree cover is gone. Venice in Italy was built on a swamp for protection from marauders think they grew crops as well they found the Arts to be the best trade of all as they had little else to sell and just a small area to grow food and also famed for their glass making which was also transported knowledge to Mexico.

NONI! actually designed a park to preserve the habitat of the Green and Golden Bell Frog at Olympic Park an old brick pit it was called Re:Public park. It was another crook competition they knew who was going to win. Anyhow the work was so good somebody stole it off the wall at university and people commented that it was probably taken overseas as here they are definitely too stupid to know the difference there is some hope.

Once at Landscape Architecture students from Singapore asked la pistolera to illustrate draw and render their architectural plans for international competitions as they were already qualified architects adding a landscape architecture degree to their arsenal could only do traditional rendering they would pay her they also wanted some freely drawn work not just architecturally rendered work the catch the jackal would not get her name on the entries was broke at time turned the offer down madness they recognized talent la pistolera desperately needed that money they must have known here gente clueless about good artists everybody actually knows that on the planet.

Once Nell asked Andy at MSA to draw her a fly she thought it was funny and that flies were funny as well positioned to ask somebody else who had zero and not employed regularly unlike Jeff Koons who runs a very professional work shop with full time paid top professionals Andy refused he was gay just an aside she did not dare ask NONi! directly on that one though within ear shot but would have refused anyhow even though totally broke as Nell was a real user.

Was so broke during Masters was the only student in the history of Sydney College of the Arts who got out of paying the student union fees wrote such a strong letter and truth. Had to suffer elitism daily entire family dead unable to back NONi! who forged her birth certificate at uni nobody knew Papas birth date properly till after he died not even in the army WW2 he was a mature age Dad.

Good thing was receiving a bursary main campus not directed toward any particular faculty fair just on need NONi! always remembers kindness so gave small donation to them other day when they rang alumni because it was soo super tough remember enemies remember allies.

That bought materials and a fashionable new pair of expensive jeans as an artist needs to look fantastic teachers kept lecturing to be a patriot and be poor a la Pussy Riot song was unable to repay as it was in fact a loan after 6 months they gave it as a grant.

Meanwhile Nell who shows in galleries as her sister does ultra conservative wood blocks of wooden flowers had the job teaching as a gift from Lindy Lee the casual rates are amazing so called teaching yet it was bleak street for NONi! after an argument one day she ensured never speaking and cutting NONi! from the respectable gallery system NONi! tried everything to gain attention another thing they hid was how to get in.

The rest of the full page architectural works were in the trunk of an old car that NONI! had to dump as she made a U Turn on Bondi Rd took out the head light of the car and right front bumper bar car was out of rego even in that incident from memory which was a major concern they took photos of NONI! sobbing in middle of road as it was during a break up that was after the spiral fracture leg incident and a few months after NONI!'s mama died RIP. They were unable to recover the money from NONI! there was none..

At that same time a lecturer at university feigned interest then stopped he had a complex life still no reason to treat NONI! like shite or to pretend it is cruel especially from someone with more power and NONI! dis-empowered was way too good for him he would beg to differ but he also claimed he was an artist this has been an issue all the jackals life must be readily bullied by fake people who are losers.

Sean Penn ex husband of Madonna is doing a documentary or story based on El Chapo already mentioned. He is the former husband of Robin Wright Penn an Aries a fire sign she has shopped with Holy Kitsch! and is on pages.  Penn is a Leo and he has a great shock of lion like hair they enjoy being center of attention and often are actors. He is fire so the two quite combustible must have been very war like though fun!!

El Chavo del Ocho is a famous comic tragic character in a long running Mexican TV show series defunkt he is a homeless orphan who lives in a rubbish bin a child played by an adult and people all over South America know him and the series he is well loved a clown like figure. El chavo means young guy and El Chavo del Ocho means the young kid of number 8 supposedly the apartment number in which he once lived.

Chapulín means grasshoppper chapulinas are also delicious fried grasshoppers small or large firey from chillies sold in markets and restaurants Central Mexico. We do not have to eat meat and potatoes all the time and a diverse diet is a richer more Earth friendly alternative.

The jackal bought grasshoppers from this woman the photo is quite funny she appears totally resigned the women retailers often wear these cute aprons so bought an embroidered one at an outdoor market from women who spoke Zapotec had to order they were not selling them just wearing what they were selling were selling was typical cheap silver trinkets not even the cute miracle wares that Holy Kitsch! patrons buy just popular with people up for a weekend. Will aim to display apron same as a kimono.

Where you see the woman selling grasshoppers was the other town NONi! was violently ill not from grasshoppers they are OK to eat. Different bugs to Asian bugs so zero tolerance. That was 2013 NONi! vs PM & Pei we argued the entire time in a hair raising mini bus ride about 7 hours journey NONi! absolutely yelling head off half the road was washed away one side being a steep drop downward the other side a steep cliff upwards being washed onto the road the side with half washed away was an enormous drop down the side of the mountain and the rain was pelting mud and rocks falling onto the road only two lanes then one lane then less again as it was steadily eroded in front of very eyes whilst still yelling the driver was totally mind blowing in his skill getting by huge trucks from opposite directions but next time NONi! caught the plane.

The other passenger one had already been dropped off was a woman who had traveled through Cuba saying how poor there shortly before USA re opened trade. Think she did not know what had hit her in the midst of a passionate argument the driver did not utter one word. We had not eaten then finally after about 6 hours we asked if we could stop for a snack we ended up at this one horse road side gas station the TV had porn movies on and there were two cowboy looking guys in hats and a woman chatting nobody was watching the porn.

The town with the grasshopper seller on last day an indigenous girl traditional dress up the road from hotel selling the most delicate tiny wildflowers bought a bunch once again desk staff won the guys were thrilled and one of them rang his boyfriend.

The jackal is beside herself at how hopeless her situation is here. The system has developed especially nasty tactics to ensure she comes last always and is miserable even though she excels and works around the clock work does not count here you have to marry wealthy or be the lazy wealthy there are the good wealthy you just do not read about them.

Chapulínas in stained glass are in a castle in Mexico DF la pistolera walked there out of excitement. 2015 departing Mexico same day El Chapo escaped began that journey in Mexico City with a walk to that castle with grasshopper stained glass also good costume display in interior from Spanish past.

People here told that boring is better so Holy Kitsch! moved out of Surry Hills new money don't like dirt.