Dossier Holy Kitsch!

Holy Kitsch! since 1992

Aftert the hideous trials of Kafka at art schools two alienated beings one called Noni already from a gifted starring artist family decided to join alienated forces the male Holy Kitsch! having already gone adrift. From catastrophic forces Holy Kitsch! gift stores landed with added Noni star power with rigorous art the meteoric impact Holy Kitsch! with miracle cleansing exploded through entire universes random depthless and beyond

Holy Kitsch! with added Noni star power is a constellation of starring artists information collectibles hand strewn dark and bright stars with added transmission. Through Holy Kitsch! mercurial inter-planetary exploratory missions and Zeusian effects plus added lightening are able to support artists and gift makers on Earth as we know it from random universes including artists in particular who are from planets Hispanic and Latino random Earthly nations for their solar artistic flare artist made and contemporary gifts. Holy Kitsch! gravitates to nations whose art radiates mind boggling abilities and la histoire. Holy Kitsch! circles the Planet! Gifts are sourced legit Holy Kitsch! plus added Noni miracle cleansing are a legit sustainable company run by the true Holy Kitsch! artists. Our largesse challenges the boring mediocrity around abouts. Gifts for the alienated with added dramatics a celestial work of art on entrée to Holy Kitsch! stores. A miracle gift purchased from Holy Kitsch! bestows starry cleansing to your space a reminder you are truly lost.

Our universally proportioned store irradiates authentic handmade Mexican Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls candelabras of admirable inspiration starring Mexican Dia de los Muertos and the holy hand painted verso mirrors evoking the academy award of artists out of reach of academia Frida Kahlo la histoire de tattoos that stay undead the celestial artists artisan studio hand painted legit bamboo curtains ancient and central last century wares ephemera cards to infinity and beyond

In store Holy Kitsch! wall of art of the future starring legit sustainable plantation hard wood framed imagery original screen prints professional lino cuts stained glass works and Mexican giclée deluxe limited edition professional art festoons of artist cut Mexican bunting a traditional festive art in Mexico for weddings parties spring and glaringly obvious aarrgh! Day of the Dead Dia de los Muertos!

If you landed in Sydney twirl a tour to either store to experience the thunderbolts and lightening that goes into Holy Kitsch! with added Noni incredibleness website barely pings on the surface. Holy Kitsch! is so galactic.

Holy Kitsch! with added fantastic Noni Queen of Kitsch! maintains the The Most Starring in all that is encrypted. Holy Kitsch! fallen into stardom for being the Most Fantastic in the Random Universes Depthless and Beyond Time Itself being the envy of all.

Give us a bell if unable to swan in person. Holy Kitsch! reality check space stores now! We thank you for your visiting visage Holy Kitsch! purchases legit sustaining numerous artists and traders on this Earth and beyond who shall wither without the hope of Holy Kitsch! as other businesses await with toxic breath. Holy Kitsch! currently supports entire Planet earth sustainably so all we be lost if Holy Kitsch! is Lost in Space aaarrgh!

Another stellar surprise is Holy Kitsch! Vouchers. Email, call or drop by and Holy Kitsch! will create your Holy Kitsch! voucher for your nominated amount.

If you wish to contact us you can call or text +61 401 692 631 or the Surry Hills store on +61 2 8068 2437 and the Newtown store +61 2 8065 4541. You can email Holy Kitsch through the Contact Us page.  

Holy Kitsch! pays for Green energy both stores from Diamond Energy uses a paperless receipt system Vend uses recycled price tags re-cycled gift rap with ethical coir and is Earth and alien friendly buying from us ensures an imaginative employed sustainable future where money changes hands with care and abandon.

Note: When buying packaged good Holy Kitsch! has now taken on habit unless really need to keep the packaging of leaving it at the counter. We always post in re-cycled paper and boxes and our artists and suppliers send goods in re-cycled packaging so we are conscientious!

Holy Kitsch! stands at the Vanguard of All Grassy Ass!