La Historia de Holy Kitsch!

Holy Kitsch! since 1992

After a spell pitting their wits through art schools two amigos from gifted artist families decided to join fantastic artist holy forces. Thence from the embers Holy Kitsch! gift stores manifested. Holy Kitsch! rose from the combined mass of rigorous art studies an intellect for the thoughtful holy visionary and shamanic beyond style with Trojan-ic efforts.

Holy Kitsch! is in epiphany from art collectibles the hand crafted the quirky with transmission and through Holy Kitsch! Odyssean ethical Pilgrimages and Zeus-like efforts are able to support holy artists and gift makers from the random universes including artists in particular Mexico and Latino random from Africa local and the Pacific for their holy artist made and contemporary gifts. Holy Kitsch! amasses from numerous nations highlighting care the Holy and historia. Holy Kitsch! circles the Planet! Gifts are ethically sourced and we are a respectable sustainable company run by the true Holy Kitsch! artists. Our largesse challenges the mediocre and the all style nada substance. Gifts that that are a challenge for people to make with drama a living work of art when you enter. A gift purchased from Holy Kitsch! bestows wonder to your home beyond style and is a reminder of you to fiends amigos and saints you cherish.

Our biblically proportioned and eclectic range includes spectacular handmade Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls candelabras of great beauty inspired by the Mexican Dia de los Muertos myth historia and religion aaarrgh! hand painted mirrors evoking the life of Frida Kahlo and the historia of tattoos professionally hand painted bamboo curtains antique and central last century wares ephemera cards and we host much more. Locally indigenous have fought hard for a well earned position in the art world as have for example traditional Japanese artists in certain nations particular conservative authorities treat traditional delicate strong holy and tiny arts as being of interest only to tourists this be a global issue relics from the past are fortunately preserved frequently in museums also Holy Kitsch! is doing what it can so you are able to collect last central century wares works by hand and the challenging joining with national and state galleries displaying culture when they do so.

In store Holy Kitsch! has spell breaking gallery of  holy ethical sustainable plantation hard wood framed imagery including original screen prints professional lino cuts  contemporary tattoo prints and Mexican giclée deluxe limited edition professional art strings of artist cut Mexican bunting a traditional festive art form in Mexico Mexican Day of the Dead Dia de los Muertos is always included!

If you are in Sydney you must make a pilgrimage either store to experience the Thunderbolts and lightening that goes into Holy Kitsch! The Holy Kitsch! website barely bounces on the surface. Holy Kitsch! is so marvelous.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the The Most Amazing Quality and most holy in all that we discover and acquire. Already we have well and truly earned the reputation for being the Most Fantastic in the Random Universes Depthless and Beyond Time Itself being the envy of all! 

Give us a bell if you are unable to pilgrim over or if you prefer to order by phone. Holy Kitsch! retail stores actually exist! We thank you for your kind pilgrimage and purchases ethically sustaining numerous holy artists and traders on this Earth.

Another pleasant surprise is Holy Kitsch! Vouchers. Email, call or drop by and Holy Kitsch! will create your Holy Kitsch! voucher for your nominated amount.

If you wish to contact us you can call or text +61 401 692 631 or the Surry Hills store on +61 2 8068 2437 and the Newtown store +61 2 8065 4541. You can email Holy Kitsch through the Contact Us page.  

Holy Kitsch! pays for100% Green energy in both stores uses a paperless receipt system recycled price tags gift wrap with ethical coir and is Earth friendly buying from us ensures a creative sustainable future where money is mobilised in a creative manner.

Holy Kitsch! stands at the Vanguard of All! Grassy Ass!